Anzalone Liszt Grove Research conducted n=400 live cellphone and landline telephone interviews with likely November

2014 voters
from July 20-22, 2014. Respondents were selected at random, with interviews apportioned geographically based on past turnout. The
expected margin of sampling error is +4.9% at the 95% confidence level for likely voters and higher for subgroups.

July 24, 2014

To: Interested Parties
Fr: Brian Stryker
Re: KS-2 polling results

Public polling shows Sam Brownback trailing Paul Davis for Governor, and problems for Kansas
Republicans don’t end there. Margie Wakefield is within striking distance of Lynn Jenkins.
Margie now trails by only seven points today (42% Wakefield / 49% Jenkins) due to Jenkins’
weak personal popularity rating and job rating. Wakefield ties the race after brief information
about both candidates (48% Wakefield / 48% Jenkins), showing further strength for Wakefield.

Key Findings:

• Margie Wakefield has narrowed Jenkins’ lead to single digits. While Wakefield
trailed by 10 points in our poll last October (39% Wakefield / 49% Jenkins), she now
trails by 7 points (42% Wakefield / 49% Jenkins).

o Wakefield has taken a lead in the crucial Kansas City media market. Wakefield
has grown her vote by 14 points in the crucial Kansas City TV market—her home
base. While Jenkins led here by six last October (39% Wakefield / 45% Jenkins),
Wakefield now holds a seven-point lead (49% Wakefield / 42% Jenkins).

o Wakefield leads among voters not registered with either party. Wakefield holds a
nine-point lead among registered Independents (50% Wakefield / 41% Jenkins)

• Jenkins’ weak job rating spells trouble for her going forward. Just as many voters
rate Jenkins’ job performance negatively as positively (44% positive / 44% negative).
Most Independents give her a negative job rating (41% positive / 53% negative).

• Brownback continues to be drag on the ticket. A majority of voters are personally
unfavorable towards Sam Brownback (41% favorable / 53% unfavorable), while a
plurality are favorable towards Paul Davis (35% favorable / 7% unfavorable)

• When voters hear more about Wakefield and Jenkins, the race is dead even. It’s no
surprise that Jenkins is better known than Wakefield—82% of voters know who Jenkins
is, compared with only 19% that know Wakefield. This spells trouble for Jenkins, as
there are many voters open to Wakefield who say they will vote for her once they hear a
little about her. As we play the race out by reading voters the following information,
Wakefield pulls into a tie (48% Wakefield / 48% Jenkins):

Margie Wakefield is a family law attorney that's built a successful career on bringing people together, and that's
what we need in Congress. Wakefield believes Congress is broken, and that Lynn Jenkins and the reckless
leaders in Washington have hurt our economy. She'll work to make sure we have an economy that works for
working families, and she will stop Washington from taking more from students, farmers, and working families.

Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins, CPA, is the former Kansas State Treasurer. In Congress, Jenkins is dedicated to
fiscal responsibility, limited government, and being an effective leader for Kansans. She's fought to repeal
Obamacare and protect Medicare and Social Security. In Congress, she will keep working to reduce taxes and
regulations on businesses so they can create jobs and get the economy moving.

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