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Dominic Alessandro: The rising star of

insurance and finance services in Canada

Dominic Alessandro was born on 18
Jan 1947 Frosolone, Molise, Italy. He was appointed as the
President and CEO of Manulife Financial in 1994. Manulife Financial is a renowned Canadian Insurance
and financial service company. To be appointed as a president was a big landmark in his professional
achievements. Later Dominic Alessandro also joined the board of directors at the Canadas largest
energy company named Suncor Energy Inc.
Dominic Alessandro has gained his most of the higher education in Rutgers Graduate Business School.
He did bachelors in marketing and later finished MBZ in marketing and supply Chain management from
Rutgers graduate Business School. He has a knack for finance and marketing since childhood and his raw
talent was sharpened during his time in Rutgers Business School. He learnt all the nuances of business
world like financial management, negotiations, operation analysis, consumer behavior, business ethics
etc which proved fruitful to him in his career. Dominic Alessandro has been working as a manager in
Prudential Financial for last 7 months and working hard to bring it to the top.
He performs different tasks and looks after various responsibilities as a manager. He has worked hard to
transform end to end workflow processes in marketing to improve departmental efficiency, operational
consistency, maximization of resources and quality of product. Alessandro also manages on-site training
to ensure consistency between processes and technology. He analyzes and report metrics of volume and
Lets take a brief review of his achievements. Dominic Alessandro was named an officer of the Order of
Canada in August 2003. He has also won a title of Canadas Most respected CEO in 2004 and also
bagged the title of Canadas outstanding CEO of the Year 2002 for his distinguished contribution to
business and the community. He has also won the international Distinguished Entrepreneur Award from
the University of Manitoba in June 2007.
In the same year, he received the Canadian Business Leader award From the Alberta School of Business
and University of Alberta. York University presented him an honorary doctorate in 2006. In 2006 only,
the Prime Minister of Canada named Dominic Alessandro to the Advisory committee on the Public
Service of Canada. Dominic talent and wide knowledge of business and his perseverance makes him the
best businessman of the Canada. He is growing leaps and bounds day by day and will soon reach the