Little Yellow Wang-lo


M. C. Bell


6 ducks—ducks a river near hundreds was that said wasaatown. that said quork, and him Pa). that lived with His moored time there quack,little boy ducks, brown ducks, big ducks, little queek. his father in had was name of inFo-Pa (little Yellow Wang-lo always Yellow Wang-lo. was a duck merchant middle-sized Once upon aducks—white ducks, black called Little called ducklingsHeHesaid baby ducks, andand a boat which drakes

10 to go Yellow look to he Wang-lo had to when they had eaten morning to call the ducks was round have river to and thenlittle fishes, frogs and other very early onlytheir breakfasts they all swam away down houseboat, Littlefor bed.used to feed them;get up things, andevery came back at night when itclose time tothethe supper and

Little Yellow Wang-lo


Little Yellow Wang-lo


and hot day Fo-Pa, be roasted very fat little Sunday clothes, to who was for and row man, and sell the ducks Wang-lo and then he to put buy a Onebring it backtake the littleaboatdinner. to landcalled little Yellow in the market;told himwas to on his pig

18 He prospect Wang-loâ—s boat, Yellow all his pork for in shone he excitement at the soon soldof roast to ducks dinner. Sowithof the market. best coat, going on land, and jumping into the Little rowed quickly fat land.eyes one corner hurried into histhe idea of hat and shoes, and, his mouth watered at



Little Yellow Wang-lo

its then he started another corner white pigs, red pigs, and spotted where the pigs little black pig that had white several tied a string pigs, So legs andwent to off for home. pigs—he chose awere sold, and after looking at feet; he pigs—black to one of

26 river out into beat him the little Wang-lothe country. and own, and would not go the way right through the town, away the the Yellow Wang-lo got will morebeat the pig, and the faster he to pull Yellow at the string, and So little But the little pig had a stickof his he squealed and the pig beganranlittle and pullWang-lo wanted.frommore


â—Let up quickly, he not used to Gettingme in, boy wassaw the little stone, and he little very tired heard little Yellow Wang-lo let me over running,the stringabroke,gate, and heand hot; say: The poor little mother; trippedin.â—apig knocking atsoon got and down he fell. it but on piggie ran, and at last

34 mustthe little pig â—Whoâ—s there?â— But a voice said: answered: â—Itâ—sknow it is little come home again.â— Andthe motherif youâ—How amfeet.â— Wee-wee Wee-wee? I will open the gate a little crack, and you show me said: have white I to little



Little Yellow Wang-lo


white for his When little pig opened the very very little mother pig and seven for he did white, to feet she without the pigmother fatherâ—s dinner. in; andhe gotYellow Wang-lo,gate big close behind, slipped she saw Wee-weeâ—s white and black and So thepiglets.inside he found a whoawas fat old way, and whenin also, little black,not darered go home let him

42 and were playing and shoes into the to foot, theytrodden his hat all over from head mud. and they and little Yellow Wang-lo Sunday the all to until Theywere splashed at Catch-who-can, so little Wee-weehad torn little Wang-loâ—s joined incoat game rags


mother was Wang-lo all the to slip out snores, pig he knew the up the go a so so he only pretended to found and dismay the little Yellow bed-time wantedlittle pigs went intohome, he crept to the door, in the asleep. Soon he sleep, but When itand quite blockedmother pig mustandasleep,little house which stood but be yardto hiswent toheard loud



Little Yellow Wang-lo

50 knocked off a tile and escape, so he crawled up little hole on to the door He was determined to squeezed out through the her back and up the roof. post, and reaching the roof he


Yellow Wang-lo in its claws it down an enormous eagle and flew swooped As he sat wondering how to getrose up, up, up into the air suddenly away. down, and catching up little



Little Yellow Wang-lo

58 Wang-lo eagle was flying high up While thefall down, down, down. in the air across the river on his way home he suddenly let little Yellow

62 beat he fell old him who was was and shoes, the returning and told tremendous itvery daylight home. go back money, fatherâ—s little little black he had When cross withFo-Pa, directly â—Splashâ—! he no and very near his he bring thick stick and Wang-lo no clothes, nor shoes, nor hat he quickly swamintomustriver justtired of and took aback theYellow began to And him, withoutahis Sunday coat, hathungry by nowpig and no to land waiting, sawhouseboat, and as pig.



Little Yellow Wang-lo

66 insisted, next Then voice. the gate, and Yellow and asked to be let but the mother pig the little black Pig. angry theand this time little knocked roared He soon foundmorning the little pigs to come started off to but the home of shouted â—NO.â— a last Early he begged one ofthe mother pigWang-lo out to him; in;find the mother pig said â—No,â— inAt veryhe



So little Wang-lo was not afraid, a lot not take and made would take it fire. a pig home to his father, gatheredcould of he would just burn down theirready roasted. Butlittle Yellow Wang-loand if he and said sticks it alive he a hot cracklinghouse, for he had promised to take



Little Yellow Wang-lo

74 out the fire, as they were all the little piglets saw the smoke tell him some very good to little When the mother pig andvery sorry and would come out andand flames they cried out news. Wang-lo to put

him where lot of golden they all fell on their Seeing howaangry he was, money was buried. knees and said if he would spare their lives they would show



Little Yellow Wang-lo


soon led the way heap of shining golden coins. They uncovered a to a field close by, and the seven little pigs began to grub in the ground under a tree, and

82 to buy a mother and, pig â—Take pockets dinner. quickly nice little fat thanking the off your shirt, bag, as and tie up the sleeves and make bag on the way wise little Yellow Wang-lo had fatherâ—s and nohomeso fast could he carry away at the marketof it.â— He Now olddid this, pig said: for hisnopigs, he ran offlittle boy,how as he could, stoppingsome ofathe money? The



Little Yellow Wang-lo


completely have, he a lot and 90 little Yellow Wang-lo made, to the was boy. on a he took last and got Fo-Pa saw like more to theso that and when sackgoing would he tripped gold,he that for filled his sackhad Wang-lo littlefast lift the top old man, thought crept quietly away of moneylandgot once helittle quite full and back, and asleep good of him he wasitand hisfilled whatwas so so fellneverthe deep holewas Yellowbrought the hardlywhatit. Whendinner he Whenonhe toback up the hole, pleasedinto nightout again.he hadso kindhe couldsack fell But, greedyata large he


some Yellow Wang-lo pigs more smart and as the lived on been houseboat, but as he had plenty of money he never killed or sold any Little ducks,new clothes. had in thesuch good friends to him he never ate Roast Pork again, but he bought



Little Yellow Wang-lo

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