Kate Beckinsale does not like this ass

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Despite earning $6 million for the role and previously showing her backside in the 1994 movie Uncovered; Kate Beckinsale is refusing to show her ass on the set of her new movie Whiteout, because she thinks her ass, yes the exact same ass I’d kill to have shown above, is too fat.

The situation is costing producers at Silver Pictures £1,000 a day to use a body double in the films shower scene, but Beckinsale is unlikely to cave, previously talking about how she feels pressured to meet some impossible Hollywood image: “Everybody is retouched, stretched, lengthened, slimmed and trimmed. I could look at a picture of myself from the past and think, ‘Why don’t I look like that now?’ It’s because I never have.”

I actually started feeling sorry for her before I realized that TMZ ass crack pic above isn’t actually airbrushed or touched up. The bitch isn’t just like us, she really is Hollywood hot. story via, other picture via Comments (0) Send this post to a friend


smoking hot Selita Ebanks dating Kanye West?
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It looks like Kanye West may have a new Gold Digger. Model Selita Ebanks and West were spotted by Page Six at the New York City nightclub Tenjune looking “cozy”. People has reported that Ebanks and West are saying they’re just friends, but Kanye West is a notorious none talker about his relationships.

So who is Selita Ebanks? A mixture of Caymanian, Jamaican, and Indian descent, the slinky 25-year-old got her first big break working the catwalk at the 2005 Victoria’s Secret; and soon after getting size 33C breasts in 2007, also added the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition to her resume, one of the few elite (and Elite) models to do both.

Selita is however just as known for her personal life. Apart from being engaged to rapper Nick Cannon, a relationship that ended in October 2007, Ebanks has also been linked to football players Tom Brady, Tony Romo, and defensive end Osi Umenyiora. Pictures via here, here, and Sports Illustrated Comments (0) Send this post to a friend


Michelle Williams’ real name is Tenitra
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Okay, not the white chick from Dawson’s Creek, but that would have been funny.

Actually, on the Wendy Williams radio show, former Destiny’s Child third stringer Michelle Williams revealed her real first name is Tenitra, but back in the day the group’s manager, Mathew Knowles had her change it because Tenitra sounded to black. That’s right, he names his own kids Beyonce and Solange but Tenitra is too black. Forget nepotism, for my money there’s nothing worse than an inconsistent racist. Via

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Queen Latifah and Jeanette Jenkins to get lesbian hitched
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According to the National Inquirer, Queen Latifah, who over the years has offering increasingly soft denials about preferring M.C. Snatch, is planning on marrying Jeannette Jenkins, her personal trainer and partner of five years.

Now I have no problem with Latifah getting lesbian married, but honestly couldn’t she find someone a little bit more successful? A person trainer who’s model client is a plus, plus sized Queen Latifah… that’s like at a dinner party, someone introducing their huge rap star husband and it turns out to be K-Fed. Jenkins is just not good at her job. But I wish Latifah the best, provided of course she gets a makeover before the wedding. As you see from the top picture, she’s 38, but still dressing like a latch key kid. story via, picture via Comments (0) Send this post to a friend


June 14, 2008
R. Kelly acquitted of child sex he clearly had
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Am I really supposed to believe R. Kelly doesn’t want to piss on you? 6 years after the child sex case first was leveled against R. Kelly for the videotaping surfaced where he was pissing on a 13 girl, since apparently he can’t even have normal pedo sex, Kelly was acquitted on all for 14 counts by a Chicago jury. His first act after the verdict being read was to thank the great state of California for lending him the OJ Simpson jury. So how did the jury after becoming convinced it was R. Kelly in the tape, and hearing from another woman how she was involved a threesome with the underage kid and singer still not believe reasonable doubt? The key was the girl from the video refused to testify against Kelly, and without being able to 100% identify who the female in the tape was, it became a victimless crime. story via, picture via Comments (0) Send this post to a friend


June 13, 2008
Kim Kardashian caught red bottomed
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Knowing how she’s a Lakers fan and likes sports stars (at least dating them), I half expected to see Kim Kardashian at the Lakers-Celtics game, but no, she’s actually been actually in Monaco, Monte Carlo with one of her ten identical sisters (editor’s note: it’s Kourtney).

