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Ti'e (one) EST -.ew /ork0 1oronto2
3essenger: Israe!ite
4ent: #'/#*/'((% #':($:)(
6758 91 :;6 /;U647<:=====3arijuana is not to be eaten and .;1
to be smoked.
#>o ):#* ?@now Ae not that Ae are the temple of Bod0 and that
the 4pirit of Bod dwelleth in Aou
#>o ):#+ 9f anA man defile the temple of Bod0 him shall Bod
destroAC for the temple of Bod is holA0 which temple Ae are.?
4moking does defile Aour DodA. :irst of all lungs are naturallA pink
in color. 4moking anAthing turns Aour lungs black0 that fits thee
definition of defiling perfectlA.
8efile-?#. 1o make uncleanC to render foul or dirtAC in a general
sense.'. 1o make impureC to render turbidC as0 the water or liEuor
is defiled.). 1o 4;9< or sullAC to tarnishC?
4moking 4oils Aour lungs which is a part of Aour bodA0 therefore
Aou are 87:9<9.B /;U647<:.
3essenger: Israe!ite
4ent: #'/#*/'((% #':(,:#F
1he scripture saAs that herbs were made for the service of man.
1H7 D9D<7 45/4 H76D4 >5. D7 7517. 5.8 U478 :;6
3789>9.7. 91 .7G76 4598 1; 43;@7 91===
41;H ;6 /;U W9<< :5>7 1H7 IU8B737.1.
# >orinthians ):#+ 9f anA man defile the temple of Bod0 him shall
Bod destroAC for the temple of Bod is holA0 which temple Ae are.
3essenger: Drea,nut 4ent: #'/#*/'((% #':'F:'% 53
Pgina 1 de 8 JAH - THE BIBLE SAYS SMOKING WEED IS A SIN!!!! (Ba!"#n Lie again$% G&&&
'()*+)'*1, -i"e.)))/.)0$e1$)0$2a1i#)A33Da%a)L#4a")Te53)L#6)E788+NTN&9%5
W;W= /;U6 W6;.B 1W9>7 9. 5 6;W. W7<< H7/ 51 <7541
/;U6 >;.49417.1. 1H7 94657<9174 U478 1; 9.H5<7 1H7
43;@7 1H6;UBH 1H796 .;4169<40 WH51 8; /;U 1H9.@ 1H7/
W767 8;9.B 9. 1H7 15D76.5><7 1H7/ H58 <911<7 ;G7. <9@7
;DI7>14 1H51 H58 H;1 >;5<4 9. 1H7 D;11;3 5.8 1H7/
W;U<8 9.H5<7 1H7 43;@7 5.8 1H7 17.14 W;U<8 @77H 1H7
43;@7 W91H9. 1H7 G5.>9.91/. D67867. 7G76/85/ 3;67 5.8
3;67 H7;H<7 567 >;39.B 1; 675<9J7 1H51 >H6941K4 D5H1943
D/ :967 94 B5.I5. 9 375. :;6 B;;8.744 45@7 D67867.0
H54H 35@9.B W54 4156178 D/ 94657<0 3;6;>;;0 565D95
4/695 5.8 5<< ;: 1H;47 H<5>74. 1H514 WH/ 3;474 U478
@5.7H D;473 WH9>H 94 3569IU5.5 .;1 >5<53U4. >5<53U4
94 ,(L 547159. WH9>H 94 <71H5< 5.8 >5.>76;U4. 1H7/
3949.167H67178 @5.7H D;473 :;6 >5<53U4 WH7.
67W6919.B 1H7 47H1UB7.1 9.1; B677@. 91 W54 U478 9. 1H7
;9<4 5.8 1H7 9.>7.47 5.8 9. HUB7 53;U.14. :;6 7G76/ *-F
<91764 ;: ;9< W54 * H;U.84 ;: >5..5D94.
5<4; IU41 :;6 5 4987 .;170 .;1 1H51 9 >567 WH51 /;U
DU33D5><;14 1H9.@0 BU744 WH51 35..5 94 D;/4 5.
535.915 3U4>5695 :</ 5B569> 3U4H6;;3. G76/
H75>7 4U>@5
3essenger: Drea,nut 4ent: #'/#*/'((% $:)':#' 53
8;.1 :;6B71 /;U6 W778974
<ung 8amage 4tudies
1he HApe:
3ore Harmful 1han 1obacco
5ccording to the 5merican <ung 5ssociation0 cigarettes and
tobacco smoking related diseases kill more than $)(0(((
5mericans everA Aear. :iftA million 5mericans smoke0 and )0(((
teens start each daA. 1he DerkeleA carcinogenic tar studies of the
late #F+(s concluded that ?marijuana is one-and-a-half times
more carcinogenic than tobacco.?
1he :act:
.ot ;ne 8ocumented >ase of >ancer
1here are lung irritants involved in anA smoke. >annabis smoke
causes mild irritation to the large airwaAs of the lungs. 4Amptoms
disappear when smoking is discontinued.
However0 unlike tobacco smoke0 cannabis smoke does not cause
anA changes in the small airwaAs0 the area where tobacco smoke
causes long term and permanent damage. 5dditionallA0 a tobacco
Pgina ' de 8 JAH - THE BIBLE SAYS SMOKING WEED IS A SIN!!!! (Ba!"#n Lie again$% G&&&
'()*+)'*1, -i"e.)))/.)0$e1$)0$2a1i#)A33Da%a)L#4a")Te53)L#6)E788+NTN&9%5
smoker will smoke '( to *( cigarettes a daA0 while a heavA
marijuana smoker maA smoke five to seven joints a daA0 even
less when potent high-EualitA flower tops are available.
