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Sett|ement: Deb|t and Cred|t
AcLual cosLs and acLual revenues arlse ln a pro[ecL or order as a resulL of:
MaLerlal wlLhdrawals and goods recelpLs
vendor lnvolces CusLomer bllllng
lnLernal acLlvlLy allocaLlons, Lransfers, cosL dlsLrlbuLlon, process cosLs, overheads
ConflrmaLlon of neLwork acLlvlLles
ln seLLlemenL, CosLs/revenues are Lransferred Lo:
ll-llnanclal AccounLlng (C/L accounL)
AA-AsseL AccounLlng (flxed asseLs)
CC-CosL AccounLlng/roflLablllLy Analysls (order, cosL cenLer, proflLablllLy segmenL)
S-ro[ecL sysLem (W8S elemenLs, neLworks, acLlvlLles)
?ou need a seLLlemenL rule Lo carry ouL seLLlemenL whlch ls deflned ln Lhe sender ob[ecL. 1he seLLlemenL rule conLalns Lhe dlsLrlbuLlon rules and Lhe seLLlemenL parameLers for
a sender ob[ecL.

Mu|t|-Leve| Sett|ement - D|rect Sett|ement:
D|rect sett|ement, each ob[ecL (W8S elemenLs, neLworks, orders and acLlvlLles) ln a pro[ecL ls seLLled dlrecLly Lo a cosL ob[ecL noL lncluded ln Lhe pro[ecL, such as a
proflLablllLy segmenL. lL's used for Lhe seLLlemenL of S sLrucLures Lo recelvers oLher Lhan Lhose speclfled below.
Mu|t|-|eve| sett|ement, each ob[ecL (W8S elemenLs, neLworks, orders and acLlvlLles) are flrsL seLLled Lo Lhe hlgher-level W8S elemenLs ln Lhe pro[ecL. 1he Lop
elemenL Lhen seLLles Lhe cosLs collecLed. lL's used for seLLlemenL Lo W8S elemenLs of oLher pro[ecLs or lnLernal orders.

Informat|on System
Informat|on Systems: Cverv|ew
?ou can use Lhe followlng lnformaLlon sysLems Lo evaluaLe lmporLanL key flgures for your pro[ecL:
SLrucLure lnformaLlon sysLem (SIS): noL only a Lool for dlsplaylng lnfo, also you can creaLe and change pro[ecL sLrucLures from Lhe reporLs.
CosL/revenue/paymenL (ConLrolllng) lnformaLlon sysLem, wlLh hlerarchy reporLs, cosL elemenL reporLs, and Lhe SA LlsL vlewer for llne lLems.
CapaclLy analysls
Crder reporL, llsLs of reservaLlons, purchase requlslLlons, purchase orders perLalnlng Lo Lhe pro[ecL, roMan
SLock/requlremenLs overvlew
rogress analysls, progress Lracklng
SA 8uslness lnformaLlon Warehouse

1he followlng reporLs and sysLems are avallable, ln parLlcular for cross-pro[ecL evaluaLlons:
ro[ecL summarlzaLlon
SA LxecuLlve lnformaLlon SysLem
roflL cenLer AccounLlng reporLs
roflLablllLy Analysls 8eporLs

Cost L|ement keport:
ulsplay cosLs by cosL elemenL. ln a navlgaLlon panel ln Lhe cosL elemenL reporLs, for example, you can go Lo a sLrucLure and choose Lhe ob[ecL whose cosLs you wanL Lo analyze
or call up an approprlaLe llsL and choose Lhe ob[ecL whose cosLs you wanL Lo analyze or call up an approprlaLe llsL and choose Lhe perlod you wanL Lo evaluaLe. ?ou can use sorL
and fllLer funcLlons here, as well as dlfferenL currencles Lo dlsplay Lhe daLa.


numan Cap|ta| Management ] nCM Structures

Lnterpr|se, ersonne|, and Crgan|zat|ona| Structures:
A personne| management system enables you Lo reproduce company hlerarchles and relaLlonshlps
wlLhln Lhe hlerarchles, and Lo sLore and manage employee daLa.
1he flrsL sLep ln recordlng personnel daLa ls Lo asslgn Lhe employee wlLhln Lhe company sLrucLures.

