Population 2002......................12,755,000
GNP per capita 2002 (Purchasing Parity, US$)........... 00
GNP 2002 (Purchasing Parity), US$ !illions)................ 1".7
#$erage annual gro%th 1&&1'&7
Population (() ....... 2.7
)a!or *orce (() ....... 2.7
+otal #rea...................................................................,&,""- s..
Ur!an population (( o* total population) ...............................
)i*e e0pectancy at !irth
(years)..................................................... 57
1n*ant /ortality (per 1,000 li$e
2hil3 /alnutrition (( o* chil3ren un3er 5) ............................"
#ccess to sa*e %ater (( o* population) .....................................
1lliteracy (( o* population age
154) .............................................,5(
Cambodia is located in Southeastern Asia, bordering the Gulf of Thailand,
between Thailand, Vietnam, and aos! Cambodia falls within se"eral well#
defined geogra$hic regions! The largest $art of the countr%##about &'
$ercent of the total## consists of the Tonle Sa$ Basin and the Me(ong
owlands! To the southeast of this great basin is the Me(ong Delta, which
e)tends through Vietnam to the South China Sea! The basin and delta
regions are rimmed with mountain ranges to the southwest *the
Cardamom Mountains the +le$hant ,ange- and to the north *Dangre(
Mountains-! .igher land to the northeast and to the east merges into the
Central .ighlands of southern Vietnam!
2li/ate5 2a/!o3ia is is 3o/inate3 !y the /onsoons, %hich are 6no%n as
tropical %et an3 3ry !ecause o* the 3istinctly /ar6e3 seasonal 3i**erences. +he
/onsoonal air*lo%s are cause3 !y annual alternating high pressure an3 lo%
pressure o$er the 2entral #sian lan3/ass. 1n su//er, /oisture'la3en air''the
south%est /onsoon''is 3ra%n lan3%ar3 *ro/ the 1n3ian 7cean. +he *lo% is
re$erse3 3uring the %inter, an3 the northeast /onsoon sen3s !ac6 3ry air. +he
south%est /onsoon !rings the rainy season *ro/ /i3'8ay to /i3'Septe/!er
or to early 7cto!er, an3 the northeast /onsoon *lo% o* 3rier an3 cooler air lasts
*ro/ early No$e/!er to 8arch. +he southern thir3 o* the country has a t%o'
/onth 3ry season9 the northern t%o'thir3s, a *our'/onth one. Short transitional
perio3s, %hich are /ar6e3 !y so/e 3i**erence in hu/i3ity !ut !y little change
in te/perature, inter$ene !et%een the alternating seasons. +e/peratures are
*airly uni*or/ throughout the +onle Sap :asin area, %ith only s/all $ariations
*ro/ the a$erage annual /ean o* aroun3 25;2. +he /a0i/u/ /ean is a!out
2";29 the /ini/u/ /ean, a!out 22;2. 8a0i/u/ te/peratures o* higher than
2;2, ho%e$er, are co//on an3, <ust !e*ore the start o* the rainy season, they
/ay rise to /ore than ";2. 8ini/u/ te/peratures rarely *all !elo% 10;2.
=anuary is the col3est /onth, an3 #pril is the %ar/est. +yphoons''tropical
cyclones''that o*ten 3e$astate coastal >ietna/ rarely cause 3a/age in
Cambodia was an im$ortant $ower in Southeast Asia as far bac( as 01
centuries ago, with the 2hmer +m$ire stretching from Cambodia, to
Thailand, to aos, and Vietnam! Their dominance of the area waned in the
03th centur% and the area e"entuall% became a 4rench $rotectorate *0561-!
7a$an occu$ied Cambodia during 8orld 8ar II, but the 4rench returned
following the war9s conclusion! In 0:'1, ;rince <orodom Sihanou( led
Cambodia to inde$endence, the french ha"ing been defeated in Indochina!
