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Petition for declaration of nullity of marriage; Art. 36, Family Code, psychological incapacity of both spouses.

PETITIONER x x x, by counsel, respectfully states:
1. Petitioner is xxx years old, born on xxx, old and a resident of xxx City.elo
Petitioner is a graduate of ac!elor of "cience in xxx fro# t!e xxx. $e !ad co#pleted %arious rele%ant training in !is field t!at
catapulted !i# to t!e co%eted position of C!ief &ate at a %ery young age. Petitioner 'as t!e s!ip captain at t!e age of xxx years of t!e
xxx, '!ere !e too( of !is training in !is field.
)ttac!ed as Annex A !ereof is a copy of t!e Bio-Data of t!e petitioner for ready reference.
*. T!e respondent xxx is xxx years old, born on xxx, and a resident of xxx City, '!ere s!e #ay be ser%ed 'it! su##ons for t!e instant
Respondent finis!ed xxx at a sc!ool in xxx. +!ile petitioner (ne' t!at respondent 'as e#ployed 'it! xxx fro# xxx to xxx, !e !as no
(no'ledge of respondent,s present e#ploy#ent, if any.
-. Petitioner !as been e#ployed at t!e xxx Corporation fro# xxx until present. $e 'as a .ec( Cadet fro# xxx to xxx/ T!ird &ate fro#
xxx to xxx/ T!ird0"econd &ate fro# xxx to xxx/ "econd &ate 0 C!ief &ate fro# xxx to xxx/ and C!ief &ate fro# xxx to xxx. $e !olds
t!e record of being t!e youngest s!ip captain at a young age of xxx years old of t!e xxx Corporation.
1. Petitioner !ad a son out of 'edloc(, during !is bac!elor years. T!e son is xxx, xxx years old, born on xxx, xxx grade pupil. Petitioner
!as been t!e one pro%iding financial support to xxx t!roug! re#ittances deposited in a ban(.
)ttac!ed as Annex B is a copy of t!e Certificate of 2i%e irt! of xxx.
3. Petitioner and respondent first #et so#eti#e in xxx. T!ey initially beca#e text #ates fro# xxx to xxx of t!at year '!en one of
Petitioner,s college class#ates ga%e !i# Respondent,s #obile nu#ber. $o'e%er, t!ey e%entually lost contact starting xxx because
Petitioner !ad to undergo a sea#an4training course at t!e xxx Institute xxx '!ere #obile p!ones are not allo'ed '!ile in t!e duration
of t!e training. y xxx, Petitioner 'as able to successfully finis! !is training course and resu#ed !is co##unication 'it! t!e
Respondent. In t!e sa#e #ont! of xxx, Petitioner and respondent #et for t!e %ery first ti#e in xxx and engaged in pre4#arital sex on
t!e sa#e day.
5. "ince t!en, petitioner and respondent sa' eac! ot!er once e%ery 'ee(. T!ey 'ere already s'eet!earts '!en petitioner boarded a %essel
as .es( Cadet in xxx for !is first 'or( contract. T!eir relations!ip continued %ia long distance, 'it! constant calls and e#ails. In xxx,
petitioner !ad !is %acation in t!e P!ilippines. It 'as t!en '!en !e introduced t!e respondent to !is fa#ily. T!e latter 'ar#ly accepted
t!e respondent.
6. In xxx, respondent started to stay at t!e !ouse of t!e petitioner, 'it! petitioner,s parents and siblings. Petitioner,s siblings started to
notice t!at petitioner and respondent often engaged in %erbal argu#ents o%er petty #atters. T!ey 'ould s!out at eac! ot!er and no one
'ould 'ant to bac( off. Petitioner expected t!e respondent to gi%e in during fig!ts but respondent 'ould e%en get angrier t!an !i#, not
'anting to lo'er !er %oice.
7. &oreo%er, Petitioner disco%ered t!at Respondent is t!e do#inant and controlling type. "!e 'anted t!ings !er 'ay and 'ould be %ery
angry '!en !er 'ants are not granted. Petitioner reali8ed t!at !e and respondent are inco#patible to eac! ot!er. $e already 'anted to
separate fro# !er but !e could not do so '!en s!e bro(e t!e ne's t!at s!e 'as already pregnant 'it! t!eir c!ild.
9. Petitioner and respondent e%entually got #arriage to eac! ot!er on xxx, despite t!e uncertainties already entertained in t!e #ind of
t!e petitioner, because petitioner !ad as(ed t!e per#ission of t!e respondent,s #ot!er for t!e said #arriage. )fter t!e nuptial, t!e
couple continued to establis! t!eir d'elling place at t!e !ouse of Petitioner,s parents.
)ttac!ed as Annex C !ereof is a copy of t!e
Certificate of Marriage of t!e parties.
