The Revelation

It began to build to a crescendo in early 2001. The Carthians, long the Vampiric
inroad to mortal information started noticing increased activity in certain government
agencies. ctivity that !arned of too"curious mortal attentions, the first reaction !as
standard# protect the $as%uerade at all costs# then it got messy.
$ost interestingly, though the history boo&s !ill say it !as 'omeland security
that first noticed them, it !as the C(C and IR) that !orried the Carthians. In 2001 the
C(C managed to trac& the spread of several %uite rare blood"borne viruses to *ansas
city. The unidentified man traveled under a variety of aliases and !herever he !ent
illness follo!ed. There !as little evidence of him being a terrorist # his victims !ere far
too random and ill"considered. It !as only through the ingenuity of (r. +ierce $c,uill
that any of this !as trac&ed bac& to +atient -. Though he used many aliases !hen
traveling, !hen he !as al!ays called /oah. The C(C tagged him 0The
/oah1 and 2o&ed that he had collected t!o of every disease. (octors !ere never able to
find in2ection sites and eventually they began to believe that the /oah !as transmitting
the disease through intercourse#, !hich meant he himself carried each disease. (r.
+ierce called /oah the grail of immune systems3 he obsessively and aggressively hunted
him !ith the purpose of studying him# and of course stopping the spread of illness. s
2002 neared /oah !as almost captured and his latest victim !as found !orn out and
softly smiling as she do.ed after a night of passionate love"ma&ing. /oah himself !as
no!here to be found# and the !oman insisted he had been there only seconds before the
C(C4s arrival. 56tensive testing demonstrated the !oman !as, in spite of her other!ise
good health, intensely anemic. It !as shortly after this point that the C(C began to
suspect something outside the normal realm of understanding might be happening. (ue
to the sensitive nature of !hat the C(C began to learn, as they dre! closer and closer to
finding /oah information !as &ept only !ithin the agency and investigated solely by
t roughly the same time the IR) !as in the process of follo!ing a money trail
that !as attached to various illegal operations. 7hat most intrigued the IR) and its
investigators is the money trail lead through organi.ations that !ould normally have
nothing to do !ith each other. The trail lead through petty crimes, the $afia, ,ambling
8perations, 7hite )lavery, 9a&u.a, ,angs and even many city and state ,overnments.
)omeone seemed to be gathering massive amounts of funds from all these sources and
redistributing it !ith none of the e6pected hue and outcry. In the end IR) investigators
!ere forced to consider the e6istence of a shado! organi.ation that had its massive hand
in the financial pie of much of merica and abroad. The Illuminati, as it !as dubbed !as
a hushed !hisper through the corridors of the IR) until a brea& revealed the location of a
&ey member of the organi.ation. The man !as arrested and held for %uestioning in early
2002. lthough initially the man held to a vo! of silence as time passed he began to
e6hibit symptoms of !ithdra!al from an unidentified drug. The longer they !ere able to
&eep the man from his 0drug1 the more certain they !ere he !ould eventually brea&#
!hen he did finally brea& it seemed to be complete. The things the man described !ere
out of fantasy. It !as assumed the closest thing to a lead they had, had gone round the
bend in throes of !ithdra!al. The investigation of the Illuminati continued and :ason
$ehr !as loc&ed a!ay still screaming of dar& +rinces and shado!y Invictus.
The Carthians !atched as all of this built in 2001 and considered the paths
available. )crutiny from both the C(C and IR) !as becoming too much to anticipate.
Too fe! Vampires seemed sensible enough to follo! the Carthian4s suggestion on laying
lo! and better disguising their actions. In the face of increased !atchfulness the
Carthians made a decision that reshaped the !orld. The specifics and involvement are to
this day un&no!n by most. 7hat is !hispered is sometime in :uly of 2001 a group of
influential Carthians, calling themselves the Conclave, gathered in +hiladelphia. Courses
of action and repercussions !ere discussed until finally all that !as left !as the statement
from the only ac&no!ledged member of the Conclave :oshua +ithering.
0The facts have been debated and re"hashed over and over. There is only one
conclusion. 7e are fast approaching a time !hen the government, all
governments, !ill discover our presence. ;eing 0outed1 in this !ay can only lead
to the most disastrous of circumstances and robs us of our ability to spin the story
in a favorable direction. It is clear to me, as it should be clear to all of you, that
!e must step for!ard, before they can prove our e6istence, before !hispers
become shouts and tests3 !e should step for!ard and control the situation.1
The only thing the Conclave seemed to be !aiting for !as a suitable situation
from !hich to launch their campaign. It came on )ept 11, 2001. s night fell in /e!