Cambodia9s stabilit% was se"erel% challenged during the Vietnam 8ar with
the rise of the 2hmer ,ouge *Communist rebels-! Sihanou( was de$osed in
0:&= b% on <ol! 4i"e %ears later, the 2hmer ,ouge ca$tured ;hnom
;enh! Their leader, the des$otic ;ol ;ot , conducted a reign of terror unli(e
an% e"er% seen in Asia! .is regime was res$onsible for the deaths of at least
1 million $eo$le and the dis$ersion of hundreds of thousands more!
Through the 0:5=s and earl% 0::=s, "arious degrees of chaos $lagued the
countr%, which finall% held elections in 0::1! Though the ,o%alist forces
ca$tured about 3=> of the "ote, the% agreed to ?oin with the Cambodian
;eo$le9s ;art% in go"ernment sharing but b% 0::&, the coalition $lan had
deteriorated and Sihanou( was e)iled! <ew elections were held in 0::5
with the ;eo$le9s ;art% candidate .un Sen "ictorious! Another coalition
go"ernment was organi@ed with .un Sen as ;remier and Sihanou(9s son
as ;resident of the Assembl%! B% 0:::, the last of the 2hmer ,ouge had
surrendered or ca$tured! The delicate balance of $eace in Cambodia ma%
hang on how the countr% handles the issue of war trials in the near future!
BudgetA Income !!!!!!!!!!!!!! BC60 million
+)$enditure !!! B3:6 million
Main Cro$sA rice, rubber, corn, "egetables !
<atural ,esourcesA timber, gemstones, some iron ore, manganese,
$hos$hates, h%dro$ower $otential
Ma?or IndustriesA rice milling, fishing, wood and wood $roducts, rubber,
cement, gem mining, te)tiles
GD; *C==C-A B1!6 billion!
;er ca$ita GD; *C==C-A BC&'!
Annual growth rate *C==C-A 3!'>!
Inflation *C==C-A 1!=>!
<atural resourcesA Timber, gemstones, some iron ore, manganese and
$hos$hate, h%droelectric $otential from the Me(ong ,i"er!
Agriculture *1&> of GD;, C==0-A About 3,535,=== hectares *0C million
acres- are unforested landD all are arable with irrigation, but C!' million
hectares are culti"ated! ;roducts##rice, rubber, corn, meat, "egetables,
dair% $roducts, sugar, flour!
Industr% *CC> of GD;-A T%$es##garment and shoe manufacturing, rice
milling, tobacco, fisheries and fishing, wood and wood $roducts, te)tiles,
cement, some rubber $roduction, $a$er and food $rocessing!
Ser"ices *30> of GD;-A Tourism, telecommunications, trans$ortation, and
Central go"ernment budget *C==C-A ,e"enues##B315 millionD e)$enditure##
B61= millionD foreign financing##BC65 million! TradeA +)$orts *B0!3'0
billion C==0-##garments, shoes, cigarettes, natural rubber, rice, $e$$er,
wood, fish! Ma?or $artners##Enited States, +E, Singa$ore, 7a$an,
Thailand, Taiwan, .ong 2ong, Indonesia! Im$orts *B0!5=6 billion C==0-##
fuels, cigarettes, "ehicles, consumer goods, machiner%! Ma?or $artners##
Enited States, Singa$ore, Vietnam, Thailand, +E, Mala%sia, Indonesia!
+conomic aid recei"edA ;ledges of B60= million in grants and concessional
loans *C==0-, with disbursement rate of &&>! Ma?or donors##Asian
De"elo$ment Ban( *ADB-, E< De"elo$ment ;rogram *E<D;-, 8orld
Ban(, International Monetar% 4und, Australia, Canada, Denmar(, the
+E, 4rance, German%, Ital%, 7a$an, Sweden, Thailand, E!2!, E!S!
;rinci$le foreign commercial in"estorsA Mala%sia, Taiwan, E!S!, China,
2orea, .ong 2ong, Singa$ore and Thailand!
