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Operations Manual

Revised July 14, 2014

We arent related to the real American Airlines in any way. For the
real American, please visit





Table of Contents

2. STAFF 5
2. 1 Admi ni strati ve Offi ci al s 5
2. 2 Staff Requi rements 6
3. PI LOTS 7
3. 1 I ntroducti on 7
3. 2 Pi l ot Ranki ngs 8
3. 3 Pi l ot Rul es and Regul ati ons 8
3. 4 Leaves of Absence and Resi gnati ons 11
4. 1 Legal Di scl ai mer 12
4. 2 Pi racy and I l l egal Acti ons 12
4. 3 Corporate Partnershi ps 13


1. Foreword

Dear pilots,

American Airlines Virtual was founded in June 2014 to promote a new
vision, the future of the virtual airline. We wanted to make virtual
airline flying a relaxing and enjoyable experience, while giving each
pilot an identity, not just a callsign.

With our advanced vAmeriCARS flight tracking system, our Dialogue
pilot center, and one of the most active administrations in the virtual
airline community, we are building ourselves to become the premier
American Airlines Virtual in the VA community.

Our only request of you is to behave appropriately on the Internet
and on our Teamspeak channels or social media pages, and just to
have fun.

Please read the entire operations manual to ensure that you have the
best experience with American Airlines Virtual and that you stay
within our guidelines and rules.

Thank you for choosing American Airlines Virtual and happy flying!

AAL0001 Ben Benjadol
Chief Executive Officer
American Airlines Virtual


2. Staff


Our administration's structure is outlined in the following roles and
duties. Please note that these ranks are not necessarily listed in order
of influence in the organization.

Executive board members are marked with asterisks.

2.1.1 CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER* - The head of the organization,
the Chief Executive Officer is responsible for overseeing all members
of the executive board, and making primary decisions for the airline.

2.1.2 VICE EXECUTIVE OFFICER* - The Vice Executive Officer is
the Chief Executive Officer's assistant, and helps the Chief Executive
Officer perform his duties and execute control over the other
executive board members.

2.1.3 CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER* - The Chief Operating Officer
oversees the daily operations of the airline, including live flights and
bookings. The COO also edits the Operations Manual and provides
general training instructions for flying aircraft.

2.1.4 VP OF PUBLIC RELATIONS* - The VP of Public Relations is
responsible for maintaining American Airlines Virtual's positive
relationship with the VA community, and also manages American
Airlines Virtual's various social media accounts.

2.1.5 VP OF SCHEDULES AND FLEET* - As the name suggests,
the VP of Schedules and Fleet is responsible for keeping the
schedules of American Airlines Virtual up to date and on par with the

real American Airlines, and is also responsible for making sure our
fleet is realistic and follows that used by the real American.

2.1.6 VP OF WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT* - The VP of Website
Development is responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of the
site, and fixes any inconsistencies or issues with the website to the
best of his or her ability.

five hub managers are responsible for their designated airports,
keeping their hubs active, and encouraging pilots to join American
Airlines Virtual at their hub.


The usual requirements for all pilots also apply to staff, unless
specifically superseded by the staff requirements.

2.2.1 All staff members must fly at least two flights each month,
unless a valid excuse is presented to the Executive Board in the form
of a Leave of Absence.

2.2.2 Being a staff member is a privilege, not a right. Abuse of
privileges as an administrative staff member of American Airlines
Virtual will result in immediate termination.

2.2.3 Staff at American Airlines Virtual may not be staff at another
virtual airline, unless he or she owns that virtual airline. The
aforementioned virtual airline cannot simulate the operations of
American Airlines.


2.2.4 Staff members, like any pilot, must be polite and respectful
towards all other members of the VA community while performing
his or her official duties.

2.2.5 Staff members may fly for any other virtual airline, except for
those simulating the operations of American Airlines. However, the
requirements outlined in 2.2.1 must be followed for this privilege to
be granted.

3. Pilots


From all of us at American Airlines Virtual, we sincerely thank you for
joining American Airlines Virtual as one of our dedicated pilots. Our
pilots are what keep our airline running, and are the beating heart of
our organization.

We're here to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. To
help make that promise come true, please follow all the guidelines
and rules outlined. Thank you!



Category Rank Name Hours Aircraft
CAT I Regional Pilot 0 - 25 All Envoy
aircraft, B737,
CAT I I Continental Pilot 25 - 75 B757, A319,
CAT I I I International Pilot 75 - 125 B767, B787
CAT I V Senior Pilot 125 - 200 B777
CAT V Gold Pilot 200 - 450 All historic
CAT VI Platinum Pilot 450+ Charter flights


3.3.1 Pilots must treat all members of the VA community, including
their fellow pilots, with respect at all times and on all methods of
communication. Although there is no fine line between courtesy and
behavior otherwise, pilots may be suspended for periods of time that
are deemed appropriate by the Executive Board.

