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Love marriage/Arranged marriage.

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Hello friends,

According to me arrange marriages are better if we consider there will be 99%

success in arrange marriages there will be more mutual understanding in
between both of them. And the foremost thing is that there will be support of our
parents. Most of the love marriages are unsuccessful so according to me arrange
marriages are best.


What Mr.A says is absolutely correct

When u get a new bond through arranged marriage naturally there arises a
demand for mutual understanding because when you are entirely new to a group
of people you will try to know people their likes, dislikes hence you will become
more flexible and you could win their hearts so that in a difficult situation you
get everybody’s help.



Well success of BOTH marriages depends on our self basically. If you finds
a person whom you can feel comfortable to live with, be happy and secure in their
presence then whatever love/arranged our marriage will be successful

If LOVE marriage we tend to know about them before itself and then start
thinking of getting married. Well Love marriages fail because people tend to find
faults in others /lack of understanding. Whatever but there also cases where
relationship is maintained in wonderful manner
In arranged marriage it becomes an obligation to live with the person.
Adjust with them throughout our life and parents do help or guide us if there is a
problem. That is the major difference

Well in both cases for a relationship to be healthy Understanding or Love

or affection or adjustment or Responsibility is necessary ... above all

Parents who don’t agree for love marriage basically want us to be in better
position or live happily. Considering or respecting them is also equally important.


Hi all

I feel in a love marriage you enter with a lot of expectations where these
expectations have already reached a level and then you start expecting more than
that. But in an arranged marriage you have the expectations but there is no
particular level already set. You set those levels after marriage.

According to me what one needs to be focused upon is the level of

understanding between the two whether it be a love marriage or arranged
marriage. Of course other parameters do affect apart understanding. It should be
a matter of personal choice rather than a matter of debate.


As Mr. A and Mr.B said that love marriages don't last long and arranged
marriages last longer I don't agree to this statement rather I would like to say that
the success of a marriage is strongly dependent on the mutual understanding
between the two persons as sowmya571 said, it depends on the compatibility of
the two persons how well they can adjust with each other how much do they care
about each other.

What Mr. A and Mr.B are saying is based on the success of the arranged
marriages is because of what seems from the outside that they are together, but in
many cases its only the mutual adjustment and because they are ready from the
first day to adjust with the other person and not understand them and end up
there life in doing so. The most important aspect is here to be compatible as this
enhances the outcome

And lastly we have our responsibilities towards our parents so the

marriage should be agreed by them and the compatibility of two persons who
have to spend the life together should also be kept in mind you consider thes
compatibility as love also.
So what I can conclude on my side is that those one, which is love, and are
then arranged


Hi Friends,

Well Mr.E what she said is entirely right because we cannot conclude love
marriage is good and arranged marriage is fail or vice versa, this is mainly
depends upon the understanding between eachother. How can we say that love
marriage is leads to fail this is only because of the misunderstanding, even
arranged marriages may also leads to fail when there is misunderstanding and

Mrs.D she said

"We have our responsibilities towards our parents so the marriage should be
agreed by them and the compatibility of two persons who have to spend the life
together should also be kept in mind, u can also consider this compatibility as
love also."

yes,I support this point before taking any decision that must be agreed by our

At last my conclusion is whether it is a love/arranged marriage it depends

on yours that will not affect on ourparents /children’s in future.

Both arrange and love marriage can successfull if there is mutual
undersatnding.we cant not gurantee about arranged mairrage it will be
a successful mairrage. The problem is not the type of mairrage but the
main problem is lack of understanding.after mairrage people feel as if
they are in bondage an they feel as if they have to abide by all the
rules.if we realise mairrage as a commitment to our life partner and
not as a bondage, then we will feel more free to dicuss all the issues of
differences. The other problem which i think is both with arranged
mairrage and love mairrage is lack of coordination between the two
partners. every human being in this world is different, and even if u
want to change your self according to the will of your partner it will
take some time. so we should have patience and should help our mate
to change those habits, but we should not expect a 100 percent drastic
behavioural change .