Kim, generic sister, and mom Kris were in town to promote Keeping Up With The Kardashians, model a few bikinis, and extoll upon Europeans the value of everyone having a name that starts with the same letter. I dig the Kardashians’ but wonder how long they can keep their E! show going when none of them have a discernible talent. Maybe they should start a band, they would be like the Osmonds, only with more ass cleavage. Via Comments (0) Send this post to a friend


June 12, 2008
Young Chris Martin: worried about being gay, marrying Jew
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Apparently in the new issue of Rolling Stone Coldplay frontman Chris Martin reveals that when he was little, he was worried he might be gay: “It was more like, ‘Oh shit, what if?’, because was brought up to think it was wrong. It sounds silly to say it now, but when you’re a kid you think, ‘I’m going to burn in hell for eternity if I like other guys or if I marry someone Jewish’.” Chris went on to explain he figured out he wasn’t gay when he realized he like boobs; though come to think of it wife Gwyneth Paltrow is both half Jewish and really doesn’t have any breasts. But less you think I’m casting aspersions let me be clear: anyone wearing that on the cover of Rolling Stone is if nothing else, secure in their sexuality. Via Comments (3) Send this post to a friend


June 11, 2008
Breast or Mouth: why George broke up with Sarah Larson
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There are conflicting reports coming out today about why George Clooney abruptly broke up with former waitress-model Sarah Larson last month. In Touch Weekly is citing an unnamed source as saying Larson got a boob job and Clooney’s disapproving is behind the breakup. Meanwhile an equally anonymous insider told E! News that Sarah’s talking about the relationship too much, to get into such magazines as People and Vanity

Fair is what caused the split. The insider went on to explain that if George Clooney had wanted to date a fame seeking actress, he would have been dating an actress.

Which I don’t buy for a second. I mean she was already on Fear Factor before she met George, only know he was realizing she wanted to be famous? Anyway, well probably never know the real reason behind the Sarah Larson break up, not because it’s some grassy knoll sized mystery, just because in two weeks no one will remember who the bitch is. Comments (0) Send this post to a friend


June 10, 2008
Allie DiMeco’s bikini MySpace pictures
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I think this is supposed to be scandalous, but when your claim to fame is being in a something called the NAKED Brothers Band; isn’t it more scandalous if you are wearing clothes?

Anyway, the fifteen year old Allie DiMeco is apparently one of the stars of that Nickelodeon series and is being pegged by some as the next Miley Cyrus… right down the anonymously leaked MySpace pics apparently. Apart from being an actress, DiMeco also plays the bass, cello, guitar, drums, French horn, violin, and flute, which would make a really good band camp joke if she wasn’t 15. Via Comments (31) Send this post to a friend


Amy Winehouse: I blame the plastic bags
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Most people blame Amy Winehouse’s emancipation figure on her heroin habit, but I have another theory. Apparently since 2000, Indian’s cows, which are considered sacred in the Hindu religion have been withering away and dying from a mysterious condition. Cutting the animals open, they found that while grazing for food in the city streets, the cows had been swallowing plastic bags, which were clogging up their four stomachs, leaving them unable to absorb and digest their food. Anyway, while at first it might seem a stretch that Amy Winehouse has been eating plastic bags, look at it this way: Do you honestly believe there’s something she won’t put in her mouth? story via, picture via Comments (0) Send this post to a friend

The Office’s Jenna Fischer was in high price call girl ring
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File this story under the “only in LA” category. In an interview last week on NPR’s Fresh Air, Jenna Fischer revealed that after first moving to Los Angeles, she got cast in an international knock off of the Spice Girls, despite only being able to hold a note in the mid C range. Here’s Fischer describing the two week experience: “All the rehearsals were in this guy’s penthouse. And I swear - I kept going to rehearsal. And I learned my song, and it was about a truck stop…and I noticed that none of the other girls were singing with me, but they did walk by in lingerie…and I’m like, ‘Huh, weird!’” on being the sixth member of the International Spice Girls, which turned out to be a front for a call-girl service!” The first clue to Fischer that something was up, was when the producer offered to also manage her acting career and said he needed to take naked pictures of her for auditions. She declined but didn’t fully figure out what was going on until the producer announced that the group’s first gig was going to be for a group of Japanese businessmen, and told her the other girls had found a great way to make some extra cash was providing hospitality afterwards. Upon hearing this, Jenna high tailed it out and promptly changed all her phone numbers. While you’d think that’d be the end of her singing career, Fischer would go on years later to perform in the movie Walk Hard… with her voice dubbed. Comments (2) Send this post to a friend


June 8, 2008
When is Miley Cyrus legal?
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So apparently after seeing Miley Cyrus’ BFD naked back in Vanity Fair, Hugh Hefner’s Jurassic Age dong got so excited that now he’s blathering from his wheelchair about how when she’s legal, he’d like to see her in Playboy. I don’t know your getting your adult diaper in a bunch over Hef, by the time she’s legal you’ll be long dead. But just in case, I did some quick math to figure out when Miley Cyrus is legal, and since her birthday is November 23, 1992, if Hefner can hold on another two years and 161 days, maybe he can actually get his pervy wish.

