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He Protected the Slaves from being tortured.

He freed many slaves from their masters.

Allah Promised Him Jannah while he was still alive.
Can you imagine how much Allah loves him!
Inshallah he will be in Joanna near the throne of Allah,
with his best friend, Prophet Muhammad (saws)
Many years ago when there were a very few Muslims in the
world. In the beginning Muslims used to pray in secret.
Abu Bakr (r.a.a) was one of the frst Muslims of our Ummah.
As more people started becoming muslims, Abu Bakr Insisted to
Prophet Muhammad(saws), that they should announce to
everyone and not pray hidden.
RasulAllah fnally agreed. One day as a group they entered the
courtyard of the Ka'bah. They entered from each corner
and called out to the people about Islam. Abu Bakr radi Allahu
anhu was the frst person to invite to Allah and His Messenger.
On hearing them people sitting there got very angry and began
beating the muslims. One man named Utbah pounced on
Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu and kept beating him up really badly
until Abu Bakr(r.a.a) got knocked out. Abu Bakr's family fnally
came to his help and got Utbah off of him. Abu Bakr could not
move and was unconscious. Finally during the night Abu Bakr
radi Allahu anhu began to show signs of life.
Do you know what the frst words he spoke were?
What happened to RasulAllah? What happened to RasulAllah?
His mother offered him food but he refused.
"I am not going to touch food until I am taken to RasulAllah
and know that he is alright."
They carried him to RasulAllah(sawa). When RasulAllah saw him
he cried at the state that Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu was in and
hugged him. He held the hug as the Muslims gathered around.
How much do you love Prophet Muhammad (saws)?
Have you seen someone cry because they were very happy?
Once upon a time when things got very bad for Muslims in Mecca,
they decided to leave Mecca and live in Medina.
Slowly all the muslims started leaving one by one.
When Prophet Muhammad (saws) decided to leave he had to
pick a companion to come with him.
It was a hard and long journey through the desert on a camel.
With little food and drink.
Walking in the very hot sun for a very long distance!
Danger of being attacked on the way.
One day Prophet Muhammad (saws) went to the house of Abu Bakr
to tell him that he is the One to come with him on this journey!!

Maybe someone else may have felt scared but can you
guess how Abu Bakr reacted ?
He was happy !!!
He was so happy that he started crying!
He was happy to be the chosen to accompany
Prophet Muhammad(saws) on this great journey!
Infact he was already ready to go, he had already prepared
his camel and a camel for Prophet Muhammad too!
Do you ever feel afraid to do something you know is right?
Dont be afraid! Do what is right because you love Allah
and the Prophet Muhammad(saws)
and Inshallah Allah will send his angels to help you!
Bring on your Emaan Power !
Did you know that Abu Bakr was rich and famous!
However when he became a Muslim,
people started disliking him.
But he was brave and loved Allah &
his messenger very much!
Once he even brought ALL of his money
and gave it to Prophet Muhammad (saws)
He had complete emaan that if he helped
Prophet Muhammad (saws), Allah would
take care of him & his family!
So even though people did not like him
and used to bother him all the time.
He did not worry. He trusted Allah.
He loved Allah and his messenger more
than anyone else.
You know how Allah rewarded him?
Allah made him the leader of all
the muslims!
Hundreds of years later, millions of
people all over the world still love him
and want to be just like him.
Even Angels Love Him!
Allah loves him!
This is how greatly Allah rewards those
who trust him and have emaan!
May Allah have mercy on Abu Bakr!
SubhanAllah what a hero he was.
May Allah give our hearts love for the great companion.
May Allah make us just like Abu Bakr
.May we all love Prophet Muhammad (saws)
as Abu Bakr loved him.
May we be amongst their company in Jannah!