9or& a %uiet mob breached the perimeter of the To!ers. Television cre!s <being &ept at a
distance= only caught blurry images of individual that !ere identified as 0not part of any
rescue team1. They moved through the rubble and seemed to find bodies and in2ured
!ith s&ill and ability. lthough at first authori.ed rescuers attempted to stop
them, all that approached moved a!ay to safe distances and ended up helping in their
retrieval efforts. The first night the mysterious rescuers sho!ed it !as a curiosity that
!as carried on local ne!s. The second and third night the nation !atched as the
unidentified rescuers aided the official rescuers. They !atched as three of them !ere
buried under still shifting rubble and !atched unbelieving as t!o of them managed to
emerge <!ith help= from under the crushing !eight alive but in2ured. They brushed
themselves off and continued in their efforts.
The rescuers didn4t sho! up ever again after the >
night, though the nation
!atched for the unidentified heroes !ith interest. 7hat the !orld didn4t &no! !as that
those of the group that !ere identified !ere slain by ?ois ,allo!, )heriff of /e! 9or&
for their massive breach of the $as%uerade. )hortly thereafter unidentified contributors
began assisting survivors of the @A11 tragedy. cross the Bnited )tates people spo&e of
visitors !ho spo&e encouragingly to them and often left large sums of money in their
!a&e, soon assistance !as not limited to 2ust those !ho suffered in @A11, as other large"
scale tragedies occurred there !ere al!ays unseen persons offering assistance. +eople
!ho spo&e to them usually had trouble recalling specific features and none !ere
successfully photographed.
In Vampiric society a culling of massive proportions !as ta&ing place. The
Carthians intentions !ere unfathomable to the Invictus and ?ancea# They &illed any
that they suspected of breaching the $as%uerade !ithout any benefit of doubt. s 2002
approached $ay things had begun to %uiet do!n again. The Carthians seemed to have
once more settled into the comfortable status %uo. /o one argued there right to
anonymously thro! money at mortal and stories of the Rescuers died do!n#
There are those that believe the Carthians !ere ready to bac&"burner their plan at
this point, that the tangled &not of attraction that had culminated in the Conclave had
begun to unravel of its o!n accord# more believe the Carthians !ere simply !aiting for
another moment.
t the close of $ay 2002 +atricia Corn!all unleashed havoc on ?os ngeles.
+atricia, a +riscus of the ,angrel Clan began a !ar that encompassed her clan and blood
line in the ?os ngeles area and pitted them against +ablo $ache., the rightful +rince of
?os ngeles and all his court. +atricia4s tactics !ere harsh and in many cases far too
obvious. The +rinces retainers, many of !ho !ere employed at federal buildings
<overseeing the management of the city= all died in coincidentally !ell"timed fires and
the gangs of ?os ngeles !ere divided bet!een those +atricia could influence and those
+ablo could s!ay. The battle for +rimacy of ?os ngeles spilled into the mortal streets
and attracted the attention of 'omeland )ecurity. 5nvoys from +rinces across the
country arrived in ?os ngeles to encourage the combatants to pursue a less bloody
victory# rguments fell on deaf ears as +ablo battled for his unlife and his right to rule.
Cinally the Invictus thre! their support behind +ablo in effort to %uash the battle by
simply over!helming the other side. +atricia responded by commiting even more
dangerous and obvious breaches of the $as%uerade to hold onto her position. +atricia
e6panded her use of mortal forces to include police and rescue !or&ers# forcing the
ruling body of the city to bac& off or act too publicly to stop her. ?os ngeles rioted once
again, portions of the city burned for almost four days and the nation !atched in horror as
policemen and national guard fired on civilians.
In the midst of the chaos as night descended on :une 2@
2002 the Carthians
moved against the combatants +atricia, +ablo and Invictus ali&e. force of Carthians
s!ept through the ravaged streets of ?os ngeles and !here they !ent peace settled over
?os ngeles. The Carthians put +ablo, +atricia, her line and any Invictus in the city to
death. The nature and location of each death didn4t seem to matter to the Carthians and
so humanity !atched in terror as the Carthians very publicly cleaned up the mess that had
been created. Cootage of the strange group of over 100 blurry men and !omen s!eeping
through the city replayed for days, people !atched as these 0blac& saviors1 perfomed feats in the %uest to end the rivalry in the city. fter one night it !as over. The
Carthians had ended the Vampiric involvement in the riots. The mortals themselves
seemed to stop rioting if for no other reason than to hide from the strangers !al&ing the
streets that night. Though the ending !as bloody many in the nation !ere simply happy
that it had ended at all. The ne!ly established 8ffice of 'omeland )ecurity began a
massive in%uiry into the beginning of the riots. It should be noted here that though ')
today claims that they developed e6tensive files on the players behind the situation none
can be found. It is assumed by most that vampiric society as a !hole e6erted massive
influence and mislead the investigating agents. T!o !ee&s later, in the !a&e of
continued investigation, :oshua +ithering gave an intervie! to the Times.