3.3.2 Pilots may not actively fly for any other American Airlines
Virtual. Failure to follow this rule will result in termination.


3.3.3 If a pilot is terminated from American Airlines Virtual, they may
not rejoin American Airlines Virtual for 31 days following the ban.
Exceptions to this rule are found in section

3.3.4 Disorderly conduct on any medium of contact related to our
virtual airline (e.g. our Facebook, forums, TeamSpeak, website) is
punishable by the following:

! First offense results in a warning sent by email from the
offending pilot's hub manager.
! Second offense results in a seven-day suspension from
the virtual airline plus a second verbal warning.
! Third offense will result in termination of your American
Airlines Virtual membership and ban for a month from the
virtual airline.
! After an individual's second ban from American Airlines
Virtual, he/she is permanently banned from the organization.
! If a pilot would like to protest his/her punishment, he or
she may contact their hub manager or any member of the
Executive Board. However, contact does not guarantee a
revocation of the issued ban.

3.3.5 A PIREP with a landing rate of more than -800 fpm will not be

3.3.6 Changes of hub may be requested in the form of an email to
your hub manager. Hub changes may not be requested within 20
days of launching, or within 40 days of a previous transfer request.

3.3.7 Seventy-five (75) percent of transfer hours are accepted with a
link of proof to your previous virtual airline of employment, to a limit
of 80 hours.


! The virtual airline linked to may not be owned by said
! The pilot may not be a staff member or executive of
said airline.

3.3.8 Pilots are required to make their first flight within thirty (30)
days of registration acceptance. Failure to do so may result in

3.3.9 Pilots are required to file at least two PIREPs per calendar

3.3.10 The following are required to be a pilot for American Airlines
Virtual. Please read carefully before you apply.

! To comply with COPPA regulations required by
United States federal law, you must be at the age of 13 or
older at the time of application.
! You must not have been banned from American
Airlines Virtual more than once.
! You recognize that American Airlines Virtual has the
right to terminate your employment at any time for violations
of this operations manual.
! You possess a valid and legal copy of Microsoft Flight
Simulator X, X-Plane, and/or FlightGear and realize that illegal
or pirated copies can result in termination and/or reporting to
law enforcement.
! You agree to follow and abide by our policies outlined
in this Operations Manual throughout the length of your
! VATSIM policy is also enforced. See the VATSIM Code
of Conduct for more information.



3.4.1 Leaves of absence can be requested by filling in the Leave of
Absence form on American Airlines Virtual's website.

3.4.2 Pilots may not file a Leave of Absence (LOA) within fourteen
(14) days of registration acceptance. However, exceptions are
granted by pilots' hub managers in extreme circumstances.

3.4.3 Leaves of Absence cannot exceed 60 days. If a pilot requires a
Leave of Absence longer than 60 days, a new Leave of Absence
must be filed with your hub manager. Exceptions to this rule are only
granted in extreme circumstances.

3.4.4 The following are examples of acceptable circumstances for a
Leave of Absence. Remember, these are guidelines, not set in stone.

! A vacation whose duration makes flying two flights for one
calendar month impossible or difficult
! Extended hospital visits
! Extended workday
! Lack of internet for a certain period of time

3.4.5 A resignation is defined as the voluntary release of
membership of American Airlines Virtual. A resignation may be
submitted to your hub manager. Resignations are effective
immediately after the hub manager receives your request.

! Even if you are resigned, your account and statistics will
still be kept. To reverse a resignation, please contact the Vice
Executive Officer.


4. Legal Information


4.1.1 American Airlines Virtual is not related in any way to the real
American Airlines. Opinions, viewpoints, and judgments are made
entirely of our own accord.

4.1.2 Our chief goal is to represent the real American Airlines with
honor and dignity.


4.2.1 Piracy is not tolerated. Any employee of American Airlines
Virtual found to be in possession of illegally obtained flight
simulation software will be terminated immediately. We reserve the
right to report members to law enforcement if the offense is deemed
to be serious.

4.2.2 Hacking of American Airlines Virtual's website or other VAs'
websites is not tolerated. Any member who is found to have hacked
a VA's website during his tenure at American Airlines Virtual will be
immediately banned permanently from the group. We reserve the
right to report members to law enforcement if the hacking is
deemed to be serious.

4.2.3 In addition to the terms listed above, other illegal activities are
not tolerated. "Illegal activities" are not limited to those listed



4.3.1 To enhance the flight simulation experience for our pilots,
American Airlines Virtual has partnered with many other flight
simulation organizations and VAs. However, American Airlines Virtual
cannot be held responsible for the actions, thoughts, and opinions of
our partner organizations.


5. Closing Notes

From all of us at American Airlines Virtual, we once again thank you
for choosing us as your flight simulation organization. It means a lot
to us and we hope that your experience is the most enjoyable.

These rules are not created to create a strict environment, but rather
to create a stable, enjoyable experience for all in our community.

Again, our only request of you is to follow this rules to ensure the
smooth running of our virtual airline and our success in the