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Novant Health Mobile App Edits

Novant Health Web Center


Menu button moved over to

same location as inside pages

Logo shrunk and moved up to

the new header bar

Search function now available

Main banner area to be

updated via Web Center

MyChart now main link

Other non-essential links

removed from home screen
and now display in the slide out

Urgent Care now displays in

NH copper

Menu button displays a

scrollable slide out menu

Aubergine highlight denotes

users current location within

Addition of MyChart, App

feedback, Emergency
contacts and Privacy
statement to menu

Search function added to all

main pages (not detail pages)

Search function reached via

the magnifying glass

Upon tapping the magnifying

glass, the Novant Health
part of the logo gives way to
the search text eld
Search results

Search function only searches ve main categories: Doctors, Practices,

Hospitals, Urgent Care facilities and Pharmacies

Search results are organized via main dividers

Wait Times numbers appear where applicable

Phone numbers appear in nice clickable buttons for physicians, pharmacies

and practices in results

More space added to make the page less congested

New call warning bubble

Global detail page design

New streamlined Wait

Times display.

New call and website

buttons added

Hours of operation added

Additional information
now handled with drop
down menu system

Favorites star dropped

down to facility name
banner and search
magnifying glass added

Map size reduced

Pin displays bubble by

default with mileage

Whole area under

facility name scrolls

View of a facility that has

neither Hold my place nor
Care Now.

Wait times

New white highlight behind

active sorting list title. Title is
now in aubergine.

Wait Times list cleaned up

Wait Times shrunk so more

facilities can display on the
screen at once. Also, the
appearance is neater.

Urgent Care facilities now

display Closed instead of
00:00 when they are closed.

Detail page is now the default

dropdown menu type.

Favorites star dropped down

to doc name banner and
search magnifying glass added.
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34', /#'4 .#$ %+8' $%' 01#.4 0.4$+55'/
$%' -3;#.4 <055 $+2' $%'= /0,'1$5) $#
0$4 /#<.5#+/ 5#1+>#. 0. $%' 0?3.'4
4$#,' +./ @##A5' B5+)9

Emergency contacts page

Emergency contacts page is similar

to favorites page but holds user
submitted data

User can tap the call button to call

the contact

User can tap anywhere in the

rectangle to see additional info
about the contact

User can edit the contact in same

detail view

User submits their new contacts

information via the + icon

User submits their email contact


User can delete the contacts by

rst tapping the check boxes and
then tapping the trash can icon

App Feedback page

User submits their personal


User submits their email

contact information

If the user observed a

problem, they have an area of
the app where they can
denote where the issue

User give a written

testimony about the app or
the problem they witnessed

User has button to submit

their feedback

User receives Success page

after submission of feedback

Call Novant Health page has full

name at top

Search magnifying glass is available

Icons change from RGB to Novant

color palette as noted at left

Color icons only show on the

following pages:
1. Call Novant
2. Wait Times
3. Nearest Urgent Care

New sorting tab white background

and aubergine text

New call warning message

Find a location- Switched out the Locations

nder icon for the View on Map icon as
well as making all the icons Aubergine.

Spread out icons to give more breathing room.

Added Hold my place icon that takes you to

the detail page with the corresponding menu
dropdown expanded.

Detail pages are now standard with the

dropdown menus

Find a Doc Edits

Switched out Find a Location

icon for View on Map icon on
search results page

Removed Afliated...

Phone number button added

Redesign of physician extras

icons to be more like online
physician nder

Icons display in a right to left


Physician information presented

in dropdown menu style like
online detail page

Favorites star dropped down to

doc name banner and search
magnifying glass added

Map section reduced

Entire area beneath physician

name scrolls

Privacy statement page design

Privacy statement is to be pulled

in from the www site as a single

subsequent pages should load

within the app (example of
North Carolina statement