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Man Know Thyself


A Key to the Riddle of
The Universe

A Key to the Mystery of
Your Own Self

Seek ye first the Kingdom
of God (within you) and all
else that you require will be
added unto you

Keys 1 7 refer to powers or
potentialities of consciousness. Keys 8
14 are symbols for laws or agencies. Keys
15 21 represent conditions or effects.
Thus Key 1 is the power that works
through the agency of Key 8 to modify
the conditions or effects symbolized by
Key 15. The last 7 Keys illustrate seven
steps in spiritual unfoldment of man. The
first stage is that of fear, ignorance and
Key 11 is the center which balances all
other keys. Numerically it is one-half the
sum of any two diametrically opposed
keys. Any such keys always add to 22. For
example, keys 1 and 21, 20 and 2, 14 and
8, 15 and 7, and so on.

Every Key is in some sense the opposite
and complement of the one which
preceded it.
Every letter is in some manner the
antithesis of the letter which
immediately precedes it in the series.
The Pattern on the Trestleboard:
0. All the power that ever was and will be is here
1. I am a center of expression for the Primal Will-to-
Good which eternally creates and sustains the
2. Through me its unfailing Wisdom takes form in
thought and word.
3. Filled with Understanding of its perfect law, I am
guided, moment by moment, along the path of
4. From the exhaustless riches of it Limitless
Substance, I draw all things needful, both spiritual
and material.
5. I recognize the manifestation of the undeviating
Justice in all the circumstances of my life.
6. In all things, great and small, I see the Beauty of
the divine expression.
7. Living from that Will, supported by its unfailing
Wisdom and Understanding, mine is the Victorious
8. I look forward with confidence to the perfect
realization of the Eternal Splendor of the Limitless
9. In thought and word and deed, I rest my life, from
day to day, upon the Foundation of Eternal Being.
10. The Kingdom of Spirit is embodied in my flesh.
TAROT Summary
The 7 stages of spiritual unfoldment are
represented by the 7 vertical lines of the Tarot
Upper row represents the 7 dominant mental
states or principles
Middle row typify the intermediary activities or
agencies / laws
Bottom row stand for conditions or phenomena
resulting from expression of the principles of the
upper row through the agencies of the middle
Combining Tarot Keys
You can gain greater insights into the Keys by studying
them in meaningful combinations, such as:
Spelling each of the letters in the Hebrew alphabet in
Spelling each of the 10 sephiroths in the Tree of Life in
Spelling out the names of God in Hebrew:
Vertical top to bottom (1, 8, 15 or 4, 11, 18; etc. for a total
of seven such combinations)
Using a 3-card spread to support you see a new, universal
perspective to specific life conditions
Tarot Interpretations
0 - The Fool: No-Thing; Yod-He-Vav-Heh, Primal
Will, Causeless Cause; Limitless power of your
own spiritual superconscious life; Seeing far
beyond the seeming limitations of your present
circumstances; Eternal Youth, Vitality,
Adventure, Inspiration, Infinite Possibilities,
Freedom from every limitation; No conditions
of time, space, or quality limit the perfect
freedom of the Central Reality. At this center is
the focus of all possibilities, conceivable and
inconceivable, known and unknown. Purity of
Purpose, Acting on our Ideals; Trust and
Innocence; Starting something new; The
limited perception is that if you truly follow the
magic of your heart in a life of love that you will
be considered a fool according to the ways of
the world. Don't project yourself so far into
future that you lose sight of where you are -
Integrate Heaven and Earth (must be practical);
Leap of faith without understanding
Little dog = intellect (servant of
Control of breath is first step in taming the
natural forces

1 - The Magician: Beginning; Self-conscious awareness
/ Power of Attention / Objective Mind; Conscious
awareness in the here and now; aware of the patterns
and conditions in your environment that you are
creating. What you give your attention to you build
and strengthen. Initiation / Inception Stage of taking
infinite possibilities to finite by formulating premises
or seed ideas planted in the subconscious; Transformer
sets in motion forces to bring about change;
Constructing your reality through focused awareness,
concentration, and attention on the here and now if
you wish tomorrow to be different from today, you
must change what you think and feel today, no matter
what your conditions appear to be; Observing beyond
the surface; Keen & penetrating Insight; Alert
awareness; Accurate measurement and analysis /
evaluation of things and forces in mans environment;
Practical application of Natural Law and adapting them
to the realization of your purpose; Personality is a
center / a channel through which Spirit expresses
itself; Lifetime Learner.
