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(2014-15, First Semester)

Instructor: S.C.Srivastava Lect: Tue, Wed, Thu 8:00-9:00 (ACES 213), Lab: Thu 15:00-18:00 (ACES 113)

An overview of modern power systems operation and control.
Modeling of power system components;
Load flow studies; Contingency analysis
Transient and Small signal stability studies considering classical models, Voltage
Stability analysis, Electromagnetic transient studies.
Control of interconnected power systems (Frequency & Voltage control)-An
Power systems restructuring and market operation-Introduction.
Energy Management System-Architecture and advance functions; Introduction to Smart
Grid and Synchro-phasor Technology

Lab Work
Simulation based experiments on Load flow, Contingency, Short circuit, Transient, Small
signal & Voltage stability and Electromagnetic transient studies, Use of RTDS.

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available at


Mid sem exam. : 40 marks
End sem exam. : 35 marks
Lab and Home Assignments : 25 marks
Total :100 marks