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Transparency Market

Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing
Market is growing at a CAGR of
37.6% from !"3 to !"#. $%
Trans&aren'% Market Resear'(.
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USD 4595
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USD 7595
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USD 10595
Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing Market is growing at a CAGR
of 37.6% from !"3 to !"#. $% Trans&aren'% Market
Transparency Market Research
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Press Release
Non-Invasive Prenatal
Testing Market

Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing Market was valued at USD 0.22 billion in 2013 and is expected to grow
at a CAGR o 3!."# ro$ 2013 to 201%& to reac' an esti$ated value o USD 3."2 billion in 201%.
(rowse t'e ull report wit' co$plete )*C at
)'e $ or non/invasive prenatal testing is evolving rapidl- due t'e advantages it o0ers over
t'e conventional prenatal screening and diagnostic $et'ods suc' as $aternal seru$ screening&
nuc'al translucenc- 12)3 scan& a$niocentesis and c'orionic villus sa$pling 1C4S3. )'ese
advantages include saet-& accurac-& and no ris. o $iscarriage. An 256) is a non/invasive
genetic screening test or t'e co$$on c'ro$oso$al abnor$alities 1triso$- 21& triso$- 17&
triso$- 13& $onoso$- 8& etc.3 observed in t'e etuses o 'ig' ris. pregnant wo$en 1above t'e
age o 39 -ears3. *wing to its abilit- to detect t'e presence o c'ro$oso$al abnor$alities in
etuses o pregnant wo$en as earl- as % to 10 wee.s o gestation& t'e $ or non/invasive
prenatal testing is witnessing a rapid increase in de$and ro$ all parts o t'e world.
:aterni)21 6;US& veri<& =ar$on-& 6anora$a& 25>)?& 6rena)est and (a$bni)est are t'e
co$$erciall- available 256)s in t'e $ w'ic' are based on t'e direct anal-sis o cell/ree
etal D2A in t'e $aternal blood. 5n 2012& :aterni)21 1a proprietar- product o Se@ueno$& 5nc.3
accounted or t'e largest s'are 13"."#3 o t'e global 256) $ in ter$s o revenue& owing to
t'e act t'at it was t'e <rst $over in t'e $ place. During t'e orecast period 2013 to 201%&
it is li.el- to lose so$e o its s'are due to increasing $ penetration b- ot'er
aore$entioned 256)s suc' as 6anora$a and veri<.
=ig' incidence rate o babies born wit' certain t-pe o c'ro$oso$al abnor$alities& growing
trend o c'ild bearing at advanced $aternal age and en'anced popularit- o 256) a$ong
g-necologists and 'ig' ris. pregnant wo$en are so$e o t'e $aAor actors anticipated to drive
growt' o t'e 256) $ during t'e orecast period. So$e o t'e $ost co$$onl- detected
c'ro$oso$al aneuploidies include Down s-ndro$e& Bdwards s-ndro$e& 6atau s-ndro$e and
$onoso$- 8. *n t'e ot'er 'and& et'ical and regulator- 'urdles are expected to pose signi<cant
c'allenges beore t'e 256) $ to grow. 4arious proessional co$$ittees across t'e world
believe t'at t'e i$ple$entation o 256) and t'e subse@uent rise in upta.e o prenatal testing is
li.el- to increase t'e incidence o abortions. )'ereore& proessional groups suc' as )'e
A$erican College o *bstetricians and G-necologists 1AC*G3& 5nternational Societ- or 6renatal
Trans&aren'% Market Resear'(
R,P-R. D,SCR/P./-(
Non-Invasive Prenatal
Testing Market
Diagnosis and )'e Capan Societ- o *bstetrics and G-necolog- 'ave set up guidelines t'at li$it
t'e use o non/invasive prenatal testing onl- to pregnant wo$en at 'ig' ris. o c'ro$oso$al
Geograp'icall-& 2ort' A$erica was t'e largest regional $ in 2012 wit' a $ s'are o
"D.9# o t'e total revenue generated globall-& ollowed b- Burope. Al$ost ever- co$pan-
operating in t'is $ is adopting t'e sa$e business $odel o $ar.eting t'eir tests via
alliances wit' 'ospitals& diagnostic laboratories and p'-sician oEces. )'e increasing penetration
b- test developers in Buropean& Asia/6aci<c and :iddle/Bast countries indicates pro$ising
growt' in t'e near uture in t'ese $ar.ets. Se@ueno$& 5nc.& 4erinata =ealt'& 5nc. 1now a part o
5llu$ina& 5nc.3& Ariosa Diagnostics& 2atera& 5nc.& (G5 =ealt'& ;ieCodexx and (err- Geno$ics are
t'e co$panies engaged in providing non/invasive prenatal tests worldwide.
