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Heather Davis

EDN 303


20 Websites Project


Discovery Education sponsors a sight that allows teachers to generate puzzles, mazes,

corsswords, etc. for any subject. It offers a feature to make lesson plans too.


A to Z Teacher Stuff has a special “themes” menu. It allows a teacher to select a theme to

be discussed in class and in return the program will list games to do , puzzles to

complete, and lesson plans concerning that topic.


Educational Resources provides a teacher resource bank. Within the listed subject areas

there are lists of supplemental literatures that would be helpful in the classroom.


RM is a site that can be specified to subject area, grade level and state of teaching. A

teacher can view the standard course of study for his/her particular state by providing this



Teacher Created Resources is a site that provides teaching materials that can be purchased

to aid in classroom discussions. There is tab, “free,” that lets teachers download a free

activity that pertains to specified grade levels.


Thinkquest sponsors a site, “1.2.3 Spanish,” that is an interactive way to learn Spanish. It

helps students learn terms related to certain topics (ie. animals, bathroom, beach).


This site provides a menu for teachers to select a topic (ie. Spanish fiestas, Spanish

music, sprts in Spain, etc.) in order to gather information. It provides a word of the day

that would be a fun activity in the classroom


This site explains what a dialect is and how it applies to Spanish. The history of how

Spanish has developed is explained too.


Several grammar excercises are provided for teachers to use. Students can listen to a

Spanish student who is studying abroad via a web video.


Study Spanish provides several units that give a great collection of grammar lessons. A

pod cast, quizzes and tests are available for students.


Spanish Speaking Web Quest is a great step-by-step project for students to complete. It

provides a context, outlines exactly what is to included in the project, and provides links

of Spanish speaking countries for research.


¡Viva España! is designed for upper level Spanish students. The web quest activity is for

a group of four students that will play the part of four different people on a trip to Spain.

This Spanish food web quest is a fun activity that lets students discover delicious dishes

from Spain. It’s a five day project with reasonable requirements and available links for




This site goes into depth in all facets fo art of Spain. The art includes architecture, music,

literature, and paintings.


This site has a massive media collection that can be searched for Spanish related material.

Spanish music to mini Spanish movie clips can be viewed during class.


An online dictionary is efficient. This dictionary can translate a word between English

and Spanish, give the definition, and provide audio.

18. www.listof

This site provides a list of holidays that are specific to Spain. Students can compare

Spanish holidays to American holidays.


This site contains a list of holidays specific to Mexico. Students could use this site and

the one before that pertains to Spain as a comparison project.

CNN is a popular news broadcast that most students well recognize. This link will direct

students just to turn on the news headlines that concern current latin america news.