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Sr. No.

1 Identify Risks
2 Request for Quotation by
Customer (RFQ)
3 Evaluation of the RFQ
4 Setting of Sale General
Condition and Quotation
5 Quotation
6 Margin Approval
7 Negotiation
8 Order acceptance
9 Filing of the documentation
10 Customer Master Data in SAP
Activity Person Responsible
A) Customer Risk:- Capacity of Customer to adhere economic
commitments taken and as provided in contract signed with the company
B) Country Risk:- Check countries at the risk of embargo. Also Possibility of
payment instruction by Customer freezed by the Country Political
/Financial/Other Authorities which leads to non collection.
Separate Register to be maintained for Inquiries received from customers
Ensure inquiries received should be comprehensive in all aspects along
with the drawings and specification of closures
Preliminary Analysis Should be done by Sales Head alongwith Technical
Head :-
1) Technical Feasibility
2) Timing ( Quote Preparation and Production deliveries)
3) Resources availability (both internal and external)
Risk Assessment of Product and Quotation Should be carried
1) Product Drawings and specifications should be reviewed by Technical
and Marketing personnel for technical feasibility
2) Product Deliveries Analysis should be carrried out by Sales & Marketing,
Production Planning and Material Procurement Team
3) Decision to be taken " Make or Buy" by Sales & Marketing, Technical
and Production Team
4) Financial Analysis, exchange risk and terms of payments under the
responsibility of Finance department
5) TAX Analysis under the responsibility of Finance department
Formulate General Sales Conditions for all sales through the company in
consultation legal consultant if required:-
Cost estimation should be done by Finance Head after having collected all
the relevant information from the departments involved into the
quotation process
If Quotation in currency other Indian Rupees then FOREX risk should be
taken for the best estimation
Quotation must be sent in writing on headed paper and must include the
following information
1. Reference number
2. Date
3. Reference to the Customer RFQ
4. Scope of supply and description of the main parameters
5.Delivery Schedule and timing
8.Terms of payments requested
9.General or specific terms and conditions
10. Name and signature of a manager duly delegated
Revision of Quotes - Same Process to be followed as above
Quotation should be approved by General Manager considering the
Product Margin
Negotiation should be carried out by person authorised by General
Order verification with the Quotation has to be sign by General Manager
and Sales Head
Any difference between Order and Quotation must be communicated
immediately to the Customer by the Sales Head
Order Should not accepted unless it confirms with the quotation
Once order is accepted, Copy of the order must be sent to the Sales Team
and to Finance head
Sales/Global Account manager must keep the original contract and all
documents relating to the order. The documentation has to keep the
complete file of the order for at least XXX years
As per reference, the file will contain:
1. Customer RFQ
2. Feasibility analysis
3. Risk assessment
4. Cost estimating
5. Contract and relevant annexes
6. Customer order
7. Other Papers like Negoitation, Margin Approval etc.,
Master creation/changes are accurately recorded
Customer Registeration Form Should be duly Filled in