)'e global non/invasive prenatal testing $ is seg$ented as ollows+
2on/5nvasive 6renatal )esting b- )est
:aterni)21 6;US
2on/5nvasive 6renatal )esting b- Geograp'-
2ort' A$erica
Trans&aren'% Market Resear'(
Non-Invasive Prenatal
Testing Market
Rest o t'e Forld 1RoF3
>or Sa$ple Report 4isit *n+
C!apter 1 Pre0ace
111 Report Description
11% Mar2et Seg+entation
113 Researc! Met!o"olog'
11311 Sources
1131111 Secon"ar' Researc!
113111% Pri+ar' Researc!
1131% Mo"els
C!apter % ,4ecuti5e Su++ar'
C!apter 3 6loal (on#/n5asi5e Prenatal .esting Mar2et -5er5ie)
311 /ntro"uction
31% Ma7or C!ro+oso+al 8neuploi"ies an" t!eir /nci"ence Rate
31%11 Do)n S'n"ro+e
Trans&aren'% Market Resear'(
.8&L, -9 C-(.,(.
Non-Invasive Prenatal
Testing Market
31%1% ,")ar"s S'n"ro+e
31%13 Patau S'n"ro+e
31%14 .urner S'n"ro+e
31%15 :line0elter S'n"ro+e
31%16 $acos S'n"ro+e
31%17 .riple ; S'n"ro+e
313 .ec!nological 8pproac! 0or (/P.
314 Mar2et Dri5ers
31411 <ig! inci"ence rate o0 aies orn )it! Do)n s'n"ro+e
3141% Rise in a5erage +aternal age
31413 /ncreasing "e+an" 0or earl' an" non#in5asi5e 0etal testing proce"ures
315 Mar2et Restraints
31511 Regulator' gui"elines an" et!ical !ur"les
3151% Li+itations o0 (/P.
31513 85ailailit' o0 ot!er screening an" testing +et!o"s
316 Mar2et -pportunities
31611 Capitali=ing on t!e potential presente" ' t!e e+erging +ar2ets o0 8sia
317 Porter>s 9i5e 9orce 8nal'sis 0or t!e 6loal (on#/n5asi5e Prenatal testing Mar2et
31711 &argaining po)er o0 suppliers
3171% &argaining po)er o0 u'ers
Trans&aren'% Market Resear'(
Non-Invasive Prenatal
Testing Market
31711 .!reat o0 sustitutes
3171% .!reat o0 ne) entrants
31713 Co+petiti5e ri5alr'
318 Mar2et 8ttracti5eness 8nal'sis: 6loal (on#/n5asi5e Prenatal .esting Mar2et? '
C!apter 4 6loal (on#/n5asi5e Prenatal .esting Mar2et Re5enue? ' .est? %01% # %019 @USD
411 -5er5ie)
41111 6loal (on#/n5asi5e Prenatal .esting Mar2et Re5enue? ' .est? %01% B %019 @USD
4111% Co+parati5e 8nal'sis: 6loal (on#/n5asi5e Prenatal .esting Mar2et Re5enue? ' .est?