'e revealed that Vampires e6isted, he gave a sample of his blood and allo!ed
artists renditions of him to be sho!n alongside blurry photos of him in the ne6t days
edition. 'e e6plained that the Vampires of ?os ngeles, !ho had allo!ed this situation
to gro! out of control, had been &illed. 'e !ent on to e6amine the failure of the city to
control !hat happened and ho! in large part it !as due to the fact that the city had no
idea !ho the true antagonists !ere. 'e e6plained that the time for hiding !as past. That
in order for man to truly begin to control his destiny he must understand the environment
in !hich its life played out. $an !ould have to accept that they !ere not alone in the
night. :oshua +ithering !as never seen again and the lab !here his blood sample !as
being studied burned to the ground.
The ne6t day five more martyrs stepped for!ard and gave intervie!s as !ell as
blood samples. They !ere never seen again. The ne6t night 2D Carthians ris&ed their
unlives to spea& to the media. )ome of them survived. Vampires across the !orld began
to reali.e that the idiot Carthians !ere !illing to die by the droves to get their message
out. Though many +rinces attempted to oblige the Carthian death"!ish most found that
they had fled into hiding# emerging only to !rec& the $as%uerade further.
s their !orld collapsed around them the Invictus hunted Carthians in all
territories. Carthians, no matter ho! !ell hidden, !ere found e6ecuted nightly. The
Covenant itself may have died <though the damage !ould still have been done= save that
8rdo (racul stepped for!ard. )ome believe that the 8rdo &ne! all along !hat !as
going to happen other believe the Carthians begged them for )anctuary. 7hat matters is
that the ne6t night !herever Carthians !ere found there !ere also (ragons. The ?ancea
2oined the Invictus in their !ildhunt decrying the (ragons, the upstart Carthians and this
abomination against ,ods plan. s the four covenants faced off against each other the
Invictus reali.ed the endgame !ould be decided by the Circle of Crones actions. Though
the Crones seemed to care little about the e6termination of the Carthians they loo&ed !ith
old hatred at the ?ancea. ;efore the final battle line could be irrevocably dra!n the
Invictus called an end to the !ildhunt. The Carthians !ere allo!ed to live but the
Invictus !ould be the ones to craft the message the mortals heard from no! on.
)everal !ee&s later le6ei Romanov of the Invictus and ,rand (u&e of Russia
came for!ard. 'e spo&e to reporters about history, about Vampires, about 7ere!olves,
and $ages. 'e encouraged the Bnited )tates and other countries to ac&no!ledge the
e6istence and rights of the undead in their territories. 'e spo&e of man4s advancement
beyond pitchfor&s and fire. 'e urged acceptance and change.
The Impact
It is five years after the revelation. fter a year of e6pedited court"hearings the
Bnited )tates <and later the Bnited *ingdoms= ac&no!ledge the sentience and rights of
the undead. The rights of !ere!olves are still to be determined and though there is some
doubt of the humanity of $ages, too fe! differences can be found to 2ustify even the
proceeding that might result in them being stripped of their rights.
The years have not been all court cases and tal& sho! appearances3 many undead
ma&e themselves available for testing by scientists and even a fe! !ere!olves and
mages. )adly the end results all seem to indicate root"causes beyond sciences ability to
e6plain. /o amount of genetic testing sho!s any unusual variances bet!een normal
human (/ and a human !ere!olf4s or a !olf and a !olfen !ere!olf. There is
similarly no discernable difference bet!een mages and most of humanity e6cept for the
fact they can use magic.
To many the supernatural are to be feared, but they have also become the nations
past time. s they move among humanity they dra! the papara..i li&e royalty or actors.
They have become the thing to !atch and fear. 'ave some at your party and laugh at
their conversation but don4t stay alone in the house !ith them after the party ends.
The Vampires
8ddly the Vampires are not the least accepted of the supernatural. s they
stepped onto the !orld stage they controlled the spin on information regarding
themselves and the other things out there.
The la!s of human society remain the same but the conte6t has been broadened to
include the undead. ll vampires are considered armed regardless of presence of
!eaponry. In most cases a vampire stri&ing someone !ith his fist for punching him is
considered to have used e6cessive force and proper assault charges are levied <it is very
easy for these charges to be %uic&ly elevated from simple assault to aggravated assault <a
felony==. Coersion through discipline is immediately regarded as aggravated assault and
receives the harshest of penalties. It is !orth noting that though it is very hard to prove a
Vampire 0made you do it1 2ust the accusation can ruin a Vampire.
Vampires are allo!ed to feed on any !illing human. The consent should be
spo&en but by and large isn4t. 8ften a human4s presence at a blood bar is ta&en as
acceptance. The moment a human says no, regardless of location, manner of dress <or
undress=, andAor previous desire, a Vampire must stop# continuing results in felony
assault charges.