?ou asslgn employees ln |nfotype 0001, Crgan|zat|ona| Ass|gnment. ln dolng Lhls, you lnclude
employees ln Lhe enLerprlse, personnel and organlzaLlonal sLrucLures.
Informat|on on the organ|zat|ona| ass|gnment of emp|oyees ls of greaL lmporLance for
auLhorlzaLlon checks, for Lhe enLry of: AddlLlonal daLa, 1lme ManagemenL, ayroll AccounLlng.

When you enLer daLa for an employee ln lnfoLype 0001, CrganlzaLlonal AsslgnmenL Lhe employee ls
asslgned Lo: A company code - A personnel area - A payroll area - A poslLlon
1hls resulL ln Lhe employee's asslgnmenL Lo: An organlzaLlonal unlL - A [ob - A cosL cenLer.
lf ersonal plannlng and admlnlsLraLlon are lnLegraLed, poslLlons can be enLered ln lnfoLype 0000

Crgan|zat|ona| Structures (Leve|s)
ls hlerarchy. lL's a legal and flnanclal sLrucLure.
C||ent PlghesL organlzaLlonal elemenL) (deflned ln Lhe sysLem by a 3 dlglL key
Company Code (II)
ls an lndependenL accounLlng unlL. llnanclal and proflL loss (&L) sLaLemenLs are prepared aL company code level Lo meeL
legal reporLlng requlremenLs.
ersonne| Area
ls unlque wlLhln Lo ersonnel AdmlnlsLraLlon and Lo a cllenL. Lach personnel area musL be asslgned Lo a company code,
represenLs a subdlvlslon of CC
Iunct|ons: deflne/generaLe:
Defau|t va|ues for data entry (Lx: payroll accounLlng area).
Se|ect|on cr|ter|on for report|ng.
Un|t |n author|zat|on checks.
ersonne| Subarea
ls also unlque Lo ersonnel AdmlnlsLraLlon. 8epresenLs a furLher subdlvlslon of Lhe personnel area.
rlnclpal P8 aspecLs are conLrolled aL Lhls level: (ay scale, Wage Lype sLrucLures, lannlng work schedules).
Iunct|ons: deflne/generaLe:
Spec|fy the country group. wage Lypes and pay scale groups ln payroll depend on Lhe counLry grouplng. 1he grouplng
musL be unlque wlLhln a company code.
Ass|gn a |ega| person whlch dlfferenLlaLes beLween companles ln legal Lerms.
Group|ngs for 1|me Management so LhaL work schedules and subsLlLuLlon, absence and leave Lypes can be seL up for
lndlvldual personnel subareas.
Defau|t pay sca|e type and area for an employee's baslc pay.
ub||c ho||day ca|endar.
Wage types for each personnel area.

ls relaLlonal. lL forms employee groups by speclflc sLaLus (acLlve/lnacLlve) and Lype (salary or hourly). (Work hours and compensaLlon)
Lmp|oyee Group
lL deflnes Lhe relaLlonshlp beLween an employee and a company creaLlng varlous Lypes of employees.
AcLlve employees, ensloners, Larly reLlrees, ConLracLors
Iunct|ons: deflne/generaLe:
Defau|t va|ues for data entry (Lx: payroll accounLlng area).
Se|ect|on cr|ter|on for report|ng.
Un|t |n author|zat|on checks.
Lmp|oyee Sub-group
ls a flne dlvlslon of employee groups. lL's used Lo deflne dlfferenL payroll procedures (hourly vS salarled).
AcLlve employees are dlfferenLlaLed accordlng Lo Lhelr poslLlon: Lralnee, hourly wage earner, salarled employee.
Iunct|ons: deflne/generaLe:
ayro|| procedures for dlfferenL employee subgroups (Lx: hourly or monLhly basls pay)
Wage types conLrols Lhe valldlLy of wage Lypes on an employee subgroup level.
Defau|t va|ues uslng employee subgroup (Lx: payroll area)
ayro|| Area
ls used Lo deLermlne payroll run baLches. ayroll for all employees of an area are run LogeLher.
1he payroll area provldes Lhe payroll drlver wlLh Lwo pleces of lnformaLlon:
1he number of employees for whom payroll ls Lo be run (deLermlned uslng Crg. Asslg. lnfoLype 0001)
uaLes of Lhe payroll perlod
An employee may only change payroll areas aL Lhe end of a perlod.
provldes a model of Lhe sLrucLural and personnel envlronmenL
Crgan|zat|ona| un|ts 8epresenLs Lhe hlerarchy LhaL exlsLs beLween Lhe varlous organlzaLlonal unlLs ln your enLerprlse
Iobs (general, Lasks

