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Worship 19.07.

09 CORNERSTONE Sermon Notes

Songs of Worship community church

To God Be The Glory
What A Friend We Have In Jesus
Proclamation of the Word of God
Lord, I Believe - Worship to all first time visitors.
John 9:35-41 Please sign
our guest book
Song of Worship
and fill in the ‘Ministry Card’
Here I Am To Worship found on the information
Now Unto The King Eternal table in the foyer and
place it in the offering box.
We would like to acknowledge
your presence and provide
some information about
 If you do not own a Bible and would
like one, please let us know - we
would like to give one to you as a gift
and our ministry to you.

All our announcements are online:
(under c3 contents 2008) or call the
church. In addition our growth
group materials can be
found here.

Devote Yourselves To Prayer - Colossians 4.2

 Pray for those at c3 who are on vacation, that they would be granted safety and a time of
refreshment.  Take time before the Lord to thank Him for opening our eyes to our need of
Christ Jesus as Lord and Saviour from our sins. May He be praised for the riches of His glory
through Christ.  Pray that we be on guard against gossip, negative criticism, false
expectations, unhealthy burdens, strife and weariness that will seek to invade our lives.
 Continue to lay before the Lord the plans that we have been praying about for our future
growth, that the Lord would lead the steps of all involved.  Meditate upon the Lord’s call
for one another to be constantly engaged in worship as a way of life (beyond the call for
corporate worship, as worship should be shown daily in thought, word, and deed).


 Congregational Update Meeting - will be held today right after our worship
service. Some important updates will be communicated, so be sure to be
available for this meeting.  Servants Needed - for hosting Agape Dinners at
your home; drivers; bulletin preparation (must have computer and interest with
graphics). We will provide some training if you need.  Invite A Friend - please
pray for family, friends, and neighbours that do not know the Lord and invite them to our church
worship service. If you would like others to pray for these individuals please use the ‘Ministry
Card’ and place it in the offering box.  Local Outreach - our next one will be August 8, 2009.
WALKING IN THE TRUTH: As Christians we are responsible to live out God’s Word in our daily life (John 13:17; James 1:22-
Leadership: Pastor Tim Champ - Elder, Pastor Steve Van Vleck - Elder, Pastor Keon Lum - Pastor-Teacher 25). Upon studying and being taught God’s Word we need to ask: ‘How can I apply, in a practical way, the divine truths and
Sunday Worship 2:30pm . 8886 Hudson Street . Vancouver . British Columbia . V6P 4N2 . phone: 604. 842.77.C3 (23) principles of God’s Word that I have learned today?’ ‘What changes do I need to make in my attitude and actions, in order to
email: . web: . good news: be more Christ-like?’ Please turn over for more..