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Police Arrest Lyons Man for Inappropriate Behavior with Juveniles
Suspect’s bizarre behavior leads to police encounter and foot pursuit
On Saturday, July 26, 2014 at 7:14 p.m., the Riverside Police Department received report of a suspicious subject in the area
of Quincy and Cowley. The original report said that a male subject had been staring at a 17-year-old female juvenile as she
sat in her front yard. The girl’s father confronted the subject before police arrived, asked him what he was doing, and the
suspect mumbled something. Then he continued to walk north on South Cowley. The victim’s father gave the police the
subject’s description and officers searched the area for him.
While searching the area for the suspect, police received a second call from a Riverside resident on the 100 block of E.
Quincy who stated that a male subject, fitting the same description as reported in the Quincy and Cowley incident, walked
up the driveway and walked directly towards her 6-year-old daughter. The daughter was sitting in the car by herself while
her mother was going between the house and the car. The suspect looked at the mother and stated, “Is this your child and
are you the mother?” The victim replied, “Yes,” and the suspect screamed at the mother and stated, “This is not your child.”
His bizarre behavior also prompted a call to the Riverside 911 Center reporting a suspicious subject.
Officers located the subject at Cowley and Addison. When they asked him to stop and produce identification, he fled on foot
north from the scene. He ran east on Addison and was taken into custody. Riverside Police had to physically tackle the
suspect as he continued to fight with officers. Once in custody, he was identified by both victims as the subject that
approached them in strange manner acting irrational.
Once at the station, the individual was interviewed and stated that he was just looking for a girlfriend. He stated that he was
walking from Lyons to Riverside and his final destination was Oak Park where he would find a “nice girl.” He stated he
wanted to get to Oak Park because he went to college there and knew that Oak Park has “different types of girls there.”
While officers searched him in the station, they discovered that he had cannabis on him, a grinder used to grind cannabi s,
and a half empty bottle of J&B alcohol. The suspect did have a strong odor of alcohol on his breath when police tackled
him. Both instances where he confronted the 17-year-old juvenile and the 6-year-old juvenile the victims/parents were
fearful that the suspect was going to attack and physically harm the victims.
Riverside Police charged Brian C. Hahn, 34 of 4000 block of Anna Avenue in Lyons with two counts of disorderly
conduct, possession of cannabis, possession of drug paraphernalia, and resisting a peace officer.
The arresting officers and the suspect were not injured in the physical altercation.
31 Riverside Road, Riverside, IL 60546