Are general classlflcaLlons of Lasks LhaL are performed by employees. Cne [ob may have many poslLlons.
!obs are used ln Lhe followlng componenLs:
ShlfL lannlng
ersonnel cosL lannlng
ersonnel uevelopmenL
os|t|on (speclflc)

>1#56%*)+? .%+%?$#C
R%&$* .%+%?$#C $(5
Are Lhe lndlvldual employee asslgnmenLs.
oslLlons are occupled by employees
oslLlons are enLerprlse speclflc
A number of poslLlons are based on Lhe same [ob
Lach poslLlon represenLs one employee. Powever, lL ls posslble for a poslLlon Lo be occupled by more Lhan one employee.
oslLlons can be 100, parLlally fllled or vacanL
Cne poslLlon may be shared by a # of employees (each worklng less Lhan full Llme (ex. 30 each)
ersons (asslgn. Lo
8epresenL employees LhaL hold poslLlons.
lnfoLypes for persons are malnLalned ln ers. Admln. And are llnked Lo an Crgan. lan Lhrough Lhelr poslLlon asslgnmenL.


Lmp|oyee kecords
Infotypes: organ. AsslgnmenL 0001
Are loglcal grouplngs of daLa flelds, llke lndlvldual lnformaLlon, such as name, flrsL name and daLe of blrLh. Data f|e|ds are groups lnLo daLa groups or lnformaLlon unlLs
accordlng Lo Lhelr conLenL. ln P8, Lhese lnformaLlon unlLs are called lnformaLlon Lypes or lnfoLypes for shorL. lnfoLypes have names and 4 dlglL keys.
Lach lnfoLype record has a valldlLy perlod or a key daLe

Infotypes Ma|ntenance
3 ways of processlng lnfoLype records:
s|ng|e screen ma|ntenance (lndlvldual lnfoLype malnLenance)
personne| act|ons (1 person many acLlons)
fast entry (1 acLlon, many persons)

In|t|a| entry screen for Infotype Ma|ntenance:
lnfoLypes LhaL are mosL frequenLly used are grouped LogeLher by sub[ecL maLLer and asslgned Lo sLaLlc menus.
?ou can use Lhe Labs pages or make a dlrecL enLry (search dlrecLly for Lhe word or phrase)
1he green Llcks nexL Lo Lhe menu llsL of lnfoLypes lndlcaLe LhaL Lhese records already exlsL for Lhe selecLed personnel number.

ersonne| I||e:
LlsLs all of Lhe lnfoLypes for whlch records have been creaLed for a personnel number.

Crgan|zat|ona| Ass|gnment:
AfLer you save Lhe personal daLa (0002) lnfoLype, Lhe sysLem auLomaLlcally dlsplays Lhe organlzaLlonal asslgnmenL (0001) lnfoLype.
1he followlng flelds are already fllled by Lhe organlzaLlonal asslgnmenL:
Company code
ersonnel area
ersonnel subarea
8uslness area
Lmployee group
Lmployee subgroup
1he poslLlon enLered and lLs exlsLlng relaLlonshlps Lo a [ob, organlzaLlonal unlL, and cosL cenLer are lmporLed.

