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DAndra Lawes

Justyce Hayes
UWRT 1103
Catherine Rippenger Fenwick
Your body cannot heal without play. Your mind
cannot heal without laughter. Your soul cannot
heal without joy.
Laughter is
Laughter is a universal
language that all humans
Laughter is apart of the
basic emotions: anger,
fear, disgust, amusement,
sadness and surprise.
Tickling makes everyone
laugh, possibly related to
an evolutionary root,
starting from a mother
and infant relationship.
We were born with the
capacity to laugh.
What triggers laughter?
Laughter is remarkable in the fact that it happensunconsciously.
Laughter is triggered by sensations and thoughts.
Tension reliever

babies :D
When do we start laughing?
Most babies usually
start laughing
around 4 to 5
months old.
Benefits of Laughter
Mood is elevated by striving to
find humor elevated by striving to
find humor in difficult and
frustrating situations.
Laughter makes us feel good!!!
Laughter stimulates both sides of
the brain to enhance; in fact,
laughing eases muscle tension
and psychological stress, which
increases the brains
Physical Benefits of Laughter
Health Benefits of
Brain Involvement:
stimulates both sides of
brain; keeps the brain
alert, which helps retain
Healthier Hearts: study
completed indicated that
laughter may help prevent
heart disease infection-
fighting antibodies
Lowers Blood Pressure
Health Benefits of
Stronger immune System:
laughter strengthens the
immune system by
increasing infection-
fighting antibodies
Pain Reduction and
Relaxation: laughter is
known to reduce the pain
associated with aches such
as arthritis.
Reduces stress hormone
Abdominal workout
Types of Laughter?

Etiquette Laugh

Nervous Laugh
Silent Laugh
Contagious Laugh
Cruel Laughter
What does laughter
Who is affected by
Chimps are said to show
laughter like behavior in
response to physical
contact like tickling.
Baby rats, pups, let out
short, high-frequency,
vocalization when tickled
and during play
Laughter Epidemic
January 30, 1962,
instigated by three
Affected 60% of the
schools population.
Symptoms lasted from a
few hours to 16 days.
School was forced to
close down.
Spreads to neighboring
The laughter was
Live on the lighter
side of life.
Laugh at yourself.
Laugh at situations
rather than bemoan
Surround yourself with
reminders to lighten up.
Keep things in
Deal with your stress.
Pay attention to children
and emulate them.
No Joke, Remember this
Down to the Funny Bone
Most people cannot laugh on command.
Laughter is produced and recognized by people of all
Most laughter is about relationships between people.
In groups, women laugh more than men.
Laughter is contagious.
Laughter usually does not interrupt a sentence
Laughter is inherently social.