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PMR 2012


Our sincere thanks and gratitude to :
Tuan Haji Ismail Bin Musa
Timbalan Pengarah
Pejabat Pelajaran Wilayah Bangsar & Pudu

Puan Faridah Bt Abd. Gani
Timbalan Pegawai Pelajaran Daerah
Pejabat Pelajaran Wilayah Bangsar & Pudu

Cik Aziah bt Amir
Penolong PPD Kanan (Pengurusan Akademik)
Pejabat Pelajaran Wilayah Bangsar & Pudu

Puan Suzana Sophee Khoo
Penolong PPD (Bahasa Inggeris)
Pejabat Pelajaran Wilayah Bangsar & Pudu

Puan Vasantha Mallar Narendran
Guru Cemerlang Gred Khas C (Bahasa Inggeris)
SMK Victoria

Puan Patwinder Kaur
SMK Dharma

Encik Kishinchand A/L T. Naraindas
SMK Desa Petaling

Puan Nor Kamaliah Bt Ab Ghafar
SMK Sri Pantai

Puan Hamidah Bt Suleiman
SMK Yaacob Latif

Puan Razidah Bt Ibrahim
SMK Taman Maluri

Puan Lilly A/P S.Kulanthai
SMK Seri Mulia


Complete the story below based on the pictures given. Change the verbs to the correct
Every Saturday, Merlina and I go jogging. Last week we (1) went (go) jogging as
usual. After jogging for about twenty minutes, Merlina (2) was (is) tired. We (3) decided
(decide) to rest for a while. We (4) sat (sit) under a tree and (5) drank (drink) some water.
Suddenly, we (6) heard (hear) a crying sound. Merlina and I (7) got up (get up). We
(8) searched (search) through the bushes. All of a sudden, Merlina (9) screamed (scream).
She (10) found (find) a baby. We (11) were (are) shocked. The babys skin (12) was (is) all
reddish. There (13) were (are) ants all over the babys face and body. I quickly
(14) carried (carry) the baby. Merlina (15) used (use) her hand phone and (16) called (call)
the police.
The police (17) arrived (arrive) after ten minutes. They (18) thanked (thank) us. The
policemen (19) took (take) us to the police station to make a report. Merlina and I (20) were
(are) proud of ourselves.


It has been raining for a few days and the village is flooded. Based on the pictures and
questions given, write a story about what happened during the flood. Write your answers in
complete sentences.

What is the
weather like?
Was the rain
heavy or light?
What has
happened to the
Can the
villagers stay in
their houses
during the

Paragraph 1-Introduction

It was the rainy season.

It rained for so many days

It rained heavily.

The village was flooded.

The villagers could not stay in their

What were the
villagers doing
on the rooftops?
Name some of
the things that
were floating on
the water.
Who were the
people in the
What did the
rescue team

Paragraph 2
They stayed up on the rooftops.
They waited for the rescue team

Many household things and dead
animals were floating on the water.

The rescue team came in a boat.

They helped the villagers.


Where did the
rescue team
take the
What was given
to them at the
How many days
did they stay at
the shelter?
When did they
return home?

Paragraph 3

They took the villagers to a shelter.

The villagers were given food and
clothes at the shelter

The villagers stayed at the shelter until
the rain stopped.

They returned home after a few days.

What happened
to their homes?
What happened
to the crops and
What did they
do when they
returned home?
How did the
people feel?

Paragraph 4-Conclusion

Their homes were dirty and destroyed.

The crops and animals were dead.

They cleaned and repaired their homes.

The villagers were happy that they were
alive but they were sad for their loss.


Fill in the blanks in the letter below with information about yourself.




Dear (5) Saloma, (write your friends name)

How are you? I hope you are as fit as a fiddle. I miss you very much. I cant
believe that it has been (6) five years (how long) since you left for Australia. Now, I
have no one to play (7) badminton (name a game) with. By the way, do you
ever play (8) badminton (name the game) there?

I have heard that Australian food is not tasty. Is it true? Do you ever get to eat
(9) nasi lemak , (10) roti canai and (11) fried noodles? (Name three types of Malaysian
Over here, I am working hard at school. We have a new class teacher. Her
name is (12) Miss Sharifah (name your teacher). She teaches us (13) English
(name of subject). I think she is a very (14) intelligent and (15) patient teacher (state
two qualities).

My favourite subjects are (16) English and (17) Science (name two subjects).
Encik Hamdan, our sports teacher has selected me for the (18) hockey (name a game)
team. Im (19) feeling excited (how do you feel)

Please tell me about your new school in (20) Melbourne (name of a place in
Australia). Hope to receive your letter soon and take care.

Your friend,
(21) P.Ramlee (your name)



You visited a nearby village after the harvest season with the English Language
Society. Based on the notes below, write an article for your English Newsletter about
the visit.

