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... through Bertha Dudde

As it was before the great Flood ....
The time will ome whe! it will be "ust as it was before the great
Flood .... O!e agai! #eo#le will ta$e #leasure i! their life o!
earth with e%ubera!t "o&' o!e agai! the& will stri(e to reah the
highest goals' &et their e(er& thought will #urel& be
materialistiall& i!li!ed ....
O!e agai! si! will beome rife a!d #eo#le will be )ata!*s
ob(ious ser(a!ts' the truth will be ridiuled a!d error will be
idolised ....
God*s (oie will !ot be heeded' &et for )ata!*s (oie #eo#le*s
hearts will be ree#ti(e a!d thus the& will o!l& e(er aom#lish
what is wro!g a!d o!sta!tl& i!fri!ge agai!st the eter!al order'
the& will be e!tirel& without lo(e but #osses e%essi(e selfish
lo(e i!stead a!d o!l& e(er loo$ after a!d wor$ for themsel(es
a!d merilessl& b&#ass their !eed& fellow huma! bei!gs.
But this time has bee! #redited to &ou a!d will ome as
ertai!l& as o!e da& follows a!other' for o!e da& e(e! the future
will beome the #rese!t' a!d o!e da& all #reditio!s will ome
true' thus &ou huma!s are fai!g the e!d a!d there is !ot muh
time left.
Therefore' all those of &ou who ha(e offered to wor$ i! the
(i!e&ard of the +ord should still be dilige!t. ,ou should do
e(er&thi!g #ossible i! order to e!lighte! &our fellow huma!
bei!gs' a!d for this #ur#ose s#iritual i!formatio! is o!(e&ed to
&ou from abo(e whih is trul& suitable to ma$e #eo#le ta$e sto$
of themsel(es if the& seriousl& o!sider it.
-e(ertheless' God a! loo$ i!to all huma! hearts a!d also see
who a! still be sa(ed. For the sa$e of these few .e se!ds .is
messe!gers to bri!g them the Word whih will gra!t them
om#lete larifiatio! a!d also i!forms them of the guideli!es for
a orret wa& of life.
Ae#ti!g this Word of .is will alread& sig!if& sal(atio! from
dar$!ess a!d deli(era!e from rui!' for a!&o!e who ta$es
#ossessio! of God*s Word will also reei(e e(er&thi!g else he
!eeds' so that he will ha(e a! abu!da!e of stre!gth a!d light
a!d will !o lo!ger fear a!& o!slaughts b& the o##osi!g s#irit.
Do &ou still doubt this if &ou loo$ arou!d i! the world' if &ou #a&
atte!tio! to the worldl& hildre!*s ati(it& a!d obser(e all world
e(e!ts' whih trul& ta$e o! suh forms that o!l& a mome!tous
at of destrutio! b& God a! still sha$e #eo#le u#/
Do &ou reall& thi!$ that the ad(ersar&*s ati(it& will subside' that
he will aba!do! the domi!io! agai! whih he ma!aged to
ahie(e o(er #eo#le/ ....
Do &ou thi!$ that #eo#le will fight agai!st their selfish lo(e a!d
hel#full& atte!d to their fellow huma! bei!gs so that the& will
$i!dle lo(e i! them a!d ma$e o!tat with God/ ....
O!l& (er& few will sueed i! doi!g so' a!d the& belo!g to .is
Ow! whom .e will remo(e at the e!d of da&s' who will ou#&
the !ew earth as a!estral #are!ts of the !ew huma! rae' as it
is o!sta!tl& #rolaimed. ,et their !umber will be (er& small' a!d
the sole goal of the (i!e&ard labourers is to i!rease this !umber
a!d to i!due all #eo#le a#able of ha!gi!g to im#leme!t this
ha!ge so that the har(est at the e!d will !ot be too small ....
But the e!d will ome with absolute ertai!t& ....
For e(e! if &ou huma!s do !ot $!ow the time a!d hour' a!d
!either will God e(er gi(e &ou the e%at date' it will !e(ertheless
ome ra#idl& loser' beause it was #redetermi!ed from the start.