You concentrate the Life-force, through an act of attention,
upon your working-tools. You make yourself a channel through
which the Limitless Light may flow into the field of
subconsciousness, there to formulate itself into feelings, ideas
which will rise into the plan of self-conscious awareness.
2 - The High Priestess: Duplication; Subordinate to
self-conscious mind; The motive force behind the
self-conscious mind; Just Being, Open to Receiving,
Receptive; Memory, Reflection, Duplication; Divine
Inspiration, Intuition; Telepathy; Meditation;
Subconscious flow of creative intelligence; The
Subconscious accepts all and remembers all
without discernment has perfect record of all
personal and race experience (there is no
separation all is integrated and one); The fertile
soil in which the Magician plants the seeds;
Deductive reasoning / Association of ideas even
while we sleep; Represents all 7 Hermetic
Principles; Look within for light from above; There
is both our individual subconscious and the mass
subconscious that we have access to when we
learn how.
3 - The Empress: Multiplication; Creative
Imagination, Inspiration, Reproduction,
Growth, Fertility, Nurturing, Beauty,
Materiality; Care for, teach and grow the
energies around one; Service to others;
Creative Imagination is the portal to what lies
beyond the field of ordinary sensation and
perception. Rules the senses and material
world; Mother Principle; Birthing of new ideas
through inspiration; Appreciation for the
beauty in all forms; There is beauty in your
works you are in harmony with and love what
you do. Increasing creativity, manifesting
prosperity, or magnetizing love; Law of
Notice the staff points to and is resting on her
womb. So the emphasis is bringing the infinite
to the finite.
The heart with wings represents unconditional
love and freedom.
4 - The Emperor: Order; Insight (accurate
observation of actual situation on physical
plane), Vision, Reason, Imagination; Practical
Application; Self-Discovery; Power, Dominion,
and Authority Over Conditions; No one has
power or authority over you unless you give it to
them through your ignorance and fear. The use
of higher reasoning and logic to rebut any claims
or presumptions of anyones authority over you.
Challenge any and all so-called authority figures.
Put up limits and boundaries on any 3
who meddle in your private affairs.
Owning your experience; Discerning your story
(drama, meaning, etc.) from what is, and
choosing what is.
Commitment, Persistence, Constancy of Purpose;
Proactivity, Initiative, & Resourcefulness; The
Father Principle representing authority and
origination; Sets all things in order and motion
after birth; Vitality; Initiative, and
decisiveness; Be pioneering and wield your
power with compassion
5 - The Hierophant: Mediation; Spiritual Intuition,
Inner Teacher, Internal Guidance, Soundless sound
of an Inner Voice, Revealer of mysteries - the
Universal Principles; The two priests come in
surrender, open to receive; Principle of
consciousness hidden by the mechanical
appearance of the universe. Integration of the male
& female principles; The union between personal
and universal consciousness I AM That I AM (as
above, so below) reached through the
subconscious; This union provides direct perception
of universal, eternal principles which may be applied
to the solution of human problems and to the
perfecting of human control over mans
environment. Before you use the Inner Voice you
must first see the situation clearly, and though
intuition goes beyond reasoning it is not a substitute
for reasoning. Intuition is reason carried out to n

degree. We must reason rightly before we receive
the inner teaching of intuition. Take moments of
silence and listen to the voice within which will
guide you to a Truth you can act on.
The staff is like the antenna that receives from
Heaven and grounds it to the Earth. Its taking the
Universal and applying it to the personal.
6 - The Lovers: Reciprocation; Discrimination,
Discernment the power to accurately perceive
differences, primarily to perceive the difference
between real (truth) and unreal; Integration of
seeming Opposites; Ecstasy of union of opposites;
Love produces harmonious balance in the operation
of the various pairs of opposites Pairs of opposites
(however antagonistic) are really complements;
Opposites are really different aspects of the One
Thing So we rise above the duality; Love completes
the cycle; Law of Polarity; Integration of Heaven and
Earth; Communicate Love; Attracting love into your
life and healing relationships.
Watch that you not obey your desires and impulses
without first submitting them to the Light of reason.