1:. +!ile li%ing toget!er as !usband and 'ife, petitioner found out t!at respondent 'as a %ery ;ealous and suspicious 'o#an. +!ene%er
Petitioner arri%ed !o#e fro# !is training, Respondent 'ould c!ec( !is belongings, especially !is #obile p!one, for any e%idence of a
probable infidelity on !is part. "!e suspected !i# of !a%ing an illicit affair 'it! !is for#er girlfriends, particularly 'it! t!e one '!o#
!e !ad sired a c!ild out of 'edloc(. +!ile petitioner ad#itted t!at !e !ad a son prior to #eeting t!e respondent and !e !ad flings
before/ !e no longer engaged in suc! flings after !is 'edding 'it! t!e respondent. $o'e%er, respondent did not belie%e t!e petitioner
and s!e gre' all t!e #ore suspicious of !is actions, accusing !i# of infidelity e%en if s!e !as no concrete basis at all.
11. .espite t!e fact t!at t!eir #arital relations!ip 'as already in s!a#bles as t!ey continue to engage in !eated argu#entation and fig!ts,
t!e supposed c!ild of t!e parties, xxx 'as born on xxx.
)ttac!ed as Annex D !ereof is a copy of t!e Certificate of Live Birth of xxx.
1*. Petitioner obser%ed t!e distance t!at de%eloped
bet'een !i# and xxx. )t first !is attributed t!e said distance due to !is o%erseas e#ploy#ent. Petitioner 'as often told t!at t!e
features of xxx are star(ly different fro# !is. <inally, !e decided to sub;ect xxx and !i#self to .N) to ascertain !is paternity of t!e said
T!e differences in t!e facial features of t!e petitioner and =xx =xx are readily %isible in t!e attac!ed pictre of the petitioner an!
xxx ta(en recently in xxx >Annex E !ereof?.
1-. &uc! to t!e petitioner,s dis#ay, t!e .N) result
conducted on =xx =xx and !i#self s!o's t!at
xxx i" not the #io$ogica$ father of xxx%
)ttac!ed as Annex & !ereof is a copy of t!e
abo%ereferred DNA 'e"$t conducted by t!e xxx on xxx.
11. Prior to t!e birt! of xxx, petitioner again
boarded a %essel 'it! a position of T!ird &ate fro# xxx to xxx for !is second 'or( contract. T!is ti#e, respondent started to nag !i#
about financial support to t!e point t!at !is 'or( on board 'as already being affected. "!e de#anded #ore #oney fro# t!e petitioner
and 'as @uestioning t!e support !e is gi%ing for !is siblings, education. Petitioner argued t!at prior to getting #arried/ !e !ad already
cleared t!is 'it! t!e respondent. $e told !er t!at !e 'ill still support !is siblings '!o sacrificed t!eir education for !i# to graduate first
so t!at !e can !a%e a ;ob. "upporting t!e# 'as !is 'ay to pay t!e# bac( for t!eir sacrifices. $o'e%er, respondent too( t!is negati%ely
and 'ould de#and #ore financial support e%en if petitioner 'as also gi%ing to !er fa#ily '!ene%er needed. Respondent 'ould e%en
pic( up a fig!t 'it! Petitioner,s youngest sibling 'it! regards t!e financial re#ittances. .espite t!e ob;ection of t!e respondent,
petitioner continued to finance t!e education of !is siblings to co#pensate t!e# for t!eir sacrifices t!ey under'ent for !is education.
13. Petitioner !as been regularly sending ade@uate
a#ount of #onetary re#ittances to t!e respondent. $is #ont!ly financial allocations 'ere initially a#ounting to P$P xxx, until it
increased to P$P xxx. )t present, !e is sending P$P xxx to t!e respondent and xxx on a #ont!ly basis. .espite t!ese a#ounts,
respondent is not yet satisfied and e%en de#anded #ore. "!e once told t!e Petitioner t!at s!e #ust recei%e P$P xxxx '!en !e is a t!ird
#ate, P$P xxx as second #ate, P$P xxx as c!ief #ate and P$P xxx as captain.
15. +!en Petitioner boarded t!e %essel 'it! a position
of T!ird &ate, pro#oted to "econd &ate, fro# xxx to xxx, for !is third 'or( contract, Respondent transferred location to xxx because
s!e did not 'ant to li%e 'it! !is parents and siblings. In t!e sa#e year, respondent as(ed P$P xxx fro# t!e petitioner supposedly for
t!e !eart operation of xxx. T!e follo'ing year, s!e as(ed P$P xxx fro# !i# for follo'4up operation of t!e c!ild xxx. Petitioner !ad
incurred debts ;ust to raise suc! a#ount in order to i#pro%e t!e !ealt! condition of t!e c!ild xxx. 2ater on, !o'e%er, Petitioner
in@uired at t!e xxx $ospital 'it! regards t!e c!ild,s record and 'as s!oc(ed to learn t!at no operations 'ere perfor#ed for t!e c!ild. In
fact, t!e c!ild !as no record of consultation on t!e said !ospital. It 'as t!en '!en Petitioner started to as( t!e respondent '!ere !is
!ard4earned inco#e 'as spent on t!roug! t!e years.
