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Yahweh Vala Design Doc:

The nature and precepts of Christian faith differ a great deal from that of traditional Norse
practices, as such the usual Alu growth scheme seems less appropriate. Yahweh is in many
ways far more demanding and fickle than the Norse ods, !ust ask "o# and $amson, on the
other hand when Yahweh is with you lions will lea%e you alone, you can walk through flame
unscathed, heal the #lind and e%en #ring #ack the dead.
The num#er on this section are going to need some work #ut the general concept is that #eing
in od&s good graces pro%ides a num#er of passi%e #enefits to anyone 'there are more than a
few no#odies and children who #ecame saints(.
)a* race is e+ual to ,ill die type plus ,ill Training le%el
aining race:
-aith: .%ery morning yesterday&s race departs and a new roll must #e made, make an .pic
'Charisma or ,ill roll, from a mechanical perspecti%e Charisma makes sense as will is primarily
a defensi%e stat #ut from a thematic perspecti%e will makes sense as Yahweh demands
dedication and o#edience( TN /0, success grants / race with each #oon granting and
additional race.
ood Acts: -aith is necessary #ut insufficient in Catholic Doctrine, these can come in a num#er
of ways, most common are partaking in the $acraments howe%er these are not the only ways to
gain race. These Acts not only add to current race #ut also grant a #onus to -aith rolls for a
time. 1onuses from the same Act do not stack. )any of these acts re+uire someone to
administer and to recei%e them, all in%ol%ed get the #onus.
Act race ain -aith 1onus 1onus Duration
1aptism 2 3 / month
Confirmation 2 4 2 months
.ucharist / 2 2 days
Confession 2 2 / week
5ast 6ites / 2 / month
7oly 8rders 3 /9 2 years
)atrimony 2 /9 2 years
Charity : : :
-asting 2 2 5ength of -ast*/.;
<rayer 0 / / Day
Con%ersion 7alf 6enown of
6enown *2 6enown ,eeks
:Charity is a catch=all term in this case and can range from gi%ing alms to the poor to paying for
the construction of churches, #onuses are up to ) discretion and should #e #ased not on the
amount gi%en #ut on how negati%ely it affects the gi%er.
>The #onus and e*tra race lasts as long as the fast plus an additional half of the amount of
time spent fasting. $o if one were to fast for /0 days one would ha%e the #onus for the /0 days
spent fasting and an additional ; days after. Determine length of #onus #y rounding down to the
nearest whole day.
1enefits of race
Current race 1enefit
/ race as #onus to ,ill rolls and DT against -ear and -oulness
2 race as #onus on Toughness rolls and DT against -lame and -rost
3 1easts will not attack unless you do, speak in Tongues
4 ?mmune to -ear, -oulness, -rost, and -lame@ can ,alk on ,ater
/9 race as #onus on all rolls, in cases where race is already applied this
effect stacks
/; 6esurrects 2 days after death at full race
-or the Yahweh Valar there is #ut one true od and he in his di%ine di%ine wisdom has a plan.
No ,yrd may #e spent to effect rolls made #y the Valar or that specifically target the Valar, and
the Valar must attempt to resist the effect of all runes or supernatural a#ilities caused #y the
Valar of other ods. -urther Yahweh is a !ealous od and has no lo%e of gra%en images or
unseemly pride, the Yahweh Valar gains no #enefit from runes on their e+uipment
6enown /:
<atron= 8ne is not #orn a Christian, one must #e #aptised into the faith. The fellowship needed
for this comes with material #enefits, multiply starting sil%er #y 2. ?f a character con%erts to this
8rlog after creation appropriate gifts are conferred at the discretion of the patronA).
6enown 9:
Con%iction= Yahweh rewards those who remain steadfast in the face of persecution and peril,
gain / race whene%er you succeed on a ,ill or Toughness roll. ,hen fighting an enemy with
higher 6enown gains a #onus to attack and damage rolls e+ual to the difference in 6enown.
6enown 2:
,rath of the -ather: ,hile "esus may #e a messenger of peace his -ather regularly guarantees
his followers are %ictorious in war. Add current race to all Tactics and 5eadership rolls. ,hen
outnum#ered gains a #onus to 7N e+ual to race. ,hen fighting a target of a higher 6enown
gain race to attack and Damage rolls
6enown B:
7and of the 5ord= )ay spend a race to heal #lindness, deafness, or #eing crippled. Does not
regrow lost lim#s or eyes. The Yahweh Valar gains e*tra #onuses when he has taken an oath,
he gains 6enown as a #onus to -aith rolls. -urther he may spend a race #efore rolling an
attack to make the attack ignore all armor. 7owe%er should he fail to fulfill the oath he loses all
current race and takes 6enown as a penalty to all rolls until such time as he atones for his
failure 'as determined #y the )(.
6enown ;:
1lessings of the $aints= )ay spend a race to command #easts, they will only fight if attacked
and will flee to where they are directed if possi#le. Adds current race as a #onus to all Animal
7andling, Diplomacy,and Nature rolls
6enown 3:
)ercy of the $on= ,hen spending a race on 7and of the 5ord also heals wounds e+ual to
reduced race and can reattach se%ered or maimed #ody parts. )ay spend race e+ual
another characterCs 6enown to con%ert another character&s 8rlog to Yahweh Valar, this pro%ides
twice the normal Con%ersion -aith #onus to the con%erter #ut no race.
6enown D:
.*corcism= $pend a num#er of grace e+ual to target&s 6enown, end all supernatural effects on
the target, alternately destroy target Endead.
6enown F:
$layer of iants and Dragons= ,hen .pic 6ules are in effect may add race to all attack and
damage rolls.
6enown 4:
-illed with the $pirit: Any rolls made to negati%ely affect the Yahweh Valar do not #enefit from
.pic 6ules
6enown /0:
5aGarus .ffect: )ay re%i%e a target, to do so spend a num#er of race e+ual to the num#er of
days since the target&s death.