Complete the article with suitable words. You may use the words provided in the box
A Visit to Kampung Sentosa
I visited Kampung Sentosa after the harvest season. We went there by bus.
Fortunately, the village (1)organized an after harvest festival. There were many
events such as the buffalo race, kite-flying competition and culture show. We were
happy on that day because it was our first time to see the buffalo race.
There were many buffaloes lined up for the race. I stood along the track. The
buffaloes were (2)decorated beautifully and each of them was given a number. The
competitors sat on the buffaloes. Each of them was holding a stick to hit the animals
so that they would run fast. The race was (3)started with a loud air honk. We
cheered for Pak Ali who rode on number nine buffalo. The animals ran as fast as
lighting when hit. We took pictures for remembrance. Everyone cheered and clapped
to support the racers. In the end, Pak Ali was (4)announced the winner and received
a big hamper for the prize. We congratulated Pak Ali for his victory.
Then we moved to the beach to watch the kite-flying competition. The sea
breeze was cooling. Many (5)competitors came with their beautifully decorated
kites of shapes and sizes. I bought a kite and entered the competition. Then, the
contest started. The sky was full of colouful kites. The competitors were busy
controlling the string of their kites. Most of them were elderly men who were experts
Harvest season buffalo race kite-flying competition culture show.


in kite flying. It was very hard to control the kite in the strong (6)wind but I manage it
well. I was on top of the world when I won the second place in the junior category.
At night there was a cultural show held in a big hall. Many tourists (7) flocked
to the hall to watch the show. There were Dikir Barat, Rodat, traditional dance,
shadow play and Boria. We enjoyed (8)watching the show especially the Dikir Barat
because the music was lively. It charmed the tourists with their performances. The
(9) tourists took pictures and some of them even videotaped the shows. The dancers
danced gracefully . There were varieties of food served to the audience. We ate the
(10)delicacies served. We also took pictures for mementos. We really (11)enjoyed
ourselves that night.
There was also a fun fair held. We played a few games. Many items were on
(12)sale and they were cheap. We also bought some T-shirts. That night we
(13)rented a chalet because it was too late to go back . We slept like a baby. We went
back (14)home the next day (15)feeling over the moon.

Written by,
Azman Abdullah

flocked tourists started delicacies sale
decorated competitors watching enjoyed announced
rented home feeling organized wind


Use the notes on, Safety in the Kitchen to write an article for your school magazine.

Safety in the Kitchen
Stoves-make sure the gas is turned off when not cooking.
While cooking, keep the handles of the pots and pans turned inwards.
Keep the floor clean and dry all the time. Oily and wet floors can be
Be careful when frying food in oil. Oil burns can be serious. Do not stand
too close to the frying pan.

Use the notes above to complete the essay below.
Safety in the kitchen
Safety in the kitchen is very important. Here are some tips you can follow.
Firstly, make sure that after you have finished cooking, the (1) gas is turned
off. Check the valves on the stove and the gas cylinder to make sure the gas is
(2)turned / switched off when you are not cooking. If the gas leaks out of the stove or
cylinder, it can cause an explosion when a match is struck.
Secondly, while cooking keep the (3)handles of the pots and pans turned
(4)inwards . This is very important especially when there are young children in the
house. A child might grab hold of a pot handle and pull it towards him. This will cause
the boiling contents to fall on the child and scalding him badly.
Besides, make sure that the kitchen floor is (5)clean and (6)dry all the time.
(7)Oily and wet floors can be (8)slippery . It can make you slip and fall. Therefore,
make sure that you mop the floor after cooking. If you spill anything, be (9)careful
Oil (10)burns can be serious. Do not stand too close to the (11)frying pan when you
are frying food.
Finally, it is important to follow these rules when working in the kitchen. Safety
in the kitchen is as important as safety in any other part of the house.

Written by,
Lily Kamaliah


Your school carried out a gotong royong recently to improve the school gardens and
compound. Each class was given an area to clean up. Write a report on what your
class did in the area given to you. Some of the activities included:
(P1) removing dead plants and leaves
(P2) planting some flower plants
Planting flower pots
Add one more activity of your own that is different from the points given above. You
must elaborate on each point given as well as your own suggestion. Your report
should not be less than 120 words.
Report on Gotong Royong
Gotong royong is a wonderful activity. It is often carried out in many places and in
many different ways. On (1) Saturday (a day), a gotong royong was held at SMK
(2) Yaacob Latif (name of school) . All the (3) fifty (number of students) students of
Form (4) three (name the form) turned up. The students were divided into four groups
and they worked in the area given to them. The first group was responsible for
(5) removing dead plants and leaves (P1) from the area. They also cut and cleared the
long grass and leaves. The leaves were swept. They put the dead leaves into large
plastic bags which they had brought with them. Then, they threw them in the common
rubbish heap in the field. The pile was later removed by the school gardener. The
second group was (6) planting (P2) at the hedge. The third group painted flower pots
in the area with (7) green, (8) red and (9) yellow (state the colour) .The flower pots
looked new and as colourful as the rainbow. The last group swept all the leaves that
they had collected in the drains. After that they washed the drains. The gotong royong
was a success. The area looked beautiful and clean after that. The students were
proud and happy to do their part and help to keep their school beautiful.
Reported by,
Environment Club,
SMK Sri Pantai,
Kuala Lumpur.


a. Fill in the blanks with suitable words.

