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1/22/2014 Sheep Spirit Animal | Meaning 1/4
Sheep spirit animals remind us of times of innocence
and vulnerability.
Sheep Spirit Animal
The presence of the sheep spirit animal offers ways to get in touch with the innocence and
vulnerability in you. In the realm of spirit animals whether its in dreams or in physical reality, when
you encounter a sheep , it usually represents an innocent, child-like aspect of yourself. Sheep
spirit animals could also symbolize a tendency or desire to conform to social norms.
The symbolism of the sheep generally means:
Sheep spirit animals represent an
innocent aspect of yourself; your
childhood, child-like qualities
characterized by innocence, gentleness
Vulnerability with a negative meaning,
weakness, vulnerability that could turn
into powerlessness
Vulnerability with a positive meaning:
Self-acceptance, ability to respect your
own limits
A common meaning for the sheep totem
is a part of yourself that tends to
conform to social norms or family values.
The sheep can symbolize a vulnerable part of you that is associated with positive or negative
meanings depending on the overall feeling at the time of the encounter with your spirit animal.
The sheep spirit animal has strong bonds to innocence. The presence of this power animal may
express a longing to have more innocent, child-like qualities in our life. It could also call on
memories of situations or events where we felt innocent, when we or life had qualities of
gentleness, and inspire you to bring more of these qualities in your present life.
When your spirit animal shows up in the shape of a sheep, it may point out feelings of vulnerability
youre experiencing in your waking life. If the tone of the encounter is tinted with despair or fear,
especially if its in a dream, the presence of the sheep suggests that youre overwhelmed by
feeling vulnerable and powerless facing a difficult situation.
Theres also a positive side of the presence of this power animal that sheds a brighter light on
what vulnerability means. The presence of the sheep could mean that you are getting in touch with
What is the meaning of the sheep spirit animal?
Sheep spirit animals as expression of innocence
The sheep spirit animal, symbol of vulnerability
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1/22/2014 Sheep Spirit Animal | Meaning 2/4
a softer part of yourself, vulnerable in a positive way as open, available to feeling in a gentle,
innocent manner.
When the sheep shows up in your life, it can symbolize a desire to conform, to belong to a group
or an environment. Having a sheep as a totem could be an expression of a part of you that desires
to be like everyone else in order to better fit in, to belong and be part of the crowd.
An alternative perspective sees the sheep as a representation of a part of you that does not want
to follow the same path or doctrines as the others. Being part of the crowd may feel comforting at
first, but you may not be so happy about feeling like youre being herded and have limited
choices because youre lost in the middle of the herd.
Sheep spirit animals could be an expression of our vulnerability in positive way. They would
represent vulnerability in the sense of compassionate acceptance of ones limitations or pain.
This spirit animal points to being more tolerant with yourself, to look at emotional suffering you may
experience in your current life with compassion and take care of yourself instead of blaming
yourself or others for how bad you feel.
The spirit of the sheep could be calling you to work towards a state of self acceptance of your
limits or weaknesses or the ones of others. Theres a lot of possibility for healing in the presence
of this animal spirit guide.
A dream about your sheep could refer to your commitment to take care of yourself, of your needs
in a gentle way. The dream could also relate to your commitment to your spiritual development.
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13 Responses to Sheep Spirit Animal
Sheep spirit animals and desire for conformity
Healing potential of sheep spirit animals
Dream interpretation: Sheep in dreams
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spirit animal!
January 13, 2014 Matt99
Had a dream about lots of dead sheep on a mound as I was flying past I had a
closer look to see what was wrong and some were still alive but eating bits of flesh
from the others, I started to lead one away and he came with me then ran off which
was good because he was not eating with the others. All before this I was being
chased by the police and got away with someone flying on a giant paper plate. Any
interpretation much apresheated.
1/22/2014 Sheep Spirit Animal | Meaning 3/4
January 12, 2014 grace
i own 4 sheep and am in a 4H sheep club
December 29, 2013 Noel
I was meditating and a lamb came into view; I felt a lot of gentleness. The face
looked so much like the picture on this web page!! My animal spirit guide book
didnt have lamb or sheep for some reason.
December 3, 2013 Suzy
I walk the Red Road, but as a former follower of Jesus, I find his comparison of
humans as sheep profound. Childlike conforming to lessons from the shepard. So
much is woven together, aho Metakeuye oyasin
December 1, 2013 A R
Hey,i just had a dream where a sheep appeared out of no where,for some reason it
made me feel slightly afraid at first. But the sheep kept following me,after some
time,i wasnt so afraid anymore. and thats all i remember
November 6, 2013 Rachel
Well I havent had any sheep dreams recently but my name means ewe which is a
female sheep, I caught a shiny Mareep in my pokemon game on my birthday which
is a sheep pokemon, and recently I found one of my old sheep dolls and curently
have it in my bedroom.
October 11, 2013 Noelene
I had my dream last night about 9 lambs I was caring for and they were so cute each
one was special with their own personalities. All vulnerable, playful not knowing
whats going to happen and that is me.
September 24, 2013 Judy
I had a dream about my past life and I had sheep which is iroinic because I had
sheep in my currant life and want to get sheep again. so cool
June 13, 2013 Alice
YES! this is so definitely me! innocence, check. vulnerability, double check (i have a
history of extreme bullying and discrimination). Dreams of taking care of myself,
check (though i always fail in my dreams). and of course my love of sheep!
1/22/2014 Sheep Spirit Animal | Meaning 4/4
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July 20, 2013 rachael
My name led me here, I looked up my name meaning it was ewe
I thought? Ewww? lol..
means sheep
most the time Im a baaad girl though
haha, not really Im very child-like, and vulnerable to bad situations
Im probably the most rebellious sheep though :/
October 14, 2013 olivia sidhu
They are very cute what is a sheep mean very cute sheep.
May 13, 2013 timothy
omg this is me! for ages i was struggling with who i was and now i have found my
animal totem to be a sheep! i have definately found my place in life
March 10, 2013 Manda
This is the cutest one lol! I kinda feel like this could be me other then I dont
conform. But I am very childlike and sensitive
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