Exercise for healing relationships:
In your journal write down all the positive traits of the
person in the relationship that needs healing.
7 - The Chariot: Equilibrium; Receptivity-Will;
Conquest of illusion to establish harmony
and order out of chaos; Innermost warrior for
truth; The True Self guides and directs the
Personality Chariot as the personality; The
vehicle of personality built by
subconsciousness; The true body of man is
the physical universe we are omnipresent;
Taking our power back as an agent of God
He shall rule as God; Self-talk, habits of
speech creates our reality and our physical
bodies; Mastery of speech aligned to Truth
say what you mean, and mean what you say;
Universal forces provide protection while
tenacity assures victory and triumph.
"Stand aside in the coming battle, and though
thou fightest, be not thou the warrior. Look
for the warrior and let him fight in thee. Take
his orders for the battle and obey them."
8 - Strength: Rhythm; Law of Suggestion; Taming of
the Kundalini, serpent power the reproductive /
sexual energy the creative energy of life;
Intentional & consciously directing and guiding of
the subconscious towards a definite purpose,
inspiration (Law of Suggestion); Control of natural
forces below the human level through application of
the law of rhythmic vibration; Aligning Ego /
Personality to Gods Will; Guides and directs people,
children, and activities towards harmony and order;
Especially important to parents of young children in
aligning their subconscious belief systems to Truth;
Strength to live ones life in alignment to Thy Will,
no matter the opinions and pressure of others; Trust
and determination; Fusion of heart and mind for
powerful force for action; Still the mind, center the
heart, clear the emotions, and radiate Love and
Shedding off the layers of the personality, releasing
all addictions / temptations. This is the purification
stage. Much like a snake sheds off layers of its skin.
9 - The Hermit: Conclusion; The Ultimate Goal; Through right
recollection (Key 2) we come to know the One Identity (Key
9), and this knowledge overthrows all structures of separative
delusion (Key 16). Represents the consciousness of man who
has attained enlightenment through union of personality and
the True Self, the One Identity Superconsciousness;
Genuine Prophet who predicts the future through accurate
application of Universal Principles, Wisdom; Use the light of
truth to stay upon the path in times of darkness; Thoughts
form our reality; Make use of solitude to question our beliefs,
purify ourselves of conditioning to become conscious of
universal causeand-effect and to discern wholeness; Touch

The Mountain Top:
I can see the lantern at the top of the mountain; I know in my
heart I'm on the right path. All I need to do is persevere and
not keep my eyes off the Hermit's lantern as it points the way
to the top.
I have that faith and knowingness inside me that I will reach
that mountain top where the Hermit sits. That doesn't mean
it will be a rosy walk in the park all the time. There may be
times when I trip and fall, or mistakenly follow a path up the
mountain that is slightly more treacherous to go up. I will be
tested. My faith will be tested. But I will persevere, and I will
reach the top. That is clear to me.
It's the times of surrender that lead to true spiritual growth.
But like everything, there has a balance of fire (will) to move
forward in the face of adversity, and water (receptivity,
surrender) to receive and be guided. I'm working on the
balance and excited about the journey.
10 - The Wheel of Fortune: Law of Rhythm & Cycles;
Rotation, Cycles Synchrony; Related to the Law of Change /
Impermanence: The only constant in life is change. Nothing is
permanent This too shall pass. The paradox is that when
you try to change you cant, because you Rxx what is. All
manifestation (3-D phenomena) is cyclic - Rxx the cycle =>
Prxx && Intensity; Complete your cycles to keep the
energy flowing & give space for new; Everything goes in
stages / phases of growth, development, ebb & flow, letting
go The culmination of a stream of events cycles
synchrony; Recurrence of events in regular and predictable
patterns; Mechanical, subconscious aspect of the One Force
that keeps the universe in balance; History doesn't repeat, it
rhymes; What we send out returns to us; Fractilation; As
Above, So Below; Alignment with the natural Cycles for co-
creation Stepping into the open door when the opportunity
presents itself; On the Path of Return we cannot always be
climbing. There is periodicity and alteration of activities:
waning as well as waxing, reflux as well as flux, rest as well as
endeavor. Assimilation, or taking in, must be balanced with
expression, or giving out. Periods of intense effort must
alternate with periods of relaxation. Every seed has its
planting season; Wisdom ability to predict consequences of
actions. Linear time is an illusion time is cyclical,
vortational; The integration of Keys 1-4; The operation of 0
through agency of 1
11 - Justice: Law of Karma; The Law of Karma is a
natural law of consequences inherent in life in order to
teach us to be conscious and to become responsible
for our actions to balance our life. The sword in the
card also represents destruction. Unless we proactively
dismantle our false beliefs and paradigms, the sword
of karma will do it for us whether we like it or not.
