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Late Shri Baldev Raj Mittal, the founder of the “Lovely Group” led an exemplary life. His entrepreneurial journey started with contractorship and it was his hardwork and earnestness that brought accomplishments and accolades. His far sightedness, courage and firm determination has led the Lovely Group to the heights of success in various ventures. His firm faith in human largesse underlined by the dictum, “ Paying back more than what we are paid for”, became the guiding philosophy of the group, steering it into the field of education to pay back to the society.

“Shall flutter like a sparrow.................... and into oblivion I will fly”. Baldev Raj Mittal

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1. In terms of students on a single campus 2. for MBA Programme in LIM

Important Notes
Prospectus 2009 consists of following parts & must be read altogether Part A Part B-I - Information Brochure - Management Programmes or

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Part B-II - B.Tech. Programmes or Part B-III - All Programmes Part C - Guidelines & Application Form 2009

This prospectus is published for the guidance of students who wish to enter the university in the 2009-2010 academic year. The information in this publication is correct at the time of going to press. The university may at its discretion and for any reason, alter or not offer programmes or parts of programmes. 1. Any provision contained in the Prospectus 2009 including dates may be changed by the Competent Authority of the University without any notice, both before and after a candidate’s admission. 2. Provisions contained in the Prospectus 2009 should be read with supplement(s), update(s), amendment(s), clarification(s), rectification(s) etc. issued by the University (if any) through the Notice Board of the Counselling and Admission Department at the University Campus and/or the University Website (www.lpu.in). No separate intimation will be given by the University.

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(Single Campus)

STUDENTS (in one Campus)





Choosing which university to go to and what course to pursue is one of the most important decisions you, as a student would ever make in your life. As you make this crucial decision, I encourage you to think wisely about where your interests lie, weigh your aptitude against your prospective field of study and thus make intelligent decisions about your future. At this juncture of your life, we shall help you in realizing your potential and directing it towards a socially useful track. With this direction soundly steered to, we believe that we can accomplish the daunting task of 'Transforming Education, Transforming India'. LPU seeks to be at the forefront of changing the face of professional education in India. Our Programmes are specially designed to include work based activity wherever possible. Our emphasis on Web based learning resources and access to study material from home enables us to give our students all that the world expects of them today. At LPU we believe, what is required to prepare students for the real world doesn’t come neatly packaged in a textbook. Its experimental and intuitive, it is light years away from a lecture. Its something we call the “Lovely Experience” with an emphasis on experiential learning. Through this experience, we bring you together with exceptional classmates from different parts of the world – your peers, who create the much needed rich cultural and thought diversity, and also know how to challenge, debate and have a good time. LPU envisages to produce a knowledge based society. We think that this can be reached about only through quality planning, expertise, training and student involvement. Our academic system demands a lot from the students, but also gives them room to develop their own insights and talents. We provide a wide range of professional programmes that are relevant and in depth, programmes with professional accreditation that give you the skills and knowledge to substantially increase your career prospects. We do it by providing a stimulating environment in which to study and learn – fantastic links with industry, world – renowned research teams, reputed tutors and experts in their field- a place well versed in, and up to date with, what’s happening in the real world. Whatever your career plans, at LPU you are likely to find a programme that will help you to realize your master plan. Now as you stand at the threshold of a university education, I urge you to discover LPU for yourself through a visit to our campus or interaction with the LPU community. I look forward to welcoming you to the LPU family.


Message from the

Vice Chancellor
Lovely Professional University is a unique experiment in quality professional education and has already made a significant impact on the academic milieu of our country. It offers a large bouquet of thoughtfully designed programmes that permit a wide variety of entry and exit points to suit the aspirations of the youth. The university recognizes the fact that there are wide variations in the ambitions, preparation and capabilities of its students and that these cannot be served by the rigid course- structures of most of the universities. With our no-walls approach towards education we are all set to create history by becoming India's first home grown global university. LPU strives to provide sufficient flexibility in its programmes to accommodate the diverse needs of the students through the provision of different pathways and various electives. The University is dedicated to the thought that students have a right to quality education, and is committed to provide the same. Its academic processes are at par with the best in the world. The design of the teaching programmes is benchmarked against the best worldwide. The teaching of courses and the conduct of laboratories use the state-of-the-art pedagogy. The examination system is fully transparent. The university’s mission of excellence in teaching, learning and research is fully embodied in its students. At the heart of any great institution are the people whose vision and talent define it. To maintain our prominence and to achieve our goal of promoting meaningful educational reform we require that we recruit and retain highly respected, dedicated teachers who are also committed towards working on practical problems related to education that is why we make every attempt to hire the best teachers for our budding professionals. The university promises its students an academic ambience that is second to none.

Dr. Vijay Gupta is B.Tech. from IIT Delhi and was awarded the President of India gold medal for standing first among all graduating students from all branches of engineering. He has done M.Tech. & Ph.D from the University of Minnesota, USA. He was awarded the honor of the Punjab Ratna . He has authored 10 books published by international publishers. He has produced many video films on popular technology and several video lecture series including one from NPTEL. He has authored many research papers and technical reports. Before joining Lovely Professional University, he was professor at IIT Kanpur, and the Director of Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh.

Vijay Gupta



Message from the

Message from the

Director General
Pursuing your higher education at LPU will provide you with meaningful opportunities for intellectual and personal growth. An LPU education will also give you unique and powerful preparation for the challenges and opportunities you'll encounter in life and work.

Executive Dean
A University education is an adventure in learning and a discovery that will enable you to explore and discover your passions and talents. Education doesn't start in the classroom and certainly doesn't end there. We, at LPU, believe in this notion and thence to do justice to it, we engage our students in the unique concept of 'experiential learning'. We invite you to join us for an educational experience that nurtures a spirit of inquiry and enterprise in a global setting. LPU is a University that goes out to the world as well as brings the world to our campus.

LPU academics are at the forefront of discussion and research in all fields. Through enrolling at LPU you get the benefit of their expertise experience and knowledge.

LPU has long been known for its innovative approach to education , one that encourages students not only to acquire knowledge but to learn to apply that knowledge to important problems, producing solutions that have a positive impact on their professions and on society.

If you join us at LPU at any stage in your education, you will recognize our endeavors in the form of sporting and cultural initiatives, geared towards the fulfillment of our promise. Every now and then, you will witness national and international music bands, athletes and politicians in the campus. Your schedule will never have a blank space at any hour of the day due to all the opportunities and interactions available to you.

LPU is constantly ranked among the top 3 universities in India. Our unique curriculum has made us a model for change in higher education in this country. Today LPU continues to affirm its status as a university with a difference. While recognizing the importance of tradition , LPU's defining characteristic is its ability to step outside the bounds of convention. It's a university comfortable with innovation as it continue to redefine itself in terms of its relationship with industry and society. So by studying at LPU you'll be learning to think as well as learning to do. You'll be prepared to enter the profession of your choice. You'll be equipped with that is required to make an immediate and lasting contribution to industry and society. This approach to education is what we call “The Lovely Experience”. I believe that, this prospectus will further showcase our approach to this notion and make things clearer. Meanwhile, put a deep thought into your higher education and make an informed decision. Your friends will not be your immediate neighbors; if you chose to enroll in the hostel, you can expect a roommate from Assam, Rajasthan, J&K and even Sudan! In addition to this integrated global experience, you will be beguiled by the openness and health of teacher-student and senior-junior interaction. With our belief in transparent governance, the rather unpopular communication gap between the management and the students is also considerably reduced.

H.R. Singla

Rashmi Mittal



“So far as I am able to judge , nothing has been left undone, either by man or nature, to make India the most extra ordinary country that the sun visits on his rounds. Nothing seems to have been forgotten, nothing overlooked.” Mark Twain

Few countries in the world have such an ancient and diverse culture as India. Stretching back in an unbroken sweep over 5000 years, India's culture has been enriched by successive waves of migration which were absorbed into the Indian way of life. It is this variety which is a special hallmark of India. Its physical, religious and racial variety is as immense as its linguistic diversity. India has a rich tradition of learning and education right from the antiquity. Varanasi, Taxila , Kanchi ,Nalanda and Ujjain were the Centres of learning for the people from all corners of the world.

Punjab:Best state in India as
Entreprise and endeavour, these two words symbolize the essential spirit of the people of Punjab. Privileged by nature and the dynamism of its people, Punjab is a land of rivers, fertile soils and steady achievement. Punjab derives its name from the fact that it is home to five major rivers namely Sutlej, Beas, Ravi, Jhelum, Chenab. With its inimitable style, Punjab has been transforming every potential opportunity into a success story. Punjab is referred to as “The Golden state of India” owing to its high performance in all arenas. Its

per ' India Today, 24th Sept , 2007
average growth rate of 10% is amongst the highest in the country, clearly reflecting the progressive economy of the state . Punjab also boasts of the highest per capita income in India and also ranks seventh in terms of education amongst the states. With growing pace of industrialization in Punjab, the main stress has been on expansion, modernization and reorientation of Professional and Technical Education and industrial training system for ensuring quality manpower availability to the industrial sector of the country and also beyond the Indian shores.

We are located at the entrance of

It is compact and safe enough to be both friendly and fun. The city boasts of a unique combination of historic, cultural and social facilities. Although best known for its cultural attractions, Jalandhar is also a major commercial base. Over the past twenty years, many highly successful companies have grown up in the city and surrounding areas, with particular strengths in computing and communications technologies. The opening up of economy and the huge strides in infrastructure development makes it a fascinating place to be in. Yet despite the rapid change it is possible to see something of a centuries old culture.

is one of the most modern, exciting and vibrant cities in India
facilities, the city is amazingly affordable with reasonable cost of living for students. Safe environs, affable city culture and abundance of avenues for fun and frolic make Jalandhar and surrounding areas likeable for students. The city is draped in cosmopolitan colours with lots of facilities for partying and other fun activities. Jalandhar is called the city of three “Cs”: Cuisines, Climate and Culture. The city prides itself for having scores of eating points dishing out Continental, Italian, Oriental and other varieties of Cuisines. So, if you are a student, Jalandhar, is the place to be for you.

However you decide to get here, you’ll find that Jalandhar is extremely accessible from just about any destination. It is easily accessible by road as well as rail; and well connected with Delhi and Amritsar, both cities being equipped with International airports. The tropical climate coupled with the vibrant and friendly culture add to the attraction of the town as a lively and happening place positioned on the cultural and commercial artery of India i.e Grand Trunk Road. Being in the heartland of NRI belt of Northern India, the city wears an air of western life style. An erstwhile capital of Punjab province, Jalandhar is a perfect blend of old and new. Despite all the modern


about you
We believe you are looking for new horizons and powerful skills and competencies that will give your career a perfect take off You are inquisitive, enthusiastic and looking for opportunities to lead and achieve. We believe you want to stand out in the crowd

about us
We are here to provide you a learning experience in an atmosphere that promotes personal growth as well as team work. We will provide you not only an education of international standards but will also provide you with avenues to display your creativity and hone your leadership skills. We will raise your level of aspirations We will provide you opportunities to lead and excel

your career is as important to us as it is to you
We will help you to make career choices which are in consonance with your aptitude and potential. We stand committed to nurture your ambitions and provide all the support that you need in achieving your career goals.



LPU attaches great importance to the quality of all its Programmes. That is why each of our programme is assessed regularly by an internal evaluation board as well as the Board of Studies . Only those programmes that meet the evaluation criteria, are offered under the flag of LPU. Finally all programmes offered by LPU are recognized by UGC, another guarantee of the credibility and quality of an LPU degree.

The Lovely Group is a widely recognized corporate house of the northern region of India whose name is strongly associated with quality delivery in each enterprise undertaken by it. Needless to say it has achieved resounding success in all its ventures including professional education. The brand ‘Lovely’ symbolizes excellence and instills faith and confidence among millions of people in India and abroad since 1961. ‘Lovely’ has come to represent initiative, reliability, transparency & professionalism of high order.

