Solon seeks protection for students who play to graduate

through regulation of residency requirements
Student-athletes may hone their skills and abilities in their respective fields of
amateur sports without having to neglect their pursuit of quality education and well-being.
A lawmaker has filed a bill, which seeks to regulate residency requirements to
provide student-athletes the protection, and support they need to excel in both school and
Deputy Speaker oberto !. "uno #$st District, Antipolo %ity& said it is the intention
of 'ouse (ill )*+$ to protect and promote the rights of a student-athlete, who is, first and
foremost, a student and to ensure that he,she attains quality education while honing his
skill and reaching his,her potential as an athlete in an amateur sports setting.
-.he bill allows student-athletes to choose the institution from which they would
like to obtain their education and protects them from attempts to commerciali/e their
participation in amateur sports while providing them with the benefits and incentives they
require to fully develop their academic and sport potentials,0 "uno explained.
.he measure refers to a student-athlete as a student currently enrolled in any school
who is part of any of the school1s athletic teams or programs and who represents or has
intentions of representing the school in an inter-school athletic program or competition.
2or the purposes of being eligible to represent his,her school in an inter-athletic
program or competition, the bill requires the student-athlete to be enrolled in at least a
minimum full-time program of studies and be in good academic standing.
3ikewise, the "uno proposal states that without pre4udice to the respective rules of
athletic associations on foreign imports, no residency shall be imposed on a high school
student-athlete transferring to another high school or to a college or university.
(ut for the case of a tertiary student-athlete transferring from one college or
university to another, athletic associations may impose a maximum period of one-year
Some of the benefits and incentives that schools may give deserving student-
athletes as provided under the bill include tuition miscellaneous fees, books and other
learning materials as well as board and lodging.
NR # 3544
JULY 31, 2014
-Student-athletes may also receive uniform and other equipment5 a reasonable
living allowance and other reasonable and similar benefits that would further enhance the
student-athletes1 academic and athletic performance,0 "uno said.
.he bill also prohibits schools from offering a student-athlete of his,her immediate
family members benefits or incentives beyond that enumerated under this Act which are
contrary to the nature of amateur sports and which may result to the commerciali/ation of
a student-athlete.
6nder the bill, the investigation and 7mpositions of sanctions or penalties for
violations of this Act shall be the responsibility of the Department of 8ducation #Dep8d&,
%ommission on 'igher 8ducation #%'8D&, "hilippine Sports %ommission #"S%& or other
relevant government agencies without pre4udice to any civil or criminal action filed in
court. #9:& mvip

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