()% B* hin!"ight, petitioner fee$" having grave$*
victi+i,e! #* the re"pon!ent thr hge fa-e! ho"pita$i,ation" of the chi$! xxx, .ho .a" "#"e/ent$* te"te! a" not
#e$onging to the petitioner%
17. +!en Petitioner too( !is %acation in t!e P!ilippines
in xxx, !e no longer stayed 'it! t!e respondent in xxx. T!ey 'ere already separated during t!is ti#e alt!oug! !e still %isited t!e c!ild
xxx in xxx '!ene%er !e !ad no training in t!e s!ipping co#pany for !is second #ate exa#ination. .uring !is %isits, t!e estranged
couple still engaged in sexual intercourse.
19. In xxx Petitioner boarded a %essel as "econd &ate, pro#oted to C!ief &ate, for !is fourth 'or( contract. $e t!en #et anot!er 'o#an,
na#ed xxx and engaged in an illicit affair 'it! !er. T!e follo'ing year, xxx, Petitioner and xxx sired a c!ild na#ed xxx, to '!o# t!e
petitioner also extends financial support as !is c!ild.
*:. Petitioner returned for a %acation in t!e P!ilippines
in xxx. Petitioner and Respondent 'ere able
to find 'ays to reconcile to t!e #arriage bet'een t!e parties anot!er c!ance. $e t!oug!t t!at t!e latter 'ould c!ange for t!e better but
!e 'as ;ust disappointed at !er. Petitioner 'as t!en re%ie'ing for !is exa#ination as c!ief #ate '!ile Respondent 'as @uestioning t!e
!uge a#ounts !e 'as paying for t!e re%ie'. "!e 'as also de#anding so #uc! ti#e fro# !i# a#idst t!e re%ie'. To address t!e
co#plaint of t!e respondent, petitioner as(ed !er to lea%e =xx and stay 'it! !i# at !is parents, abode so t!at t!ey could be toget!er
#ore often.
*1. $o'e%er, t!eir relations!ip beca#e 'orse t!an
e%er, as t!eir inco#patibilities surfaced out again. T!ey engaged all t!e #ore in !eated argu#ents and fig!ts e%en at t!e presence of !is
parents and siblings. Petitioner 'as unable to sleep due to t!e extended @uarrels 'it! t!e respondent and !e attended !is re%ie' classes
'it!out sleep. Petitioner lac( peace of #ind and concentration !e needed for !is re%ie'. $e te#porarily found solace in t!e co#pany
of !is #ale friends, as t!ey engaged in drin(ing sessions e%ery nig!t, e%ery after re%ie' for t!e c!ief #ate exa#ination. +!en !e arri%ed
!o#e, !e 'as pestered by t!e angry respondent '!o continually nagged !i#.
**. Petitioner expected respondent to be caring and t!oug!tful to'ards !i#, but s!e failed to loo( after Petitioner,s 'elfare. "!e 'as cold and
apat!etic to'ards !is concerns. Respondent could not e%en prepare #erienda for t!e petitioner and 'ould re@uire !i# to prepare !is
o'n #erienda. &oreo%er, respondent continued to be suspicious of !i#, constantly c!ec(ing !is belongings upon arri%al fro# !is
re%ie' classes. Respondent 'as selfis!, ;ealous and indifferent. Respondent ne%er cared for t!e petitioner and !is needs.
**. In t!e early part of xxx, t!e couple
again engaged in !eated fig!ts '!en respondent refused to allo' t!e petitioner to attend t!e 'a(e of !is grand#ot!er in xxx. Petitioner
could not bring respondent along 'it! !i# in t!e 'a(e because !is fa#ily and relati%es strongly disappro%ed of !er.
*-. .uring !eated fig!ts, Respondent 'ould call !er
parents and sister in xxx, crying and see(ing for sy#pat!y, '!ic! t!e petitioner !ated.
*1. T!eir #arital fig!ts beca#e all t!e #ore fre@uent
and intense until Petitioner again boarded !is %essel as C!ief &ate for t!e fifth ti#e on xxx to xxx.
*3. +!ile on board, Respondent created a fa(e
<aceboo( account of t!e Petitioner and added #ost of !is friends, including !is co4'or(ers in t!e %essel. T!roug! t!e said fa(e account,
Respondent 'as co##unicating 'it! !is co4'or(ers, telling t!e# t!at s!e and !er c!ild 'as li%ing in a s@uatter,s area and are already
settling for roc( salt as t!eir #eals >nagdidildil ng asin?. Petitioner 'as infuriated upon learning t!is because !e 'as certain t!at !is
financial allocations for t!e respondent and t!e c!ild xxx ne%er 'aned. $e still sends t!e# #onetary support on a #ont!ly basis.
Petitioner furt!er gat!ered t!at respondent also accused !is parents and siblings of sending !er deat! t!reats. T!is beca#e t!e last
stra' of t!eir relations!ip and petitioner finally decided t!at it is all o%er.
*5. Petitioner belie%es t!at t!eir relations!ip is already
beyond repair. Petitioner did e%eryt!ing !e could to sa%e !is #arriage 'it! t!e respondent, !o'e%er, t!eir inco#patibility along 'it!
respondent,s per%asi%ely fla'ed c!aracter !ad #ade it i#possible to redee# t!e relations!ip. Petitioner narrated It 'as in t!is pre#ise
t!at Petitioner finally decided to separate fro# t!e respondent/ !ence t!e filing of t!is annul#ent case.