Whenever the scale gets out of balance, the sword is
used to get back into balance; this includes setting
limits and boundaries, completing cycles. The
automatic power of subconsciousness. "What you sow,
so shall you reap. Wherever you go, there you are.
Being responsible for Karma of past and present
moment actions. Raise all humanity by raising yourself;
Balance, Dynamic Equilibrium: equalizing opposing
activities or forces in constant motion; Right Weighing
& Measuring to strike a balance to overcome negative
consequences of past errors; Simplicity, Harmony and
Order; Veracity, Honesty, Fairness, Accountability, Win-
Win; Do away with extremes, balance opposites and
find stability within; Find your center within; Use of
right discrimination to rid yourself of illusions & lies
and effects of negative Karma; Sow and cultivate a
crop of positive thinking, and carry out our thinking
with corresponding action; Completion of Keys 8 & 9;
12 - Hanged Man: Law of Reversal: Reversal of Thought / POV from
personality to Soul; Notice his head lies below the surface of the
ground he sees beyond surface appearances to the causation.
Usually, causation is 180 deg opposite of what the surface
appearance points to. Reversal of the superficial, deluded
interpretation of the universe; Reversal of the mental attitude of
the average man who is concerned almost entirely with outward
appearances and his mental and emotional reactions to them. The
reversal of restriction or bondage; 90% of mass consciousness
beliefs are the exact reverse of what is true. This is illustrated by
the words of Edward Bernays, who is considered by many to be the
father of PR, "The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the
organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important
element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen
mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is
the true ruling power of our country. In almost every act of our daily
lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social
conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively
small number of persons... who pull the wires which control the
public mind. This is what is called consensus reality.
Changing perspective to see from a different POV, through Eyes of
Spirit. Water reflects everything upside down; Question the
Dominant / Mainstream Paradigm. The conditioned mind can never
know. Connecting to Divine Mind giving you a direct perception of
ultimate Reality, Truth through focused concentration by
suspending and quieting the ego mind; Ego Surrender. Changing
conditions by changing your thoughts and attitude and aligning to
Truth; Seeing beyond surface appearance to Truth; Multiplication of
the power of the Emperor (reason) by the regenerative potency of
the Empress (imagination); Manifestation of 2 through the agency
of 1.
13 - Death: Law of Transformation; also related to the Law of
Impermanence: Change, Motion, Transformation,
Transmutation, Dissolution, Disintegration of form for the
Release of Energy to create anew from a higher truth and
energy; Recycle, Compost like the Torus back to the zero point
to infinite possibilities; Purification; All that arises shall pass
away; All that has been made will be unmade; Complete Ego
Surrender; To live is to die and to die is to be reborn; Change is
the basis of manifestation and it begins with intention;
Dissolution of form is imperative for growth. When form breaks
down, energy is released to be utilized for further
development. Death is the dawn of higher consciousness.
Welcome change, and overcome the fear of it. Willingly let go
of the past and attachments to open the space for something
greater to take place.
This is a liberating law that frees us from the fear of death, and
allows us to transcend the physical to Spiritual. Paradoxically, it
frees us to LIVE life fully. If we feel our purpose is purely on
attaining physical wealth, prestige, & survival, then there will
always be an end of days to demonstrate the futility of living for
the physical self at the expense of other & nature.
Our purpose here is not to attain material success & survival of
the temporary self, but rather we live and die so that through
our experiences we may contribute to the elevation of our
eternal soul. The only way that one may raise their soul to the
highest heights is not by striving to attain for the self, but by
giving freely of oneself to Life and others.
Whoever tries to save his life, will lose his life. Whoever freely
gives his life in service Life, will save his life.
