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How to Look Like You Got 8 Hours of
Sleep When You Really Got 4
It takes way more than concealer to fake a good night’s sleep. When you’re sleep-
deprived, everything looks as if it’s sagging a little. All the techniques and tricks
I’ll show you here will help you look lifted and refreshed.
1. Apply concealer under your eyes, on the inner and outer corners.
2. Put on foundation to even your skin tone.
3. Add a soft highlighter on cheekbones and inner corners of eyes.
4. Apply pink or peach blush on the apples of your cheeks.
5. Light shimmery shadow goes on lids from lash line to brow.
6. Brush up brows with brow gel. This is key, ladies!
7. A sheer blue- pink lip gloss on lips will brighten your smile.
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