Philippine Australian Human Resource and Organizational Development Facility (PAHRODF

DepED TQM Prebid Conference
November 26, 2012, Discovery Suites, Ortigas


The Department of Education (DepED) TQM Prebid Conference started at 2:30 pm upon
welcoming the representatives from different consultancy groups. Ms. Rutth Gerochi, assigned
HRODF Adviser for DepED, explained that the tender is open to everyone who wants to bid for
the project. The consulting group may be accredited or not by PAHRODF. The session will also
be video recorded which will be uploaded in the PAHRODF message board for international

Attendees of the Conference were the following:
Name Organisation
Hazel Zaballareo Mind Head, Inc.
Marian Joy Manalo Mind Head, Inc.
Mary Anne Cheng Cardno, Emerging Markets
Sonny Cuenco Human Capital Asia
Ramon Derige Human Capital Asia
Dada Salud Human Capital Asia
May Cuevas People Sparx
Nina Estudillo People Sparx
Audie Masigan People Sparx
Noel De Leon Development Strategist International Consulting
Richard Gonzales Development Strategist International Consulting
Raymunda Esteban Orient Integrated Development Consultants, Inc. (OIDCI)
Jowena Manalac First Pacific Leadership Academy (formerly MMLDC)
Ruth Ramirez First Pacific Leadership Academy (formerly MMLDC)
Hazel Mirandilla International Technology Management Corp. (INTEM)
Gerardo Plana Investors in People Philippines – Inspiring Partners, Inc.
Marietta Porio Investors in People Philippines – Inspiring Partners, Inc.
Susan C. Investors in People Philippines – Inspiring Partners, Inc.
Marichu Suarez Queensland University of Technology
Dr. Abet Macabulao JFK Center Foundation
Karen Mendoza PPL Developers Consultancy
Denise Cabuang PPL Developers Consultancy
Renato P. Ancilla
E. Lopez Ancilla
Edna Panganiban Development Academy of the Philippines
Homer Alcon Development Academy of the Philippines
Thess Agustin Development Academy of the Philippines
Jesson Butcon Department of Education Specialist, BESRA
Dexter Pante

Rowena Dela Cruz
Project Development and Evaluation Division Project
Development, DepED
Ria Roa DepED Specialist, Basic Education Program

Philippine Australian Human Resource and Organizational Development Facility (PAHRODF)
DepED TQM Prebid Conference
November 26, 2012, Discovery Suites, Ortigas


Ms. Gerochi expounded that the purpose of the Pre Bid is to understand more the wider
context of DepED and AusAid, especially their Statement of Commitment on Basic Education.
This is also the opportunity for potential bidders to enquire and clarify questions on the

The department of Educationis a core partner of the Facility. Mr. Jesson Butcon of DepED,
presented the current priorities and direction of the Department. . DepED has been
implementing education reforms under the Basic Education Sector Reform Agenda (BESRA), a
policy to strengthen the capacity of DepED to deliver basic education services. It is driven by
five (5) key result thrusts:
 KRT 1: Strengthened school-based management
 KRT 2: Improved teaching effectiveness and teacher quality
 KRT 3: Enhanced quality through standards and assessment
 KRT 4: Improved outcomes on early childhood education, alternative learning systems
and private sector participation
 KRT 5: Institutional culture change in DepED to better support these key reform thrusts

Through the full implementation of BESRA, the implementation of K to 12, which is under the
KRT 3, will be attained. The K to 12, the flagship reform strategy which started SY 2012-2013,
will enhance the basic education system to full functionality to fulfill the basic learning needs of

In line with this, the Total Quality Management (TQM) which is part of KRT 5, will promote a
culture of excellence in service delivery at all levels. This transformation will ensure that
schools are effective and efficient in providing basic education to children. TQM will transform
the central, regional and division offices toward providing consistent and seamless support
system to schools. TQM will also motivate and empower the staff towards improving service
delivery to their internal customers: the regional office to their division office, and the division
office toward the schools and then ultimately to the students. The culture of continuous
improvement (kaizen) will be engrained in the stakeholders, i.e. continuous improvements
towards delivery of services to internal and external clients.

Recently, DepED launched ACCESs – A Child and Community Centered Education System. It is
about building people, systems, evolving a culture, strategies (down up, up down).

Lifted from the HR/OD Intervention Design Specification
ACCESs provides…
A framework to advance the philosophy of shared governance
of education and to ensure a strong culture of effective
leadership & management in the provision of basic education
Philippine Australian Human Resource and Organizational Development Facility (PAHRODF)
DepED TQM Prebid Conference
November 26, 2012, Discovery Suites, Ortigas


To further implement the goals of ACCESs, DepED is reforming its Planning and Budgeting
System through the alignment of strategic and operational plans of the agency. . The
organisation is also establishing a responsive and effective performance-based Performance
Management System (PMS) to translate the strategic direction into concrete organisational,
unit and individual goals, competencies and action plans.
These two programmes receive
support from AusAID through the PAHRODF.

