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Argyria Cured!
In the spring of 2001, I developed a protocol for reversing argyria, something all the medical
books say is impossible. My hypothetical cure for argyria was published in both the 4th and
5th editions of my book and posted on this website. I am happy to say that as of the summer
of 2002, my cure for argyria is no longer hypothetical.
The argyric individual originally incurred argyria by following my dosage directions for
life-threatening illness. The life-threatening infection being treated was late-stage
neurosyphilis, still considered by the medical texts of today to be virtually untreatable and
always fatal. His letter began, Hi Mark, Thank you for saving my life. Thank you, thank
After my reader followed the information in my book, both the syphilis and the later-
occuring argyria resulting from the large volume of silver chloride ingested over a period
of 2.5 years were successfully cured. I will publish more detailed information about this
case in the next edition of my book. Until then, the original story of how and why I
developed my protocol, and the protocol itself, follow.
Overloading the body's natural eliminative systems with silver causes the body to store
some excess silver in the face, which over time can result in a pronounced gray complexion.
Argyria is strictly a nontoxic, cosmetic condition. However, argyria is quite serious in that it
is thought to be permanent, much like a tattoo.
A number of factors may put some individuals at much higher risk than others for
developing argyria.
Environmental Protection Agency documents suggest that people with low vitamin E
and selenium levels are more susceptible to argyria. You may want to contact a
licensed health care professional to correctly assess your health risk for contracting
Individuals with slower metabolisms are at higher risk for argyria because their natural
eliminative systems are working more slowly and can be more easily overwhelmed.
Some drugs and medications, such as the antibiotic doxycycline, can also induce s
lower metabolic rates.
Available information indicates that low vitamin E and selenium levels may increase the risk
of argyria by as much as a factor of 5. Therefore, I assume that low vitamin E and selenium
levels in conjunction with doxycycline may increase the risk of argyria even more
dramatically. If the following ceilings are exceeded, or continued for more than 30 days, I
believe some researchers with low vitamin E and selenium levels could be at risk of
contracting argyria.
I estimate that no more than 16 ounces of colloidal silver, or silver chloride, at a
concentration of 5 ppm should be ingested within 24 hours, or 64 ounces within 10 days. In Go
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a cure for argyria argyria and colloidal silver Mark Metcalf
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addition, the ingestion of colloidal silver and/or silver chloride should be stopped for at least
5 days following any period of heavy consumption to lower the risk of argyria.
Selenium binds with heavy metals, including silver. As the body eliminates these metals, it
eliminates selenium along with them. It's logical to assume that anyone who is ingesting
colloidal silver or silver chloride on an ongoing basis is slowly but surely eliminating
selenium. While many believe it is impossible to contract argyria by ingesting colloidal
silver, the facts indicate this may not be an absolute truth. Imagine that a man drinks one
gallon of 10 ppm colloidal silver every day for a year. Some of that silver will bind with
selenium. At rst, it may appear that everything is going ne, but once selenium levels have
dropped low enough, perhaps in three or four months, a small percentage of silver will be
sent to the face for storage. As mo re selenium is depleted, a larger percentage of silver will
be routed to the face. (In the most extreme case noted in one EPA study, eighteen percent of
all silver ingested by an argyric individual was routed to the face.) The end result is that
within a year the condition of argyria could be quite pronounced as a result of ingesting large
amounts of colloidal silver.
Argyria is normally a gradually incurred condition. It might appear to have a sudden onset if
circumstances are just right. For example, an individual stays indoors for a month or two
while ingesting large amounts of silver, some of which is deposited in the face. It might not
be particularly noticeable until the silver becomes darker as a result of being oxidized by
strong sunlight. The unsuspecting person goes to the beach one sunny afternoon and within a
matter of hours develops a case of instant ar gyria. The oxidation of silver in the epidermal
layers of the skin is part of the argyric process. It may be that argyria is normally associated
with the face for the simple reason that the face receives more exposure to sunlight than any
other part of th e body.
Ask a Good Question
In any eld of endeavor, it's important to ask the right questions. Sometimes good questions
produce even better answers. I once asked myself this question: What is the one thing that
could happen regarding colloidal silver that would change everything if it happened?