*6. T!e recent finding by t!e petitioner t!at t!e c!ild
xxx is NOT !is biological son furt!er
strengt!ened Petitioner,s desire to se%ere any re#aining ties !e !as 'it! t!e respondent '!o !ad lied to !i# all t!ese years t!at t!ey
'ere toget!er.
*7. T!e parties do not own any properties, '!et!er real or
*9. T!e petitioner !as engaged t!e ser%ices of t!e undersigned
counsel, Laserna Cueva-Mercader & Associates Law Offices for t!e preparation, filing and prosecution of t!e instant case.
-:. T!e petitioner !ad engaged t!e ser%ices of Dr% xxx, C$inica$ P"*cho$ogi"t, for t!e deter#ination of psychological evaluation of bot!
parties, '!o 'ill be presented as an expert witness in support of t!e instant petition.
)ttac!ed is Annex 0 is a copy of t!e Crric$+ 1itae of Dr% xxx, C$inica$ P"*cho$ogi"t%
-1. T!e psyc!ological tests ad#inistered by .r. xxx
on t!e petitioner 'ere: Re%ised eta Exa#ination II/
ender Aisual &otor Bestalt Test/ .ra' ) Person Test/ Rorsc!ac! Psyc!odiagnostic Test / "ac!,s "entence Co#pletion Test &innesota
&ultip!asic Personality In%entory I/ $and Test/ and "elf )nalysis.
-*. ased on t!e results of t!e psyc!ological tests and
inter%ie' on t!e parties and corroborator as 'ell as based on t!e bac(ground data gat!ered and #arital !istory of t!e parties, t!e
findings of .r. xxx are reproduced in t!e succeeding paragrap!s !ereinbelo', culled fro# t!e Report of Dr. xxx, M. A., xxx,
attac!ed as Annex H !ereof, to 'it:
)fter a t!oroug! analysis of t!e data presented, it is re%ealed t!at t!e e%entual s!attering of t!e con;ugal partners!ip bet'een xxx and
xxx is broug!t fort! by t!e p"*cho$ogica$ incapacitation of the Petitioner an! 'e"pon!ent. T!ey 'ere bot! go%erned by a
debilitating psyc!ological conditions, '!ic! #ade t!e# inept to be acti%ely part of a relations!ip '!ere #utuality is founded and
re@uired. T!eir attitude and be!a%ior are all self4centered in nature t!at bot! t!eir stri%ings are largely focused to cater t!eir
pat!ological needs and de#andsC.
--. T!e reported be!a%ioral #anifestations of t!e petitioner
satisfies t!e criteria of a DPA22I1E-A00'E22I1E PE'2ONALIT3 DI2O'DE' COMO'BID ANTI2OCIAL PE'2ONALIT3
DI2O'DE'% T!is personality disorder caused t!e petitioner to be psyc!ologically incapacitated to co#ply 'it! t!e essential
obligations of #arriage.
-1. .r. xxx c!aracteri8ed t!e psyc!ological incapacitation of
t!e petitioner as follo's:
Petitioner is regarded as an egocentric and self4centered person '!o up!olds a sense of entitle#ent. T!is being t!e case, !e
only t!in(s of !i#self and anyt!ing t!at is in fa%or of !i#. $e loo(ed do'n on ot!ers, degrading anot!er person,s capacity and 'ort!,
percei%ing t!e# on a lo'er stature t!an !e is. .uring argu#entations, Petitioner 'ould often tell t!e Respondent, Da(o ang #atalino,
top notc!er a(o eEC In return, !e feels superior and indo#itable '!en t!ese are ;ust #eans to co%er up deep4seated inade@uacies and
crippling anxiety. Petitioner also !as #ixed4up priorities in life. To !i#, !is parents and siblings are #ore i#portant t!an !is 'ife and
c!ild. Respondent narrated, Dtinata(ot niya (a#ing #ag4ina na di da' niya (a#i susustentu!an, (aya da' niya (a#ing (ali#utanE
#as i#portante sa (aniya ang (asi(atan niya sa fa#ily niyaE#as priority niya ang fa#ily niya (aysa sa a#in.C
Petitioner is described as an e#otionally 'ea(4'illed #an '!o could not directly assert !i#self to t!e circu#stances and
people around !i#. <ro# t!e %ery start, !e !as reser%ations about #arrying Respondent but still pursued 'it! t!e 'edding '!en !e
could !a%e cancelled t!e cere#ony in t!e first place. Petitioner narrated, Dtinuloy (o po ang (asal (a!it aya' (o na sana, naisip (o na
gusto (o na iatras nag (asalEpero da!il na(apagpaala# na sa #ga #agulang na#in, itinuloy na rin.C On #ost occasions '!ile inside
t!e #arriage, Petitioner 'as not able to stand as t!e real #an of t!e fa#ily as !e lac(s t!e ability to express po'er and do#inion o%er
circu#stances. $e allo'ed !is parents and siblings to dictate t!e ter#s to !i#. Instead of being !eard as t!e #an, !is decisions are
typically 'it!out aut!ority and t!is #ade !i# truly incapable of leading t!e fa#ily. $e is al'ays unsure and filled 'it! feelings of
Petitioner is depicted as a sullen and argu#entati%e person. $e is al'ays on t!e defensi%e side of t!ings so #uc! so t!at !is
