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Evart Police Department Annual Report 2013

EPD Annual Report 1



Year in
Calls of
Chain of
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2 EPD Annual Report

I am pleased to present the Evart
Police Departments 2013 Annual Report.
The following data reflects our officers
abilities to be resourceful in developing
partnerships and prioritizing issues that
best serve the community. The Annual
Report allows the department an
opportunity to reflect on the progress and
accomplishments of the past fiscal year,
but more importantly, it serves as a tool
to highlight those areas within our agency
that call for change and continued
growth. I hope this report provides a level
of insight into the department and to
each officer that works for the City of

In our electronic age, the
department has set up a social media
presence that allows information to be
sent out to the community rapidly and in
real time. The departments Facebook
page, AppArrest application for smart
phones, and city web page, allows for
immediate connection and information
dissemination to occur. Feedback from
such outreach efforts has allowed the
department to allocate its resources to
its highest priorities and focus on
delivering services that reflect the
expectations of the community

Without a community
partnership, problems would go
unsolved and solutions may otherwise
never be developed. It is rewarding to
be able to interact regularly with our
citizens. Thank you for allowing the
department to serve this community.

Chief Kendra Backing

Chief Kendra Backing

4 EPD Annual Report

EPD Annual Report 5


13: Police are called to handle a
disturbance involving a female
and male subject involved in a
former domestic relationship.
The female half was taken into
custody for vandalizing personal
property that belonged to the
male half.

14-27: Police handle
four separate incidents
related to Domestic
Violence resulting in


13: Police are called to assist
the Osceola County Sheriffs
Department with a double fatal
crash that occurred on M-66.

25. Police are called to investigate a report of
Criminal Sexual Conduct. The Complainant is
interviewed and then later recants the
allegations upon further investigation. The
Complainant is charged for filing a false police

26: Police are called to a domestic
violence incident involving a mother
and a son. The son was arrested for
physical assault and found to be in
possession of Marijuana. This incident
resulted in the suspect being charged
as a habitual offender.

March April

20: A traffic stop is attempted on
a driver who flees on foot from
police. The Officer apprehends
the suspect who was found to be
Operating Under the Influence of
Alcohol. The Suspect resists
arrest and causes damages to
the patrol vehicle. This suspect is
charged with several offenses
resulting in a prison sentence.

8: Police are called to an early
morning assault complaint at
a residence. The caller
articulates the suspect is
under the influence of an
unknown substance, thought
to possibly be Bath Salts. The
suspect is taken into custody
and charged with Assault and
Battery, Violation of Probation
Conditions and found to be in
possession of several
prescription drugs.

6 EPD Annual Report EPD Annual Report 7

2: A BOL is given for a semi
driving reckless on US10. An
Officer locates the vehicle and
conducts a traffic stop. The
driver was taken into custody
for Operating Under the
influence of Drugs and the
passenger was charged for
possession of a Schedule II

6: Police are called to a
disturbance involving a male
and a female subject. Both
parties were arrested for
domestic assault on each

31: Police were called to
the scene of a Hit and
Run Accident where the
driver had fled on foot.
The suspect was
apprehended and
charged with OWI,
Leaving the Scene of an
Accident, No License, and
Violating Parole Terms

12: Officers are called to
a disturbance reference a
child custody issue. The
male half was taken into
custody for trespassing
and obstructing an Officer
in their duties.

1, 20, and 23: Three
separate OWI arrests are
made by Officers. Two of
the arrests resulted in
heightened charges due
to the high level of
alcohol the motorists
had in their system.
July August
7: Police received a tip that a
Parole Absconder was residing at
a residence on the south end of
the City. Officers responded to
the residence and took the
subject into custody without
incident. The suspects Parole
Officer was notified of the arrest
and the suspect was lodged at
the Osceola County Sheriffs

8 EPD Annual Report EPD Annual Report 9

15: Police investigate a stolen
automobile complaint.
Two subjects were
apprehended and charged
with several offences that
landed them both in prison as
habitual offenders.

Evarts Mayor Eric Schmidt
At Halloween in the Park

8: Police were called to a
report of a domestic assault
that led to Officers attempting
to arrest the male. The
suspect resisted arrest and a
struggle ensued with Officers.
The suspect was charged with
Domestic Assault and causing
injury to an Officer.

2: Police were called to the Evart
Elementary School reference a
report of vandalism. Several
windows had been shot out with
a firearm. A cash reward of
$1,000 dollars is offered by the
public in an effort to assist
police with solving this crime.