UGC Recognition
Recognized by UGC under section 2(f) of the University Grants Commission (UGC) Act, 1956 by the notification (No. F.9-10)(CPP-1)

all you need to know about

Lovely Professional University
LPU has grown phenomenally from its humble infancy as a small management institute. Its extraordinary progress is a symbol of the growth and potential of modern India. LPU has emerged as a global university with boasting distinctive strengths in education and entrepreneurship. As a platform for excellence in teaching, learning & administration, state-of-the-art information technology is extensively used in LPU, contributing to the development of well trained graduates, post graduates and doctrates to meet the professional manpower needs of not just India but the world. Education at LPU is a holistic one, aimed at developing the intellectual and personal strengths of our students. Nurturing creativity and innovation through challenging project work, participative learning and providing an environment conducive to sparking ideas and imagination. The LPU experience takes place both within and outside the classroom.

LPU observes a semester-based system for conducting courses, incorporating rigour and depth, yet allowing flexibility and breadth. With a ‘no walls’ educational environment, disciplinary boundaries at LPU are porous, with learning across faculties and disciplines highly encouraged. LPU has an excellent track record of launching its students into successful

career paths. Our student support services can talk to you even before you become a student of LPU; help you while you are a student, perhaps with advice about how to access study support, or ideas on how to make the most of your time at the university; and give guidance on job seeking once you are about to complete your professional education.




Faculty of Business & Arts

Lovely Faculty of Business and Arts (LFBA) comprises of various schools namely, Lovely Honours School of Business, Lovely School of Business, Lovely School of Management, Lovely Institute of Management (Mgt.), Lovely Institute of Technology (Mgt.), Lovely School of Hospitality, Lovely School of Arts. The Lovely Faculty of Business & Arts has came into existence with an aim of rethinking the nature of management education. Driven by the spirit of innovation, the Lovely Faculty of Business & Arts offers novel, academic and career resources to its students with a commitment to deliver improved learning, personal growth and preparation to succeed in a globally competitive business environment, upholding the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct. Management education at the Lovely Faculty of Business & Arts aims at creating action leaders in society, business and nation as well. Apart from giving wide inter-disciplinary exposure, management programmes here are aimed at cultivating the right attitude and values among the budding professionals.

The programmes offered are rigorous and designed to challenge students to creatively integrate the concepts learnt and apply them to contemporary business problems. The Lovely Faculty of Business & Arts offers an extraordinary choice of electives catering to the varied interests and career goals of its students. The curriculum is suffused with an international business perspective, relevant global case studies and live projects etc. to ensure its proper assimilation.

To create a dynamic environment that facilitates interaction and dialogue has always been the goal of LPU. To augment the learning resources and promote interdisciplinary research, LPU has consolidated different departments into four faculties which are futher subdivided into schools to generate the spirit of competition. Each school strives for excellence in a defined area of academic pursuit. Core Competency Areas are identified for each school which, in turn, benchmarks itself with an institution of repute. This is done with an aim to develop it as a Centre of Excellence in the chosen field.



Lovely Faculty of Business & Arts

Lovely Faculty of Business & Arts

After 10 + 2 (12th)
BBA (3 yrs.) BBA - MBA (Dual Degree) (5 yrs.) BBA(Hons) (3 yrs.) BBA(Hons) -MBA (Dual Degree) (5 yrs.)

After 10th (Matric)
Diploma in Architectural Assistantship (3 yrs.) Diploma in Architectural Assistantship B.Tech (Civil Engineering) (Integrated) (6 yrs.) Diploma in Architectural Assistantship B.Sc (Interior Design) (Integrated) (5 yrs.) Diploma in Architectural Assistantship B. Design (Interior Design) (Integrated) (6 yrs.)

After Graduation
MBA (2 yrs.) MBA International Business (2 yrs.) MBA (Hospital & Healthcare Management) (2 yrs.) MBA (Retail Management) (2 yrs.) MBA (Information Technology) (2 yrs.) MBA (Hons.) (2 yrs.)

Dr. Sanjay Modi is an MBA, Ph.D. and has been engaged in teaching and practice of management for twenty seven years. He has been a Professor of Management at Punjabi University, Patiala. He has been guiding doctoral research, has worked in the industry and has also been conducting Management Development Programmes for the industry. He

After 10+2 (12th)
B. Architecture (5 yrs.)

After Graduation
M. Architecture (Part Time) (3 yrs.)

After Post Graduation


M. Phil Management (Full time) (1 yr.) M. Phil Management (Part time) (2 yrs.)

After 10th (Matric)
Diploma in Interior Design (3 years) Diploma in Interior Design - B.Sc Interior Design (Integrated) (5 yrs.) Diploma in Interior Design -B. Design (Integrated) (6 yrs.)


has numerous research publications to his credit, in publications of national repute. He made his presence felt as a strong administrator as Director, Lovely Institute of Management during 2001-2005.

After 10+2 (12th)
B.Com (Professional) (3 yrs.) B.Com Professional -MBA (Dual Degree) (5 yrs.) B.Com (Hons.) (3 yrs.) B.Com (Hons.) - MBA (Dual Degree) (5 yrs.)

After 10+2 (12th)
B.Sc. (Interior Design) (3 yrs.) B.Design (Interior Design) (4 yrs.) B.Sc. (Interior Design) (Lateral Entry) (2 yrs.) B.Design (Interior Design) (Lateral Entry) (3 yrs.)

After Graduation
M.Com (2 yrs.)

After Post Graduation
M.Phil. Commerce (Full Time) (1 yr.) M.Phil. Commerce (Part Time) (2 yrs.)


Dr. Sanjay Modi Sr. Dean, Lovely Faculty of Business & Arts


After 10th (Matric)
Diploma in Fashion Design (3 yrs.) Diploma in Fashion Design - B.Sc. Fashion Technology (Integrated) (5 yrs.)

After Graduation
M. Sc Economics (2 yrs.)

After Post Graduation
M.Phil Economics (Full Time) (1 yr.) M.Phil Economics (Part time) (2 yrs.)

After 10+2 (12th)
B.Sc. Fashion Technology (3 yrs.) B.Sc. Fashion Technology -MBA (Dual Degree) (5 yrs.) B.Sc. Fashion Technology Lateral Entry (2 yrs.) B.Sc. Apparel Manufacturing Technology (3 yrs.)

The global financial meltdown has posed challenges which are going to put the management skills of the boom time managers to real test. Majority of the organisations are exercising utmost caution, putting expansion plans on hold, attempting downsizing , imposing wage cuts or cost controls to weather the storm, which most hope should not last beyond 2010. However, the daring ones and the innovators are still upbeat and have chalked out elaborate expansion plans. They are confident of keeping their coffers ringing as in normal times. The real test of management skills lie in converting challenges, such as above, into opportunities. Survival and growth strategies in periods of economic downturn provide interesting case studies for students, teachers, policy makers and practitioners of management. This is the right time to evaluate corporate

policies and strategies, the application of concepts and theories, to finally realign goals and strategies. At LPU, students of Management programmes can look forward to authentic, interesting and rigorous inputs which would help them to thoroughly understand contemporary situations, their policy implications and prepare them to take informed decisions. The students planning to join us should be prepared for experiential learning and a lot of hard work in terms of self study, case discussions and attempting assignments etc. It will be our endeavour to groom them into well chiselled professionals, ready to be recruited by the corporate houses. Having said that, the University

After 10 + 2 (12th)
B.Sc Hotel Management (3 yrs.) Bachelors in Hotel Mgt & Catering Technology (BHMCT) (4 yrs.) Bachelors in Hotel Management & Catering Technology - MBA (Dual degree) (5 yrs.) B.Sc. (Airlines, Tourism & Hospitality) (3 yrs.)

After Graduation
M.Sc. Fashion Technology (2 yrs.)

After 10+2 (12th)
B.Sc. Multimedia (Animation & Graphics) (3 yrs.) Diploma in Multimedia (1 yr.) Diploma in 3D Animation and Visual Effects (2 yrs.)

After Graduation
MBA (Tourism & Hospitality) (2 yrs.) M.Sc Hotel Management (2 yrs.) M.Sc. (Nutrition & Dietetics) (2 yrs.)

After Graduation
PG Diploma in Acting for Film and Television (1 yr.)


After 10+2 (12th)


Diploma in Music (Vocal) (3 yrs.) BA (Fine Arts) (3 yrs.) BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) (4 yrs.) BA (Performing Arts) (3 yrs.) BPA (Bachelor of Performing Arts) (4 yrs.) BA (Professional) (3yrs.)

BBA (International) (3 yrs.) B.Sc. (Hospitality Management) (3 yrs.)

After Graduation
MBA (International) (2 yrs.)


will also make an effort to provide exposure, skills and motivation for entrepreneurial careers which though challenging, hold prospects of a very promising society. future for the individuals and the

After Graduation
M.A. Punjabi(2 yrs.)

BBA (International) (3 yrs.) B.Sc. Fashion Technology (International) (3 yrs.)


After Graduation
M.A. English (2 yrs.)

After Graduation
MBA (International) (2 yrs.)

After Post Graduation
M. Phil English (Full time) (1 yr.) M. Phil English (Part time) (2 yrs.)


Dr. Lovi Raj Gupta is BE in Mechanical Engineering, M.Tech. in Computer Aided Design (CAD) from IIT, Kanpur and further pursued Ph.D. in Biotechnology with specialization in


Bioinformatics. He has been pioneer in amalgamating Clinical Diagonosis/Prognosis and Artificial Intelligence. He has an illustrious academic and research experience in IT and organizations. He has been a young scientist awardee by MP Council of Science & Technology. He was appointed as Assistant Controller(Technology) in Ministry of Information Technology, Government of India by Hon’ble President of India where he implemented Digital Signatures in the entire country and implemented the Information Technology Act 2000. His interest areas include robotics, artificial intelligence and bioinformatics.

Faculty of Technology & Sciences

Lovely Faculty of Technology and Sciences (LFTS) is all committed to impart the best of the curriculum for engineering, science and technology delivered through the best practices and innovations in pedagogy. The faculty is destined to nurture 'concept smart technocrats' capable of technically viable and economically feasible solutions. The faculty comprises of Lovely Honours School Of Technology, Lovely School of Engineering, Lovely School of Technology, Lovely School of Engineering and Computer Applications, Lovely School of Te c h n o l o g y a n d C o m p u t e r Applications, Lovely Institute of Engineering (Poly), Lovely Institute of Technology (Engg.) and Lovely Institute of Technology (Poly), Lovely School of Sciences. The Faculty derives its strength from the unique pedagogy being followed and by striving ahead in the field of research, in the times to come. The hallmark of methodology being followed is the flexibility in designing, modifying and updating the contents

based upon the inputs from industry and keeping it abreast with the latest technical developments. The changes are made regularly in both syllabi as well as in the pedagogy to imbibe the latest through most appropriate delivery. The Faculty of Technology and Sciences is offering various programmes such as diploma programmes, undergraduate programmes, postgraduate programmes and doctoral programmes. Along with these, it also offers innovative integrated diploma and degree programmes, which give the students advantage of not only migrating seamlessly to higher degree but also saving a year. In addition it also provides the student with a choice to opt out from a particular integrated program after the completion of one or two tiers of the designed qualification. Engineering education in next decade will undergo a major transformation as it has to cope up with the pace of technological revolution. Academicians will have to be more adaptable to the changes. The growth and the technology shift in the industry is at a lightning pace i. e. the technology today may be obsolete tomorrow. The need of the hour is to have an uninterrupted, scheduled and follow up oriented interaction between academia and industry, so as to dynamically update the curriculum and lab interaction input to the student, modified as per the requirement. At the academia, the time when a technology is being taught to the student, it might have lived its life and is at the verge of being taken over by the latest. This phase shift between technology into

Dr. Lovi Raj Gupta Sr. Dean, Lovely Faculty of Technology & Sciences

practice and into classroom is the only challenge. Primarily a change in classroom teaching is needed. The deliberations in the class should be more apt, to be in tune with the developments in technology to be used by the industry and moreover towards the futuristic vision of the design and development at the industry. Keeping this in mind the Lovely Faculty of Technology and Science is striving through fathom based changes in pedagogy and industrycentric curriculum to create technocrats of tomorrow.