+)change rate *C==C-A 1,:'= $er E!S!B!
?ing <orodom SI.A<OE2
Pres., National #sse/!ly
<orodom ,A<A,IDD., Prince
Pri/e 8inister .E< S+<, (CPP)
@ep. Pri/e 8in. SA, 2.+<G, (CPP)
@ep. Pri/e 8in. TO A., (F)
8in. o* State C..IM SI+2+<G, (F)
8in. o* State .O<G SE< .EOT, M.D. (F)
8in. o* State .O, <AM.O<G, (CPP)
8in. o* State 2+AT C..O<, (CPP)
8in. o* State E A/ S,+<G, (F)
8in. o* State SO2 A<, (CPP)
8in. o* State TI+ BA<., Gen. (CPP)
8in. o* State /E .O22,I, (F)
8in. in the 2ouncil o* 8inisters SO2 A<, (CPP)
8in. o* #griculture, Aorestry, B Aishing C.A< SA,E<, (CPP)
8in. o* 2o//erce C.AM ;,ASIT, (CPP)
8in. o* 2ulture B Aine #rts
<orodom BO;.A D+VI,
Princess (F)
8in. o* Ccono/y B Ainance 2+AT C..O<, (CPP)
8in. o* C3ucation, Douth, B Sports TO A., (F)
8in. o* Cn$iron/ent MO2 MA,+T, (CPP)
8in. o* Aoreign #**airs B 1nternational 2ooperation .O, <AM.O<G, (CPP)
8in. o* Eealth .O<G SE< .EOT, M.D. (F)
8in. o* 1n3ustry, 8ines, B Cnergy SE/ S+M, (CPP)
8in. o* 1n*or/ation B Press E A/ S,+<G, (F)
2o'8in. o* 1nterior SA, 2.+<G, (CPP)
2o'8in. o* 1nterior /E .O22,I, (F)
8in. o* =ustice <+AV SIT.O<G, (F)
2o'8in. o* National @e*ense
SISO8AT. SI,I,AT., Prince
2o'8in. o* National @e*ense TI+ BA<., Gen. (CPP)
8in. o* Planning C..A/ T.A<, (CPP)
8in. o* Posts B +eleco//unications SO 2.E<, (CPP)
8in. o* Pu!lic For6s B +ransportation 2./ TAI<GIM, (F)
8in. o* Gelations %ith Parlia/ent B 1nspection 2.E< .A<G, (F)
8in. o* Geligious #**airs C.+A SAVO+E<, (F)
8in. o* Gural @e$elop/ent / T.EC., (F)
8in. o* Social #**airs, )a!or, >ocational +raining, B
Douth Geha!ilitation
IT SAM#.+<G, (CPP)
8in. o* +ouris/ V+<G S+,+/VET., (F)
8in. o* Ur!aniHation B 2onstruction IM C..E<IM, (CPP)
8in. o* Fater Gesources B 8eteorology IM 2+A<#.AO, (CPP)
8in. o* Fo/enIs #**airs B Far >eterans ME SOC.EA, (F)
State Sec. in the 2ouncil o* 8inisters C.+A SAO;.OA<, (F)
State Sec. in the 2ouncil o* 8inisters SEM MA<IT., (CPP)
State Sec. o* #griculture, Aorestry, B Aishing C.A< TO<G IV, (CPP)
State Sec. o* #griculture, Aorestry, B Aishing MA/ SAM O+E<, (F)
State Sec. o* 2o//erce 2.+2 VA<D/, (F)
State Sec. o* 2o//erce ;+< SIMA<, (CPP)
State Sec. o* 2ulture B Aine #rts ;+< /+T, (CPP)
State Sec. o* 2ulture B Aine #rts
SI,IVET, Prince (F)
State Sec. o* Ccono/y B Ainance 2O<G VIBO, (F)
State Sec. o* Ccono/y B Ainance E2 ,ABE<, (CPP)
State Sec. o* C3ucation, Douth, B Sports IM SOT.I, (CPP)
State Sec. o* C3ucation, Douth, B Sports ;O2 T.A<, (F)