The DepED’s Quality Management System (QMS) under the KRT 3 of BESRA started in 2009.
The QMS defines the tools and processes that DepED require in order to achieve quality
education. It attempts to systematize and standardize DepED core processes required to
achieve the objective of the framework for basic education.
On-going training programs are
currently conducted to staff members of central and regional offices which will provide QMS
technical assistance to Divisions.

Thus, the introduction of TQM as a discipline and as a technology is very timely as the
department is seriously reforming the bureaucracy. The application of TQM principles
(customer-orientation; continuous improvement; simple but rigorous), processes (SOPs,
templates, technology support), tools and structures (clear roles and responsibilities; natural
units as TQM groups - quality councils and circles, TQM facilitators), including working norms
and relationships, will effectively contribute to attainment of individual and group targets
leading to the achievement of desired learning outcomes.

TQM in DepED
For full TQM installation, the intervention will be fully implemented at the school and division
levels. TQM interventions will be likewise provided to central and regional offices so that they
can effectively support the TQM initiatives of the schools and divisions. with the critical support
from the central and regional offices. The TQM programme will cover four (4) model regions (2
in Luzon, 1 in Visayas and 1 in Mindanao) with one (1) division per region. The following are the
series of desired outcomes for the programme:

Development Impact: (long term impact, after 4 years)
In DepED’s TATAK QUALITY, students are provided with educational services that are learner-
centered, relevant and responsive to the needs of the community.

Organisational Outcoms: (Desired results in DepED)
Ultimate outcome (2015): Full installation of TATAK QUALITY at the school level

Lifted from the HR/OD Intervention Design Specification


Philippine Australian Human Resource and Organizational Development Facility (PAHRODF)
DepED TQM Prebid Conference
November 26, 2012, Discovery Suites, Ortigas


Intermediate outcome (2014): Model schools have appropriate policies, structures, processes,
tools and competencies to ensure client-orientation and continuous improvement in curriculum
Immediate 2013:
- Model divisions have appropriate TQM policies, structures, processes, etc.
- Central and regional offices have the required knowledge, appreciate and commitment
- All key officers and staff at the Central offices and model regions, divisions and school

*For the complete Workplace Development Objective, please refer to the HR/OD Intervention
Design Specification

Question and Answer portion:

Questions Answers
Can we have a copy of the

Mr. Jesson Butcon will seek clearance from the Undersecretary.
Copies will then be uploaded to the message board.

Is this extended to ARMM? While we recognize that ARMM has its own governing rules and
policies as an autonomous region, we maintain an
administrative relationship in terms of fiscal management as
well as advisory rule in terms of strategic policies and programs.
The Secretary of both ARMM and DepED has a collegial
relationship, thus 80% of the time they replicate what we have
at the national level. Although some of the things are
remodeled when it reaches their level, they have a leeway not
to adopt what we have. But because of the very good
relationship, the advisory role of DepED is sought every year.
Most of implementing guidelines and polices are adopted
entirely by ARMM.

I see that in QMS, DepED is
piloting new regional
structures (Reg. 6 to 8), I
believe that the expectation is
to build on that initiative,
strengthen the organisation
and roll out the structure

- Roll out of the new structure is not part of the TQM
programme and not part of the expectations forthis project.
The RAT Plan is still in the developmental stage. This project is
not expected to roll out a new structure, except a TQM
structure that is already consistent with the natural structure
of DepED.
- In terms of structure, in the RAT Plan we are looking at
restructuring not only in regional office but in all levels. The
purpose of this is to operationalize RA 9155. It is basically
stating how we will organize the department so that it will be
able to fulfill and perform its core functions. With regard to
Philippine Australian Human Resource and Organizational Development Facility (PAHRODF)
DepED TQM Prebid Conference
November 26, 2012, Discovery Suites, Ortigas


TQM, there will be an office that will be the focal unit for
quality assurance, to focus on TQM. When the change
management team looked into the review of the structure,
the main basis was how all the different levels can fully
support the schools in the delivery of the basic education
services. There will be a unit in the division, region and
central office that will focus on looking at the school
effectiveness, look at the total quality management thru
quality assurance not just in the aspect of curriculum but also
education governance. Making sure that the curriculum will
not be “corrupted”. The systems, the processes and even the
people will be capacitated to make sure that we will be
delivering efficient, effective and relevant services. That is
the plan in restructuring. We make sure that the structure will
focus in the core function and we have constant
communication in the group working on ACCESs, planning,
what guidelines are being given by CSC, etc. We make sure it
is all aligned.
- The essence of the new DepED design is to really support the
Is it okay to partner with other
Please do so, partner with other LSPs. This will require a full cast
team. You might also want to look at the roster of individual
consultants of the Facility.