44-22 Jalan Damai,
Taman Bunga Raya,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
18 August 2012.
Dear Suraya,
(1) How are you? I hope you are (2) fine. How are your parents? Please
convey my (3) best wishes to them.
I saw your photograph in the newspapers. (4) Congratulations on your
success in the PMR examination. Your parents must be very (5) proud of you.
How does it feel to be one of the top students in the country? In your last
(6) letter, you mentioned that you will be going to Singapore for a
(7) holiday. So, (8) when will you be going there?
Singapore is a nice place to (9) visit especially during the Chinese New Year season.
The city is lit up like a wonderland. Its just too bad that we do not
have a long holiday during the Chinese New Year. However, you could still go down
there for a weekend.
Now that you have completed Form Three, (10) may I borrow all your books
and notes as I will be sitting for the PMR next year? I (11) hope I will be able to do as
well as you. Can you give me some advice?
Bye for now. Hope to hear from you soon.
Yours (12) sincerely,


b. You are Suraya. Reply Hidayahs letter in not less than 120 words. Include
these points in your reply.
How you feel being the top student
Whether you are going to Singapore or not
That you will lend your books and notes to her
Give her some advice on how to do well in the PMR examination

_______________________________ ,



You are the President of the Peer Counselling Group in your school. Lately, you find
that the students in your school are under a lot of stress because of homework and
examinations. You have been asked to write a speech on how to relax. Your speech
should not be less than 120 words, based on the notes given below:

a. Greeting
b. Purpose of talk
c. How to relax:
Play games
Go on outings
Watch television, surf internet or go for film shows
Talk to family members, friends or counsellors
d. Conclusion

Fill in the blanks with suitable words and phrases below.

Good morning to our principal, (1) teachers and friends. I am
(2) Mohd Amin, the President of the Peer (3) Counselling Group. I want to give a (4)
speech on How to (5) relax?
The purpose of my speech is to help you to (6) unwind. Lately, I find many
students are under a lot of (7) pressure because of
(8) homework, and (9) examinations . I have a few suggestions to all of you.
You can play (10) games such as netball,
(11) badminton or (12) table tennis. You will release your tension and stress. Your
body and mind will be healthy. You can also go (13) outings with friends or you can
go for a picnic with your (14) family.


To reduce your stress, you can watch (15) television, (16) surf the internet or
go for (17) movies. This will entertain you and release your stress.
If you have any problem, you can talk to (18) family members,
(19) friends or (20) counsellors . They will help you to solve your problems. I hope you
will try to overcome your stress with the suggestions above.
(21) Thank you for lending me your ears.

speech pressure Thank you relax release tension
examinations television family members homework table tennis
badminton outings surf the internet friends teachers
Mohd. Amin Counselling
family movies counsellors



You are the President of the Peer Counselling Group in your school. You have been
asked to give a speech, entitled How to Relax, which is to be delivered during the
school assembly. Using the notes given write out your speech. Your speech should
not be less than 120 words.

Use the words or phrases in the boxes to fill in the blanks. Then, rewrite the
paragraphs in order.
murals garden appreciate Mini Zoo scattered
rubbish bins faded Beautification empty colourful

There are many ways to beautify our school. Firstly, the rubbish
bins. We can paint them with bright colours. Students must throw rubbish in the
bin so that the rubbish will not be scattered all over. The school will place the
dustbins at strategic places such as the canteen, the corridors and the laboratory.


You must also empty the dustbins at the back of your classes when they are full.

I hope you will cooperate with us to make this school Beautification Campaign a
success. Thank you for lending me your ears.
Secondly, the Science Garden needs a fresher look. We can plant colourful
flowers to make the school beautiful. Each society will be given a garden . We are
going to have a competition for the most beautiful garden and there will be lots of
attractive prizes to be won.
Next, we will paint the old buildings. The colours are already faded and this
makes the buildings look dull. We will also paint the benches around the school.
Moreover, murals will be painted on the walls.
Good morning to the Principal, teachers and friends. Our school is organizing a
School Beautification Campaign. As the head prefect of the school, I would like to
talk on how to make the school more beautiful.
Lastly, we will set up a Mini Zoo . This is to make students appreciate nature and
care for animals. Besides that, we can decorate our classrooms. You can put on
curtains, beautiful posters and other things to make your class look beautiful.


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