nCM rocess
TEM7= 07N>@78 I7=7<9M9=@ #;AK9::=
1. kecru|tment
2. n|r|ng
3. 1ra|n|ng and ersonne| Deve|opment
4. Manag|ng Work 1|me
S. Compensat|on and 8enef|ts
6. ayro|| Adm|n|strat|on
7. 1rave| |ann|ng
8. ersonne| cost p|ann|ng and report|ng
9. Lmp|oyee Se|f-Serv|ces

kecru|tment rocess: from the vacancy to h|r|ng an App||cant:
1. vacancy
2. AdverLlsemenL
3. AppllcanL
4. roflle maLchup
3. Plred as an employee
When you hlre an appllcanL, you can Lransfer Lhe appllcanL daLa recorded ln 8ecrulLmenL Lo ersonnel AdmlnlsLraLlon. 1he sysLem adopLs all daLa you enLer ln Lhe 8ecrulLmenL
lnfoLypes as defaulL values ln ersonnel AdmlnlsLraLlon.
Managers can use Lhe Manager's ueskLop Lool Lo carry ouL Lhelr recrulLmenL processes.
!obs openlngs can be adverLlsed onllne (web based browslng) (dlsplay and apply)
LxLernally: web based appllcaLlon called LmploymenL CpporLunlLles
lnLernally: Lhe employee self-servlce soluLlon !ob AdverLlsemenLs

ersonne| Deve|opment and ua||fy|ng Act|ons:
1he >$#*3++$& S$E$&34'$+( funcLlon can help you maxlmlze Lhe value of your employees for your enLerprlse. ?ou can plan and lmplemenL speclflc personnel and Lralnlng
measures Lo promoLe Lhe professlonal developmenL of your employees.
ManagemenL can deLermlne Lhe personnel developmenL needs by comparlng currenL and fuLure worklng requlremenLs wlLh exlsLlng quallflcaLlons and Lhe developmenL
preferences of Lhe employees:
ldenLlfylng Lhe need an employee can be Lransferred Lo a speclflc posL.
8eLalnlng or enhanclng exlsLlng employee skllls and ablllLles
?ou can group quallfylng acLlons (Lralnlng courses or [ob roLaLlon) lnLo 2$E$&34'$+( 4&%+*
?ou can asslgn quallflcaLlons Lo employees and poslLlons. When relaLed wlLh employees, we refer Lo Lhem as
quallflcaLlons, when relaLed wlLh poslLlons, we refer Lo Lhem as requlremenLs.
>$#*3++$& S$E$&34'$+(= All quallflcaLlons and requlremenLs are sLored cenLrally ln a caLalog. 8oLh refer Lo Lhe
same ob[ecL buL from a dlfferenL perspecLlve

1ra|n|ng roposa|s for 1ra|n|ng Def|c|ts:
lf ersonnel uevelopmenL ls lnLegraLed wlLh 1ralnlng and LvenL ManagemenL, you can use Lhe CeneraLe Lralnlng
proposals funcLlon. ln Lhls case, Lhe sysLem proposes (#%)+)+? 531#*$* (buslness evenLs) LhaL can provlde any
mlsslng quallflcaLlons. ?ou can book employees for courses dlrecLly, or alLernaLlvely prebook Lhem for buslness
evenL Lypes. 1he sysLem proposes only buslness evenLs and developmenL plans LhaL resulL ln Lhe same or a hlgher
level of proflclency aL Lhe quallflcaLlon.


4 ma|n processes:
1. 1he buslness evenL preparaLlon: creaLlon of masLer daLa: Llme sched., evenL locaLlons, resources .
2. CreaLe Lhe buslness evenL caLalog
3. Carry ouL day-Lo-day acLlvlLles
4. 8ecurrlng acLlvlLles phase

Integrat|on w|th other App||cat|on Components:
Sales and ulsLrlbuLlon 8llllng of aLLendance fees
MaLerlals ManagemenL CeneraLlon of purchase requlslLlons and maLerlal reservaLlons
ersonnel uevelopmenL Check for and Lransfer of quallflcaLlons
1lme ManagemenL 8ecordlng and checklng of aLLendance
CrganlzaLlonal ManagemenL use of organlzaLlonal unlLs as aLLendees and organlzers of buslness evenLs
ersonnel AdmlnlsLraLlon use of persons from Lhe P8 MasLer uaLa as aLLendees and lnsLrucLors
AppolnLmenL Calendar AuLomaLlc generaLlon of enLrles ln Lhe AppolnLmenL Calendar
SA knowledge Warehouse ulsplay of lnformaLlon maLerlal from Lhe knowledge warehouse
CosL AccounLlng lnLernal acLlvlLy allocaLlon of aLLendance fees and lnsLrucLor cosLs

Career and Success|on |ann|ng: Pas 2 goals
1. Lncourage Lhe professlonal developmenL of employees ln a company
2. Lnsure LhaL Lhere ls always sufflclenL headcounL
Career lannlng lnvolves ldenLlfylng posslble career goals for employees, and plannlng Lhelr professlonal developmenL.
Successlon lannlng lnvolves looklng for sulLable candldaLes Lo flll open posLs.

