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From the Editor's Desk

Copies of this issue are scheduled to be given out at the January 22nd marth in
downtown Atlanta. If you are among those who picked up a copy on the 22nd, we
trust you will benefit from the several articles in this issue dealing with the sin of
abortion, as well as seVeral articles on other subjects. For those who may not be
familiar with The Counsel of Chalcedon, let me tell you a little about out ministry.
The Counsel of Chalcedon is a monthly magazine published by the Chalcedon
Presbyterian Church in Dunwoody, Georgia. The church, which is part of the
Reformed Presbyterian Church in the United States, is just over twelve years old.
Our Senior Minister, the Rev. Joseph C. Morecraft, ill, has been pastor since the
founding of the church. Our Associate Minister is the Rev. Wayne Rogers.
, The magazine began in March of 1979. This present issue marks the end of our
eighth year of publication and, with next month's issue, we will move into our
ninth year of continuous publication. We have readers in every state in the U.S.
and in some 30 countries abroad.
It is the purpose of this magazine to serve and magnify the Lord Jesus Christ as
He is set forth in the Word of God, the Bible. He is the only Savior through whom
condemned sinners can be reconciled to God and only in communion with Him can
man find meaning and purpose, in this life and in the life which is to come.
Moreover, it is our desire to present biblical articles applying the truth of God's
Word to subjects covering every aspect of life in God's world. Over these past eight
years we have presented well over 300 articles, by men and women committed to
Christ and to the infallibility of the Scriptures, on a variety of biblical, doctrinal
and practical subjects.
We would be happy to send the magazine into your home each month. We ask a
$15.00 annual subscription fee. If you would like to subscribe, please send a check
in the arnount .of $15.00, made out to The Counsel ofChalcedon, and send it to the
Marietta, Georgia address listed in the left hand column on this page.
We appreciate very much those who have responded to the letter from Joe
Morecraft which was sent out in December, asking for your f'mancial support. We
thank God for you who have contributed to this ministry. If you have not
responded, either to renew your pledge for the Council of 451, or with a new
donation or pledge, or at least a $15.00 subscription fee, then please know that we
desperately need your help now. We must receive at least $15,000 this year if we are
to be able to continue indefinitely. The Chalcedon church is supporting this
ministry all it can. It raised our budgeted amount significantly for this year. By the
time you read this, a new educational wing on the church will have been started.
This building, which should be completed in time for the beginning of the 1987-88
school year in August, will help both the church and the school, which is growing
significantly every year. But due to the church's funding of this new building, as
well as the other ministries, the church is unable to fund this magazine beyond what
it is already doing. To put it plainly, we need your help very seriously at this time.
Please send a check for $200 to $1000 if you can. Please join the Council of 451
by pledging at least $100.00 annually to this ministry. (If you were a member last
year, we cannot afford to lose you now. If you have not renewed your pledge for
1987, please do so now.) Please at least send a subscription check in the amount of
$15.00. Don't put it off or feel that your contribution, however small, is not
needed. Believe me, it is needed. I pray God, if He desires this ministry to continue
for the glory of His name and the expansion of His Kingdom, will lead you to help
us today. And God bless each one of you who has helped us over the years.
Special thanks to Jerry and Kay Robb, of Dunwoody Community Church, for the
original drawing on the front cover.
The Counsel of Chalccdon, February, 1987 ------'