While I think it is critical that all people learn how to make silver colloids, I still worry about
the remote possibility of negative experiences. For example; when silver medicines were
commonly used, the occurrence of argyria was also more common. If the general public of
today begins making unlimited amounts of colloidal silver, there may be some people who
get themselves into trouble, either by ingesting fantastic amounts, or simply by being
decient in selenium and vitamin E. Argyria is permanent and irreversible. That's what all
the medical books say. At the moment, argyria is still a rare and archaic condition. So, when
was the last time any doctor took a serious look at curing argyria? Sixty years, seventy years
or more?
In looking over EPA data on argyria, I began to think about the powerful properties of
vitamin E relative to the human face. Vitamin E removes lipofuscin deposits, commonly
known as liver spots. I learned this rsthand by taking 4,000 IU of a high-quality vitamin E
every day for six weeks to eliminate a number of liver spots on my face that had developed
in my early forties. (FYI Lipofuscin deposits are a serious matter in that they can interfere
with normal body function. When lipofuscin deposits appear on the face or hands, it also
indicates that they are present on the heart, nerves and brain.) Vitamin E is also known to be
helpful for heavy metal poisoning.
The EPA documents showed that vitamin E and selenium decient persons sometimes
contracted argyria at one fth the minimum dose thought to be necessary to incur the
condition. One might assume that the absence of vitamin E and selenium are like a gate that's
been left open, allowing silver to go where it shouldn't go. To me, it seems more logical to
think that silver is normally present in the face by virtue of the fact that once silver is in the
blood it will be circulated to all areas of the body. Vitamin E is known to activate a chelating
mechanism for heavy metals. Selenium is known to bind silver, making it also a chelating
agent. I don't think vitamin E and selenium are a gate, I think they're a broom.
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a cure for argyria argyria and colloidal silver Mark Metcalf
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A Possible Cure for Argyria
Is it possible that restoring healthful levels of vitamin E and selenium along with the
ingestion of ample water might bring about a gradual reversal of argyria in at least some
cases? I decided to discuss my idea with a nutritional specialist, Hans Gr uenn, MD. After
talking at length about the EPA studies and the properties of vitamin E and selenium, Dr.
Gruenn concluded, "It is a worthy hypothesis that should be tried." Dr. Gruenn gave the
following recommendations:
200mcg of selenium per day is a safe supplement to take on an ongoing basis. 1.
He also advises a high-quality,* mixed vitamin E, at 1000 IU per day for people over
50 years of age who may be at risk of stroke, and 2,000 IU per day for people under 50
who are not at risk of stroke. I told Dr. Gruenn that I was taking 4,000 IU a day. He
replied that this was still safe for a strong healthy person. The danger of high doses of
vitamin E is that it thins the blood. This could be dangerous in many situations where
bleeding is hard to stop.
Personally, I would also drink lots of water, simply because that's how the body clears
out debris. No one knows if this therapy will prove efcacious, or if it does in how
many cases. If my liver spots are any kind of indicator, some lightening of t he skin
ought to be visible within six weeks if this therapy really is working. Three to six
months should be a sufcient amount of time to completely eliminate argyria provided
that no additional silver is being ingested. (Since my conversation with Dr. Gruenn,
I've had some additional ideas for getting the most out of this nutritional therapy for
2 tsp. of MSM per day. Sulfur (MSM) binds with silver and can help to pull it from the
body. More information on silver and sulfur can be found on page 74.
4,000 mg. of vitamin C per day. 5.
1 tablet a day of a good quality multiple mineral since this therapy may deplete needed
minerals from the body.
* Most vitamin E supplements are of poor quality and some even contain rancid oils that will
be an additional burden rather than an aid to the body. Dr. Gruenn recommends a vitamin E
that has a mix of d-alpha, beta, delta and gamma tocopheryls.
Argyria Testimonial Letter
Hi Mark,
I should have sent this sooner, Thank you for saving my life, thank you, thank you!
The silver I used was your method, the method by Mark Metcalf, using distilled water. I was
heating the water to between 100-130 degrees. The activation time was 10 minutes. I still use
this method but I do not heat the water.
