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Like Father…

My previous post provided a glimpse of Khalifah ‘Umar ibn ‘Abdil ‘Azeez’s method of training his hildren!
"o# $ #ould like to share the result of this nurturing!
%he &istorians mention that he had fifteen hildren' three of #hih #ere daughters! (ah of them gre# up to be obedient and pious!
%he most aomplished of them #as) ‘Abdul Malik *rahimahullah+
‘Umar *rahimahullah+ says) ,My son ‘Abdul Malik is most herished to me from all my hildren!

%he -on’s effet on the Father
-ome (lders of that era said) ,’$t #as the piety that ‘Umar sa# in his son ‘Abdul Malik that lead ‘Umar to a pious life.
&afidh $bn ‘Asakir #rites) ,&e #as the hild of a slave girl! &e #as pious and assisted his father as #ell as enouraged him to be /ust.
$mmediately after beoming Khalifah' ‘Umar *rahimahullah+ #anted to take a mid0day nap and deided he #ill attend to the matters of the
people after the 1uhr salah! &is son' ‘Abdul Malik autioned him #ith the follo#ing)
,2 Ameerul Mumineen3 4hat guarantee do you have that you #ill live till 1uhr5.
‘Umar asked him to ome loser! &e embraed his son' kissed him and said)
,All praise is for Allah #ho has granted me offspring that assists me in my matters of deen!.
-aying this' he left and alled for those #ho had any need #ith the Ameerul Mumineen to ome for#ard!

Like Father' Like -on' Like -lave
Maimoon $bn Mehran says) ,$ haven’t seen a household better than the one that onsisted of ‘Umar ibn ‘Abdil ‘Azeez' his son ‘Abdul Malik'
and their slave6 Muzahim.
7abee’ ibn -abirah told ‘Umar) ,$ haven’t seen a son like your son.
‘Abdul Malik' the son of Khalifah ‘Umar ibn‘Abdil Azeez *rahimahullah+' #as truly a son #ho #as an asset to his father! &e onstantly
assisted his father in his religious affairs6 autioning him and supporting him #henever the need arose!
4hen ‘Umar #ould get angry' he #ould alm him do#n! 4hen he *the Ameerul Mumineen+ needed advie' his son ounselled him too!

%he Father’s #ords for his -on
%he follo#ing is a brief olletion of the praises Khalifah ‘Umar ibn ‘Abdil ‘Azeez had for his son)
,All 8raise is for Allah #ho besto#ed me #ith an assistant from my o#n family6 my son ‘Abdul Malik!.
,May Allah have mery on you my son' and may &e re#ard you beautifully on behalf of your father! $ indeed see you as an aid in good
$f it #asn’t that $ fear my deision may have been hampered by the love a father has for his son' $ #ould have said ‘Abdul Mali is fit to be
the Khalifah3
,2 My son3 $ am more proud that you are my son than you are about me being your father!.
%o this ‘Abdul Malik replied)
,2 father3 $ prefer being #hat you #ant me to be' instead of #hat $ #ant….

‘Abdul Malik *rahimahullah+ passed a#ay during the life of his father! &e #as only eighteen at the time of his death #hih #as aused by a
Upon his death ‘Umar *rahimahullah+ addressed him saying)
,May Allah sho#er his mery on you my son3 :ou #ere indeed obedient to you father!.
&e then made the follo#ing du’a.
ﻢﻬﻠﻟا ﺮﻔﻏا ﺪﺒﻌﻟ ﻚﻠﻤﻟا ﻦﺑ ،ﺮﻤﻋ ﻦﻤﻟو ﺮﻔﻐﺘﺳا ﻪﻟ
2 Allah3 Forgive ‘Abdul Malik' the son of ‘Umar' and forgive those #ho ask for his forgiveness

%here #as a ;edouin among those #ho onsoled the Khalifah after his son’s demise! &is #ords #ere)

ُﻌِﻳ ﺮ
ﻴﻣأ ﻦﻴﻨﻣﺆﻤﻟا ﻪﻧﺈﻓ ﺎﻤﻟ ِ ﺪﻗ ىﺮﺗ ىﺬّ

ﻴﻐﺼﻟا ﺪ
ﻟ َﻮﻳو
ﻞﻫ ﻚﻨﺑا ﻻإ ﻦﻣ ﺔﻟﻼﺳ مدآ ﻞّ
ﻛو ﻰﻠﻋ ضﻮﺣ ﺔﻴﻨﻤﻟا درﻮﻣ
,May the Ameerul Mumineen remain in honour' but #hat you see *9eath+
$s indeed the e<at reason for #hih hildren are born and brought up *i!e' to die one day+
:our son is also among the progeny of "abi Adam *’Alaihissalam+
All of #hih have to drink from the pond of death.
&afidh $bn 7a/ab *rahimahullah+ #rites) ,%hese proved to be the most onsoling #ords for ‘Umar ibn ‘Abdil ‘Azeez.

*(<trated from) %areekh 9imash= > ,-eeratu ‘Abdil Malik ibn ‘Abdil ‘Azeez.' by &afidh $bn 7a/ab Al0&ambali *rahimahullah+!
May Allah %a’ala guide us all to the #ays of our pious predeessors! Ameen!