1|me Management: overv|ew:
ulsplays and records worklng Llmes flexlbly
lnformaLlon on worklng Llmes ls used Lo calculaLe gross wages ln ayroll
Several opLlons are avallable for recordlng worklng Llmes:
1lme Managers workplace
CenLral Llme sheeL
Cnllne menus
1lme recordlng sysLems
Lmployee Self-Servlce (LSS) appllcaLlons.
?ou can manage Llme accounLs (such as leave, flexLlme) manually or auLomaLlcally.
Worklng Llmes can be used for acLlvlLy allocaLlon ln ConLrolllng: cosLs generaLed by worklng Llmes can be asslgned accordlng Lo Lhelr source ln ConLrolllng.
lnformaLlon ln Llme managemenL ls used ln LoglsLlcs Lo deLermlne employees' avallablllLy for capaclLy requlremenLs plannlng.
?ou can deLermlne work requlremenLs for Lhe enLerprlse and plan employee shlfLs.

1ypes of 1|me Data
valuaLlon and remuneraLlon of employee worklng Llme ls based on Llme daLa recordlng.
uevlaLlons or excepLlons of an employee's work schedule are recorded ln Lhe 1lme Managers Workplace. 1hls lnfo ls sLored ln Lhe approprlaLe lnfoLypes.
Lxample of Llme daLa are: hours worked, leave, lllness, overLlme, subsLlLuLlons, and buslness Lrlps.

CA1S - Cross App||cat|on 1|me Sheet
ls anoLher form of Lmployee Self-Servlce. ?ou can use lL Lo record Lhe acLual worklng Llmes of lndlvldual employees.
1he CA1S-Cross-AppllcaLlon 1lme SheeL offers Lhe followlng advanLages:
Cross-appllcaLlon sLandard screens for enLerlng worklng Llmes
Lase of use for all users
uefaulL values and daLa enLry LemplaLes
lnLegraLed approval process #
SupporL for correcLlons
llexlblllLy ln Lhe deflnlLlon of auLhorlzaLlon checks, plauslblllLy checks, and defaulL values.

CA1S 8us|ness rocess: sLeps
CreaLe accounL asslgnmenL
8ecord Llmes
8elease Llmes
Approve Llmes
1ransfer daLa Lo follow-on processes

Compensat|on Management:
1he CompensaLlon ManagemenL componenL conLrols and manages remuneraLlon pollcy aL an enLerprlse.
4 areas:
Iob pr|c|ng: deLermlne Lhe lnLernal value of [obs and poslLlons aL your enLerprlse Lo ensure LhaL you remaln compeLlLlve.
8udget|ng: you asslgn budgeLs Lo organlzaLlonal unlLs.
Compensat|on adm|n|strat|on: dlsLrlbuLe salary lncrease, shares and so on.
Long-term |ncent|ves (stock opt|ons p|ans): supports S types:
o lncenLlve sLock opLlons
o nonquallfled sLock opLlons
o erformance shares
o erformance unlLs
o 8esLrlcLed sLock


ln many counLrles, employees generally parLlclpaLe ln beneflL plans offered by Lhelr employers as parL of Lhelr compensaLlon package.
1here are 6 lnLernaLlonal plan caLegorles deflne ln Lhe sysLem:
SLock urchase