Or… as pictures from Miley Cyrus’ Facebook account periodically leak, maybe he won’t have to wait that long. Obviously, there’s no telling when underage naked photos of Miley Cyrus will surface, but if like Hef you’d like to be notified when they do, register here. Comments (1) Send this post to a friend


June 7, 2008
Clint Eastwood to Spike Lee: Shut Your Face
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Sure Clint Eastwood might look like a cuddly old man, but do not make his god-damn day! Spike Lee found that out after calling out Eastwood on his Iwo Jima films, bitching how they total more than four hours and not a single Negro actor was on screen. Well Eastwood finally found out about the comments and he doesn’t seem especially patient:
“The story is ‘Flags of our Fathers’, the famous flag-raising picture, and they didn’t do that. If I go ahead and put an African-American actor in there, people go: ‘This guy’s lost his mind’. I mean, it’s not accurate. Referring to Lee, Eastwood adds: “A guy like him should shut his face.”

Eastwood went on to note that Spike Lee seems to complain no matter what he does, as after the release of “Bird” in 1988, Lee didn’t think it was appropriate that a white guy be directing a movie about Charlie “Bird” Parker, where 90% of the cast was black. Spike Lee has a long history of talking out of his ass, and while it would impossible to document all his race baiting slip ups, among his greatest hits are the time in 2004 when he said Larry Bird was overrated because he was white, saying of then-NRA president Charlton Heston in 1999, “Shoot him with a .44 Bulldog”, and the time he insinuated his own documentary “4 Little Girls” didn’t win an Oscar because it wasn’t a Holocaust film. As for his latest feud, Spike Lee just told MTV that he’s taking “the Obama high road” and not elaborating further on his comments, even thought I’m pretty sure the actual high road would be just apologizing to Eastwood for being wrong. Via Comments (0) Send this post to a friend


June 6, 2008
Linda Thompson: Brody Jenner mom in a bikini
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It’s got to be embarressing for a Z-List celeb like Brody Jenner, when he goes out trying to be seen and people would rather pay attention to his 58-year-old mother, but Linda Thompson is really hot and Brody is… well fundimentally useless.

How is the Linda Thompson’s life more interesting? Well first of all, the former Miss Tennesse began a 3 and 1/2 year relationship with Elvis in 1973, even moving into Graceland. She had a brief marriage with Gold Medalist Bruce Jenner from 1981-1983 that resulted in her two useless children. She also was on the hillbilly comedy show Hee Haw from the mid 70’s to 1992.

Later in life, she married composer David Foster, and wrote the lyrics to his music for songs featured in Pretty Woman and The Bodyguard… though not the songs you remember. She was however nominated for a Grammy and Oscar for the The Bodyguard song “I Have Nothing”. You got to love Hollywood, even the trophy wives get nominated for Oscars. Comments (11) Send this post to a friend


June 5, 2008
lesbian poll: Tina Fey hottest girl of 2008
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After Ellen.com has just come out with it’s annual sexist women list, and not only did the genuinally funny Tina Fey top the list, but Tila Tequila didn’t even come close to making the top 100. Which either means gay women have much better taste than straight men, or that heteros have more lez appeal than made for TV bisexuals… not really sure.

But anyway labeling Tina as just an intellectual pick would be unfair… behind those hornedrimmed glasses she’s featuring some serious curves. As for the rest of the list, it turns out lesbians are just as pervy as guys as the just legal Emma (Hermione) Watson clocks in at #52. Also by my unofficial count 9 actresses from The L Word made the list, 4 actresses from the Buffy universe but not Sarah Michelle Gellar, and finally Ellen Degeneres is #17 which is either impressive or embarrassing, depending on if you focus on the fact she’s not really hot or that the whole damn site is named after her in the first place. Picture via Rolling Stone Comments (1) Send this post to a friend


June 4, 2008
Elizabeth Berkley last slut who should be giving out advice
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If there was one human being I wouldn’t want doling out advice to impressionable girls, it would be the whore who left high school early (all be it Bayside), to rip her clothes off in the skankiest mainstream movie ever produced. And somehow I still came across a website called Ask Elizabeth, which solely exists so Elizabeth Berkley can give adolescent girls advice. What advice could the Showgirls and Any Given Sunday actress possibly give to little girls… The proper method in French kissing Gina Gershon? How much Al Pacino is expected to tip after sleeping with you? She can make all the speeches she wants about it’s the person within that matters, but we all know she wouldn’t go within five feet of Screech back in the day. And I’m sure she was really fucking Mario Lopez because of his inner beauty. Anyway you can check out her website here, though it’s still mostly empty. Which all thinks considered, is probably for the best… Comments (0) Send this post to a friend