Lovely Faculty of Technology & Sciences

Lovely Faculty of Technology & Sciences

After 10 th (Matric)

After 10 + 2 (12th)
BCA (Hons) (3 yrs.) BCA (Hons.)-MCA (Dual Degree) (5 yrs.) BCA (3 yrs.) BCA-MCA (Dual Degree) (5 yrs.) BCA Lateral Entry (2 yrs.)

After 10+2 (12th)


After Graduation
M.Sc. Chemistry (2 yrs.) M.Sc. (Hons.) Chemistry (2 yrs.)



Diploma (Engg.) (3 yrs.) Diploma (Engg.)-B.Tech (Integrated) (6 yrs.) Diploma (Engg.) - B.Tech. - M.Tech. (Integrated) (7 yrs.) Dip. (Engg.)-B.Tech-MBA (Integrated) (7 yrs.) Diploma (Engg.)-BCA (Integrated) (5 yrs.)
Computer Science and Engineering Information Technology Electronics & Communication Engineering Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering Biotechnology Automobile Engineering* * Not available with Diploma (Engg.)-BCA Integrated (5 yrs.)

B.Tech (Hons.) (4 yrs.) B.Tech (Hons.)-MBA (Dual Degree) (5 yrs.) B.Tech. (Hons.)-M.Tech. (Dual Degree) (5 yrs.)
Computer Science and Engineering Information Technology Electronics & Communication Engineering Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering Biotechnology

After Post Graduation
M.Phil Chemistry (Full time) (1 yr.) M.Phil Chemistry (Part time) (2 yrs.)

After Graduation
MCA (3 yrs.) MCA - M.Tech. (CSE) (Dual Degree) (4 yrs.) MCA (Hons) (3 yrs.) MCA (Hons.) - M.Tech. (CSE) (Dual Degree) (4 yrs.) M.Sc. Computer Science (2 yrs.) PGDCA (1 yr.)

After Graduation

B.Tech. (4 yrs.) B.Tech.-M.Tech (Dual Degree) (5 yrs.) B.Tech.-MBA (Dual Degree) (5 yrs.)
Computer Science and Engineering Information Technology Electronics & Communication Engineering Electronics & Electrical Engineering* Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering Biotechnology *Not Available with Dual Degree Option


M.Sc. Physics (2 yrs.) M.Sc. Physics - M.Tech. (CSE) (Dual Degree) (4 yrs.) M.Sc. (Hons.) Physics (2 yrs.)

After Post Graduation
M.Phil Computer Science (Full time) (1 yr.) M.Phil Computer Science (Part time) (2 yrs.)

After Post Graduation
M.Phil Physics (Full time) (1 yr.) M.Phil Physics (Part time) (2 yrs.)

Diploma (Engg.) (3 yrs.)
Computer Science and Engineering Information Technology Electronics & Communication Engineering Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering The above trades in Diploma (Engg.) (3 yrs.) are also available in the evening session


B.Tech. (Lateral Entry) (3 yrs.)
Computer Science and Engineering Information Technology Electronics & Communication Engineering Electronics & Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering Biotechnology

After 10+2 (12th)
B.Sc. Biotechnology (3 yrs.) B.Sc. Biotechnology - M.Sc. Biotechnology (Dual Degree) (5 yrs.) B.Sc. (Hons.) Biotechnology (3 yrs.) B.Sc. (Hons.) Biotechnology - M.Sc. (Hons.) Biotech. (Dual Degree) (5 yrs.)


After Graduation
M.Sc. Mathematics (2 yrs.) M.Sc. Mathematics - M.Tech. (CSE) (Dual Degree) (4 yrs.)

Diploma in Agriculture (3 yrs.)

After Graduation

M.Tech (CSE) (Part Time) (3 yrs.) M.Tech (ECE) (Part Time) (3 yrs.) M.Tech (ME) (Part Time) (3 yrs.) M.Tech (Biotech) (Full Time) (2 yrs.)

After Post Graduation
M.Phil. Biotechnology (Full time) (1 yr.)


After Graduation

M.Sc. Biotechnology (2 yrs.) M.Sc. (Hons.) Biotechnology (2 yrs.)

After Graduation
M.Sc. Botany (2 yrs.)

After Post Graduation
M.Phil Botany (Full time) (1 yr.)


After Graduation
M.Sc Biochemistry (2 yrs.)


After Graduation
M.Sc. Zoology (2 yrs.)


B.Tech International (4 yrs.)
Computer Science and Engineering Electronics & Communication Engineering Mechanical Engineering

After Post Graduation
M.Phil Zoology (Full time) (1 yr.)


After 10+2 (12th)
B.Sc. (Hons.) Microbiology (2 yrs.) B.Sc. (Hons.) Microbiology - M.Sc. (Hons.) Microbiology (5 yrs.) B.Sc. Food Technology (3 yrs.)

B.Tech International (4 yrs.)
Computer Science and Engineering Electronics & Communication Engineering Mechanical Engineering

After Graduation
M.Sc. Microbiology (2 yrs.) M.Sc. (Hons.) Microbiology (2 yrs.)

BCA International (3 yrs.)

After Post Graduation
M.Phil. Microbiology (Full time) (1 yr.)




Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences

Dr. Monica Gulati is an M.Pharma (Pharmaceutics), Ph.D from Punjab University. She has a rich experience spanning 17 years in teaching, research and industry. With very strong foundation in research, she has 8 international publications

Lovely Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences (LFAMS) at LPU is a multidisciplinary faculty offering a variety of diploma, graduate, postgraduate and doctorate courses in Applied Medical Sciences. It has been established with the aim of fulfilling the requirements of health cadres apart from the conventional qualifications like M.B.B.S, B.D.S. and nursing, i.e. diagnostic, preventive, curative and rehabilitative. The LFAMS endeavours to provide a platform for furthering the development of innovative medical research that can be translated into clinical applicability. The Lovely Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences provides the training to prepare such healthcare professionals who, in collaboration with the core medical sciences, would be able to improve the quality of life of the ailing by:
+ Providing proper diagnosis of the disease + Providing optimised traditional and modern medicines + Providing knowledge and techniques for the prevention and

and 3 national publications to her credit.

Dr. Monica Gulati Dean, Lovely Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences

The current health scenario in India demands that vertical interventions for disease control be integrated into a comprehensive horizontal approach. The health services focuses only on the treatment of a disease and are able to achieve only fragmented success. For a more effective approach, we need to bring together the safest and most effective aspects of mainstream medical science and the complementary healthcare. The critical components of this approach would include the preventive, diagnostic, curative and rehabilitative aspects. The Lovely Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences consists of the Lovely School of Applied Medical Sciences and Lovely Institute of Technology (Pharmacy). Disciplines represented in the School include Pharmaceutical Sciences, Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Sciences and

Physiotherapy. There has been a remarkable scientific progress in all these areas providing unprecedented opportunities to the next generation. In line with the advancement in the field, there is a real need to train the supportive healthcare personnel of high quality to collaborate with the medical treatment. The training of these professionals, therefore, becomes absolutely indispensable as one of the wheels of the medical sciences.

alleviation of diseases
+ Providing means for maintenance, cure and rehabilitation by

physical agents (other than medicines) For this, curricula have been developed to integrate the basic, allied and clinical sciences that develop intellectual and analytical competence, proficiency in laboratory methods, clinical acumen and communication skills of the students. The LFAMS faculty also monitors students electronically/ physically during their trainings in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, industries and pharmacies.



Lovely Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences

Lovely Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences


After 10 + 2 (12th)
B.Pharmacy (4 yrs.) B.Pharmacy - M.Pharmacy (Dual Degree) (6 yrs.) B.Pharmacy - MBA (Dual Degree) (5 yrs.) B.Pharmacy LATERAL ENTRY (3 yrs.)

Department of Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Sciences Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences has been founded to produce such pharmacy professionals, who will shoulder the burden of preserving and protecting the health of the general populace, as an integral member of the health care team. At the same time, we endeavour to train researchers in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences, in which our country, as a starting point of basic research holds a high reputation throughout the world. The education offered here does not confine itself to classroom teaching but emphasizes proficiency in laboratory methods, practical drills, industrial trainings, communication skills development and graduation dissertations. The Department of Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Sciences has been established to promote the growth and development of Ayurvedic medicines. With the great thrust of the general populace, Indian Government and even WHO on the development of traditional medicines, the proportion of the Ayurvedic medicines in the pharmaceutical sector has risen tremendously in past few years. This makes absolutely essential the role of t ra i n e d Ay u r v e d i c p h a r m a c y professionals who can play an active role in such diverse spheres as drug information, their techno-chemistry, resource identification/ evaluation, formulation, manufacturing , standardization and even quality control. The Department of Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Sciences is uniquely positioned to cater to all these needs. The curricula and pedagogy are structured to train the students in basics of the ayurveda via practical training and then its application to develop effective, safe and stable medicines of herbal origin. The students are also equipped to preserve the inherent efficacy of these natural remedies and to prove so to the entire world. To ensure this, modules like DRA, QA and QC etc. have been incorporated in the syllabi.

After Graduation
M.Pharmacy (2 yrs.) (Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry and Pharmacology) M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry (2 yrs.)

After 10th (Matric)
D.Pharmacy (Ayurveda) (3 yrs.) D.Pharmacy (Ayurveda) - B.Pharmacy (Ayurveda) (Integrated) (6 yrs.)

After 10 + 2 (12th)
B.Pharmacy (Ayurveda) (4 yrs.) B.Pharmacy (Ayurveda) - M.Pharmacy (Ayurveda) (Dual Degree) (6 yrs.) B.Pharmacy (Ayurveda) Lateral Entry (3 yrs.)

After Graduation
M.Pharmacy (Ayurveda) (2 yrs.) (Dravyaguna Vigyan, Pharmacognosy)


Department of Physiotherapy
The Department of Physiotherapy was established to address the issues of inherent and acquired dysfunction of body. Through our entry-to-practice curriculum, our students are trained to work as a part of the health care team or independently for preventive, curative and rehabilitative services. This is reinforced by our interactive learning process inclusive of problem based tutorials and integrated clinical education wherein the clinical postings in our own clinics as well as our affiliated hospitals are mandatory. The department has a significant focus on research in all disciplines and the research activities undertaken are generally collaborative with the clinicians to provide an ample clinical exposure.

Department of Parmedical Sciences
The Department of Paramedical Sciences was set up with the aim of preparing skilled experts with sound knowledge of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease through the use of clinical laboratory tests and an understanding of the pathogenic mechanisms. As a vital part of the health care team, they will play a significant role in the diagnosis of the disease needed to provide the best treatment and care to the sick. The department prepares the students to function efficiently and safely in the clinical laboratory settings. Through our rigorous practical / clinical training we ensure that the students are able to collect, preserve and diagnose the clinical samples by using the latest techniques. The wide range of interests that are represented in the department include microbiology, b i o c h e m i s t r y, h a e m a t o l o g y, histopathology, immunology and genetics. Apart from preparing the students to work in various clinical settings like hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, public health facilities and commercial labs our curricula also equip the students to open their own labs. The postings in our own clinical set-up are an integral part of the UG coursework. Undergraduate students experience clinical postings for various lengths of time. Opportunities are given to take elective clinical training throughout India.

After 10+2 (12th)
BPT (Bachelor of Physiotherapy) (4.5 yrs.) BPT - MPT (Dual Degree) (6.5 yrs.)

After Graduation
MPT (2 yrs.) (Ortho, Neuro, Cardiopulmonary, Pediatrics & Sports)

After 10th (Matric)
DMLT (Diploma in Medical Lab Technology) (3 yrs.) DMLT - B.Sc. MLT (Integrated) (5 yrs.)

After 10+2 (12th)
B.Sc. MLT (Medical Lab Technology) (3 yrs.) B.Sc. MLT (Medical Lab Technology) Lateral Entry (2 yrs.)

After Graduation
M.Sc. Clinical Microbiology (2 yrs.) M.Sc. Industrial Microbiology (2 yrs.)



