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Fall 2014

President Gene Walker

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Treasurer Tom Ruttan
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Secretary Tom Krise
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101 Road Run
Special Edition
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Oregon Trail Chapter
June 2014

Oregon Trail National Road Run 2014
By Madeline Malmgren, Evergreen Chapter
The mid-July weather was perfect and the club
picked some outstanding country roads for the
2014 run. This was our first time on an Oregon
Trail Chapter event, and our 17 year olds first
road run. He rode a 46 WL that we deemed
reliable for his maiden voyage, with dad on the
42 Army bike, and mom on a 47 Knuckle

First Road Run on the 1946 Harley-Davidson WL

Bills 1942 Harley-Davidson in military dress
Thursday, July 17
The first day we warmed up with a short
afternoon ride through the wheat fields to
Brownsville and then Crawfordsville, following
shady roads along the river and past two white
covered bridges. The harvested wheat fields sure
add a sweet scent to the warm summer air. We
continued the loop after a stop at Marcola,
through historic Coburn and back up to the host
hotelwell almost back--the WL died about 2
miles short of the hotel in Harrisburg. First
thought was out of gas, but it had lost power a
few miles back, and the likely diagnosis was a
blown head gasket. It finally started and we
made it back to River Life Resort, right on the
Willamette River.
The pool was darn near perfect, and several
riders confirmed that sentiment after each daily
ride. Evenings are a good social time, its always
enjoyable to talk with other riders and see folks
from across the county and their beautiful iron.
Washington, Idaho, California, and Oregon, Texas
and Canada were represented in the mix.
After a little bit of prodding and encouragement
(shaming) from the San Diego region, Bill began
the parking lot repair to the blown head gasket,
using JB weld for a gasket.

Bill cleans the surface of the WLs rear head
A couple hours later (and large oil stain, sorry)
and the job was curingin the morning on
startup it was found to be a success, and the
parking lot repair lasted the rest of the trip!
Funny, there was a brand new tube of JB Weld on
the bike in the morningthanks.
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Oregon Trail Chapter
June 2014

Friday, July 18
Fridays ride headed west on 36, and it was kind
of long to the coast for lunch at the Adobe Inn
(some folks get grouchy when they are hungry).
Then North on 101 and back eastward on
Highway 34again some great roads through the
green tree lined countryside with nice
temperatures and gentle turns.

This is what the 101 Ride was all about
On Highway 36, we passed many small
communities whose heyday long passed; mills,
houses, all empty for some time
The route turned Southeast at Alsea, where some
riders stopped at Alsea Falls. The single lane road
with turnouts through the woods was tunnel-like
and a personal favorite. The route then went
through the towns of Alpine and Monroe on the
way back to the pool. Alpine was a stop for those
who were thirsty.

Alsea OR rest and refreshment
Kudos to the Food Lady, Norlene Wolbert, who did
a great job providing our group with a sugar fix of
Mennonite pastries, fruit and coffee each
morning, as well as dinner the first two nights.
She was a gem!

Morning line-up for the riders meeting
Saturday, July 19
On Saturday, the ride took us up to Marys Peak,
at an elevation of 4000+ feet, with an awesome
road, sunny skies, and incredible views at the top.

View from the top of Marys Peak
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Oregon Trail Chapter
June 2014

On the way down, a rider had a mishap at one of
the turns, but thankfully nothing too serious.

Rest stop in the trees on the way to Marys Peak
Riders converged at The Ixtapa Restaurant in
Philomath for a lunch that we still talk about (in a
good way). A relaxing ride South on Bellfountain
took us back home, and of course the pool,
where we observed a wedding party in full black
attire and sweat, as we enjoyed a cool drink and
couple hours of sun before dinner.

Secretary Tom in the wind
The banquet offered tender beef brisket and/or
roasted chicken, beans, salads, the worksdid
anybody else try the spicy BBQ sauce? All quite
delicious and plentiful. The awards, raffle prizes,
and more socializing rounded out a good evening.
It was a ride we will mark on our calendars for
next year, you should too!

Author and her family on top of Marys Peak

Malmgren family ready to roll

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Oregon Trail Chapter
June 2014

Some Bikes in Attendance

President Gene Walker and his Harley Bobber

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Oregon Trail Chapter
June 2014

Photos courtesy of Madeline Malmgren, Stan
Randall, and Spike Smith.
Upcoming Events
Hello all,
We are in the preliminary planning stages for the
Northern Rockies Chapter of the Antique
Motorcycle Club of America Road Run. The event
is in Libby, Montana and headquartered at the
Venture Inn. We have a block of 20 rooms
reserved. If the rooms are already reserved
when you call, identify yourself as attending the
Road Run and they will honor the same rate.
There are other motels available if you choose,
just google Libby Montana motels. There is also a
city park across the street with camping available.
No reservations taken, first come, first served.
So arrive early if you are planning to camp.
The dates are: August 21 - 23. Fliers will be
mailed out at a later date and also available at
the Missouri River Run in Great Falls, June 5 - 7.
Orland Leland
Kalispell, Montana
Member Classifieds
1970 Triumph TR6C - $5995
This is a very nice original 1970 Triumph TR6C
(650cc twin w/ single carburetor and high pipes)
with about 18,000 miles. The gas tank appears to
have the original paint along with the factory
seat, stainless steel fenders and all the correct
factory parts.
The bike has the patina of a 43 year old machine
that has seen some use and is collectable as an
original survivor. It is in very good condition, runs
well and has recently had a new rear tire
installed, new battery, refurbished Amal
concentric carburetor with new Stay-up float,
new throttle needle & jet, new throttle cable and
new foot and passenger peg rubbers.
The bike has also been recently serviced with
engine, gearbox and fork oil changed as well as
timing and valve lash checked.
This TR6C comes with a clear Oregon title and
current license so is ready to ride on the street.
Call Tom at 503.621.8943
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Oregon Trail Chapter
June 2014
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