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Ver|ton k4610G

CompacL owerhouse
8ullL ln a compacL 10L chassls, Lhe verlLon x4610C ls Lhe ulLlmaLe cholce when
performance, expandablllLy and slze are of equal lmporLance. WlLh Lhe ablllLy Lo Lake
dedlcaLed graphlcs and up Lo 16C8 of sysLem memory, Lhe verlLon x4610C ls a
compacL powerhouse capable of compleLlng any Lask you send lL's way.
Why Veriton X4610G?
Supports Intel Core i7 processors
Intel HD Graphics 2000 with up to 1.6GB
Shared Graphics Memory
ENERGY STAR 5.0 rating
Up to 16 GB of DDR3 SDRAM (dual-
channel support on four DIMMs)
1echn|ca| Spec|f|cat|ons
Acer Cs use genu|ne M|crosoft W|ndows
roducL speclflcaLlons are sub[ecL Lo change wlLhouL prlor noLlce. Acer & Lhe Acer logo are reglsLered Lrademarks of Acer lnc.,
and Acer Amerlca Corp. All oLher producLs, brand names, or company names are Lrademarks & reglsLered Lrademarks of Lhelr
respecLlve companles. Acer shall noL be llable for Lechnlcal, edlLorlal or plcLorlal errors, lnaccuracles or omlsslons conLalned
hereln, nor for any consequenLlal damage resulLlng from Lhe furnlshlng, performance, or use of Lhls maLerlal. * ConLacL Acer
for warranLy deLalls.
1. Specifications vary depending on model.
2. Intel vPro technology is supported on Intel Corei7 7xx series Quad core and Corei5 6xx series
Duo core CPUs.
3. For models with Windows 7 only.
Mode| Name Ver|ton k4610G
Cperat|ng system Cenulne Wlndows 7
Cenulne Wlndows vlsLa
Cenulne Wlndows x rofesslonal (Servlce ack 3)
rocessor &
2nd generaLlon lnLel Core` l7 processor
2nd generaLlon lnLel Core` l3 processor
2nd generaLlon lnLel Core` l3 processor
lnLel enLlum processor
lnLel C63 Lxpress ChlpseL
Memory up Lo 16 C8 of uu83 Su8AM (dual-channel supporL on four ulMMs)
Storage 2 x SA1A 3.0 orLs
Serlal A1A hard dlsk up Lo 2 18
Storage and
Lxpans|on bays
SuperMulLl, uvu-8CM
3.23" drlve bay, 3.3" lnLernal drlve bay
Cl Lxpress 2.0 x16 sloL , Cl Lxpress 2.0 x1 sloL
CpLlonal arallel / 2
Serlal porL connecLor
I]C and
lour uS8 2.0 porLs
MulLl-ln-1 card reader
Plgh-deflnlLlon headphone and mlcrophone [acks
Slx uS8 2.0 porLs, S/2 keyboard and mouse porLs
LLherneL (8!-43) porL, 1hree audlo porLs
vCA / uvl-u porL, Serlal / eSA1A porL
Graph|cs lnLel Pu Craphlcs 2000 SoluLlon, feaLurlng:
lnLel Pu Craphlcs supporL
lnLel uynamlc vldeo Memory 1echnology (lnLel uvM1) supporL
MlcrosofL ulrecLx 10 supporL
Cl Lxpress 2.0 x16 graphlcs card supporL
Aud|o lnLegraLed hlgh-deflnlLlon audlo wlLh 3.1-channel surround sound supporL
System ower 220W
Software and
Acer 8ackup Manager, Acer CllenL Manager,
Acer e8ecovery ManagemenL, Acer SecurlLy SulLe
verlLon ConLrolCenLer (Wlndows 7 only)
Acer eLock ManagemenL, Acer eSeLLlngs ManagemenL
CulckMlgraLlon, owerSaver, SmarL8ooL, Pelpuesk
Adobe 8eader, lnLel 8apld SLorage Lechnology, McAfee lnLerneL SecurlLy SulLe 2009
1rlal, MlcrosofL Cfflce 2010 SLarLer, nero 9 LssenLlals
D|mens|ons 101.3 (W) x 396.84 (u) x 266.3 (P) mm
kenewab|e Lnergy
ower Source 1800 8ackup - 1800W ower ouLpuL, 120vAC ouLpuL volLage,
1 year reLurn Lo depoL warranLy.
lor more lnformaLlon goLo: hLLp://
Comp||ance and
C-1lck (AS/nZS 60930), C 2001, LnL8C? S1A8 3.0, CS, LLA1 Sllver, lCC, CL, ML1,
nemko (C8 & CS)
Standard Warranty 1 year onslLe*