Faculty of Education

The Lovely Faculty of Education (LFE) lays emphasizes on self learning, peer learning, dialogue approach of teaching learning process to develop higher level thinking skills of students. Various innovative techniques of teaching-learner centered curriculum and peer learning make the learning enjoyable and rich in content. The Faculty comprises of two schools namely, Lovely School of Education and Lovely Institute of Education. The faculty had organized an international conference from January 28-31, 2008 with 450 delegates from India and abroad. It has signed memorandums of understanding (MOU) with University of Winnipeg, Canada and University of Wolver Hampton, UK. The faculty focuses on professional and academic development of the budding teachers by providing them opportunities, facilities, encouragement and congenial learning environment. The focus is to meet the challenges of quality teacher educators with innovative teaching strategies and pedagogical changes. The Faculty comprises of two departments, namely the Department of Education and the Department of Physical Education. Our society is witnessing a revolution in education due to technological advancements. Information Technology has changed the scenario due to which the teaching-learning environment needs modification at global level. Owing to the above, and, the vision and mission of Lovely Professional University, we are emphasizing upon in-depth and qualitative approach of teaching-learning. The pedagogy and curricula are designed with a vision to

Dr. S. K. Bawa is a medalist and has achieved Professional Involvement Award of Psycho Linguistic Association of India (PLAI). She has 20 years of teaching and research experience. She has specialized in women education and educational research, besides conducting minor and major research projects sponsored by UGC and Universities. She has guided about 15 students of research at doctoral level. More than 60 research papers have been published in reputed journals by her. She has authored books and standardized Psychological tests. She is a member of selection committees, inspection committees, and other academic bodies of different universities. She is professionally affiliated to AIAER, PLAI, Indian Science Congress and Association of Behavioral Scientists. She aims at bridging the gap between traditional and high tech teaching-learning environment.

Dr. S.K.Bawa Dean, Faculty of Education
provide the society with professionally groomed and academically strong academicians. The curriculum has been formulated on the basis of constructivism, learner centered approach, societal change and requirements of the current scenario. The students are well groomed with d i ffe re nt s k i l l s o f te a c h i n g - l e a r n i n g p ro c e s s , entrepreneurship and class room management.

After Graduation
B.Ed. (1 yr.) B.Ed. Yoga (1 yr.) MA Education (2 yrs.)



After 10+2 (12TH)
C.P.Ed. (Certificate in Physical Education) (2 yrs.)

After Graduation
B.P.Ed. (1 yr.)

After B.Ed.
M.Ed. (1 yr.) M.Ed. (Part Time) (2 yrs.)

After B.P.Ed.
M.P.Ed. (1 yr.)

After Post Graduation
M.Phil. Education (Full Time) (1 yr.) M.Phil. Education (Part Time) (2 yrs.)

After Post Graduation
M.Phil. (Physical Education) (Full Time) (1 yr.) M.Phil. (Physical Education) (Part Time) (2 yrs.)



Directorate of Distance Education
Contact Classes

An overview
Anytime, Anywhere, Affordable University Education Study Material:
Study material is one of the best features of LPU ODL. To facilitate self-study for the students enrolled in our programmes, we provide self-Instruction material (SIM)/ books to the students. Apart from SIM, we provide study guides and e-Books* to the students. Study guides are prepared by our faculty to make the understanding of the course easier for the students. e-Books are provided for web-based study, to facilitate those students who prefer to study on their computer rather than SIM/ Books. *e-Books are provided for selected courses.

To facilitate those students who wish to interact regularly with the faculty, we have contact classes for bachelor's as well as master's programmes. Contact classes provide the students with direct interaction with the faculty for conceptual understanding of the courses directly from their mentors, clear their doubts, take guidance on various issues and also, learn from and interact with their class mates. contact classes comprise of theory as well as practical sessions.
For Bachelor's Programmes, classes are held 5 days a week, 2 hours a day; and for Master's Programmes, classes are held on Sundays. Contact Classes are optional and do not carry any weight-age in the Examination. However, we strongly recommend our students to make complete use of this facility.

The Directorate of Distance Education consists of Lovely School of Open and Distance Learning, to cater to the needs of students who cannot pursue formal education in colleges and universities. Individuals who look upon education as a continuing activity and wish to enhance their knowledge in an existing discipline of study or acquire proficiency in a new area are sure to benefit from the offered Programmes. Distance Education is an attempt to make education accessible beyond the close confines of a classroom and to make it available to those who aspire and endeavor. Keeping in mind the Government of India's target of the Gross Enrollment Ratio of 15% from the current 11%, in higher education, LPU's Directorate of Distance Education is a significant step in that direction. LPU is reaching out to the rural areas of the country by providing quality education at the most affordable fee structure. Doing this, LPU wishes to contribute towards the Government's noble vision. The Directorate of Distance Education, LPU, offers 12 Programmes in the field of Management and IT, at Bachelor’s and Master’s Level. It is imparting education to various genres of the society, right from Students to Professionals, and Housewives to Businessmen. The Directorate is constantly working towards Student Support Services, Infrastructure and Learning Resources,

Curriculum Upgradation – to constantly match the industry requirement, Automation of Systems and Learning Pedagogy. The aim is to make quality education affordable and accessible.

Email facility provides the students with an access to the Faculty. This feature is especially helpful to those students who donot avail the Contact Classes facility. Through this facility, they can clarify their course related doubts, seek guidance and interact with the Faculty members for various academic issues. The emails received from the students are replied to within 48 hours of receiving them.

The Faculty members and other students can reply to the queries posted by different students to the forum.

Online Resources
Online Resources refer to the Resource Library, Digital Library, Case-Studies, Reading References and links to various Online Journals and Magazines made available to facilitate extended learning of the students.

they are very carefully designed by our Faculty. Students are urged to solve the assignments in order to be better prepared for their End-semester Examination.

Online Evaluation
Online Tests are conducted every semester to evaluate the students' performance. These tests contribute towards the Continuous Assessment of the students. Students need not come to the Campus for appearing for the Online Tests. They can appear for these tests from anywhere. Online Tests have Objective questions, yet they test the understanding of the students about the respective courses. The result of the Online Tests is declared at the end of the test, providing student with the assessment within few moments of his performance.

The Benefits Of Open & Distance Learning
Open and istance Learning programme makes life long learning possible. Along with an increased access to education, ODL offers convenience, flexibility and affordability. The benefits of Open and Distance Learning are innumerable. We have enlisted a few below:
n Suitable for anyone and everyone - Students, Businessmen,

Online Learning
Students can learn Online through the Web-based Content made available Online. Apart from these, we provide Assignments, Instruction Plans, Scheme and Syllabi of the courses, and the Online Resources, as mentioned above. All these features facilitate Online Learning, thus giving convenience to the student to study anytime, and at his own pace.

This tool is useful when a student wishes to interact with the Faculty members by exchanging written messages in real-time, for which both the students and the Faculty members need to log on at a prescheduled time.

Professionals, Entrepreneurs, House-wives and any other individual who wishes to pursue Professional education while still continuing with what he/ she is doing n No constraint of time and place n Flexibility to study at one's own pace n entry and exit system Flexible n Dual degree option n Affordable fee structure n Opportunity to learn while one earns n Increases compensation and promotion potential n to experts and tremendous volume of online databases Access n access to student Services Anytime n Increased access to learning n Time-saving n Money-saving n Convenient and comfortable

Discussion Forum
Discussion Forum is a platform that allows discussion on various academic issues. Students and Faculty members participate in the various Discussions that may be initiated by any Student/ Faculty member. This feature provides healthy discussion among all, even though they are not present face-to-face with each other. The students can write in their queries in the forum under a specific subject category.

Announcements is a tool which is useful to convey important information to the students regarding their Assignments, Contact Class Schedule, Examination Schedule, Re-registration, or any other information that may be required to be conveyed to the students during a semester. This tool keeps the students updated at all times.

Assignments are designed by our Faculty members. Basically, a course assignment is spread over the syllabi of the course and the questions asked in it are analytical in nature, in order to make students understand the concepts of the course and upon solving attain good understanding of the course. The Assignments are not evaluated. Yet



Dual Degree Option
LPU ODL students have the opportunity to pursue another Programme from any other University, along with pursuing a Programme at LPU. This means they can pursue two degrees at a time, and save their precious time.

responsibilities successfully.

To clear a course, a student needs to attain a minimum of Grade 'D' in the course, the End-semester Examination and Online Tests put together. The break-up of Evaluation is as follows: Assignment based Online Tests: 20% weight-age End-semester Examination: 80% weightage CGPA based Evaluation System is followed.

Directorate of Distance Education

Grievance Handling
Though we ensure proper facilitation of all Student Services to our students, yet if unknowingly any grievance is caused to any student, we urge him to share it with us. We will make sure that we take care to the best of our abilities.

After 10 + 2 (12th)
BBA (3 yrs.)

Flexible Entry Exit System
Students at LPU ODL have the flexibility to quit a Programme after one year and take the Diploma, and re-join the same Programme at a later stage and continue from where they had left.

Hostel Facility
Hostel Facility is provided to out-station students during End-semester Examination at a very nominal charge, subject to availability. Student can avail this facility during the duration of the Examination, by registering for it before the Examination, as per the deadline declared for the same, by the University.

After Graduation
MBA (2 yrs.) PGDBM (Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management) (1 yr.) PGDHRM (Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management) (1 yr.) PGDMM (Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management) (1 yr.) PGDFM (Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management) (1 yr.) MBA LATERAL ENTRY (1 yr.) MBA (After specialized PG Diploma) LATERAL ENTRY (1 yr.)

Scrutiny of evaluated Answer Sheets
In order to avoid any discrepancy and promote transparency in the Examination System, students are allowed to have access to their evaluated Answer Sheets before the preparation of the Result.

Lateral Entry Option
If a student has done a Diploma in a particular field, he can take admission to the 2nd year of the corresponding Programme at LPU ODL. This is applicable for Graduate as well as Post Graduate Programmes.

Examination System and Result
Examination System at LPU ODL is highly transparent. End-semester Examination are conducted at the end of each semester, twice a year. The Question Paper pattern is available on the web portal. Practical Examination are conducted for courses having Practical component. The students are evaluated on the Endsemester Examination and the Online Tests are conducted for continuous assessment. The Online Tests are Assignment based Tests, and are objective in nature. The Endsemester Examination are subjective.

The Result of the End-semester is declared within 30 days of the completion of the the e-Learning portal. Examination. The Result is published on

LPU Open and Distance Learning Programmes are accepted nationally and inter-nationally. ODL degrees are valid for Government jobs and Higher Studies. Students may also pursue Ph.D after studying a (Master’s) Programme in LPU ODL. Distance Education programmes are considered equivalent to their corresponding Regular Programmes.


Degree Equivalence

After 10+2 (12th)
DCA (Diploma in Computer Applications (1 yr.) BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications (3 yrs.) B.Sc. Information Technology (3 yrs.) B.Sc. Information Technology (LATERAL ENTRY) (2 yrs.)

CGPA based Evaluation System
CGPA based evaluation system is followed for LPU ODL Programmes. CGPA stands for “Cumulative Grade Point Average”. CGPA is Sum of Credits and Grade Points divided by Sum of Credits.

After Graduation
PGDCA (1 yr.) M.Sc. Information Technology (2 yrs.) MCA (3 yrs.) M.Sc. Information Technology (LATERAL ENTRY) (1 yr.) MCA (LATERAL ENTRY) (2 yrs.)

Self-paced study
The maximum duration of all ODL Programmes allows its students enough time to complete their Programmes. This flexibility is specifically given, keeping in mind that the ODL students have other commitments too. Also, due to the flexibility of time and place, students can direct their own pace, take their time to understand and move on, spend more time on topics that they find difficult, spend less time on topics that they are familiar with, study in the morning or night, whenever they feel they grasp the most.

Multi-tasking opportunity
L P U O D L p ro v i d e s m u l t i - t a s k i n g opportunity to its students. Due to the flexibility and convenience offered by LPU ODL, its students have the option to perform all other tasks that they require or wish to, allowing them to fulfill their other
28 29


Nurturing faculty

LPU believes in recruiting the best faculty for perfect academic delivery. Many of our teachers are selected from the best institutes across India like the IITs\IIITs\IIMs\IBS etc. The University encourages and provides active support to its faculty to conduct research, publish textbooks and undertake projects and also sponsoring them to national and international conferences and workshops. We also organize several Professional Development Programmes at the university level throughout the year. Faculty Development Programmes [FDPs] and Faculty Training Sessions [FTSs] are organized to equip our educators with the best and the latest. The training department of the university conducts these specialized sessions for the faculty. Special guest-speakers are invited for these development programmes. The senior functionaries of the university also conduct these sessions .