State Sec. o* Cn$iron/ent 2.A< SA;.A<, (CPP)
State Sec. o* Cn$iron/ent SO GA,I, (F)
State Sec. o* Aoreign #**airs B 1nternational
SO+<G C.AM,A+E<, (F)
State Sec. o* Aoreign #**airs B 1nternational
EC. 2IM A<, (CPP)
State Sec. o* Eealth MAM BE< .+<G, M.D. (CPP)
State Sec. o* Eealth E<G ;.I,E<, (F)
State Sec. o* 1n3ustry, 8ines, B Cnergy IT. ;,A<G, (CPP)
State Sec. o* 1n3ustry, 8ines, B Cnergy <.+; BE<C.I<, (F)
State Sec. o* 1n*or/ation B Press 2.I+E 2A<.A,IT., (CPP)
State Sec. o* 1n*or/ation B Press EM DA,AVET, (F)
State Sec. o* 1nterior +M SAM A<, (CPP)
State Sec. o* 1nterior 2I+<G VA<G, (F)
State Sec. o* 1nterior ;.A< SI<A, (F)
State Sec. o* 1nterior ;,EM SO2.A, (CPP)
State Sec. o* =ustice I VEOC.+<G, (CPP)
State Sec. o* =ustice SE/ <E, (F)
State Sec. o* National @e*ense C.A/ SA<G/E<, (CPP)
State Sec. o* National @e*ense ;AO BE<S,O+, (F)
State Sec. o* Planning A/ ;,O.OA., (F)
State Sec. o* Planning E AO.AT, (CPP)
State Sec. o* Post B +eleco//unications AM ;E#A<, (F)
State Sec. o* Post B +eleco//unications ;.A< ;.I<, (CPP)
State Sec. o* Pu!lic For6s B +ransportation A.MAD /A./A, (F)
State Sec. o* Pu!lic For6s B +ransportation T,AM IV#TO+2, (CPP)
State Sec. o* Gelations %ith Parlia/ent B 1nspection 2.OV M+<G .+A<G, (F)
State Sec. o* Gelations %ith Parlia/ent B 1nspection .O<G C..+M, (CPP)
State Sec. o* Geligious #**airs C.EO< I+M, (CPP)
State Sec. o* Geligious #**airs I< VISA#EM, (F)
State Sec. o* Gural @e$elop/ent .E/ 2O<T.E#VO,A, (F)
State Sec. o* Gural @e$elop/ent /IM C..AII, (CPP)
State Sec. o* Social #**airs, )a!or, >ocational
+raining, B Douth Geha!ilitation
State Sec. o* Social #**airs, )a!or, >ocational
+raining, B Douth Geha!ilitation
;,A2 C.A<T.A, (F)
State Sec. o* +ouris/ <ET <I<DO+E<, (F)
State Sec. o* +ouris/ T.O<G 2.O<, (CPP)
State Sec. o* Ur!aniHation B 2onstruction <E SA<G2.A<, (F)
State Sec. o* Ur!aniHation B 2onstruction TI /AV, (CPP)
State Sec. o* Fater Gesources B 8eteorology <GO ;I<, (F)
State Sec. o* Fater Gesources B 8eteorology /E 2+A.+A<G, (CPP)
State Sec. o* Fo/enIs #**airs B Far >eterans E<G 2E<T.AVI, (F)
State Sec. o* Fo/enIs #**airs B Far >eterans /E A/, (CPP)
Go$ernor, State :an6 C.+A C.A<TO, (CPP)
#/!assa3or to the US ,OA<D +<G, (F)
Per/anent Gepresentati$e to the UN, Ne% Dor6 OEC. BO,IT., (CPP)
Eistorical spot ancient history, a still visible colonial past, a turbulent
passage into the present, and now..a new face, recognizable and full of
hope for the future.