14 - Temperance: Law of Verification; Application of
theory into practice grounding the Universal into
the personal; Trial, Probation, Purgation and
Purification of the Personality to become a fit
channel for the expression of Spirit. Verify
everything for yourself; never accept anything on
faith, and never accept anything you are told.
Universe will create these trials and tests in your life
daily when you face challenges and stressors.
Demonstrate the power of the I AM in your
personal life. Temperance = proper mixture of
opposite forces: Neutrality, Balance and
Equilibrium; Flexibility and adaptability; No longer
going to Extremes; Mastery of the Pairs of
Opposites; Transcending Good / Bad; SPACE and
Serenity; Integration of seeming opposites and
paradoxes; Choosing Middle Path between
extremes; Freedom from attachment
If we had no trials / tests / struggles, we would not
be as strong as we could be we would be crippled.
I asked for strength & God gave me difficulties to make
me strong.
I asked for wisdom & God gave me problems to solve.
I asked for courage & God gave me danger to
I asked for love & God gave me troubled people to help.
15 - The Devil: Bondage; The Father of Illusion and Lies; Darkness and
Ignorance; Carnally minded, flesh, world; Source of falsehood,
delusion, deception, distortion of reality, egotism, confusion, error,
mental disorder; The creation of BAD (this should no be), duality,
separation, which is the beginning of Rxx life, experience. Gullible
enslaved to others thinking, dogmas; Bestialization of human
consciousness E.g. psychopaths & sociopaths; Bondage to
materiality and pleasure resistance and clinging; impulsive,
unreflective; Falsehood that material reality is in opposition to
Spiritual reality the truth is there is no separation matter is the
appearance of what we call Spirit as it enters form; Whatever
appearances of evil surround us, they seem as they do because we
are not yet seeing the true relations; The source of forms and
appearances of relative existence; Egoic Pride; The EEQ; The state at
which human beings act purely out of fear, greed and lies; Use this to
see through outer appearances to deeper, spiritual understanding; To
achieve our highest stature as human beings we must be subjected to
trials and tests of our faith these trials are imposed on us by
appearances. Through suffering and regression we are forced to
examine ourselves and change. It is these trials and tests that drive us
to seek ultimate answers, to identify those defective thought patterns
within ourselves that are at the root of our loss and pain. It is the
depth of the shadows that leads us to see the transformative light.
Notice that this hideous figure is an impossible combination of
incongruities. The Devil is God as he is misunderstood by the wicked
(misunderstanding of the true nature of Reality and who we truly
are). True joy results from recognizing the incongruity between
appearance of limitation and the fact that man is the immediate
agent of the One Identity.
16 - The Tower: Apocalypse / Revelation /
Awakening: sudden illumination of truth, a painful
flash of inspiration; Lifting of the veil of illusion;
Transition center of consciousness; Awakening from
the dream of materialism and separation, from the
nightmare of bondage and the dark night of the
soul. Shocked into awakening from illusion belief
systems by some crisis; Ego Surrender. Spiritual
awakening is a distinctly destructive process all
wrong thinking, acting, and conditions must go.
Symbolizes cleaning out the house, removing the
false constructs of the personality to get the house
back in order. The people represent those aspects of
the personality that must go. The tower itself is the
personality and its many layers.
Translating mental perceptions into words;
Discernment and Discrimination; Correct meaning /
definition of words; Right use of language in
agreement with things as they really are, instead of
superficial appearances; Keeping a tidy mind; Power
of the Creative Word comes from expressing Truth
that the source of life and power come from within
us; Use this to overcome faulty observations and
poor reasoning
17 - The Star: Meditation; Receptivity to
Receiving Revelation: Beyond the physical
senses and reasoning mind these
revelations come when the reasoning mind is
completely stilled and the senses sealed;
Fishing for truth; The Star points the way to
the correct solution to every problem,
anything the perplexes you, big or little,
abstract or concrete, complex or simple. This
is the simple essence of meditation: 1

choosing a problem; 2
formulating a clear-
cut question (baiting the hook); 3
the hook into the bay of inner consciousness;
patient, still, waiting until you feel a
nibble; 5
write down and elaborate the
idea. Use with Key 5 to draw from within the
answer to every problem. When we achieve
stillness, we ourselves do not meditate, we
merely participate in the eternal cosmic
meditation which lifts the veils hiding the
beautiful perfection of the Divine Mother:
integrate with the I AM that I AM.