List of FDP Sessions
+ Learning Management System / University Management System + Paper setting guidelines + Examination system and processes + Pedagogy + Classroom management + Tutoring/ home assignments and term papers. + Academic honesty and conduct + Assessing resource material + teaching Lab + Lecture delivery + Entrepreneurship development and projects + Communication skills

+ Teachers in LPU are easily approachable and available

for individual consultation and problem-solving. We believe that regular personal contact with the teachers beyond the classroom is extremely important.
+ Relevant and real. That is what differentiates LPU

faculty from others. They do more than just deliver facts. They are tireless educators, curious about how things that they teach in the classroom, work in the real world and how it can work better.
+ endorses congruent and emphatic motivational LPU

strategies such as rewards for teachers on recognizing their excellence in teaching, research and academics, and for students, recognizing their superior academic performance
30 31

The Flexibile Approach
The flexibile approach of the academic system gives an opportunity to students to elect one or two courses corresponding to either their branch of study, or to gain exposure in their area of interest. These open and socialscience elective courses which are offered in most of our programmes not only broaden the outlook of our students but also increase their employability. Faculty members and students meet periodically to tackle classroom-related issues, bringing out the best in the teachers and the students and ultimately enhancing the teaching-learning process. The benefit of the tutorial system is that students receive direct feedback on their assignment, test, projects etc. in a small discussion setting. Student tutorials are more academically challenging and rigorous than standard lecture and tests because during each session students are expected to communicate defend analysis and critique their ideas in conversation with teacher and fellow students. As a pedagogic model the tutorial system has great value because it creates learning and assessment opportunities which are highly authentic and difficult to fake.

How we Teach
We have a variety of teaching methods combining the lecture with seminar teaching, tutorials, case based teaching, group discussions, video and slide shows, problem solving demonstrations, role plays, closing quizzes, team based group projects and laboratory-based practicals. The university is proud of its small group teaching methods which help in developing analytical, application, presentation, and communication skills. All of these skills are highly valued by employers. Our relentless pursuit in teaching excellence has become a way of life for us.





How our programmes work
Our programmes consist of courses taught and assessed on a semester basis. As you progress through each semester and successfully pass the examinations, you will receive credit for courses you have successfully completed. Therefore, throughout your programme, you will have a clear report of your academic progress. All our programmes are composed of core courses and optional courses, providing you some flexibility and the opportunity to pursue specializations in the area of your interest.

Board of Studies & School-Level Committees ensure high standards of the academic programmes and also enrich the programmes with emerging issues of current importance that are relevant to the industry and the society. LPU is committed to develop industry relevant programmes and delivering the same in the most effective manner. To realize the same, LPU delivers curriculum using a unique education model.

Preparation and Support Industry Needs Mentor Partner Faculty

Consultation Students Delivery and Assessment

Curriculum Feedback Servers

Course Developers

Industry needs are routinely evaluated and these influence our courses directly. This allows our faculty members to train students for the workplace by giving them experience with real-world assignments, documents, templates, tools, and processes. A number of industry advisors contribute to this effort. Course developers at LPU develop and constantly refine our course content, assignments, quizzes and exams. This is done in consultation with, and contributions from senior academicians

and based on inputs from industry, as well as using feedback collected from students. Our web servers provide the curriculum delivery platform which allows faculty members to make all of our course content available to students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Course Co-coordinators provide a unique support role to the numerous instructors delivering the same course. The course co-coordinators assigned to specific courses, interact with

instructors to provide advise on successful course delivery, most appropriate answers to assignments and course updates and provide valuable follow-up support to initial instructor training and orientation. Student feedback is an important part of LPU’s teaching. At the end of every term students are asked to provide their inputs which are then shared with faculty members. Based on the feedback, course content and teaching pedagogy are revised to enhance student learning.


The last thing you need is
Entrepreneurship Projects
Since enterprise is what makes a nation prosperous, ambitious plans are underway to promote entrepreneurial ventures among the students of LPU. Our students are manufacturing and selling everything from face creams, chyawanprash, chaat papri to designer garments and fashion accessories. Encouraged by the growing spirit of enterprise among budding professionals, LPU is contemplating setting up a corporation to serve as incubation centre, for student's entrepreneurial ventures. New horizons are beckoning the adventurous and the ambitious. Entrepreneurship development seeks to provide students with the knowledge, skills and motivation to encourage success in a variety of settings. We focus at developing in our students an enthusiastic vision, which is the driving force of an enterprise, the ability to take prudent risks and to teach them the strategies to change dreams into reality. We at LPU give our students live projects in the form of business analysis, making new business plans, conducting surveys and encouraging them to take up new entrepreneurial activities during their study and training period in the University in order to get 'hands on' experience of the business world. Various projects that are being developed by the students are: Production of Ayurvedic / Herbal Products Organic farming Opening a departmental store Architectural consultancy Interior design consultancy Launching a chain of eating joints Undertaking development of various software products Commercialization of a web portal A venture on the lines of corporate selling of fruits and vegetables.

Another Lecture...
Centre of Excellence for Entrepreneurship Development within the campus is striving hard to achieve its objective of leveraging budding entrepreneurs and providing them an exclusive opportunity to learn from the industry perspective. Various seminars and workshops are orgainsed by the Centre on entrepreneurship, business planning etc, one-to- one interaction with passionate future entrepreneurs. The programmes are tailor-made for the engineering and management students on topics like quality management systems, quality management tools, creativity, value engineering & value analysis, industrial design, etc. In our continuous effort to foster women empowerment and entrepreneurship, LPU has an MoU with Micro Small Medium Enterprise Development Institute (MSME- DI). LPU and MSME-DI will work jointly to promote women entrepreneurship. The primary objective of the programme is to encourage and educate youth towards starting their self-employment ventures.

Open-Reference Testing:
In order to encourage our students to get a thorough know-how of concepts, we sometimes conduct open-book tests . The open-book tests are a way to initiate the process of analytical thinking and the realization of the importance of having in-depth grasp of all concepts.

Theatre as Pedagogy
Treading an unbeaten track, Lovely Professional University, experimented with a novel idea of imparting management skills through theatre, thus bringing together learning, creativity & art and also making the young generation aware of social ills.
+Department of English in collaboration with The

Overall Development of Students
Our personalized tutoring, personality development programmes, and industrial training are all essential parts of our effort towards the overall development of our students. The Placement Service runs workshops on job-search skills, such as applications and interview techniques. Practice of aptitude testing is also provided . students of MBA (Honors), presented a series of 5 plays, each play addressing a separate socioeconomic issue that effects the day to day life of citizens of the modern world. +event entitled “Retrospect-Shakespeare lives An on” was organized by the department of English where the tragedies of Shakespeare were enacted by the students of the various streams (Technology, & Sciences). It is a part of the continuous assessment of the students (communication skills). + On another occasion, the students of MBA, B.Tech., M.Phil., BBA & B.Com. staged a belle show, a play and talk shows on various themes in order to improve their creative skills and enhanced their language skills .

Do it yourself Placement Drives
These drives are by the students and for the students. LPU students, as a part of their behavioural and personality training, are also made to give presentations for corporate houses or MNCs for the purpose of placements. Such exercises not only help them get placed but also make them more confident and aware about the world around them.


Well Equipped Labs
Modern laboratories and workshops are an integral part of the various departments of the University. Each department maintains its specialized labs, equipped with modern equipment of industry standards. The University believes in imparting strong practical exposure to the students and thus upgrading the lab facilities to industry standards is a critical part of any department's planning. Communication Labs meant exclusively for improving the communication skills of the students and are equipped with the latest video and audio recording facilities.

It has been the constant endeavour of LPU to incorporate features of excellence in its campus. Every effort is made to improve upon the existing best practices in all fields of study.

Computer Labs
+ than 70 different computer labs. More + Animation studio with Quad Core processors. + computer terminals with Dual-Core and 5000 + Independent cyber labs, providing access to

the Internet.
+ MB of dedicated bandwith. 40 + Campus wide Wi- Fi for anywhere and anytime

Core 2 Duo processors.
+ Access to industry software and technology. + KVA of online uninterrupted power 1000

internet access.

supply (UPS) bank.



Lovely Infotech
Lovely Infotech is the software arm of the university that is providing the much needed IT support to make the entire system of LPU efficient and reliable. Lovely Infotech is involved in the development and implementation of IT projects for LPU. These projects also provide hands on experience to the students in handling technology. A special wing of Lovely Infotech employs promising LPU Computer Science students, for software development work.

Plagiarism Checks Smart Classrooms
The LPU classrooms are equipped with an array of hi-tech equipment which enable our competent teachers to conduct classes in such a manner that students can make use of all the available resources at the click of a button. In this very special learning environment, where LCD projectors, laptops, video players [for language labs ] and document camera readers are available. All these facilities enable our faculty to teach in a unique and innovative manner which makes the students feel involved in the teaching - learning process and improves the pace and quality of learning. Plagiarism detection softwares are employed by LPU to check plagiarism by the students. Within academia, plagiarism by students, professors and researchers amounts to academic dishonesty and that is why we take every measure to nip this evil in the bud. The University is attempting to develop its own plagiarism detecting softwares in-house.

Our libraries contribute to the fulfillment of the University's Mission by:
+ Acquiring, organizing, maintaining and making accessible a rich collection of print and non-print, primary and secondary material

IT Enabled Campus
LPU is one of the few Indian universities, which can boast of state-of-the-art computing resources and network across the campus. LPU believes in utilizing technology to the fullest, and to retain its position as one of the best IT-enabled universities. LPU's computing resources include 40 servers, 150 workstations and 5000 clients that are a mix of the latest Core 2 Duo , Dual Core and Quad Core computers, mainly from companies like DELL, Lenovo and HCL. On the server side , LPU's data centre has powerful Blade Servers that take the performance to the highest level. To support such a huge network LPU has invested in an ultra high-speed fibre optic backbone across the campus . A very high and powerful Nortl Core Switch with redundancy has been installed at the core layer, which makes the campus network ready for heavy video and voice traffic. Internet facilities are provided throughout the campus through 40 mbps leased-lines from multiple service providers, and a strong fire-wall is being used to control the access to websites , thus making the campus network not only reliable but also secure from any intrusion.

academic pursuits in various disciplines that support both our students and faculty.
+ Providing a conducive environment for the optimum use of such material.

The LPU Libraries offer the following facilities
+ All LPU libraries are equipped with state-of-the-art RFID

Computing services
The highly distributed computing environment at LPU uses cutting edge computer simulation for both industry and academia. All students are issued with a unique username and password when they first join the University, this allows them to use one of the 5000 PCs. We also provide subject specific software packages for certain programmes. Access to Lovely learning system is available to all the students even from their residences. We also provide IT training modules and projects for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

equipment. It is in step with with the vision of an automated library, where students and faculty can borrow and return books entirely on their own.
+ of the art library search engine which helps locate State

books in the library sitting at home and can also request for the hold of a particular book.
+ A separate Lecture-supplement resource library is

maintained in each of the schools
+ qualified, efficient librarians ensure the best Highly

possible information services.


Considering that a variety of seminars and programmes are arranged throughout the year, the University has a centrally air-conditioned auditorium on the campus. The auditorium is equipped with latest technology for all types of audio / video presentations and has a fully sound proof set up. A number of small digital auditoriums are also available for seminars, meetings, workshops etc.

Open Air Theatre
In addition to a hi- tech auditorium , the University has numerous open air theatres where a vast variety of student activities are arranged. Various activities like ‘Nukkad Nataks’, exhibitions , quiz competitions, plays and many other cultural activities are regularly organized by the numerous student communities of the University.