#arital relations!ip !as been bo#barded 'it! !eated disputes and fig!ts. Petitioner is described as D#adaling #agalit, #adaldal (apag
galit, !as a bad te#per.C On t!e onset, !e 'ould succu#b to existing nor#s and standards as t!ese 'ould aug#ent !is sub;ugated
disposition and 'ould probably add @uality to !is depleted self concept. $o'e%er, !e internally broods !ostile and oppositional feelings
'!ic! furt!er pa%e 'ay to !is aggressi%e tendencies and i#pulsi%e predilection '!en pro%o(ed. $e lac(ed ade@uate control of !is
e#otions and 'ould direct t!e# to'ards t!e Respondent and t!eir c!ild. .uring #arital disputes, Petitioner 'as expecting t!e
Respondent to gi%e in during fig!ts but Respondent 'ould e%en get angrier t!an !i#, not 'anting to lo'er !er %oice. Petitioner
narrated, Dpag galit a(o, nasabay siya sa init ng ulo, di siya papatalo sa a(in.C
Petitioner sees !i#self as #isunderstood and unappreciated, ill4fated and de#eaned by ot!ers. $e feels %icti#i8ed in !is
situation 'it!out seeing '!ere !is s!ortco#ings lie and !is o'n s!are of negati%e contributions '!y !is situation co#e on suc! ending
and unfortunate condition. Instead, !e ;ust belie%es t!at ot!ers are see#ingly unfair and are ta(ing ad%antage of !i#. Petitioner is
illustrated as D#asyadong #abait, #adaling #apani'ala, #asyadong #aa'ainEC Negati%istic as !e is, it !as al'ays been !is 'ay of
t!in(ing t!at ot!er people ne%er sa' !is sacrifices. $e t!in(s t!at !e is recei%ing lesser appreciation t!an '!at !e deser%es, and t!e
discontented self4i#age t!at !e !as is bla#ed to'ards t!e 'ay ot!er people treats !i#. T!is #a(es !i# all t!e #ore e#bittered,
disgruntled, and disillusioned in t!eir relations!ip.
Petitioner #anifested %acillating e#otional condition rendering !i# unstable to display ade@uate reactions to relational
sti#ulations. $e dit!ers fro# being t!e ac@uiescent and contrite type to t!e i#pulsi%e and !ostile type. $e 'as ne%er consistent 'it!
t!e attitude and be!a%ior !e !as s!o'n to'ards t!e Respondent. )t one point, !e 'ould be in !is passi%e stance. Petitioner and
Respondent sa' and co##unicated 'it! eac! ot!er last xxx. $o'e%er, during t!is ti#e, Petitioner told Respondent, D!indi po niya
ipapa4annul ang (asal na#in da!il #a!al da' niya a(oEC )t anot!er point, !e 'ould e%entually feel angry to t!e extent of t!reatening
t!e Respondent, e%en !er life. In xxx, Petitioner blac(#ailed t!e Respondent by telling !er t!at !e 'ill spread out !er nude p!otos in
!is laptop. Respondent narrated, Dsa totoo lang po #a,a#, natata(ot a(o sa #ga banta niya da!il ala# (ong (aya niyang ga'in iyon.C
Respondent narrated, DI can pro%e !is text #essages na papatayin niya a(o, papatayin niya (a#iEC
Petitioner is pictured as a #an '!o ta(es !is co##it#ents lig!tly. $e is e#otionally elusi%e '!en it co#es to !is #arital
difficulties so #uc! so t!at !e tends to act passi%ely ;ust to preser%e e#otional attac!#ent. $e #ay appear confor#ing but in'ardly !e
is filled 'it! scorn and conte#pt for !is o'n incapacity '!ic! !e often expressed out'ardly by 'ay of passi%e4aggression and
procrastination. )s a result, !e engaged in an illicit affair 'it! anot!er 'o#an. In xxx, Petitioner boarded a %essel for !is fourth 'or(
contract. $e t!en #et anot!er 'o#an, na#ed xxx, and engaged in an illicit affair 'it! !er. T!e follo'ing year, xxx, Petitioner and xxx
sired a c!ild.
Petitioner lac(ed ade@uate insig!t to'ards !is pat!ological condition. T!is being t!e case, !e failed to e%aluate t!e 'rongness
of !is actions and 'as unable to profit fro# experience. $e utili8ed rationali8ation #ec!anis# and offers alibis to place !i#self in t!e
best possible lig!t, despite !is e%ident s!ortco#ings or failures. $e 'ould al'ays put t!e bla#e on t!e Respondent '!ile defending !is
i#pulsi%e and self4centered 'ays by #a(ing ;ustifications of !is decisions and actions. $e 'ould e%en !ig!lig!t !is pat!etic condition,
being t!e one '!o passi%ely !onors !is financial obligations, '!ic! apparently places !i# in a positi%e spotlig!t. $o'e%er, #onetary
allocations are only part of !is responsibilities as a !usband. $e #ay argue t!at !e 'as #a(ing it big and successful in !is career, but !e
'as actually using t!is as !is scapegoat, allo'ing !is #arital relations!ip to suffer and e#otional bond to really flouris!. $e 'as
bla#ing t!e Respondent, t!e situation, and ot!er people, but ne%er !i#self.