June 3, 2008
Just to be clear…
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That’d still be a step up from David Fucking Silver. Via (more…) Comments (0) Send this post to a friend


The Nicollette Sheridan/ Michelle Trachtenberg pics Chanel didn’t want you to see
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Usually if you host a big gala opening, you’d want pictures of beautiful celebrities walking into your store seen, but TMZ is reporting that at last Thursday’s grand opening of the Robertson Blvd. Chanel store in LA, Chanel deemed actresses Nicollette Sheridan and Michelle Trachtenberg “not high end enough”. While neither Sheridan or Trachtenberg was actually booted from the event, Chanel reps contacted photo agencies requesting they not publish pictures of the two in Chanel outfits. The request was of course denied.

Anyway, I figured it would be fun to post pictures of Chanel’s ” classier than thou” publicists, to see if they even meet the snobby standards of Chanel’s high end look. From left to right is Gretchen Gunlocke Fenton, Rebekah McCabe, and Lizzie (hit & run) Grubman who’s done some outsourced press work for Chanel New York. Fenton’s outfit resembles a trashbag, McCabe looks like a MILF porn Google; though Lizzie Grubman exudes classy… in a Crystal Meth sort of way. Glass houses girls, glass houses… Comments (0) Send this post to a friend


June 2, 2008
George Clooney ex Sarah Larson back to being complete whore
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Don’t get me wrong, I never pegged George Clooney as the type to date rocket scientists, but holy crap, you’d think he’d at least date girls who would wait until they got back to the hotel room before acting like a complete whore.

Okay, these photos were actually taken right before Sarah Larson started dating George Clooney but know that she and her meal ticket boyfriend have broke up, you can be sure she’s back working the barely legal routine, even though she’s damn near 30.

But before Larson goes back to hooking her next big sugar daddy at the Palms, she should keep in mind: that whole whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas thing? Doesn’t seem to be working for you. Via Comments (1) Send this post to a friend


June 1, 2008
Carnie Wilson before and after
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It doesn’t take much work to gain weight, trust me I know. But to become a blob after having Gastric Bypass surgery? That shit takes work. See Carnie Wilson clocked in at about 300 pounds before going under the knife in 1999 and lost 152 pounds. She was so proud she even posed in Playboy, and by posed I mean still covered her stomach in every single shot. (There’s so much excess skin after Gastric Bypass, you could use the patient as a sailboat.) However as you can see in this recent photo, Carnie has somehow managed to gain almost all the weight back, a feat only 5% of Gastric Bypass patients are able to accomplish, considering their new stomach is the size of a walnut. Congrats Carnie, even for a fat person you have a statistically near impossible lack of self control. Picture via, NSFW picture via Comments (3) Send this post to a friend

June 1, 2008
Charlie Sheen marries soon to be ex-wife #3
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On Friday Charlie Sheen married real estate investor Brooke Mueller in an intimate L.A. wedding with 60 of their closest friends. Charlie’s a big fan of weddings, because it’s the only time his guests are the ones leaving 500 dollar checks on the dresser. Seriously though, if you ever look at the marriage ritual in abstract, doesn’t it sound like an illegal sexual arrangement? A bunch of people gather and give a young couple money, then the couple goes off and has sex. If it turns out Heidi Fleiss was one of the bridesmaids, the Feds should definitely look into this kinky marriage bullshit.

The only person likely to be looking into it though is Charlie’s ex, Denise Richards. Their kids 4-year-old Sam and 2-year-old Lola were both in attendance, and if Charlie getting married first doesn’t spiral her off into a jealous rage and ill advised rebound sex… well nothing can make her dull E! show more interesting. Via Comments (0) Send this post to a friend


May 30, 2008
Angelina Jolie/ Sarah Jessica Parker lesbian pic of the day
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(I’m just saying…) Via Comments (2) Send this post to a friend


sarahjessicaparkerlookslikeahorse.com is mean….
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to the horse. via Comments (0) Send this post to a friend


May 29, 2008
Sarah McLachlan still as hot as we never knew she was
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I don’t know how it’s possible to live in a world where Sarah McLachlan looks hotter in a bikini than Britney Spears but that McLachlan… she’s building a mystery. Here she is vacationing on a Hawaiian beach; apparently she just split with Ashwin Sood, her husband of 11 years, and apart from making sandcastles with her two kids, she seems to be

showing the potential dating pool what a Canadian MILF looks like.