My understanding is that
there are other LSPs working
on other things. Are we
allowed to talk with them?
- Yes three, eventually we will connect you with the other LSPs
with their interventions. You can talk to them as they are
prospective bidders as well. But we will request you NOT to
talk to DepED.
- For those who are having interventions now, we know that
you are already in DepED. Please refrain from talking to
Jesson regarding TQM. But you can talk to them about your
current intervention. I will request Jesson to tell the entire
team not to talk about the TQM project as well to current LSPs
in DepED.

You mentioned international
bidders, can you amplify
further on that? Are they
registered service providers or
will it be sent out in the
Sent out to the universe. Last weekend we advertised in three
(3) international newspapers. There is no requirement for
accreditation here. That is why we are also requesting you to
submit important institutional documents. The profile of these
international bidders, we do not know.

Philippine Australian Human Resource and Organizational Development Facility (PAHRODF)
DepED TQM Prebid Conference
November 26, 2012, Discovery Suites, Ortigas


Will there be a point in the
schedule that we will know
the pool of the bidders?
I am sorry, no, everything will be confidential..

You mentioned earlier, TQM
that has been started. May
we know the TQM Challenges
that the project has been
undergoing right now?

- It is actually not a project but key result areas already.
- TQM process is part of the bigger policy called BESRA. At the
policy level, we have issuances regarding organization of
teams, capacity building or competency development,
installation of systems at different levels. But the prevailing
challenges are (1) integration as a way of life rather than a
project intervention. (2) Ensuring that the systems, policy as
well as the competence of people match with the overall
vision which is to be a child & community centered. If you look
at the macro scale, there is an ongoing system supported by
the enabling policy. But whether it is aligned, that is yet to be
seen. TIP: Make a map on how you understand what DepED
is doing.
- The challenge: they have standards, even SOPs, manuals and
a lot of framework. How come it is not yet mainstreamed and
institutionalized? Of course we will not give you the answer
because that is what the proposal must show, it should
provide the answer. Second, one of the aspects we discussed
is in the aspect of sustainability. What you will do in next 12
months must be replicated in all schools in the next years. We
will look at the proposal and for indications of sustainability
mechanisms or expansion mechanism or mainstreaming
mechanisms. We will look at 12 to 17 schools for this project.
The purpose of modeling is to learn and how to expand and
sustain it. TIP: Proposal should have expansion and
sustainability mechanism
TIP: Please explain to us how the strategic planning and PMS
are related to the TQM.

Final timetable for the project.
Once finalized, will it be cast in
stones or will it depend on the
design also?

How do we finalize the actual project plan and the project map?
This is really a dialogue between DepED and the winning LSP
already. We are looking at the realities of DepED, for example,
March, April and May, and a little of June are dead months for
DepED. There is election, there is K to 12, overall training, and
start of school. Given all these realities, we plan the different
interventions, we identify the specific stakeholders for specific
activities and make sure that we make appointments with these
stakeholders very early. The final plan//timetable is built
together with DepEd. Will it be then cast instone? No. There
Philippine Australian Human Resource and Organizational Development Facility (PAHRODF)
DepED TQM Prebid Conference
November 26, 2012, Discovery Suites, Ortigas


will be adjustments, fine tuning in timing, in intervention. The
reality is very different from the time you propose and from
when you actually see what is happening on the ground. But
once we agree on your major deliverables and time frame, we
try our very best to stick to it. This will also have implications on
your own project management and budgeting. The assumption
is it is well thought thru already.

Four (4) models (for the areas)
are still to be finalized. When
will this be provided?

That one is for the final decision of AusAid and DepED; we do not
have control on that. However, two are in Luzon (southern and
eastern perhaps), one in central Visayas and one in Mindanao ,
probably eastern side.

Philippine Australian Human Resource and Organizational Development Facility (PAHRODF)
DepED TQM Prebid Conference
November 26, 2012, Discovery Suites, Ortigas


How were these regions chosen?

On the basis of success rate. These are called
model regions because we want to succeed in
our first year. We do not use pilot regions. The
selected regions have a record of high success
rate. In choosing schools, it will be negotiated
between the Facility, DepED and the winning
bidder. Guidelines are small, medium, large
schools and some primary and secondary levels.
At least three schools per region.

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