Venture into the time machine, where mysterious and enigmatic
ruins of lost kingdoms rub shoulders with scars of recent wars and
shimmering, timeless fields of rice. From the Khmer ruins of Angkor
at to the best croissants east of !aris, Viet "am and #ambodia
provide a blend of traditional cultures, crafts and world heritage sites
sure to fascinate the adventurous traveler.
14 Day
Deluxe Tour
$%&'(.(( per person
double occupancy
)sample itinerary* rates
are sub+ect to change,
-ays .
/ 0
Fly 1ingapore Airlines enroute to
-ay %
2orning arrival in 1ingapore.
3ransfer to the lu4urious estin
5otel with the rest of the day free.
6ptional city tour to e4plore
1ingapore7s multicultural heritage.
-ay 8
Fly to 5anoi, capital of modern
Vietnam. 3ransfer to the beautiful
1ofitel 2etropole. Afternoon tour
to "goc 1on 3emple and the Art
2useum. 3our the old French
9uarter by :cyclo: ; rickshaw< =
!hoto by >eslie Kramer
-ay '
#ity tour of graceful 5anoi.
Afternoon free to e4plore the
winding guild streets and nearby
handicraft villages. 3his evening
en+oy a traditional water puppet
show and dinner. =?-
-ay &
@ourney to magnificent 5along
=ay, a setting for the film :
Indochine,: where %((( verdant
islands dot the waters like a scene
in a #hinese painting. 6vernight at
the 5eritage 5otel. =
-ay A
2orning cruise through the :=ay
of the -escending -ragon: on a
traditional sailing +unk. In the
afternoon return to 5anoi and the
1ofitel 2etropole. =?>
!hotos by >eslie Kramer
-ay B
Fly to 5ue, former imperial capital
of Vietnam. 1ightseeing and lunch,
then continue overland to -anang
and your hotel, the delu4e Furama
Cesort. =?>
-ay D Visit the old trading port of 5oi
An, whose narrow streets are lined
with converted shop houses. 3his
afternoon choose to visit #ham
2useum of ancient artifacts or
en+oy the facilities of the beautiful
Furama Cesort. =
!hoto by >eslie Kramer
-ay .(
2orning flight to 5o #hi 2inh city
and transfer to the colonial style
2a+estic 5otel. Afternoon city tour
to the former !residential !alace
and #athedral, the 5istorical
2useum built in .D0A, and a
lac9uerware workshop. =
-ay ..
2orning e4cursion to #u #hi
3unnels, a virtual underground
city built by the Viet #ong and
"orth Vietnamese forces.
#ontinue to 3ay "inh, center of
the 3ao;-aism faith for a colorful
ceremony at #aodai 3emple. =?>
.0 /
Fly to 1iem Ceap for your two day
e4ploration of the astounding
wonders of Angkor at temple
comple4 including Angkor at,
Angkor 3hom, =ayon and 3a
!rohm. -ine and stay both nights
at the magnificent Erand 5otel d7
Angkor. =?-
-ay .8
Fly to 1ingapore on 1ilk Air,
connecting to 1ingapore Airlines
for your flight home. =
3our can be modified, hotels
changed, to suit your tastes and
!erfect 1pot 3ours
3elF B((G8DD;B0'( or %.( G %D(;
Fa4F %.( G %D(;B..%
#13J 0(8 .&%8;8(
!erfect 1pot 3ours is your guide to
customized 1outheast Asia 3oursF
=ali, 3hailand, 2yanmar )=urma,,
Vietnam and #ambodia travel
tours and vacation packages may
be tailored to your tastes and
specifications. 6ur =ali
honeymoon travel tour packages
will give you memories to last your
lifetime. 6ur e4otic tours to
1outheast Asia locales such as
Kbud, Angkor at, =agan, 5anoi,
5o #hi 2inh #ity, and =angkok
will satisfy even the most world;
weary traveler. -on7t forget to ask
us about our India honeymoon
and spa vacation packages too<

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