And I hope her next husband is a rich one, because let’s face it, no matter how good she looks at 40, she needs one. The last time she had a hit record you were in Junior High. Comments (1) Send this post to a friend


Bill Murray wife beater, getting divorced

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Jennifer Butler Murphy, after 11 years of marriage and 4 kids, has just filed for divorced from Bill Murphy alleging among other things, infidelity, drug and alcohol abuse, and domestic violence. I don’t normally condone domestic violence, unless of course Butler also happened to be Murphy’s agent and was responsible for him taking Operation Dumbo Drop and the two Garfield movies, in which case he should have beat her within an inch of her life. Another reason Murphy might want her dead, and the divorce filing does allege actual threats were made, is because Jennifer Butler has a prenup, that stipulates a lump sum payment of $7 million dollars. Now I’m no lawyer, but if he was also beating her that $7 million figure might end up being just a starting off point. Via Comments (0) Send this post to a friend


WTF - Clay Aiken got a girl pregnant!
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And somehow this being Clay Aiken, it actually makes him seem even more gay. The lucky lady, who yes actually does have a vagina is Jaymes Foster a 50-year-old record producer and apparent Clay’s best friend. But not in a “best friend & lover” type way; it seems Foster was artificially inseminated because even for the miracle of life, Gay-ken won’t come within a ten foot pole of a flesh and blood woman. He will take an active role in the child’s life, which is sort of nice… I guess. It’s just kind of sad that a pretty middle age woman like Foster has to resort to a sexless relationship with a gay guy half her age in order to have a child. Via Comments (0) Send this post to a friend


May 28, 2008
George Clooney and his bat-nipples finally single
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Well it’s taken about a year; but George Clooney has finally split with Las Vegas waitress Sarah Larson. And it’s none to soon; she’s already 29 which is like 62 in trophy bitch years.

Anyway, if Larson was a Batman Super Villain she’d probably be called The Biter, for reasons exhibited from this 2005 screen grab of her playfully biting the bottom of former Ultimate Fighting model Amber Girl. But I’d like to believe their split had more to do with Sarah finding that nipple-icous picture of The Gay Batman. Seriously, because for Larson to let Clooney out of her grasp for any other reason without prenup free nuptials is a major gold digger faux pas. Oh well… I guess Chris O’Donnell is still available. Comments (0) Send this post to a friend


child star Mackenzie Rosman’s lesbian hookup
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Remember little Ruthie Camden from 7th Heaven? It looks like Mackenzie Rosman is all grown up and ladies hide your daughters. The now 18-year-old is seen here sucking lesbian face in this several months old candid photo.

And here we see the preacher’s daughter doing her best Mary Magdalene impression. Maybe that expression “they grow up so fast” should be amended to read, “they grow up so easy.” Anyway, no word yet who the other girl in the photo is, or why Mackenzie Rosman is posing in nothing but her bra and panties but needless to say, when 7th Heaven does have it’s inevitable reunion show, it looks like Mary Camden has been replaced as the show’s resident bad girl. Via Comments (7) Send this post to a friend


May 27, 2008
Nipple slip makes Mario Lopez’s eyes burn
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I’m not saying former Saved by the Bell hottie Mario Lopez is gay BUT… When an attractive woman like Dancing with the Stars’ Karina Smirnoff has her top come loose, the correct hetro response probably isn’t cowering in fear.

Still Mario shouldn’t feel bad, as his publicist will continue to schedule more photo ops dates until he can finally butch up enough to stare that nipple down. Just image it’s Mr. Belding topless, Mario… like when the two of you used to play “detention”. And don’t think I don’t know about Screech either. The only bush you were ever interested in was his nerdy Jew-fro. Via Comments (1) Send this post to a friend


May 26, 2008
Rumor: Kobe Bryant cheating with Vanessa Curry
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Was Kobe Bryant knocking sneakers with a Lakers cheerleader? The Dirty.com is reporting that The Lakers cheerleader Vanessa Curry, has just parted ways with the team during the playoffs to pursue an exciting career in “hosting”. Right, because why would she want to be part of the best team in the NBA when she could be seating people at the Olive Garden.

Anyway, the rumor is that the Bryant had an affair with the 18-year-old Laker Girl, possibly in a situation involving the back of the Dolce in Dallas, and The Lakers got rid of her to cover it up. Personally I don’t think this rumor is going to pan out because while Kobe Bryant is known to have fidelity problems, consensual sex just isn’t his style. Comments (2) Send this post to a friend

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