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Symbolic Math Toolbox

Perform symbolic math computations

Symbolic Math Toolbox provides functions for solving and manipulating symbolic math expressions and
performing variable-precision arithmetic. You can analytically perform differentiation, integration, simplifcation,
transforms, and equation solving. You can also generate code for MATLAB

, Simulink

, and Simscape from

symbolic math expressions.
Symbolic Math Toolbox includes the MuPAD

language, which is optimized for handling and operating on

symbolic math expressions. It provides libraries of MuPAD functions in common mathematical areas, such as
calculus and linear algebra, and in specialized areas, such as number theory and combinatorics. You can also write
custom symbolic functions and libraries in the MuPAD language. The MuPAD Notebook lets you document
symbolic math derivations with embedded text, graphics, and typeset math. You can share the annotated
derivations as HTML or as a PDF.
Key Features
Symbolic integration, differentiation, transforms, and linear algebra
Algebraic and ordinary differential equation (ODE) solvers
Simplifcation and manipulation of symbolic expressions
Code generation from symbolic expressions for MATLAB, Simulink, Simscape, C, Fortran, MathML, and
Variable-precision arithmetic
MuPAD Notebook for performing and documenting symbolic calculations
MuPAD language and function libraries for combinatorics, number theory, and other mathematical areas
Computing in Symbolic Math Toolbox
Symbolic Math Toolbox provides a complete set of tools for symbolic computing that augments the numeric
capabilities of MATLAB. The toolbox includes extensive symbolic functionality that you can access directly from
the MATLAB command line or from the MuPAD Notebook. You can extend the functionality available in the
toolbox by writing custom symbolic functions or libraries in the MuPAD language.
The toolbox also enables you to translate symbolic results for use with MATLAB, Simulink, and Simscape.
A surface generated from a symbolic equation, plotted from the MATLAB command line.
A parametric surface of velocity versus mass and elasticity for a mass-spring-damper system, plotted in the MuPAD
Symbolic Computations in MATLAB
Symbolic Math Toolbox lets you performsymbolic computations from the MATLAB command line by defning
symbolic math expressions and operating on them. Functions are called using the familiar MATLAB syntax and
are available for integration, differentiation, simplifcation, equation solving, and other mathematical tasks.
Computing symbolic integrals in MATLAB using familiar MATLAB syntax.
Integration, Differentiation, and Other Calculus
You can performdifferentiation and defnite and indefnite integration, calculate limits, compute series
summation and product, generate the Taylor series, and compute Laplace, Fourier, and Z-transforms and their
inverses. You can also perform vector calculus such as calculating the curl, divergence, gradient, Jacobian,
Laplacian, and potential.
Computing analytical Jacobian in MATLAB.
Formula Manipulation and Simplifcation
Symbolic Math Toolbox enables you to simplify long expressions into shorter forms, transform expressions to
particular forms or rewrite them in specifc terms, and replace parts of expressions with specifed symbolic or
numeric values.
Equation Solving
You can analytically solve for well-posed systems of algebraic equations and ordinary differential equations to get
exact answers that are free from numerical approximations.
Analytically solving systems of algebraic equations in MATLAB.
Linear Algebra
You can performmatrix analysis on symbolic matrices such as computing norm, condition number, determinant,
and characteristic polynomial. You can execute matrix operations and transformations with functions for
computing the inverse and exponential, and for working with rows and columns of the matrix. You can also get
symbolic expressions for the eigenvalues and eigenvectors and perform a symbolic singular value decomposition
of a matrix.
Mathematical Functions
Symbolic Math Toolbox includes the symbolic versions of many mathematical functions, such as logarithm,
Dirac, gamma, Bessel, Airy, LambertW, hypergeom, and error functions.
Executing MuPAD Statements
From MATLAB you can also execute statements written in the MuPAD language, which lets you fully access the
functionality in the MuPAD engine.
Interactive Computations in the MuPAD Notebook
The MuPAD Notebook provides an interactive environment for performing symbolic computations using the
MuPAD language. It includes a symbol palette for accessing common MuPAD functions, and all results are
displayed in typeset math that can be converted into MathML and TeX. You can embed graphics, animations, and
descriptive text within your notebook to help manage and document your work.
Text, graphics, and typeset math in the MuPAD Notebook.
Symbolic Math Toolbox provides functions for sharing symbolic variables and expressions between the MuPAD
Notebook and the MATLAB workspace, enabling you to merge the work you do in each environment.
Using the MuPAD Notebook to analyze the Gibbs phenomenon of a periodic step function. MuPAD notebooks let you
perform and document symbolic computations.
Using the MuPAD Notebook to perform multivariate integration. MuPAD notebooks let you display calculations in
typeset math.
Generating Code for MATLAB, Simulink, and Simscape
The results of symbolic computations are often used in numeric codes that exclusively use standard
double-precision arithmetic.
Symbolic Math Toolbox provides functions for generating MATLAB functions, Simulink function blocks, and
equations based on the Simscape language directly from symbolic expressions.
Translating analytical results for use in MATLAB, Simulink, and Simscape.
With these functions, you can convert the result of your symbolic computations into functions based on numeric
computation, ready to be used in other parts of your program. Using the generated MATLAB functions does not
require a license for Symbolic Math Toolbox. You can also convert symbolic expressions into C, Fortran,
MathML, and TeX code.
Creating MATLAB functions automatically from symbolic expressions.
Variable-Precision Arithmetic
With Symbolic Math Toolbox, you can declare variable-precision arithmetic variables and perform arithmetic
operations on them. Variable-precision arithmetic is useful for situations where you require high precision for
your numeric calculations or you need to check the results of an algorithm that uses standard double-precision
arithmetic. You can set the decimal digit accuracy for numeric computations to be as high as you need and
maintain the accuracy for all symbolic math functions and operations.
Programming with variable-precision arithmetic.
Programming in the MuPAD Language
The MuPAD Notebook provides a debugger and other programming utilities for authoring custom symbolic
functions and libraries in the MuPAD language. The language supports multiple programming styles, including
imperative, functional, and object-oriented programming. The language treats variables as symbolic by default,
and it is optimized for handling and operating on symbolic math expressions.
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The MuPAD procedure for rotating a vector in three dimensions. The MuPAD language is optimized for handling and
operating on symbolic math expressions.
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