56press and verifiable permission must be obtained before embracing or ghouling
a human. The embrace must be reported immediately upon its occurrence, at !hich point
the person must be declared 0dead1 by an authori.ed (octor. )hortly thereafter the
ne!ly embraced receives a death certificate and a ne! social security number that
includes letters as !ell as numbers. Bpon death the Vampire4s !ill goes into effect. If a
Vampire has not specifically left money to himself or he leaves no !ill he loses any claim
of entitlement. 5mbrace is a non"paying death by all insurance companies <it is
considered suicide=. ll Vampire I(s proclaim their o!ner4s nature in the form of a
bright red V clearly visible on the front of the I(,
!rit of destruction may be issued by 2udges on a guilty finding of any felony
crime committed by supernaturals. Bnfortunately this is seeing more use than perhaps it
should. Though the trend !ith human criminals is rehabilitation, !ith undead it is control
and punishment. The 8ubliette, the first and only prison in merica, designed to hold
supernatural prisoners opened last year3 The fact it houses so fe! inmates is silent
testimony to the governments un!illingness to attempt to rehabilitate and hold
supernatural creatures !ho might actually live to serve a full E"consecutive"life"times
/o city, state, or national government the sovereignty of any Vampire
0+rince1 in merica or abroad. /o person !ho has given permission to be ghouled may
hold an elected office. /o undead may hold an elected office <though this is in
litigation=. /o undead has ever sat a 2ury <theoretically because most cases are tried
during the day= and there are argument that none ever should.
The Church sa! an upsurge in membership after the revelation. The Catholic church and
most other ma2or faiths have declared undead abominations. $any Catholics !ill not call
a vampire by his name <considering it an insult to the soul that once occupied that mortal
vessel= instead resorting to things li&e :ohn (oe, .a.el, ?ilith, or simply (emon. There
are rumors of Church &nights called the 7hite $on&s or Cistercians !ho act on the
behalf of the church to &ill its supernatural enemies. Ism is rampant in merica. It
doesn4t ta&e a religious affiliation to hate supernaturals, only a grudge. The Revelation
lifted the scales from many human4s eyes and they can no! see the root of many of man4s
problems. There are several large hate groups that have turned their focus on the undead.
mongst the Vampires little has openly changed. The mayor may not
ac&no!ledge the +rince but since everyone else around you seems to you better as !ell.
nd although you can pres charges if the +rince orders you &illed most li&ely you don4t
get out your cell phone fast enough to ma&e the call or even prove it. The la!s are the
la!s they remain the same. /o one cares if you as&ed some idiot mortal if he !ants to be
embraced# did you as& the +rince is the important %uestion# The Invictus have
ordered that all Vampires should maintain a version of the $as%uerade, that focuses on
not letting the humans &no! too much. 'umans should be &ept ignorant of ho! much
influence Vampire !ield in their society# Though many humans &no! that po!erful
older Vampires have strange abilities to control minds etc. the specifics of disciplines and
the ease !ith !hich Vampires can roll a human mind are not to be discussed. void
letting humans see you !hen you sleep. The reversion to our death only reinforces our
difference. In short &eep humanity as ignorant as possible.
The Carthians and Circle have begun accepting humans into the their
membership. The Carthians are very much the most !ell &no!n faces of Vampire"&ind.
Their open and fran& discussions are often the source of many a +rince4s hair loss. The
Circle have promised some fe! humans the !isdom they have carried !ith them through
the ages. )uch persons are &no!n as acolytes and must submit to rigorous testing by the
local 'ierophant. /o colyte is promised to learn ho! to use magic only to be given the
tools that !ill allo! him to should he have sufficient !ill. mong the Circle most
acolytes are seen as tools. )ome fe! have actually displayed the discipline and strength
to use hedge magics <e6orcising a demon, binding spirit, etc.= these fe! are !atched
closely by the Circle as potential recruits and useful hands.
The (ragons, Invictus and ?ancea disdain human presence !here they gather.
The (ragons see little purpose behind sharing their secrets !ith humans. Their studies
are to overcome the blood. 'umans are not of the blood# therefore# The Invictus see
no reason !hy humans should ever &no! ho! deeply their fingers reach into the !orld
pie. Though publicly they are smiles and faces, privately they long for the past !hen
they !ere not forced to declare yearly earnings# The ?ancea considers the !hole
situation a travesty against ,ods !ill and ineffable plan. Vampires !ere created to be
horrors on earth to sho! humanity the demons that plague those !ho brea& from ,ods
!ord# this is made infinitely more complicated by la!s that may result in a death
!arrant for flashing fang or cla! or by vampires being sho!n !al&ing red carpets and
are actively spinning ne!s to present themselves in the most non"threatening !ay

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