October November December

10: Police respond to a
local business for a
report of several
larcenies from
automobile complaints.
The suspects were later
identified and warrants
were issued for their

30: Police make an
arrest on a subject for
embezzlement after an
extensive investigation.
The suspect ultimately
confessed to police they
had been stealing from
their employer that
resulted in a loss of
several thousand dollars.

26: Police search for a suspect who forced his way into a
residence and assaulted another male subject. The suspect
fled on foot but was quickly identified and apprehended. The
victim was treated for his injuries at the hospital and the
suspect was charged with Aggravated Assault.

About Evart Police Department EPD Annual Report 11


The Mission of the Evart Police Department is to
enhance the quality of life within our community by
protecting the public, fighting against crime,
preserving the peace, and upholding the
Constitution. We hope to achieve this mission
through excellence and professionalism in the
delivery of responsive and efficient police services,
and by maintaining a proactive partnership with our

Service: Above and Beyond the Call
We will utilize our resources in an effective,
efficient manner to achieve a safe environment for
residents and visitors.

Community: Personal and Professional
We will commit to the community and work
together to achieve a safe and healthy quality of life.

Integrity: Begins at Home
We will prepare and equi p our members
through training, education, and both personal and
professional development, to be accountable to the
citizens they serve and to make sound, ethical
Interesting Facts

All EPD Officers hold a minimum
of a Bachelors degree.
All Full Time EPD Officers are
graduates from Ferris State
Chief Kendra Backing, Sergeant
John Beam, and Officer Michelle
Gebben were all recruits from the
same police academy class.
Chief Kendra Backing was hired as
the first female full time patrolman
in the history of the Evart Police
Department (2005).
Sergeant John Beam initiated the
departments first certified k9 unit
Officer Michelle Gebben developed
the departments first Community
Watch program.
Former Chief of Police Zackary
Szakacs brought National Night
Out to the community in 2006.

Respond to calls for service by citizens
of the City.
Resolve problems, concerns, and issues
of the citizens of the City as they relate
to matters of law enforcement and
quality of life.
Prevent crime and delinquency through
comprehensive police services.
Respond to requests for assistance by
County and State agencies.
Maintain public order and safety through
the arrest of violators of the law.
Maintain orderly traffic flow and resolve
traffic violations.
Educate the public in prevention and the
requirements of and conformance with
the law.
Maintain records and reports of all
activities of the agency.
Cooperate with other agencies in the
analysis of data to plan and coordinate
future crime prevention and public
safety activities.

EPD Annual Report 13

Chief of Police
Kendra Backing

Officer Michelle Gebben Officer Lorne Juday

Sergeant John Beam
K9 Yogi

Office Mishelle Gebben
EPD Annual Report 15 14 EPD Annual Report


Calls for service

Full Time Officers School Lock-Down Drills

4 6

Liquor Inspection
Total arrests

Animal Control Complaints

Assist Other Departments

DUI arrests

Fatal Force Incidences

Money Raised at EPD Benefit Dinner

Traffic Stops Larceny Complaints

574 50

Facebook followers

12 $3,000

Suspicious Person/Situation Complaints
COPS hiring grant to hire additional officers
National Night Out Attendance
Anonymous crime tips
Highest Attendance at Community Watch Meeting

16 EPD Annual Report Budget

Total EPD Budget: $365,907
Total Evart City Budget: $2,701,640
EPD makes up 15% of the Total Operating
EPD makes up 38% of the Total General
COPS Grant - Total Award $125,000
EPD Annual Report 19

CALLS FOR SERVICE 2013 Total Calls for Service

Common Call Types

2013 Total Calls for Service:
2012 Total Calls for Service:

Calls for Service 2012 2013
911 Hang up 10 12
Accident 52 48
Alarm 22 15
Assault 47 45
Burglary 19 21
Child Abuse/Neglect 6 5
Disturbance 55 54
Destruction of Private Property 23 26
Fight 15 18
Intoxicated Driver 1 12
Motorist Assist 6 8
Area Checks 59 52
Check Well Being 18 21
Civil Complaints 42 35
Lost/Found Property 39 20
Robbery 0 0
Runaway 2 3
Fraud 12 11
Suicide 7 7
Suspicious Activity 56 63
Stolen Vehicle 2 3
Theft 56 50
Weapons 2 2