%01% C %019 @Dalue EA
41% Materni.%1 PLUS
41%11 6loal Materni.%1 PLUS .est Mar2et Re5enue? %01% B %019 @USD MillionA
413 <ar+on' Prenatal .est
41311 6loal <ar+on' .est Mar2et Re5enue? %01% B %019 @USD MillionA
414 5eriF Prenatal .est
41411 6loal 5eriF .est Mar2et Re5enue? %01% B %019 @USD MillionA
415 Panora+a .est
41511 6loal Panora+a .est Mar2et Re5enue? %01% B %019 @USD MillionA
416 (onin5asi5e 9etal .riso+' @(/9.GA .est
Trans&aren'% Market Resear'(
Non-Invasive Prenatal
Testing Market
41611 6loal (/9.G .est Mar2et Re5enue? %01% B %019 @USD MillionA
417 &a+ni.est
41711 6loal &a+ni.est .est Mar2et Re5enue? %01% B %019 @USD MillionA
418 Prena.est
41811 6loal Prena.est .est Mar2et Re5enue? %01% B %019 @USD MillionA
C!apter 5 6loal (on#/n5asi5e Prenatal .esting Mar2et Re5enue? ' 6eograp!'? %01% # %019
@USD MillionA
511 -5er5ie)
51111 6loal (on#/n5asi5e Prenatal .esting Mar2et Re5enue? ' 6eograp!'? %01% # %019
@USD MillionA
5111% Co+parati5e 8nal'sis: 6loal (on#/n5asi5e Prenatal .esting Mar2et Re5enue? '
6eograp!'? %01% C %019 @Dalue EA
51% (ort! 8+erica
51%11 (ort! 8+erica (on#/n5asi5e Prenatal .esting Mar2et Re5enue? %01% # %019 @USD
513 ,urope
51311 ,urope (on#/n5asi5e Prenatal .esting Mar2et Re5enue? %01% # %019 @USD MillionA
514 8sia#PaciFc
51411 8sia#PaciFc (on#/n5asi5e Prenatal .esting Mar2et Re5enue? %01% # %019 @USD MillionA
515 Rest o0 t!e Horl" @RoHA
Trans&aren'% Market Resear'(
Non-Invasive Prenatal
Testing Market
51511 Rest o0 t!e Horl" @RoHA (on#/n5asi5e Prenatal .esting Mar2et Re5enue? %01% # %019
@USD MillionA
C!apter 6 Co+petiti5e Lan"scape
611 Mar2et S!are 8nal'sis? ' :e' Pla'ers? %01% @EA
C!apter 7 Reco++en"ations
711 9ocus on i+pro5ing tec!nolog' in or"er to increase t!e accurac'? re"uce t!e "uration o0
result generation an" price
71% 9ocus on 0or+ing alliances )it! "iagnostic ser5ice pro5i"ers in ,uropean an" 8sia#PaciFc
713 Mergers an" ac*uisitions
C!apter 8 Co+pan' ProFles
811 8riosa Diagnostics? /nc1
81111 Co+pan' -5er5ie)
8111% Pro"uct Port0olio
81113 &usiness Strategies
81114 Recent De5elop+ents
81% &err' 6eno+ics Co1? Lt"
81%11 Co+pan' -5er5ie)
Trans&aren'% Market Resear'(
Non-Invasive Prenatal
Testing Market
81%1% Pro"uct Port0olio
81%13 &usiness Strategies
81%14 Recent De5elop+ents
813 &6/ <ealt!
81311 Co+pan' -5er5ie)
8131% Pro"uct Port0olio
81313 &usiness Strategies
814 Li0eCo"e44 86
81411 Co+pan' -5er5ie)
8141% Pro"uct Port0olio
81413 &usiness Strategies
81414 Recent De5elop+ents
815 (atera? /nc1
81511 Co+pan' -5er5ie)
8151% Pro"uct Port0olio
81513 &usiness Strategies
81514 Recent De5elop+ents
816 Se*ueno+? /nc1
81611 Co+pan' -5er5ie)
8161% 9inancial -5er5ie)
Trans&aren'% Market Resear'(
Non-Invasive Prenatal
Testing Market
81613 Pro"uct Port0olio
81614 &usiness Strategies
81615 Recent De5elop+ents
817 Derinata <ealt!? /nc1
81711 Co+pan' -5er5ie)
8171% Pro"uct Port0olio
81713 Recent De5elop+ents
)ransparenc- Researc' is a $ intelligence co$pan- providing global business inor$ation
reports and services. *ur exclusive blend o @uantitative orecasting and trends anal-sis provides orward/ insig't or t'ousands o decision $a.ers.
Fe are privileged wit' 'ig'l- experienced tea$ o Anal-sts& Researc'ers and Consultants& w'o use
proprietar- data sources and various tools and tec'ni@ues to gat'er& and anal-Le inor$ation. *ur
business o0erings represent t'e latest and t'e $ost reliable inor$ation indispensable or businesses to
sustain a co$petitive edge.
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