T!e personality disorder of t!e petitioner is a by4product of t!e unfa%orable experiences and negati%e exposures !e !ad during
!is c!ild!ood and adolescent years. On t!ose crucial ti#es, !e 'as ;ust on !is 'ay of establis!ing t!e %ery core of !is person and 'as
;ust building t!e per#anent foundation of !is personality, ser%ing as t!e grounds of !is current #aladapti%e be!a%iors. Bro'ing up,
Petitioner !ad been accusto#ed to obey !is parents, along 'it! existing !ouse rules. T!is being !is c!ild!ood conditioning, !e !ad
learned t!e %alue of obedience and co#pliance so t!at !e can be accepted and appro%ed by !is percei%ed society. $e desperately tried
!ard to pro%e !is 'ort! and t!is practice of pleasing people #ade !i# to repress !is o'n feelings especially if t!ese are not incongruent
'it! t!e people !e c!ose to please.
)longside, Petitioner,s co#pelling self4interests and needs beco#e stronger as t!ese gain #uc! control of !is actions and
decisions. $e gre' i#pulsi%e '!en it co#es to t!e i##ediate gratification of !is goals. $e beca#e too preoccupied of !is o'n pleasures
t!at !e de#anded ot!er people to cater to !is e%ery need. $is increasing self4orientation clas!ed 'it! !is debilitating desire to perfor#
in order to be accepted by !is i##ediate #ilieu. T!ese are poorly integrated into a passi%e and self4centered person. T!oug! !e #ay put
up a s!o' of efficiency and obedience, !is e#otion is dee#ed lac(ing in dept! t!ereby sabotaging !is relations!ips.
)s no one 'as t!ere to curb !is defecti%e 'ays, and !elp !i# alter !is gro'ing negati%is# narcissis# during c!ild!ood until !e
entered adult!ood, all !is erroneous insig!t and faulty 'ay of percei%ing t!ings #ade t!e reference of !is current #aladapti%e
be!a%ioral pattern. $e is furt!er found to !a%e no a#ple consciousness of !is defecti%e be!a%ior '!ic! #ade !i# laid up to properly
function as a responsible, lo%ing, caring, protecti%e, fait!ful, trust'ort!y and understanding !usbandC.
-3. T!e reported be!a%ioral #anifestations of t!e respondent
satisfies t!e criteria of a D4I2T'IONIC PE'2ONALIT3 DI2O'DE' 5IT4 6NDE'L3IN0 ANTI2OCIAL &EAT6'E2% T!is
personality disorder caused t!e respondent to be psyc!ologically incapacitated to co#ply 'it! t!e essential obligations of #arriage.
-5. .r. =xx c!aracteri8ed t!e psyc!ological incapacitation of
t!e respondent as follo's:
DRespondent !as a stri(ing sense of entitle#ent. "!e is de#anding of i##ediate co#pliance to !er desires and 'ould 'ant
petitioner to #eet !er expectations. "!e al'ays 'anted to feel being treated in a 'ay '!ere s!e plays t!e upper !and in t!e relations!ip
and 'ould still insist on '!at s!e 'ants e%en if it is already i#practical. "!e al'ays 'anted t!e attention of t!e petitioner. "!e de#ands
for !is ti#e and #oney and re@uires t!at s!e be i##ediately appeased t!oug! s!e (ne' t!at it i#possible to do so. If !er 'is!es are not
!eeded, s!e easily bo#bards t!e Petitioner 'it! unnecessary and pointless naggings t!at are not !elpful in any 'ay. Petitioner
disco%ered t!at Respondent is t!e do#inant and controlling type. "!e 'anted t!ings !er 'ay and 'ould be %ery angry '!en !er 'ants
are not granted. Petitioner narrated, Dpag galit a(o, lalo niya a(o gagalitin, sasabay siya, (aya (o na lang #anana!i#i(, pa(u#baba na
lang a(o.C It 'as t!en '!en Petitioner reali8ed t!at !e and Respondent are inco#patible to eac! ot!er. $e already 'anted to separate
fro# !er but !e could not do so '!en s!e bro(e t!e ne's t!at s!e is already pregnant 'it! t!eir c!ild.

