Understanding Data Loss

Computer users and many experts often consider lost data permanently destroyed, with no hope of recovery. And because much of the information about data loss is complex, inconsistent or inaccurate, it's not surprising that data loss and data recovery are some of the most confusing and misunderstood concepts. At Ontrack Data Recovery, we take the mystery and much of the expense associated with lost data out of the equation. Our data recovery engineers have studied data loss and have been performing successful recoveries for 20 years. Their findings indicate that in most cases, data is recoverable – no matter what the circumstance. So, never assume your valuable data can't be recovered. Always check with a qualified data recovery expert before determining what to do when data loss has occurred. Causes of Data Loss The chart below clearly represents the complexities and differing perceptions of data loss between what customers believe caused their loss and the impact of the loss versus what our engineers actually discover once they evaluate each situation. These findings reinforce the complexities of lost data. Causes of Data Loss: Customer Perception Ontrack Data Recovery Findings 26% 4% 2% 56% 9%

Human Error Computer Viruses Natural Disasters Hardware or System Problem Software Corruption or Program Problem

11% 2% 1% 78% 7%

Although these findings reinforce the complexities of understanding lost data, they can serve as a guideline when determining the most effective recovery solution. For example, 78% of our customers believe their data was lost due to hardware or system problems and may have also assumed that their data could only be recovered by shipping in their hard drive for an In-Lab recovery service.

Our findings indicate only 56% of lost data situations are a result of hardware problems. So, in reality, their data may have been able to be recovered with Remote Data Recovery™ service (recovery through modem or Internet connection) or even with data recovery software. Our professional staff of data recovery specialists is here to help guide you to the right solution to recover your data. Simply contact us at 800-872-2599 for free consulting. Costs of Data Loss With no data and no access to your system, lost data is a financial disaster. Our data recovery specialists determine the best data recovery solution to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. The chart below outlines the costs associated with computer downtime and lost data for businesses. Industry Sector Revenue Per Hour Lost Revenue Per Hour Energy Telecommunications Manufacturing Financial Institutions Information Technology Insurance Retail Pharmaceuticals Banking $2.8 million $2.0 million $1.6 million $1.4 million $1.3 million $1.2 million $1.1 million $1.0 million $996,000

Source: IT Performance Engineering & Measurement Strategies: Quantifying Performance Loss, Meta Group, October 2000.