,ou will be admo!ished e(er more urge!tl& to #re#are &oursel(es
for the e!d beause &ou still ha(e the o##ortu!it& of ha!gi!g
&oursel(es a!d of "oi!i!g &our God a!d 0reator Who' as &our
Father' wa!ts to gra!t &ou the ha##i!ess of eter!al life ....
-e(ertheless' #reisel& beause the da& a!d hour of the e!d is
u!$!ow! to &ou' &ou should o!ti!ue with &our dail& wor$' but
&ou should alwa&s ta$e it i!to aou!t' otherwise the e!d would
!ot be #oi!ted out to &ou i!reasi!gl& more urge!tl& ....
1ust #a& atte!tio! to all the sig!s' for it will be as it was before
the great Flood' #eo#le*s ra(i!g for #leasure will fi!d !o bou!ds'
a!d the ad(ersar& will o!sta!tl& i!ite them to li(e a ram#a!t
life' to ommit all ma!!er of si!s a!d rimes' a!d the& will
utterl& om#l& with his will beause the& la$ the stre!gth to
resist him a!d beause the& do!*t a(ail themsel(es of the
blessi!gs of 1esus 0hrist*s at of )al(atio! Who' through .is
death o! the ross' a2uired a stro!ger will for them.
1udgi!g b& #eo#le*s sata!i state of ati(it& the ad(ersar&*s
#ower will seem to be greater tha! God*s #ower' &et it is #eo#le*s
free will whih gi(es rise to this great #ower ....
3(e! so' God .imself will sto# him whe! he e%eeds his #ower'
whe! he #roeeds agai!st God .imself a!d tries to eradiate the
$!owledge of .im i! 1esus a!d .is at of )al(atio! ....
The! the +ight of 3ter!it& 4tself will #e!etrate the dar$!ess' the!
1esus .imself will ome i! the louds a!d feth the flo$ of
belie(ers' who remai! faithful to .im u!til the e!d. The! .e will
arr& them awa& i! full sight of #eo#le go(er!ed b& )ata!' a!d
the& will fall #re& to ertai! death' for the earth will s#lit o#e!
a!d reei(e all those who failed their fi!al test of earthl& life a!d
who will therefore be ba!ished a!ew i! the reatio!s of the !ew
As i!redible as it ma& seem to &ou' &ou must ae#t it as truth
a!d should !ot belie(e that &ou will remai! o! this earth for (er&
muh lo!ger .... )oo!er tha! &ou thi!$ the da& will ome a!d
blessed is he who' #rior to that' will still ae#t the truth whe! it
is offered to him b& &ou' who ser(e as lo&al labourers i! the
(i!e&ard of the +ord. Blessed is he who li(es his life o! earth
o!siousl&' $!owi!gl& tur!s to God a!d tries to attai! the goal
o! earth' for he will trul& be guided through all tem#tatio!s a!d
also be able to withsta!d the o!slaughts b& God*s ad(ersar&' for
the ad(ersar& o!l& has #ower o(er a #erso! who gra!ts him this
#ower himself .... But no #erso! whose will belo!gs to .is God
a!d 0reator' Whom he has reog!ised as his Father a!d solel&
stri(es towards .im' a! e(er be forced to be e!sla(ed b& the
ad(ersar& ....
A!d si!e huma!it& itself has e!thro!ed God*s ad(ersar& it will
also share his fate whe! he is e!hai!ed a!d throw! i!to the
dar$!ess .... .is followers will also be ba!ished i!to matter a!d
will ha(e to tra(el the #ath of higher de(elo#me!t o!e more'
a!d that will !eessitate a tra!sformatio! of the earth*s total
surfae area' a destrutio! of all wor$s of reatio!' so that the
i!dwelli!g s#irits a! be released a!d #laed i!to !ew forms i!
the reatio!s of the !ew earth agai!.
For God will !e(er let the #roess of de(elo#me!t ome to a
sta!dstill' !ew #ossibilities will alwa&s be reated whe! the soul
has failed as a huma! bei!g' for soo!er or later e(er& soul must
reah the goal' soo!er or later e(er& soul will ome ali(e a!d
!e(er lose this life agai! ....
5ublished b& frie!ds of !ew re(elatio!s of God 6 4!formatio!'
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