LPU has a very transparent approach towards its governance and makes all efforts to make the system such to both our faculty and students. The whole system has been evolved to enable open and easy access to information related to examination, academics, and University policies etc. Students are given access to the answer sheets of all exams, including end-term as well as mid-term so that any discrepancy can be pointed out before the preparation of results. The information regarding the attendance is updated daily on LPU’s online portal from where a student and the guardians can keep track of his/her attendance. Also, various other important announcements as well as

marks scored in various assignments are available on the same portal. To keep the information flow simple and accessible, the university policies and academic rules and regulations are also regularly updated and can be accessed on the University websites. Leveraging high on technology, LPU is also the first University in India to implement Biometric System for its various HR and student's administrative issues and has deployed centralized ERP system with all the modules to provide immediate and transparent access to relevant information.


Division of International Affairs
LPU, with its international strategy stating "LPU will be regarded as a university with a global perspective, which will be presented through international community of students and staff; mobility opportunities ....." has a clear emphasis on international student recruitment. To execute this strategy LPU has a dedicated International Division to support student recruitment and services to international students. International Division which has created a strong foothold in Indonesia, Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh has planned to set-up operations in Thailand also. The Division had entered into partnerships with various Foreign Universities and Institutes all across the USA, Canada, Australia, UK and New Zealand. The University and its partners have agreed to mutual cooperation in the field of education to further the interests of students in their respective countries. The partnership entails joint efforts in various areas of education including exchange programs, guest lecture, overseas industrial visits and internships; training modules etc.


After 10+2 (12th)
B.Tech International (4 yrs.)
Computer Science and Engineering Electronics & Communication Engineering Mechanical Engineering

After 10+2 (12th)
B.Tech International (4 yrs.)
Computer Science and Engineering Electronics & Communication Engineering Mechanical Engineering

After 10+2 (12th)
BBA (International) (3 yrs.)

After 10+2 (12th)
BBA (International) (3 yrs.)

After Graduation
MBA (International) (2 yrs.)

After Graduation
MBA (International) (2 yrs.)

After 10+2 (12th)
B.Sc. (Hospitality Management) (3 yrs.)

After 10+2 (12th)
BCA International (3 yrs.)

After 10+2 (12th)
B.Sc. Fashion Technology (International) (3 yrs.)

The following are the partner Universities and Institutes: San Francisco State University University of North Carolina Washburn University Troy University Gannon University

After 10+2 (12th)
BHMCT (Bachelor of Hotel Management & Catering Technology) (4 yrs.)


From the time of its inception, LPU's resolute aim has been to internationalise itself by building strong academic bonds with institutions abroad for developing need- based and innovative welcomes the cultural diversity that our international students bring to campus life. We are committed to helping international students and making it easier and rewarding for them to study here. If you are coming to us from overseas, you will get a very warm welcome at LPU. programmes. LPU has a lively international community and

Mount Allison University University of Winnipeg Red River College University of Sunderland University of Wolverhampton Winchester University University of East London


University of South Australia Murdoch University


TWINNING PROGRAMMES (Partially in India, Partially Abroad)
Aspiration level of each student is quite unique some students aspire to have a foreign degree to give a boost to their career and work ininternational markets. The journey to the same is quite complicated as well as expensive. Reaching to these aspiring students LPU’s Twinning Programmes provide the most convenient as well as cost effective programmes under its umbrella of international programmes. These programmes not only provide a unique pathway to reach aspiration of such students but also prepare the students for the same. Under these programmes, students completes first half of the programme in the India and rest of the programme abroad. To provide the same, LPU has established ties with many Universities across the Globe.

Free Four Weeks Study Tour to USA/EUROPE & One Week Study Tour to SINGAPORE/MALAYSIA
International Exposure Programmes at LPU have been started to create global human resources, capable of undertaking operational responsibilities of MNC’s on a transition level. In today’s globalized scenario, The need of the Industry is to call for professional capable to work in global business setting & are acquainted with business cultures of different parts of the globe, especially the economically vibrant countries. The cost of getting an international exposure by means of getting educated in a foreign country is quite high, but the international exposure programmes at LPU provide the same in the most cost effective way.

Information for Overseas (International) Students wanting to study at LPU
Students from all over the world are welcome at Lovely Professional University. At present there are over 50 overseas students studying in various departments at LPU, representing 7 countries on the campus, making LPU a uniquely cosmopolitan university. In an increasingly globalised world, LPU provides you with an opportunity to study various disciplines in a truly international environment.

on the campus. A complete campus tour is also arranged for the overseas students. Individual Counseling: Special one to one counselling is provided for all new international students to cater to their special need and make their settlement quick, easy, comfortable and convenient. Regular follow up with all international students on campus is also done to monitor their performance and to address their concerns, if any. Special events: Special activities and events at the Department, School and University level are organized all the year round to establish and strengthen harmony among local and international students. Special forums and clubs are also formed to achieve the above goal. English Language Support: LPU offers intensive English Language programmes for all international students who wish to strengthen their English language skills. These programmes are offered in the first year of study and are open to all international students whose native language is not English. Courses are offered in written English, speech and pronunciation. The English language instructors for the said programmes are all very well trained and experienced to cater to the needs of the students from different cultural backgrounds. Single Window Service: The Division of International Affairs provides a single window service facility for all overseas students studying at LPU, right from day one till they graduate. The Division of International Affairs maintains relations with all international students even after their graduating form LPU, through Alumni Associations and online discussion forums.

Hon. Gary Doer, Premier manitoba, CANADA (standing in the middle) witnessing the signing of MOU between Lovely Institutes and Red River College, CANADA

International Academic & Industry Visit
To provide international exposure to students studying at LPU, Division of International Affairs also organizes international industrial and academic tours. 67 students of MBA International & MBA (Honors) International are to visit Singapore in the 4th week of January for an industry academic interaction followed by a 4 weeks training programme in the US.

Exchange of Students
Two BBA students of LPU have won full scholarships for a six month exchange program at the University of South Australia, Australia. The selected students are studied for one complete semester at University of South Australia and all the studying cost was paid by the University of

Services for International Students
Division of International affairs organizes a series of activities for the easy settlement of overseas students at the university. Following are some of the services for the overseas students at LPU: Meeting and greeting: Pick-up facilities are arranged for all overseas students coming to LPU. On your arrival at Jalandhar or Phagawara railway station or the bus terminals, a LPU representative receives all overseas students and free transportation is offered. Orientation programme for all overseas students: A one-day orientation programme before the commencement of the academic session is organized by the division of International Relations for all overseas students joining LPU. The objective of the orientation programme is to introduce the key officials on the campus and create awareness about the facilities available

International Internships (Off Campus Training)
Eight MBA (Hons.) students of LPU have been short listed for two month internships in Cape Town, South Africa. The students would be doing their internships as part of their academic requirements towards the MBA (Hons.) programme at LPU.

South Australia and in addition the students were awarded a scholarship of Aus$6500/- each, for living expenses for one semester.

LPU has a diverse community of students and faculty, from 23 different states of India and 7 different countries. This diversity facilitates the exchange of ideas among students and faculty from different backgrounds and perspectives, which creates a powerful environment for learning and leadership development. Diverse student and faculty population is especially very important in social networking, as it proves very helpful in the later part of the career.

Division of Academia Industry Interface
The division of Academia Industry Interface is the centralized division, which is an intermediate between the corporate world and the University and provides the budding students guidance for their choice of career and access to employers by generating ample opportunities for final as well as summer placements. The division is playing the role of a bridge between the Industry and the student community through meaningful interaction which is intellectually stimulating and brings awareness to the faculty and the students to prepare according to the changing demands of the Industry. More than 150 multi national companies visited the LPU campus for recruitment, offering jobs to more than 2500 students. The division also acts as a consultancy source for projects and assignments of direct relevance to the Industry, acting as a conduit between LPU and the external world to facilitate technology transfer and support to convert research outcomes into commercially viable propositions.

“The campus is gorgeous, the facilities are great, and the faculty is superb, but by far the best part of LPU is its diverse student community. This diversity makes the campus not only a ground to get professional education but also a place to learn different cultures.” International Student

there was a new thing for me to learn- the culture, the food, the languages and so many other things. The LPU community is warm and welcoming and any visitor quickly becomes a part of their well-knit community. The amount of learning among students is incredible, and my experience at LPU has given me a window into the vitality and energy of the people who are going to be driving one of the great economic growth stories of the

“LPU is a great place to study and after coming to this part of the 21st century.” country, I learnt a lot about India’s diverse culture. Every day North East Student




Academic Alliances & Memberships
LPU has associated with following Tech-application companies, National Industry Associations and bodies to further enhance the Academia-Industry interaction by exposing the students to sessions with the Industry Experts, state-of-the-art tools and licensed software from SUN, SAP, EMC2 etc.

Academic Alliance Partners
+ Member, India Semiconductor Association + Member, Confederation of Indian Industry + Member, FICCI-Higher Education Network + Member, The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) + Academic Alliance, EMC2 Corporation

Shop, Aspire Human Capital Management Pvt. Ltd, Gurgaon + Academic Tie up, SAP + Campus Ambassador, SUN Microsystems + Industrial Tie up, Sonalika Group

+ Career

A zoologist by qualification from University of Delhi, Navein Juneja is a senior Government official with about 17years of service in various capacities in central Government, the last one being Regional Provident Fund Commissioner at Ludhiana. On deputation from Government of India, he brings with him a vast experience of various organs of public service in civil domain. In LPU he is responsible for creation of a dynamic two-way interface between academia and

industry, apart from looking after the AII, Training and Development and Entrepreneurial activities.

Dr. Navein Juneja Director, Academia Industry Interface
, Infosys , Almondz , YES




, R

- Systems Money

, Sasken , Sierra

The brand recall of an educational institution depends on a host of factors which primarily include eminence of faculty, infrastructure and the quality of students it churns out. Thus the students that become employable must be adequately equipped in terms of knowledge of their streams and personality traits establishing their presence, poise and perfection in real working environment. We at Lovely Professional University endeavour to position ourselves as a place of learning which is recognized not just as any other organization which confines its role to teaching alone but as a vibrant campus which believes in creating a 'total personality' student who can prove equal to any challenge. The Academia Industry Division of LPU strives to carve a niche for itself in the corporate world by adding value to their profit chain. Apart from offering a huge industry-ready talent pool to the industry, the university has established its credentials as a serious player which is in sync with and alive to the needs of the industry. Thus

the university is committed to creating a dynamic two way collaborative interface with the industry to elicit the needs of the industry vis-à-vis curriculum so that a regime which rests on the maxim of 'technology based curriculum' is firmly established. As a corollary, this scenario would result in saving a lot of time and resources for the industry which it would have otherwise spent on training students. Another dimension, though intangible, which LPU is working on is to ensure that the education and industry domain overlap with each other so that the talent pool available with us takes up research based projects, product development and commissioned consultancies and adds to the productivity of the organizations apart from rationalizing their expenditure on such activities. The placement profile of the university even in these challenging times is encouraging and the campus continues to be a favourite destination for big corporate banners which is a reflection on our education mantra of “Transforming Education, Transforming India”.

, WIPRO , Birla , HCL



, Reliance , Airtel

Atlantic Resorts


, Micro , Bajaj , Birla

, DSCL , Tech

, Sterling

Technologies of America

Allianz Sun Life Mutual

Mahindra Smith Kline



, Syntel , Reliance

, Bank , Cipla

, Glaxo

, Vardhman , PSL

, Brick

, Havell’s , Hewitt

Limited India Ltd. LIFE

, Patni

, Eli , L


Associates Times

, Keane , KOTAK

Computers HARIS

Lilly Pharma

, Centurion

, Hindustan , ICICI

, TORRY , Zee

& T Infotech Reddy's Mahindra

Bank of


, Momentum


, Dr.


, Honeywell , I-Gate , ICICI

, naukri.com , Hindistan , Mahindra , Next

, Kotak


, Johnson

Zinc Ltd. Finance

, DELL , Dabur , IBM , Ralco , CITI


& Johnson

BANK Infoline


, Wockhardt , Persistent , Subhiksha , Sapient ,SME

Gen Venture Hospitals


, India

, Evalueserve , Indian , INDIA , Intas , IFLEX , ING , ITC

, Apollo , Kayako , Design

, Hexaware

Airforce MART.COM


, Perot




, Accenture , Punj


, Genpact , HCL

, Nestle , Godrej , Parasol



Services Ltd
, Standard


, Convergys , Bharti



, ORACLE , Crompton

AXA Life



& Greaves




Employability of LPU Students:
On account of the strong conceptual foundations, capacity to work and exposure to real-life work conditions, there is a strong demand for LPU students amongst employers-multi-nationals and other prestigious organizations. The AII has well established links with a large number of employers, many of whom keep visiting the campus to interact with the students. The vocational focus of many of the courses and integrated periods of industrial training help to develop the maturity and employability of the students. Employers are also aware of LPU's reputation of academic rigour.