18 - The Moon: Organization transformation of
the human body into a higher, finer, more
sensitive and responsive type of organism
through direct action of mans will and
imagination upon his own vehicle in alignment to
Universal Principles; Self-modification; The
Kingdom of God is right now embodied in your
flesh your body and everything in its
environment is Pure Spirit; Represents the law
of suggestion (Key 8) as being applied through
the direct activity of attention (Key 1).
Symbolizes the Path of Return (the Middle Way)
to Spirit the highest being whereon stands the
Hermit of Key 9. Light of Truth, reflected by the
Moon, guides us through the darkness; The
Moon teach us to use the power of imagination
to visualize spiritual ideals and project them into
physical form Before you fall asleep impress
upon your subconscious images of Truth and
Gods Will in your life. It is during sleep that our
aspirations and efforts are built into organic
structure before going to bed review your day,
open your heart, and visualize your hearts
19 - The Sun: Regenerated Personality (both psychological and
physiological transformation) Through correct conscious self-
direction subconscious (F) is freed to align to Gods Will; We
must enter the Kingdom of Heaven as little children; We are
Spirit in form - Physical existence is a spiritual fact;
Comprehension of truth is limited if founded solely on sensory
evidence; Transcend the limitations of the senses to the
freedom of spiritual knowing by looking within from the surface
to the center; Total emotional freedom from the external
world; Joy of experiencing the physical plane as a spiritual
being. Dancing in the moment in flow and synchronicity with
the Universal energy all around us; The expression of the
Hermit or Universal Will (9) through the activity represented by
the Magician or self-consciousness (1); We are truly
grandchildren of the Sun We live our lives by transformations
of energy from the sun, receiving this energy from it, and, by
means of this energy, communicating our own influence to the
rest of creation in this way both sun and man are lights in the
same circuit of spiritual energy. The sun feeds all life on the
planet where energy and matter are constantly being
exchanged and transformed. Upon reaching the earth, the suns
light energy is transformed back into mass and matter through
photosynthesis and organic growth. Then, organic mass is
reconverted into energy through the hierarchical food-chain of
Use Key 19 to as you meditate to feel the swelling surge of
Cosmic Light, intensify the flame within, and build up the
necessary mood of confident expectation of your eventual
Return to your Spiritual Self.
20 - Judgment: Completion of the Great Work
(personal consciousness is on the verge of blending
with the universal) mans true nature is identical
with the One Reality, the One Will I have no will
but to do the will of Him that sent me. a will to
freedom, joy & abundance that Will expresses no
lack, no disease, no failure, no poverty; Conscious
mind realizes it does nothing whatever of itself it is
a merely a channel focusing the Cosmic Will and all
its powers in the time-space field occupied by a
single human organism; Subconsciousness express
perfect faith under guidance of right reasoning;
Personality looks inward for guidance no longer
looking externally; All pairs of opposites are
reconciled no duality; Moment by moment,
without cessation, we see the truth and live it; The
foundation of your personal life is the free Spirit
bound by neither time or space another
Function consciously while the body sleeps.
Judgment is a reasoned conclusion it is the end of
reasoning and a new order of knowing is manifested.
Judgment cuts off forever the false knowledge of the
3-D consciousness to have done with all the misery,
pain and suffering of the 3-D world A devouring
flame of realization which consumes the whole
brood of lies.
21 - The World: Unity / Divine Consciousness; The
conscious aspect of the Divine expressed through
us; Self-awareness of the One Identity; Through me
the power which governs and directs the universe
flows forth into manifestation; In tune with the
whole universe The I Am That I Am; Personality
gives free expression to the One Power; Both
Author and Lord of Nature; Dance and Rhythm
with the universal energy flow totally free and
self-supported; As the One-Life is the author of the
law of Cause and Consequence it is bound by
nothing; Emphasis is upon concrete manifestation;
The wreath is a 8x5 dimension representing the
PHI ratio the geometry of life and manifestation;
The wreath is a symbol for human adaptation of
the forces of nature; It is Gods Will that we
manifest abundance in our lives And I, if I be
lifted up, shall take all others onto myself.
Transcendence of male and female; End of
conscious unfoldment and beginning of new cycle;
To know and follow ones Prime Purpose in life, to
complete ones mission; to live with enthusiasm
and passion