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Ching-Yu (Austin) Huang

Marlboro, NJ 07746

Phone: (848) 459-0962

To pursue a career in Computer Information System or Information Technology area with interests in
advanced system design, big data mining, graphic user interface, software development and quality control,
system automation and integration.

Ph.D., Computer and Information Science, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ. 12/1997.
Dissertation: FLAG: The Fault-Line Analytic Graph and Fingerprint Classification
Master of Science, CIS, NJIT, Newark, NJ. 08/1993.
Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Engineering and Science, Tamkang University, Tamshui, Taipei,
Taiwan, R.O.C. 06/1990.
Programming Languages: Perl, C, C++, Visual Basic, JAVA, Python, Shell-scripts.
Web development: Apache, CGI, HTML, PHP, Perl, DBI, Javascript, Oracle.
Operating System: Administration on Solaris, Redhat-Linux, Windows 2000 server/XP/7/8
Database System: Oracle, MySQL, MS-SQL, ODBC, JDBC
MS-Office: Macro and integrated with Visual Basic
SNP genotype calling: Cluster detection, data analysis and algorithm
Bioinformatics: Data mining, genome SNP & sequencing data, genetic and disease association
Image processing and pattern recognition: Microarray and fingerprint areas
E-Learning: Software and Internet for educational purpose

2003/2 2014/1, Principal Research Associate Sr. Computer Scientist, Center of Pharmacogenomics &
Complex Disease Research (CPCDR), Rutgers/UMDNJ, Newark, NJ.
Software development & research
o Designed algorithms and developed programs for research on big data mining, pattern recognition
and statistical analysis - Perl, JAVA, C on Linux.
o Designed and developed SNPTyper software with Graphic User Interface (GUI) that automates
SNP genotype calling, analysis, and QC - Oracle, Visual Basic.
o Integrated and automated 3rd party statistical and genetic analysis software for Genome data - Perl,
Python, JAVA, C, C++, Pascal, Shell scripts on UNIX and Windows.
o Initiated and developed the requirement and the process to setup/build the Laboratory Integration
Management System (LIMS).
o Analyzed Whole-Genome, Exome Sequencing and Next Generation Sequencing data - Perl, C.
System administration
o Setup and managed the Centers 20+ computers - SUN, Linux, Windows server and Oracle.
o Designed and developed IT architecture for the Center.
o Collaborated with High Performance Computing (HPC) group and IST department.
Webmaster: Setup, developed and administrated the Centers internal and external web servers with
authentication - Apache, CGI, JSP/Tomcat, HTML, PHP, Javascript, Perl, Oracle, MySQL.
Collaborated with international projects in USA, Germany, Canada, UK, China, and Taiwan.
Guided graduate, college, and high school students.
2000/5 2003/2, Senior Scientific Programmer, Orchid BioSciences, Beckman Coulter, Princeton, NJ.
Technical lead of the UHT (Ultra High Throughput) Genotyping system, the main product of the
company that consists of more than 10 software components.
o Tracked project progress, proposed project plan and designed system features.
o Multi-discipline coordination: software developer, tester, technical writer, hardware engineer,
biochemist, sales, and marketing.
o Designed and implemented the software components, technical specifications, and requirements.
o Source code and version control under StarTeam.
Designed and developed the microarray spot recognition and status classification algorithm for
UHTImage software to extract signal intensity and assign spot status from the raw images - VB6, API.
Designed and developed the cluster classification algorithm to make genotype calls and integrated
with lab QC for the UHTGetGenos software - Oracle 8i, ODBC, VB6, API.
Designed and developed the surface recognition algorithm for Contact Angle software - validate the
sinalization quality of plate glass by detecting the contact angle of drop images - VB6.
Represented the Informatics Department to present products to customers in the USA and Canada with

the Biochemist and Marketing Directors of our company for Market Validation for UHT system design,
product plan, and field support from marketing/sales perspective.
1999/5 2000/5, Software Developer/Contractor, AT&T, Middletown, NJ.
Designed, developed, and tested the Electronic Order System, a web browser based Frame Relay/ATM
ordering and provisioning system - the system was composed by Java Applet as front-end and Java
Servlets running on SUN-UNIX environment as backend - JAVA, Javascript, Perl, CGI, Web
Scripts, Sybase, JDBC.
followed software development cycle requirement review, coding,
Unit/Integration/System tests, and deployment phases that are controlled by Sablime system - project
certified in CMM level 3.
Implemented and reviewed Integration Test case requirement with System Engineer and developers
Coordinated, staged and deployed the products with other AT&T sites for 3 major releases.
1998/2 1999/5, Software Engineer, Moodys Investors Service Inc., New York City.
Setup and built the first web service for the Corporate Finance Group (CFG) with front-end integrated
with Excel, and backend database with stored procedures - C++, C, Perl, Sybperl, CGI, HTML,
UNIX, Sybase, DB-Library.
Implemented protocol and migrated software from SUN OS to IBM AIX platform
Designed and Developed the MPACT publishing project for Moodys ICO Book and GCR - C, C++,
UNIX, Sybase, DB-Library.
Developed and maintained the GUI Financial Data Entry/Report System - Borland C++, Sybase.
Developed and maintained the QUIS Re-map System for CFG - C, UNIX, Sybase, DB-Library.
1996/7 1998/1, Instructor/TA, taught the courses in Dept. of CIS, NJIT, Newark, NJ.
CIS 103, Computer Science Business Problems with C++, Fall 1996, Spring 1997, Fall 1997.
CIS 105, C++ Programming Language on Unix, summer session, 1996.
CIS 786, X-windows, summer session, 1995.
1993/9 1998/1, Research Projects, Computer Vision Laboratory, CIS, NJIT, Newark, NJ.
Co-developed the GUI Fingerprint Analysis and Recognition Systems (FARS) for detecting features
from the fingerprint images in JPEG, IPS formats - C++, X11, Motif, Linux, VB6, Windows.
Developed an Interactive Computer Graphics package 3D Object Representation with Perspective
Projection with translation, rotation, scaling, and perspective projection, etc. - Turbo-C.
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2011 2013, volunteer, Association of New Jersey Chinese Schools, NJ,

President, Vice-President, Board member, ANJCS Taiwan Summer Camp Director

2005 2013, volunteer, Fidelity Chinese School, Marlboro, NJ,

Principal, Vice-Principal, Culture Director, President of Parent Association, Language Teacher,

Monmouth County Chinese Summer Camp Director
2010 2013, committee member, Boy Scout Troop 85, Marlboro, NJ
2008 2012, committee Member of UMDNJ Ph.D. and Master students
2007 2010, culture committee/organizer, Marlboro Township, NJ
Available upon request