In 1982 I was treated for neurosyphilis. Two weeks IV penicillin, 24 hours a day. After
this treatment spinal uid samples showed that I was within acceptable limits of the disease.
Things still did not feel right. A follow up treatment was done. More spinal taps, same
results. There were no more treatments. I was told that they did all known treatments.
As the years went by I lived with the disease. Symptoms got worse, numbness on my
right side from my foot to my face, loss of balance, more severe at night. Rashes, thrush,
muscular problems, legs shutting down and severe stabbing pains in both legs.
In 1995 my overall health was declining. What I thought was dust particles in my vision
tuned out to be spirochetes. Over the next 4 years my vision deteriorated dramatically. My
vision turned into a brown haze. I learned to relax and used the sun to watch the spirochetes.
My liver was so bad that I had severe yeast infections, bloated knees and rashes. I was
having problems with my heart, lungs and speech.
In January, 1999, my body was shutting down. I had pneumonia, many fevers daily and
body functions were almost non existent. By the end of the month I was in bad shape.
I had known about cs for one year but did not believe in it. As a last resort I bought a 4 oz
bottle at a health food store. The label stated that it was a 10 ppm. I drank the whole bottle in
the parking lot. That night while looking into a light, some of the spirochetes in my vision
changed from being curly to looking like an eye lash. That was the rst time there was any
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a cure for argyria argyria and colloidal silver Mark Metcalf
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change. I decided to get my generator that night.
I started taking an 8 oz glass at 5 ppm a day. After 3 days I started urinating again, my
swollen liver went down, fevers subsided and a lot of other symptoms were subsiding. After
3 days I started drinking 16 ozs in the morning and 16 ozs at night of 10 ppm.
After 2 weeks my vision was changing, I was starting to see colors again. What was
happening was amazing. My lungs started purging sputum 24 hours a day for 3 weeks. Then
it stopped and I felt like I had new lungs. My health improved dramatically. I used the cs for
2 .5 years without missing a day.
In Febuary, 2001, I was in California and got a little sun. Some friends were saying that
my skin had a different tone to it. It was an ash color. I continued to use cs because I did not
think it was a drastic change. Under different lighting it was more pronounced. In June after
more sun my skin tone was a very noticeable slate grey. People would ask me what was
wrong with my skin and if I was ok. I stopped using cs at that time, ready to start using it
again if any symptoms came back regardless of my skin tone. My answer to people who
would ask me questions about my color was that I overdosed on cs and they would give me a
funny look.
As for how bad my argyria was I will give two examples.
1. I was working in July 2001. It was a very hot day my friend and were removing
plumbing xtures. We were sweating a lot. There was a mirror in the room. When I looked at
myself I was very grey. Tom stood next to me looking at me comparing his skin color. His
comment was that I was very grey more than that morning. I think when you sweat it
becomes more pronounced.
2. I was with my wife at her doctor's ofce. They had orescent white lighting. Argyria
shows up more in this lighting than natural light. The staff in the ofce were looking at me
and talking among themselves. They asked my wife if I was ok. She said that I was working
in a dusty place that day.
So these are just a few examples to try to answer your question since I have no one to
compare the argyria to. I tried talking to Rosemarys site. They responded at rst until they
read my story. I have written to them since, still no response. I didn't expect anything from
this site anyway.
To reverse argyria I took 3 E 1000 100% natural d-alpha tocopheryl, 1 selenium 100 mcg
yeast free, 2 vegetarian C 1000 mg, 1 teaspoon MSM organic, 1 super potency B100, and 1
teaspoon of kelp powder. This was every morning with 2, 16 oz glasses of water. I would
also drink water throughout the day, close to 3/4 of a gallon a day.
I still use cs today for different things. If I do not take the above and do cs my skin tone
changes very slightly. My skin tone now is natural looking at this time. In the summer of
2002 I was in the sun all the time. I did not turn grey, just tan.
I Hope this can help you in your research. I have many other peoples experiences with
this method of cs. None have gotten argyria, but they have had amazing results.
Take care, look forward to talking to you
D.M., Portland, ME

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a cure for argyria argyria and colloidal silver Mark Metcalf
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