ersonne| Cost |ann|ng and S|mu|at|on:
lL's lnLegraLed wlLh oLher appllcaLlons.
?ou can Lake paymenL lnfo from dlfferenL sources and planned compensaLlon daLa for poslLlons and
[obs Lo generaLe personnel cosL plans.
?ou can perform scenarlo speclflc cosL plannlng runs. 1hls enables you Lo slmulaLe Lhe effecL of
cerLaln plannlng assumpLlons on your fuLure cosL slLuaLlon.
lL as a web based lnLerface.
?ou can exporL generaLed cosL plans Lo SA 8uslness lnLelllgence for analysls.
AfLer you have released Lhe plan, SA P8 users can use Lhe daLa Lo:
CeneraLe Lhe salary budgeL for CompensaLlon ManagemenL
CreaLe Lralnlng budgeLs for 1ralnlng and LvenL ManagemenL
?ou can also Lransfer Lhe daLa Lo AccounLlng.

ayro|| Account|ng:
It's Lhe calculaLlon of paymenL for work performed by each employee, also lncludes a number of subsequenL acLlvlLles, for example:
1ransfer of payroll resulLs Lo llnanclal AccounLlng
varlous evaluaLlons, such as evaluaLlng Lhe payroll accounL
1ransfer of paymenLs Lo Lhlrd parLles, such as Laxes.

CalculaLlon of 8emuneraLlon LlemenLs:
1he remuneraLlon elemenLs for an employee are formed from lndlvldual wage and salary Lypes LhaL are used durlng a payroll perlod.
8emuneraLlon elemenLs: 8as|c pay, Gratu|t|es, I||ness, 8onuses, Leave, Cvert|me, Sh|ft Work 8onuses

Cvervlew of Lhe payroll rocess:
uurlng Lhe payroll run, masLer daLa and Llme daLa changes LhaL affecL Lhe payroll pasL and payroll presenL are noL permlLLed.
1he payroll program reads Lhe masLer daLa and Llme daLa lnfoLypes, so changes made durlng Lhe payroll run could puL ln rlsk Lhe accuracy of Lhe payroll resulLs.
lL also means LhaL you musL noL run Lhe payroll durlng masLer daLa malnLenance.

1rave| management
1hls componenL lncludes all necessary funcLlons for deallng wlLh buslness Lrlps: Lravel requesL, approval, seLLlemenL, and lf needed correcLlons and reLroacLlve accounLlng.
1ravel ManagemenL ls lnLerfaced wlLh II / CC / nk and non SA systems.

1ravel expenses:
1he 1ravel Lxpenses seLLlemenL program leLs you seLLle all Lrlps wlLh Lhe sLaLus approved/Lo be seLLled.
1he Lrlps musL end before Lhe end daLe of payroll perlod ln order Lo be seLLled.

Lmp|oyee Se|f Serv|ce (LSS)
ls a seL of appllcaLlons LhaL empower employees Lo vlew, creaLe and malnLaln daLa ln Lhe SA sysLem vla Lhe lnLraneL. ComponenLs:
Cff|ce 1|me Management ayment 8enef|ts
ersona| Informat|on 1ra|n|ng and Lvent Management ua||f|cat|ons Appra|sa|s (eva|uat|ons)

LxLenslve funcLlonallLy beyond baslc P8 funcLlonallLy, lncludlng Lravel managemenL and purchaslng
lnherenL lnLegraLlon beLween SA sysLem buslness scenarlos, SA LSS, and workflow
LSS funcLlonallLy LhaL leverages Lhe sLrengLhs of underlylng SA lnfrasLrucLure
Clobal capablllLles
Lnabllng access from any plaLform aL anyLlme from anywhere
Lasy Lo use

keport|ng and Ana|ys|s nCM

?ou can access Standard keports from Lhe SA Lasy Access Menu or uslng general reporL selecLlon.
1he numan kesources Informat|on System (nIS) sLarLs all P8 reporLs wlLhln SLrucLural Craphlcs.
Ad noc uery enables you Lo creaLe reporLs. lL's lnLegraLed lnLo SA uery.
Managers Desktop: conslsLs of Lhe 6 theme categor|es and Lhelr funcLlon llsLs: Lmp|oyee, Crgan|z, Cost and 8udget, kecru|tment, Spec|a| areas, Workf|ow |nbox
1he 8us|ness Warehouse ls an lndependenL sysLem ln whlch analyses can be performed.