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Oracle Public Sector Planning and Budgeting Application

Decision Package Creation fall due to An error occurred

while running the specified calc script
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advance learners. In the same series, we have prepared a complete end-to end
Hands-on Beginners Gide !or "racle Pblic Sector Planning. The docment
!ocses on error associated with #ecision pac$age creation. %oin or pro!essional
training program and learn !rom e&perts.
!ersion Description Change Author Publish Date
"#$ %nitial Draft San&a Purohit $"th 'eb ("$)
"#$ *e+iew A,it Shar,a $"th 'eb ("$)
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The H'perion Pblic Sector Planning and Bdgeting -PSPB. ot o! bo& #ecision Pac$ages -DP. and Bdget
(e)est -B*. !nctionalit' is not straight !orward. The word *"t o! Bo&+ reall' con!ses cstomers.
,stomers assme no con!igration and setps are re)ired to se this !nctionalit'. However the assmption
is completel' wrong. The setp o! #P re)ires !nctional nderstanding o! bsiness with H'perion Planning
technical $nowledge. The !irst and most import step o! #P setp is modi!ication o! prebilt bsiness rle
*BI-pdate.......+. #P enabled application creates BI-pdate/name o! plan t'pe0 rle !or each plan t'pe.
,reation and modi!ication o! #P rn this rle on planning server. This rle pdates vales on Essbase to trac$
recrring and non-recrring bdget re)est. I was not aware abot this !act and tr' to create a baseline
decision pac$et and got the below given error so I thoght to share with 'o.
The purpose of this article is to provide you an understanding of BIUpdateXXXX rule
and modifcation reuirement before to create decision pac!ages. If decision pac!age
option is enabled during the application creation process" it will create
BIupdateXXXXXX rule for each plan type #$here XXXX denotes the plan type name%.
&ince custom dimension are added after the application creation. The application
creation process does not !now what members should be added in the rule. 'owever
this theory does not apply on '(P plan type because '(P comes with )ut of bo*
dimension and no modifcation is reuired at most of the time. The modifcation of
BIupdateXXX rule is only reuired on custom plan types where you have to add custom
dimension. The default rule creates a f* statement with +,IX #-Period-. -/ear-. -0ntity-.
1&cenario2. 13ersion2%4member combination. This combination is perfect if we don5t
add any custom dimension but most of the time we have to add custom dimension to
meet reuirements.
HO2 1O
I will ta$e an e&ample !rom one o! m' application where I had !ew cstom dimensions. The de!alt rle does
not have all the members and will not wor$ !or below given otline. 1et sa', i! we have to pdate BI-pdate...
rle as per the below given dimension. I will go ahead and add !ollowing member /-nspeci!ied2ctivit',
-nspeci!ied ,IPPro3ect,Totalnd,-nspeci!ied1ocation, and so on to each dimensions0. These nspeci!ied
members will be sed to tac$ data in BI-pdate... rle.
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2!ter pdating the rle shold loo$ li$e4-
5ow tr' creating a #P. 6o shold not see an' error. Please read the "racle docment !or more in!ormation;<9=7epm.===:7planning<pblic<sector7!rameset.htm>
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