Why LPU Students stand out
Employers look for many other qualities alongwith academic achievement. Our students acquire a range of skills and experiences whilst at LPU to compete most effectively in the recruitment market. Exposure to teamwork, problem solving, leadership and communication skills is provided by encouraging the students to take up responsible position by involving them in hobbies and sports and by specially structured personality development programmes. The Careers Advisory Service helps students to plan their career development. The university encourages students to start thinking about their options early and runs many early bird programmes to help first and second year students to find vacation work within the campus. Earn while you

learn drive, allows LPU students to find employment within the University campus and also make money.

LPU organizes comprehensive personality development programmes, which are in consonance with the requirements of the employers to develop students’ employability skills and make them aware of the range of occupations available to them. The students are invited to attend a range of events and career fairs to talk to employers about opportunities. We are consciously working towards a regime wherein industry’s aspirations for recruiting plug and play kind of employees are met by imparting special skills to the students like awareness about corporate culture aptitude etc.



Students require counselling at various stages of their lives,

The University follows a transparent mechanism for its admission process. It administers its own entrance examination for some of the courses - NEAT [for B. Tech Honours programmes] at various centres across the country. Group Discussion and Personal Interview sessions (GD & PI) are conducted for admitting students to MBA [Honours] degree. Academic curiosity, social awareness, an interest in the world, and a clear ambition to make a difference are the aspects that are taken into consideration in the admission process, as also the previous academic record. Each programme has its own eligibility conditions which are clearly stated in the factfile. The requirements are subject to change on an yearly basis. If you need help in choosing a programme, or any other information about one of our programmes, you can contact the appropriate programme leader.

especially when they have just made a career decision or are about to make a career decision. To help the students with this crucial decision, LPU has a dedicated wing for career counselling where students can get updated information on various career avenues, as well as guidance to excel in their

Disha - A Career Counselling Project

chosen field.

Lovely Professional University has undertaken a unique initiative - Disha, to provide career counselling to students who are on the verge of making career choices. Lovely Career Guidance Cell is involved in administering career guidance presentations, free self-assessment tests in schools. Since the start of this project, the counsellors of LPU have covered more than 300 schools in rural and urban areas of Punjab, Delhi, Himachal Pardesh and guided more than 15000 students.

+ aim to select those students who are most likely to benefit We

intellectually from our courses, taking into account both academic and professional qualifications and other evidence relating to the student's orientation and achievements, so as to admit students who can take full advantage of our intellectually stimulating programmes and pedagogy.
+ all our admissions and recruitment activities we seek to provide In

accurate information on our courses, entry requirements, admissions procedures and on the University's social and support facilities.
+ ensure that all admissions staff in the departments and in the We

Psychological Counselling
The student counsellors on the campus provide a confidential and professional service conveniently accessible to all students. It is usually possible to choose either a male or a female counsellor for discussion and advice on any issues of concern in a relaxed and non- judgemental setting. The counsellors can address student worries and concerns including study difficulties, adjustment issues, complexes, personal and relationship problems, homesickness, eating issues, addictive behaviour, etc,.These may be addressed through single session counselling, short-term support, or counselling over a longer period.

recruitment and admissions office are trained and informed on relevant issues and deal with potential students in a polite and helpful manner.
+ ensure that any potential student who has additional support We

needs is aware of the support which the university can offer, while not letting these issues affect any admissions decision.



Time in LPU was a transitional period of my life. LPU provided me with everything that is required for the overall growth of any student. The University provides one with the highest standards of education in a vast variety of disciplines, hi-tech infrastructure and brilliant faculty. Rather, I feel that the faculty of the University is the real force in marking the success of its students in their respective fields. I will always remain thankful to my alma mater for moulding my academic life and making me think big in life. Manavdeep Singh Randhawa Professional Achievements : FIMC award in Wipro Technologies

9:00 - 10:00a.m. - Marketing Get there on time. Skim your notes on the case a new product lunch. Review you calculation Cross your fingers. “Good morning, Class. So what issue Is the CEO facing?” 6:00a.m. - It’s Dark Where’s the Milk/Tea? Where’s the Shower? Run to the ground for a jog. 10:00 - 11:00a.m. Finance Next up - a proposed merger, an acquisition. It’s more than just spreadsheets. Its people Processes. Goodwill. “Varun, your analysis please...” 9:00AM 10:00AM 11:00AM 12:00PM 1:00PM 02:00 - 03:00p.m. - Tutorial Case study. .............. The case focuses on operations

03:00 - 04:00p.m. - P.D. Session Today’s personality development session is about body language and interview skills . “Class, this is how you shake hands with your interviewer”........

07:18 p.m. - It’s Dark - again Head home for more reading. Review the day. Relax.











7:50 - Breakfast on the way to your 9.00 a.m. Class

11:00 - 12:00p.m. Strategic Management A company in crisis. You and your team are going to turn it around. “OK people. Where do we begin?”

01:00 - 02:00p.m. Guest Lecture the guest speaker is from a major corporate house , you don't want to miss this session.

04:00 - 05:00p.m. Learning Group Meeting Bring your notes to the team session, what follows is a heated debate within the team

05:00 - 07:00p.m. - Library Hour Time for individual work. There are more cases to be analyzed, more books to be read.

“The best part of studying at Lovely Professional University has been the opportunity to meet and learn from the academics and fellow students who are from such a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures.”

Lunch Check email, discuss the next lecture with your learning team.

‘Rachit Mago’
Former Student (Currently employed with Infosys)

This is a tentative schedule of our MBA students a similar schedule is followed for all other programmes as well.



“You learn more quickly under the guidance of experienced teachers. You waste a lot of time going down blind alleys if you have no one to lead you.” The LPU learning environment makes the students so comfortable that they not only learn more, but are more - W. Somerset Maugham comfortable asking questions and getting extra help. This makes it easier to understand new material and do their best on tests. When one has this kind of relationship with a teacher, he or she can be someone to turn to with problems, such as problems with learning .


Senior - Junior Relationship
A good senior- junior relationship is required for a healthy educational environment and a progressive society. We try our best to help the seniors and juniors to connect with each other by bringing them together for freshers parties and other such events. A mentoring relationship can be very important because of its potential to inculcate habits of responsible conduct . The senior junior relationship at LPU is a functional one. Free and friendly interaction is encouraged so that the new joinees feel at home and are comfortable in their new environment.

Teacher – Student Relationship
The student-teacher relationship is the basis of any effective academic environment. We believe that love and understanding in this relationship is as important a factor as objectivity. A dedicated and sincere teacher is an absolute necessity for any educational institution, but the institution cannot grow and mature without a cadre of equally dedicated and sincere students. We think that both instructor and student owe a debt of responsibility to each other, that can never be paid back. It is for this reason alone that we give special orientation lectures to our teachers from time to time. We know that a healthy student- teacher relationship makes the time a student spends in the classroom more pleasant.



“Gurdas Mann Nite”
When youth, music and excitement meet, it generates an explosive mix of celebration, enjoyment and entertainment. Similar was the scene at the sprawling lawns of Lovely Professional University Campus, as the whole campus wore a glittering look to host “Gurdas Mann Nite”. This was the first time that Gurdas Mann presented his offering of Punjabi Music to the young crowd of LPU. But what added to the significance of the event was that it was a solely student managed affair, with all aspects being arranged and Excellence in co-curricular and extra curricular activities is encouraged by opening of avenues for students to develop a well-rounded personality. We believe that cocurricular, extra -curricular, sports and recreational activities are an integral part of education. We take sports and recreation very seriously, and have the facilities and expertise to support this commitment. We provide everything required to enable University members to enjoy sport, regardless of ability. The extensive provision of a wide variety of playing fields add to the character of the University. taken care of, by the students, on their own.


Euphoria - Sapphire Rock Show
The famous Indian Rock band “Euphoria” enthralled the students of LPU with an exhilarating and sensational performance in a show that lasted for three hours. The rock band played all of their hit numbers including a few numbers by other artists.

“Hard Kaur” Rocked LPU
The two day tech fest, ‘Rudraksh’, held at LPU ended with a rocking performance by International Punjabi singer Hard Kaur. Her performance gave an exciting end to the fest full of music, dance and excitement.



Jagjit Singh Nite
Jagjit Singh Nite “Siqaafat” which was the first such effort by the University was enjoyed by an audience of more than 12000. The whole ambience was steeped in an air of musical grandeur as the singer crooned some of his most famous ghazals.

To enhance the exposure of the students, faculty and staff with respect to education, professional skills and knowledge, numerous extension lectures, training programmes, seminars and workshops are regularly arranged on the campus. Students of LPU are eligible to participate in inter-university cultural & youth festivals and sports competitions organized by Association of Indian Universities (AIU).

LPU Tech-Fest "Gyan Manthan 08"drew 5000 visitors, More than 500 students from 25 colleges participated.
Scientific contests, technical demonstrations & presentations, followed by an

Kaolin’ Annual fashion Show

‘Kaolin’ was organised by the department of Fashion Technology to exhibit their talents and give a platform to the budding designers which helped them in giving concrete shape to their imagination with respect to dress and design.

entertaining evening marked the annual Tech-Fest of Lovely Professional University "Gyan Manthan 08". Many other events were organized including Beat - d - Height, Time to Trigger, Electro Quiz Buzz, Hug-d-Bug, Code Slam, Science Tambola, Giggle Poetry etc. This technical event had its share of fun and non technical events also for all. The program turned out to be a huge success as more than 5000 visitors thronged the campus.

Jihne Lahore Nahin Vekhia A Pakistani play on secularism was staged by a Pakistani troupe directed by Sheema Kirmani of Karachi. The play revolving around the concept of humanity and amity was aimed at promoting religious tolerance in the society. The show was organised in collaboration with South Asian Fraternity Society, Hind-Pak Dosti Manch and LPU.

‘Utsav 08’ :
The spiritual festival organized by Art of Living Foundation at LPU saw enthusiastic participation by students and staff members of LPU, in addition to substantial number of outsiders. The programme was organized with active participation by WAYE (World Alliance for Youth Empowerment), youth NGO founded by the inspiration of Poojya Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji. LPU is the second university after Mumbai University in India which has organized this mega event for the benefit of youth. The Festival did not limit itself to spirituality related issues, but also gave profound importance to students’ building confidence, increasing concentration power, seeking clarity of mind, enriching interpersonal relationships, developing physical and mental fitness and cultivating leadership - all of which was delivered in a very enjoyable, action oriented and fun filled manner.



LPU is always humming with activity - academic, co curricular and extra curricular all the year round. At LPU, we believe that only academic input is not a complete way to achieve the goal of an individual’s development. Rather an all round development of both faculty & students is envisaged through the organization of various recreational activities to break the monotony of work & studies. The extra-curricular activities ranging from sports, theatre, fests and competitions are organized, managed and appreciated by the students themselves for infusion of self confidence, self esteem and managerial skills.

Shri Virendra Sharma, Member of House of Commons, United Kingdom visited LPU
Shri Virendra Sharma, Honourable Member of House of Commons, United Kingdom visited LPU to have an interaction with the students. He spoke about various issues like the rise of the education sector, the role of the private sector in the multifaceted development of India, the role of Indian diaspora in India’s development, India-UK ties and various other social, economic and political issues of India. He appreciated in upgrading the standards of professional education, especially in terms of quality faculty, infrastructural facilities, need based curriculum and world class pedagogy. Addressing the students he said, “With IT revolution ushering in new changes every single day, the world is becoming one small part of the Indian students to know about the global practices, while retaining the indigenous strengths, to propel India to the status of a world superpower.” The faculty and the students had a free wheeling discussions his presentation and discussed various issues that affect the nation and its citizens
Shri Virendra Sharma, Member of House of Commons, United Kingdom addressing the gathering

A Glimpse of 2008 At LPU

Indian economy, the ascent of the Indian village. There is an urgent need on the

the interventions made by the University with the visiting dignitary at the end of

His Excellency Gen. (Retd.) S.F. Rodrigues, PVSM, VSM, Governor of Punjab, conferring degrees on meritorious students

EDUCON 2008, an international conference on “Internationalizing Higher Education”, was attended by 400 scholars from 21 states across the nation and delegates from Thailand, South Africa, Ethoiopia etc. This activity was a part of LPU’s initative to improve the higher education in India to meet the needs of the young learners of the present era.

