29 July 2014

In the News
Obama on Climate Change: We Must Make Sure the Planet Works
Charlie Spiering, Big Government, 25 July 2014
Fracking, InsideClimate, and Public Integrity
Steve Everley, Energy in Depth, 24 July 2014
California Environmentalism Conflicting with Pocketbook Concerns
Molly Peterson, KPCC, 24 July 2014
Mark Levin Sues EPA for Destroying Emails
C. J. Ciaramella, Washington Free Beacon, 24 July 2014
Surprise: Greens’ Preferred Sue and Settle Court Is in California Bay Area
William Yeatman, GlobalWarming.org, 23 July 2014
The Struggle to Mainstream Electric Vehicles
Allen Brooks, Master Resource, 23 July 2014
Federal Lands Deserve an Energy Boom Too
Robert Bradley, Jr., Forbes, 21 July 2014
Sue and Settle: Another Way for Greens to Halt Progress
Stephen Moore, Investor’s Business Daily, 21 July 2014
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Is “Obsessive and Dangerous”
Laura Helmuth, Slate, 20 July 2014
News You Can Use
Poll: Americans Give Low Priority to Climate Change
Just 4 percent of respondents in a new Politico poll of likely voters in competitive Senate states
and House districts identified the environment as the national issue that concerns them the
most, beating out other issues such as taxes, terrorism, and foreign affairs. The highest ranking
concerns were the economy and jobs, which were chosen by 21 percent and 10 percent of
respondents, respectively.
Inside the Beltway
William Yeatman
Senate EPW Republicans Audition Arguments against EPA’s
Clean Power Plan
On Wednesday morning, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy testified on the agency’s climate
regulations for existing power plants before the Senate Environment and Public Works
Committee, during which the minority party auditioned a number of arguments in opposition to
the rule.
The regulation is known as the Clean Power Plan. It was proposed by EPA on June 2 and
would, if finalized in its current form, effectively overhaul the electric industry in accordance with
EPA’s climate goals.
Sens. David Vitter (R-La.) and Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) argued that the rule represented an
unprecedented executive power grab, which is true. Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) argued that
the Clean Power Plan would shut down coal-fired power plants, which is also true. And Sen.
James M. Inhofe (R-Okla.) presented evidence that the rule wouldn’t actually impact global
temperatures and is, therefore, all pain and no gain.
These polemics are all spot-on. However, the finest argument was put forth by Sen. John
Barrasso (R-Wy.), who argued that the rule was an outrageous example of regulatory capture.
Here’s what he said:
On July 6th of this year, the NYT wrote a piece about the outsized role that the NRDC
had in developing the EPA’s new regulations to curb power plant emissions…The article
says it was a remarkable victory for the NRDC. Now, for those outside the beltway,
NRDC is a $120 million a year lobbying machine, backed by Hollywood elites. It is
absolutely shameful to me that the EPA, under the direction of this administrator, would
allow a team of lawyers and lobbyists to draft their regulations…
EPA has decided to push a rule that was drafted behind closed doors by powerful,
wealthy Washington lawyers and lobbyists at the NRDC. Let’s be clear, NRDC is a
wealthy, elite, powerful lobbying machine with more influence over decision making in
Washington than any ordinary U.S. citizen. They have millions which gives them access.
The EPA turns a deaf ear on those that don’t.
Bravo, Mr. Barrasso!
The Wyoming Senator concluded his opening statement by throwing down a gauntlet. He
challenged EPA and NRDC to comply with the Committee’s information requests, in order to
ascertain the extent to which EPA has been captured by green special interests.
Across the States
William Yeatman
Activist Judge in West Virginia Issues Another Anti-Coal
West Virginia District Judge Robert Chambers issued another suspiciously anti-coal ruling this
week when he granted partial summary judgment to the plaintiffs, the Ohio Valley
Environmental Coalition, Sierra Club, and West Virginia Highlands Conservancy and found
Alpha Coal liable for selenium pollution that violates the Clean Water Act and the Surface
Mining Control and Reclamation Act.
The ruling is flawed on a number of counts. For starters, selenium discharge wasn’t included in
the permits pursuant to these two statutes, so it’s unclear how Alpha could be responsible for
controlling it. This isn’t a cause for alarm: The plaintiffs failed to demonstrate that the discharges
of selenium actually caused any harm.
More to the point, this is merely the latest activist decision from Judge Chambers, who is
evidently anti-coal (see “Across the States” from the June 6 Cooler Heads Digest). In fact,
Judge Chambers used to be a member of one of the plaintiff organizations (the W.V. Highlands
Around the World
William Yeatman
Green Is the New Red
At a preparatory conference to the 20
Conference of the Parties to the United Nations
Framework Convention on Climate Change this week in Venezuela, more than 130
environmental organizations signed the Margarita Declaration, which calls for the end of
capitalism in order to fight global warming.

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