T!e respondent,s 'ay of interaction is often c!aracteri8ed by seducti%e and pro%ocati%e be!a%iors to elicit t!e response s!e 'anted fro#
#an. +it! !er interpersonally attention4see(ing 'ays, s!e can be in !er flirtatious, %ain and ex!ibitionistic approac! to ot!ers
especially t!e Petitioner. T!ey engaged in sexual acts not long after t!e #et eac! ot!er personally. "!e 'ould usually e#ploy dra#atic
tactics and e#otional trap to #anipulate t!e Petitioner into doing !is bidding. "!e (ne' t!at Petitioner 'ould not be able to stand
(no'ing t!at t!eir son are ailing, t!us by all #eans s!e used it against !i# to incur #oney. On t!e sa#e year, Respondent as(ed P$P
-::,::: fro# t!e Petitioner apparently for t!eir c!ild,s !eart operation. T!e follo'ing year, s!e as(ed P$P 1::,::: fro# !i# for
follo'4up operation of t!eir c!ild. Petitioner !ad incurred debts ;ust to raise suc! a#ount in order to i#pro%e t!e !ealt! condition of
t!eir c!ild. 2ater on, !o'e%er, Petitioner in@uired at t!e aguio $ospital 'it! regards t!e c!ild,s record and 'as s!oc(ed to learn t!at
no operations 'ere perfor#ed for t!e c!ild.
"!e is an egocentric and pleasure oriented person. "!e is selfis! and only t!in(s of !er o'n co#fort and !appiness, e%en at t!e
expense of !er #arriage and fa#ily. "!e is reluctant to gi%e up selfis! indulgence and failed to be responsible enoug! to attend to !er
duties. )rgu#ents 'ould ensue since s!e 'anted e%ery di#e of Petitioner,s inco#e t!oug! s!e (ne' t!at !e also !ad responsibilities
'it! !is siblings. "!e is un'illing to s!are and @uestions t!e Petitioner if !e e%er gi%es support to !is fa#ily. Fet Petitioner 'ould also
be disappointed since s!e ne%er sa%ed any re#ittances t!at !e sends to !er. "!e de#anded #ore #oney fro# t!e Petitioner and 'as
@uestioning t!e support !e is gi%ing for !is siblings, education. Petitioner argued t!at prior to getting #arried/ !e !ad already cleared
t!is 'it! t!e Respondent. $e told !er t!at !e 'ill still support !is siblings '!o sacrificed t!eir education for !i# to graduate first so
t!at !e can !a%e a ;ob. "upporting t!e# 'as !is 'ay to pay t!e# bac( for t!eir sacrifices. $o'e%er, Respondent too( t!is negati%ely and
'ould de#and #ore financial support e%en if Petitioner 'as also gi%ing to !er fa#ily '!ene%er needed. Respondent 'ould e%en pic( up
a fig!t 'it! Petitioner,s youngest sibling 'it! regards t!e financial re#ittances. Petitioner narrated, Dda!il lang sa biruan, nag(a(aa'ay
sila ng (apatid (ong bunso, pi(on (asi siya >respondent?.C .espite Respondent,s protests, Petitioner continued to finance t!e education
of !is siblings.

"!e lac(s e#pat!y and is un'illing
to consider t!e feelings of ot!er people especially t!e Petitioner. "!e utili8es rationali8ation #ec!anis# to ;ustify !er o'n transgression
and bla#es e%eryt!ing to t!e petitioner. $er blindness of !er o'n fault #ade c!anges i#possible in t!e #arriage since s!e is not
inclined to 'ear t!e s!oes of t!e Petitioner. "!e de#ands, carps and argues ;ust to get '!at s!e 'ants 'it!out being sensiti%e t!at
Petitioner !as !is o'n needs too. "!e 'anted to co#e in sig!t as t!e %icti# ;ust to #a(e lig!t of !er o'n #isdeeds in t!e #arriage
'!erein fact it 'as !er poor decisions t!at !as put !er in t!e position.
"!e is deceitful 'o#an '!o is not fettered by any #oral obligation to create lies for !er personal gains or profit. )l'ays ai#ing to
alle%iate !erself, s!e lied regarding t!e identity of !er c!ild and passed it on as t!e son of t!e Petitioner to trap !i# into #arrying !er.
"!e ne%er cared for t!e 'ell4being of !er son or t!e Petitioner (no'ing t!at t!e scores of lies s!e created 'ill affect bot! of t!e#. In t!e
past years t!at t!ey 'ere toget!er, s!e (ept to !erself t!e (no'ledge t!at Petitioner is not t!e biological fat!er of !er son yet s!e
asserted !erself li(e a fis!#onger 'ife,s '!o al'ays de#anded for support.
T!e personality aberration t!at respondent is suffering fro# !as its initial course during t!e crucial de%elop#ental p!ase in !er lifeG
c!ild!ood and adolescent yearsG'!ere negati%e experiences and c!ild4rearing practices se%erely affects t!e personality de%elop#ent.
In t!e case of t!e Respondent, s!e gre' up 'it!out a fat!er figure since !er parents separated '!en s!e 'as a baby and !e ne%er
co##unicated 'it! t!e# again after !e left t!e#. 2oo(ing at t!e picture, t!e young respondent !as de%eloped a strong sense of
insecurity and inade@uacy in absence of fat!erly affection t!at s!e needs. $ence, s!e gre' up co#pensating for t!is insecurity by
engaging in relations!ip 'it! #en by being seducti%e and pro%ocati%e in t!e !opes t!at t!ey could fill t!e %oid t!at s!e !as inside only
to be al'ays disappointed since t!ey al'ays falls s!ort to !er !ig! expectation. "!e ne%er reali8ed t!at t!ey 'ould ne%er fulfill or @uenc!
t!e e#otional insecurity t!at s!e !as.
