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Pat Kohli, or Patrick Kohli, is a member of the Haifan Baha'i Faith
who makes regular contributions to the
S!"!# newsgrou$ talk.religion.bahai
& He is a com$uter $rogrammer who has worke' on software for
(arious $ro)ects, inclu'ing militar* s*stems&
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He /is a com$uter scientist assigne' to 0&1&-&-& He works for P2+3%-1 as the 4$en +rchitecture 54+6 7P#
lea', in the 4+8F4,9!net 7P# of the "etwork 9entric Warfare 7P#& Prior to this he worke' at Saint 7nigoes
for 0&1 an' 'e(elo$e' a $rotot*$e ne.t generation flight 'ata recor'er, using 94#S com$onents, to meet
inci'ent re$orting, maintenance an' F4:+ nee's& Pat also su$$orte' the ol' P2+3%;% which 'i' wea$on
control s*stems for gui'e' missiles& Pat has an 2S in com$uter 7nformation S*stems from Flori'a #ech&/
/Pat Kohli, "9W 4$en +rchitecture <ea', 'emonstrate' how the !3%893% $rogram office 5P2+3%-16 is
continuousl* e(aluating an' im$lementing software mo'erni=ation to facilitate transition of the e.isting !3%
o$erational flight $rogram to an en(ironment using commerciall* a(ailable s*stems& >enlet sai', /#he "a(al
+(iation !nter$rise has embrace' o$en architecture as a fun'amental buil'ing block of wea$on s*stem
'e(elo$ment from its (er* ince$tion& 4ur go(ernment8in'ustr* teams continue to le(erage these o$en s*stem
strategies an' conce$ts in achie(ing re'uction in o(erall 'e(elo$ment c*cle times an' 'eli(ering increase'
s*stem ca$abilities to the Fleet faster an' chea$er& #he a'(antages of integrating o$en architecture 'esigns an'
contracting strategies are measurable an' $ronounce' as is substantiate' b* our !3%? +'(ance' Hawke*e an'
P3; 2ulti32ission +ircraft 'e(elo$ment $rograms& #he ke* to continue' success will be maintaining the close
$artnershi$ with in'ustr* e.$erts, as we $ro(i'e the right ca$abilities, at the right time an' right cost to the )oint
warfighter&/#he !3% Hawke*e team has been re$resenting an' 'irectl* su$$orting >enlet's e.ecuti(e office 3 the
a(iation 'omain lea' for o$en architecture initiati(es 3 since @une %AA0, because of its role as a battle
management comman' an' control $latform an' a central network communications no'e in a(iation& !3%
Program 2anager 9a$t& ,an'* 2ahrsai', /#o'a*'s e(ol(ing !3% o$en architecture mo'el $a(es the wa* for a
more mature s*stem to be use' b* the !3%? $rior to it taking its $lace in the fleet&/
Pat Kohli has maintaine' a consistent web $resence since the late 1BBAs, $articularl* on S!"!#, a''ressing
both e.ternal critics an' 'issenters within the Haifan Baha'i Faith tra'ition to which he belongs [1]
5htt$C88www&fgla*sher&com8bahaicensorshi$8archi(e&htm6& 7n 1BB;, he (ote' against the creation of the
S!"!# grou$, talk.religion.bahai, as an un3mo'erate' 'iscussion forum for issues relating to the Baha'i
& 4fficial 'iscussion regar'ing the creation of this grou$ ma* also be foun' atC [D] 5htt$C88www&faEs&org
8usenet8news&announce&newgrou$s8talk8talk&religion&bahai6& He $osts un'er the han'les Mr All Bad an'
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