Advisory for Indian nationals in Libya

In view of the current security situation in Libya, all Indian nationals are advised to move to
safer places and avoid all conflict zones. They are further advised to use all available means for
exiting Libya. All travel from India to Libya should be postponed till the situation improves.

2. As a result of ongoing heavy clashes between two armed militias in and around Tripoli
International Airport and other nearby areas of Tripoli airport since Sunday, July 13, 2014, the
airport has been closed until further notice. The Banina airport in Benghazi also remains closed.
Following the closure of Tripoli airport, the Libyan Ministry of Civil Aviation has announced resumption
of limited air operations from Mitiga airport in Tripoli and Misurata (200 KM from Tripoli) airport by Al-
Afriqiya and the Libyan airlines for local and only few international destinations. Similarly, the Labrak
airport (300 KM from Benghazi) is operational.

3. All Indians are, therefore, advised not to travel to Tripoli airport, and adjoining areas. They
should avoid the conflict zones in Tripoli and Benghazi and move to safer locations immediately.
They are advised to leave the country through the operational airports as well as the exit
checkpoints on Libyan-Tunisian (Ras Jedir/Benghardan) and Libyan-Egyptian (Emsaeed/Salloum)
borders. They are encouraged to move in groups. They are further advised to get in touch with the
Embassy to obtain a letter to facilitate their departure at the border checkpoints.

4. The area coordinators in each city/locality are requested to maintain a liaison with the
Embassy for regular updates and remain in touch with all the Indian nationals in their respective
areas and identity safe locations to accommodate them, if required (List attached). They are
requested to bring this to the notice of all Indian nationals in their areas.

5. The officers on control room duty:

Name/Designation/Contact details S.
Name/Designation/Contact details
1. Shri Mohd. Rashid Khan, Counsellor
Ph. +218-21-340 9288/89 (PABX)
Ph. +218-21-340 9286 (Direct)
Mob: +218-91-8144 008
3. Shri R.K. Dabla, Attaché
Ph. +218-21-340 9288/89 (PABX)
Mob: +218-91-9545 446
2. Shri Sandeep Sood, Second
Ph. +218-21-340 9288/89 (PABX)
Ph: +218-21-340 9287 (Direct)
4. Shri Jeevan Kumar,
Ph. +218-21-340 9288/89 (PABX)
Mob: +218-91-8805 233

Embassy of India, Tripoli
July 28, 2014