)long 'it! t!is is t!e lac( of fat!erly affection co#es t!e lac( of ade@uate discipline and guidance fro# !er #ot!er '!o 'as lenient in
!er 'ays 'it! t!e# especially t!e respondent. )lbeit t!at t!ey 'ere not financially 'ell off, !er #ot!er indulges !er '!i# and allo's
!er so #uc! freedo# to do '!at s!e 'ants. Punis!#ent and sufficient disciplinary #easures 'ere not pro%ided to !er lea%ing t!e young
respondent 'it! t!e defecti%e notion t!at s!e !as t!e liberty to do '!at s!e 'ants. 2ater on, 'it! t!e excess freedo# gi%en to !er, s!e
!as co#e to belie%ed t!at s!e could use anyone at !er o'n disposal, 'it!out care for !is or !er feelings and e#otions. "ince s!e gre' up
percei%ing !erself so depri%ed of lo%e, s!e co#pensates later on by asserting !er bloated self4estee# to people. "!e beca#e %ain,
#aterialistic and de#anding as !er 'ay to appease '!ate%er ineptitude s!e !as. En;oying a rat!er unfettered life due to t!e absence of
effecti%e careta(ers, s!e beca#e do#inant and de#anding, as 'ell as stubborn in insisting for '!at s!e 'ants no #atter !o'
i#practical it could be. Respondent did not learn to be sub#issi%e, t!at s!e 'ould do t!ings 'it!out gi%ing consideration on !o' it
#ig!t affect ot!ers or !er relations!ips.
+it! t!is, due to t!e absence of proper guidance, and effecti%e disciplinary #eans, respondent gre' up e#bracing t!ese
#aladapti%e responses and turning t!e# as t!e pillars of !er personalityC.
-6. .r. xxx concluded t!at t!e respecti%e
psyc!ological incapacities of t!e petitioner and respondent spea( of antecedence because suc! Dfla'ed personality began before t!ey
entered #arriage and #anifested only t!ereonC.
-7. .r. xxx described t!e respecti%e psyc!ological
incapacities of t!e petitioner and t!e respondent as DBR)AE, PERA)"IAE, "ERIOH", "EAERE, and PER&)NENT rendering it totally
beyond repaid despite a%ailable treat#ents and inter%ention considering t!e se%erity of petitioner,s and respondent,s aberrant
psyc!ological conditions, '!ic! #a(es reconciliation %ery difficult and i#possibleC.
-9. Iuoted !ereunder is t!e pertinent part of t!e
Report of .r. xxx, %i8:
"ince t!e psyc!ological aberration of t!e Petitioner and Respondent ste##ed early in t!eir li%es, t!ese !a%e been engra%ed into t!eir
syste# #a(ing t!eir functioning and ad;ust#ents !ig!ly defecti%e. eing an integral part of t!eir 'ellbeing, suc! disorders are
considered to be gra%e, per%asi%e, serious, se%ere and per#anent rendering it totally beyond repair despite a%ailable treat#ents and
inter%ention. 2i(e'ise, t!eir psyc!ological incapacitations are noted to be of ;uridical antecedence J #eaning 4 suc! fla'ed personality
pattern began before t!ey entered #arriage and #anifested only t!ereon. Considering t!e se%erity of Petitioner and Respondent,s
aberrant psyc!ological conditions, reconciliation is found to be %ery difficult and i#possibleC.
1:. T!e diagnosed psyc!ological incapacities of bot!
t!e petitioner and t!e respondent pre%ent t!e# fro# #utually perfor#ing t!eir #arital duties to eac! ot!er. In support of t!is, .r.
xxx states:
DErst'!ile couple, xxx and xxx, could ne%er li%e toget!er !ar#oniously as aut!entic !usband and 'ife 'it! t!e psyc!ological
incapacitation of bot! of t!e#. T!e !ope of reconciliation 'it! t!e !ope of a functional or nor#al #arital union founded on lo%e,
respect, trust, support and co##it#ent is %ie'ed to be uncertain and i#possible as t!ese essential attributes of #arriage ne%er existed
fro# t!e start of t!e relations!ipC.
11. .r. xxx t!us reco##ends t!at t!e #arriage
bet'een t!e parties be declared null and %oid based on t!e establis!ed psyc!ological incapacitation of bot! t!e petitioner and t!e
respondent as follo's:

D$ence, 'it! #uc! consideration to t!e findings and discussions #ade, t!e undersigned psyc!ologist !u#bly re@uests to t!is
$onorable Court t!at t!eir #arriage be declared null and %oid, on t!e account of Petitioner,s psyc!ological incapacitationC.
P ' A 3 E '
54E'E&O'E, pre#ises considered, it is respectfully prayed t!at t!e #arriage of t!e parties be declared null and void from
the beginning under Article 3 of the !amily Code"
Petitioner also prays for ot!er reliefs as #ay be dee#ed ;ust and e@uitable in t!e pre#ises.
2as Pinas City, xxx.