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Matthew Lee Knowles

All instances of this in
Jean-Paul Sartres Nausea
extracted and presented
with the succeeding word.

this table this street this change this is
this box this impression this Saturday
this series this evening this nonsense
this morning this room this city this nature

this journal this is this work this man
this evening this week this lantern
this little this glass this glass this creature's
this is this morning this is this idea

this pulp this swarthy this monotonous
this imprisonment this note this manikin
this little this ink this testimony
this morning this sun this melodramatic

this is this curious this pale this face
this kind this was this lunar this white
this blue this is this time this poor
this position this fellow this is this it

this band this music this time
this beautiful this hardness this movement
this very this bench this translucent
this section this cold this night this the

this woman this burning this she
this unwonted this is this bronze
this personage this place this scholar
this pipe this hour this reading-room

this is this pipe this watching this is
this time this joy this flash this sun this is
this eye this to this does this word
this person this is this skull this expression

this great this idea this business this I
this way this paltry this death this last
this woman this night this beautiful
this gold this is this is this is this is

this sentence this is this night this morning
this is this is this is this street
this monstrous this shop this little
this street this fat this is this is

this Mariette this is this same this is
this ringing this fine this tragic
this uncertain this one this calm this dark
this white this very this deserted

this delicate this wide this heavy
this fleshy this feeling this feeling this is
this one this property this amazing this is
this Rollebon this lying this is this park

this is this austere this lovely this is
this dark this moment this tenderness
this burden this waitress this man
this little this time this enormous

this colossus this man this reason
this terrible this smile this wasted
this exercise this as this way this he
this weather this thought this time

this shadow this red this is this day
this vast this man this was this uneasiness
this time this is this is this you this day
this morning this deputy this afternoon

this man this painting this great
this handsome this is this tall this child
this is this prince this unpretentious
this perilous this sort this glow

this resemblance this man this sparkle
this residue this flesh this is this time
this aristocratic this collection this portrait
this shrill this uniform this pious

this fainting this manoeuvre this was
this dazzling this sentence this thought
this paper this room this page
this manoeuvre this warm this movement

this pool this the this warm this sort
this feeling this very this tiny this other
this voice this sweetness this this rigour
this giant this morning this gentleman

this is this evening this is this as
this moment this vast this philanthropist
this smoothness this terrible this simply
this lowered this momentary this decision

this sentence this fallacious this lymphatic
this maniac this face this or this formula
this poor this luncheon this poor this taste
this black this knife this is this blinding

this cheese this taste this human
this stirring this dry this crab this thin
this great this thing this car this red
this enormous this belly this car this grey

this tiny this black this vision this root
this veneer this flaunting this somnolence
this smiling this long this wooden
this fundamental this absurdity this sprout

this great this root this is this hard this oily
this root this black this piece this whole
this feeling this sensitive this black
this richness this moment this ecstasy

this only this contingency this park
this city this fascination this piece this idea
this tree this profusion this plane
this half-rotten this soft this enormous

this ignoble this gross this flowing
this immensity this nothingness this sticky
this immense this room this trunk this cold
this high-pitched this she this silence

this extraordinary this day this knowledge
this is this profound this life this curious
this way this man this room this time
this is this fat this bitter this one this pain

this life this man this laugh this is
this morning this caf this while this one
this great this freedom this town
this sunlight this afternoon this far

this morning this hill this instant
this instant this debris this hill this time
this poor this in this afternoon this forest
this table this evening this look this little

this mischievous this silence this silence
this hand this time this obstinate this time
this is this for this mute this movement
this city this evening this total this grey

this voice this body this tortured
this gentle this large this white
this mushroom this music this song
this little this record this is this other

this difference this Jew this fat this tune
this terrible this suffering this thing this is
this idea this book this hour this gloomy

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