Annual Convocation
The first Convocation of the Lovely Institutes was held on Lovely Campus to distribute degrees alongwith medals for the achievers in academics, sports, cultural activities. His Excellency Gen. (Retd.) S.F. Rodrigues, PVSM, VSM, Governor of Punjab was the Chief Guest, Ch. Swarna Ram, Hon’ble Minister, Technical Education and Industrial Training, Punjab presided over the function and Sh. N.S.Kalsi, Secretary, Technical Education and Industrial Training, Punjab was the Guest of Honor and Dr. S.K.Salwan, Vice Chancellor, Punjab Technical University conferred the degrees. A well known authority on Banking and economic affairs, Dr. K.C. Chakarabarty, Chairman and Managing Director, Punjab National Bank inaugurated the PNB ATM cum Banking facility in the Lovely Professional University campus. Punjab National Bank is one of the largest public sector banks of India and also features in the Forbes Top 1500 companies across the globe. Lovely Institute of Law organized its first Convocation and Annual Prize Distribution function. Mr. Justice Virendra Jain, Honourable Chief Justice Punjab & Haryana High Court, Chandigarh, graced the occasion in the capacity of the Chief Guest of the function. Mr. Justice Vinod Sharma, Punjab and Haryana High Court was the esteemed Guest of Honour. The Chief Guest, Mr. Justice Virendra Jain, Honourable Chief Justice Punjab & Haryana High Court, Chandigarh, addressed the gathering and enlightened the future law graduates with his vast expertise and knowledge.
Mr. Justice Virender Jain, Honourable Chief Justice Punjab & Haryana Hight court, Chandigarh, conferring degrees on meritorious students

CMD, Punjab National Bank, inaugurated ATM at Lovely Professional University

Inaugurating the University's third and PNB's first ATM facility in the campus, he emphasized that 21st century can be the century of India if all its citizens work hard by accepting all challenges. They should avoid complacency as well as over ambitiousness. He holds the greed of the people and the corporations as the root cause of the global financial sink. Addressing a large gathering of students, faculty members and other associates of LPU, he advised all to be always well-informed & hard working.
Dr. K.C. Chakarabarty, CMD, PNB presenting a giant size ATM card to Mr. Ashok Mittal -Chancellor, Lovely Professional University.



The Lovely campus is spread over 600 acres of land on the National Highway No.1. at the entry of Jalandhar city. LPU is credited to be India's largest single-campus university. Environment-friendly campus is home to several architecturally striking buildings where every need of both students and faculty is met. Tree-lined avenues and lush lawns dotted with beautiful flowering shrubs soothe the eye and create an ideal learning ambiance. About 24000 students, approximately half of them girls, around 1500

teachers and staff live in comfort and work in a congenial atmosphere.



Safe Accommodation
University offers comprehensive hostel facilities within the campus. We understand that most of our students are moving out from home for the first time, so we strive to make the transition as smooth as possible by offering comfortable and safe hostels within the campus. University offers separate hostel facilities for boys and girls. Each hostel has its own mess providing hygienic and nutritious meals three times a day. The menu is designed to cater to a range of taste buds. Salient features :
+ Separate hostels for boys /girls within campus + the rooms have attached washrooms with hot water facility. All + Adequate ventilation and lighting facility + Uninterrupted power supply through dedicated hotline. + Internet connectivity through Wi-Fi system + Air-cooled rooms + A bed, a study table, a chair and a cupboard for each student + A clinic to provide medical assistance to students, 24 x 7

Emblematic architecture
The University's infrastructure is distinctive by its modern architecture with each building illustrating a unique picture of its utility. Each building has been designed to provide comprehensive services to the students and staff members. All the buildings are architecturally green with optimal use of natural light and air. Our campus provides a vibrant backdrop to our academic achievements and offers an unbeatable lifestyle. We believe we can offer you a unique place in which to study , relax and develop. We aspire to be a 'model unit' amongst educational institutions for our eco-friendliness, no drugs campaign, and ' zero tolerance' for drugs and alcohol. The campus has a cosmopolitan atmosphere with students from different parts of the globe. LPU has a diverse community of students and faculty from 23 different states of India and 5 different countries. This diversity facilitates the exchange of ideas among students and faculty from different backgrounds and perspectives, which creates a powerful environment for learning and leadership development. Diverse student and faculty population is especially very important for social networking, and proves very helpful in the student's professional career.

+ shops to cater to all needs of the students at all hours. Tuck + Newspapers and magazines are provided to students on demand.

Sports Facilities
With a view to develop the all round personality of the students, the university emphasizes equally on curricular, co- curricular and extra-curricular activities. It is the constant endeavour of the university to see that the students grow intellectually as well as physically. To facilitate this, sports grounds for hockey, volley ball, cricket, football, basketball courts, lawn tennis courts, badminton courts, table tennis courts, etc, are provided .



LPU campus has fully-functional branches of three banks, namely, State Bank of Patiala, Punjab National Bank, and Oriental Bank of Commerce, providing convenient banking services, including educational loans, money transactions, and ATM facilities round the clock within the campus.

Personal Welfare
Personal Welfare In addition to the comprehensive range of support services described above, we also have a Student Counselling Service, Medical and Childcare Services available within the campus .

Book Shops
Course books and other reading material is made available for the students within the campus. Separate smaller book shops are also there at various places in the campus.

Campus Clinic
The University Campus Clinic is staffed with doctors, nurses, counsellors and a psychologist. Round the clock health care assistance is available for our students, staff and faculty. Clinic is run and managed under the guidance of qualified and experienced doctors and is backed by a modern diagnostic centre. For students with special medical needs, the students are encouraged to contact the Campus Clinic before they apply to ensure that all their needs are provided for. Lovely campus also has two dedicated fully-equipped ambulances to facilitate swift medical service in case of an emergency.

The university provides a state-of-the-art gymnasium fully-equipped with the latest equipment. Instructors and trainers are available throughout the day to train the students.

Café and Kiosks
The Campus Cafe offers excellent multi-cuisine menus providing a comfortable and vibrant ambience for all. In addition, canteens, kiosks, juice bars, snack bars are all conveniently located to offer you everything from a pizza to dosa or even bhel puri. These small eating joints have turned into more than just a place to eat. These also act as hang outs for our budding artists. You can catch a hot intellectual discussion in one corner or a serenade in the other.



location Map



Transport Facility
LPU maintains a strong fleet of busses to facilitate students travelling daily from their home towns. All bus services are provided at a nominal fee structure.



GNDU Amritsar Amritsar Bus stand Jandiala Guru Khalchain Raiya Bias Dhilwan Kartarpur, Jalandhar Transport Nagar, Jalandhar


Mukerian Dasuya Tanda Chalang Bhogpur Kala Bakra Kishan Garh Khan Pur Nurpur Pathankot Bye Pass Lamba Pind

Nakodar Chowk Jandhar Bus Stand BSF Chowk PAP Chowk Dakoha Jalandhar Cantt Deep Nagar Maqsudan DAV College Football Chowk T V Centre Chik Chik Chowk APJ Wadala Chowk Buta Mandi Ravi Dass Chowk Manbro Urban Estate & Johal Market Shastri Market Sky lark Milap Chowk Bhagat Singh Chowk City Railway Station Alaska Chowk Model Town Mota singh Nagar


Ludhiana (Stn to Jal Bye Pass) Phillaur Goraya Chahoki Phagwara

RCF Kapurthala Kapurthala Bus Stand UE Kapurthala Mandi Basti bawa Khel, Jalandhar 120 Foot Road, Jalandhar Kapurthala Chowk, Jalandhar

Nawan shahr Banga Behram

Shahkot Nakodar Nurmahal Jandiala Jamsher Dhina Sansarpur Jalandhar cantt Deep Nagar

(Not to Scale)

Hoshiarpur Kathar Adampur Jandu singha Nangal Shama Johal Hospital, Jalandhar Rama Mandi Chowk

Lovely Professional University is easily accessible as it is located on the Jalandhar-Ludhiana G.T.Road, NH-1 and it is very well connected by rail & road and is at a reasonable distance from the bus stands, railway stations etc.

Bassi Dard Khan Davida Hasiana

3 km from Municipal limits of Jalandhar City 5 km from Phagwara 7 km from Phagwara Railway Station 7 km from Jalandhar Cantt Railway Station 15 km from Jalandhar City Railway Station 41 km from Hoshiarpur 45 km from Ludhiana City 80 km from Amritsar City 112 km from Pathankot 130 km from Chandigarh 219 km from Jammu 350 km from Delhi


Physiotherapy Clinic
The campus has its own physiotherapy clinic. The clinic is equipped with modern computerized equipment. Patients from economically weaker sections of the society are provided free medical aid, other patients are charged a nominal fee for treatment. Free transport facility is provided to all the patients coming for regular therapy. The university runs a free physiotherapy clinic at other places as well, where our students and teachers are actively involved in treating patients who are unable to bear the expenses of costly hospital treatment. This venture is a part of our community outreach programme.

Various activities are being taken up by the students and faculty of LPU, to inculcate a feeling of social responsibility among the students. Striking a balance between their academic pursuits and social obligations, the University and the Institutes arrange various activities like Plays, Dramas, AIDS awareness campaigns, collecting contributions for charity etc.

LPU students treating patients at the Physiotherapy Clinic

Green Initiatives
. Paper University: LPU is fast Zero . Architecturally green buildings: Our

By effective usage of heat-reflective material and light colours we are ensuring minimal energy consumption. Our green buildings are about a focus on the environment, economy, public health and comfort.
. Green Campus: The LPU campus is

moving towards becoming India's very first paperless university. Online submission of assignments, term papers, online communication amongst management, staff and faculty, online and transparent meeting process with online sending of meeting minutes and circulars all contribute to our efforts to function as a paperless university. The appraisal of faculty is based on online tests which are conducted on a regular basis and even applications for jobs are accepted online.

buildings are based on environmentally-conscious design patterns and minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings by use of natural resources. Sustainable buildings reduce the Carbon Dioxide emission, reduce energy consumption, and most importantly, promote a healthy eco-friendly lifestyle. We use fired clay building blocks, because these bricks act as perfect insulators and protect the building from warming up, thereby reducing the use of air conditioning.

home to a herbarium and a separate horticulture department for its maintenance. The herbarium houses exotic species of shrubs, herbs, etc, which are used by the various departments of the university for experimental purposes.

LPU students performing a street play on female foeticide
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“ prospectus“
About the
In considering a professional personal ambitions and career direction. You can visit us on degree you will have a lot of questions in your mind. Obvious ones like cost and time commitment, but also details of the assignments you will be subjected to and the type of students you will be studying alongside. This prospectus has been designed to address all your questions and anxieties and to help you find a degree programme, that meets your needs. If you have any queries we shall be happy to try and answer them. Before you apply, you, your family and friends are welcome to visit the university. We sincerely urge you to visit our campus before you consider applying for any of our programmes because when you join us it should be with the conviction that you are taking a step in the right any day of the week including Sundays. Our counselling staff will provide you with all the information and will take you on a guided campus tour .

When you come you will have the opportunity to:
See the campus, infrastructure and facilities, Visit academic departments, Talk to students, teachers and admission staff, See hostel accommodation, Find out how to apply, and Have a glimpse of campus life

Road Ahead
LPU is entering an exciting period in terms of providing academic leadership, through cutting edge curriculum and innovative pedagogy. So the road ahead seems not only enthralling, but also holds a lot of promise for those who associate with us now. With steady steps, we continue our march forward to nourish the mind, body and soul of our young generation.


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