RCPD Annual Report 21


9 2013

Felony Arrest 11

Misdemeanor 102


Total arrests 2012:
Total arrests 2013:
22 EPD Annual Report

January Major case; There was a burglary at the business, Schmidtys, that resulted in substantial monetary and
property loss t. Forced entry was made through the front door and to date, the case remains unsolved.
February Neighborhood watch carnival held at the Evart High School, officers worked with students to plan this event
which resulted in a huge turnout thanks to the numerous donations. The total profit was $1,000 and all
proceeds were given to the school.
March Officers assisted in planning for the annual Easter Egg Drop help at the Evart airport. Officers were in charge of
traffic and crowd control.
April Officers participated in the National Prescription Take Back initiative headed by the 416 recovery group. Officers
collected over a few hundred pounds of unused prescription medication that was turned over to the Federal
Drug Enforcement Agency for proper disposal.
May Evart Community Watch meeting took place at the Evart Fire Hall where Officer Gebben presented Information on
marijuana and the drug known as K2.
June Evart Community Watch meeting was held at the Fire Hall and Officer Gebben presented information on bath salts.
July Officers assisted in various Fourth of July events, which included fireworks, parade, and 5K race. Officer Gebben
conducted a methamphetamine presentation at the Community Watch meeting held at the Evart Fire
August Officers hosted the 8
National Night Out held at Riverside Park.
September Kim Livingston, Director of 416, was a guest speaker at the Community Watch meeting and presented
information on prescription drug abuse.
October Officer Gebben coordinated the first Evart Police Department benefit dinner held at the Evart Moose Lodge.
Officers assisted at the Halloween in the park event that took place at Riverside East Park.
November- Officers disseminated safety tip information for hunters on the Departments Facebook page. Officers assisted
in a food drive collection effort that benefited deserving families in Osceola County.
December Officers assisted with the event Christmas in a Small Town held at the City Depot and Crossroads Community

EPD Annual Report 24 EPD Annual Report 25


Traffic Accidents

Traffic Violation Citations & Charges
Total Traffic tickets issued in 2013

Top Contributing Factors
In Evart City-Area Traffic Stops
Total Charges in 2013
Hit and Run 8
Property Damage 32
Private Property 8

Traffic citations 188
Traffic charges 254
Total 442

Exceeded Posted Speed Limit 86
Seatbelt 36
Equipment Violations 29
Insurance/Registration Violations 59
License Violations 11
Failed to Yield /Stop 9
Appetence 25
OWI 12
Parking Tickets 25
Other 38

26 EPD Annual Report

Officers Killed in the Line of Duty

#1 Cause of Officer Deaths
Traffic Related 46
Firearms 33
Other Health Related Incidents 32

Total Number of Officers Killed
(Federal, State, Local, Tribal, Territorial)
Officers Killed in 2013 111
Officers Killed in 2012


State of Michigan Line of Duty
Officer Deaths from 1900-2013

"Somebody killed a policeman today,
And a part of America died.
A piece of our country he swore to protect
Will be buried with him at his side.
The suspect who shot him will stand up in court,
With counsel demanding his rights,
While a young widowed mother must work for her kids
And spend alone many long nights.
The beat that he walked was a battlefield, too,
Just as if he'd gone off to war.

Though the flag of our nation won't fly at half mast,
To his name they will add a gold star.
Yes, somebody killed a policeman today,
It happened in your town or mine.
While we slept in comfort behind our locked doors,
A cop put his life on the line.
Now, his ghost walks a beat on a dark city street,
And he stands at each new rookie's side.
He answered the call and gave us his all,
And a part of America died."

Traffic Related 142
Firearms 335
Other Health Related Incidents 28
Other Related Incidents 53

K9 Line of Duty Deaths 2
Total number of Michigan Deaths 569

Trooper Paul Butterfield
EPD Annual Report 29


Evart P.D. officers are responsible for the enforcement of the
junk and blight ordinances in the City of Evart. Ordinance
enforcement helps to control undesirable conditions within
neighborhoods and promotes a positive community image and a
sense of community pride. Blight violations include the storage of
junk automobiles; accumulation of trash or rubbish; structures
that, due to damage, cannot be used as intended; and unsecured
vacant buildings. Notices are also sent to property owners with
regards to the Weed and Grass Ordinance. Per the City
Ordinance, the blight process requires that a property owner
found to be in violation will receive a written notice; they have ten
(10) Days to address the issue and bring their property into
compliance. Fines for non-compliance are issued as directed in
the ordinance.

In 2013, sixty-three (63) notices were issued to property owners
for non-compliance. Property owners are generally cooperative
when receiving a notice, and many violations are resolved
through voluntary compliance. Only on occasion is it necessary
for the City Attorney to provide additional enforcement measures;
this tends to be the case when a building or property presents a
serious danger to the community, and/or if the property owner
refuses to comply with City Ordinances.

BLIGHT Violations 2012
BLIGHT Violations 2013