While tens of millions of 5mericans smoke pot regularlA0 cannabis
has never caused a known case of lung cancer as of 8ecember
#FF+0 according to 5mericaKs foremost lung expert0 8r. 8onald
1ashkin of U><5. He considers the biggest health risk to the lungs
would be a person smoking #* or more ?large? spliffs a daA of
leaf/bud because of the hApoxia of too much smoke and not
enough oxAgen.
1ashkin feels there is no danger for anAone to worrA about
potentiating emphAsema ?in anA waA? bA the use of marijuana
totallA the opposite of tobacco.
>annabis is a complex0 highlA evolved plant. 1here are some $((
compounds in its smoke. ;f these0 *( are presentlA known to
have therapeutic value.
>annabis maA also be eaten0 entirelA avoiding the irritating effects
of smoke. However0 four times more of the active ingredients of
smoked cannabis are absorbed bA the human bodA than when the
same amount is eaten. 5nd the prohibition inflated price of black
market cannabis0 combined with harsh penalties for cultivation0
prevent most persons from being able to afford the luxurA of a
less efficient0 though healthier0 means of ingestion.
1obacco smoking kills more persons each Aear than 59840 heroin0
crack0 cocaine0 alcohol0 car accidents0 fire0 and murder combined.
>igarette smoking is as addictive as heroin0 complete with
withdrawal sAmptoms0 and the percentage of relapses -+%L2 is
the same as for ?kicking? cocaine and heroin users.
9t is far and awaA the number one cause of preventable death in
the U.4. todaA. 1obacco smokers have ten times the lung cancer
of non-smokers0 twice the heart disease0 and are three times
more likelA to die of heart disease if theA do develop it. /et
tobacco is totallA legal0 and even receives the highest U.4.
government farm subsidies of anA agricultural product in 5merica0
all the while being our biggest killer= What total hApocrisA=
9n the U.4. one in seven deaths are caused bA smoking cigarettes.
Women should know that lung cancer is more common than
breast cancer in women who smoke and that smoking on the pill
increases cancer and heart risks dramaticallA.
4even million dollars a daA promotes the tobacco business0 and it
is estimated that the cigarette industrA needs about )0((( new
smokers a daA to replace those who Euit or die each daA from
@entuckAKs principal business and agriculture for #(( Aears -until
#,F(2 was the healthful0 versatile0 and useful cannabis hemp. 9t
has since been replaced bA non-edible0 non-fibrous0 soil-depleting
tobacco0 which is grown in soil fertiliMed with radioactive
Pgina 7 de 8 JAH - THE BIBLE SAYS SMOKING WEED IS A SIN!!!! (Ba!"#n Lie again$% G&&&
'()*+)'*1, -i"e.)))/.)0$e1$)0$2a1i#)A33Da%a)L#4a")Te53)L#6)E788+NTN&9%5
U.4. government studies have show that a pack-and-a-half of
tobacco cigarettes per daA over a Aear for just one Aear is the
eEuivalent to Aour lungs of what some )(( chest x-raAs -using the
old0 pre-#F,(s slow x-raA film and without using anA lead
protection2 are to Aour skin. Dut while an x-raA dissipates its
radioactivitA instantlA0 tobacco has a radioactive half-life that will
remain active in the lungs for '#.% Aears.
:ormer 4urgeon Beneral >. 7verett @oop said on national
television that radioactivitA contained in tobacco leaves is
probablA responsible for most tobacco-related cancer. .o
radioactivitA exists in cannabis tars.
-.ational >enter for 5tmospheric 6esearch0 #F*$C 5merican <ung
5ssn.C 8r. Ioseph 6. 8i:ranMa0 U. of 3ass. 3edical >enterC
6eaderKs 8igest0 3arch #F,*C 4urg. Ben. >. 7verett @oop0 #FF(.2
H;W 85.B76;U4 94 3569IU5.5
>;3H5678 W91H ;1H76 4UD415.>74
.umber of 5merican deaths per Aear that result directlA or
primarilA from the following selected causes nationwide0 according
to World 5lmanacs0 <ife 9nsurance 5ctuarial -death2 6ates0 and
the last '( Aears of U.4. 4urgeon BeneralsK reports.
1;D5>>; )$(0((( to $%(0(((
5<>;H;< -.ot including %(L of all highwaA deaths and *%L of all
murders2 #%(0(((N
54H969. -9ncluding deliberate overdose2 #,( to #0(((N
>5::79.7 -:rom stress0 ulcers0 and triggering irregular
heartbeats0 etc.2 #0((( to #(0(((
?<7B5<? 86UB ;G768;47 -8eliberate or accidental2 from legal0
prescribed or patent medicines and/or mixing with alcohol - e.g.
Galium/alcohol #$0((( to '+0(((
9<<9>91 86UB ;G768;47 -8eliberate or accidental2 from all illegal
drugs. )0,(( to %0'((
3569IU5.5 (
-3arijuana users also have the same or lower incidence of
murders and highwaA deaths and accidents than the general non-
marijuana using population as a whole. >rancer 4tudA0 U><5C U.4.
:unded -O* million20 :irst & 4econd Iamaican 4tudies0 #F*, to
#F+$C >osta 6ican 4tudies0 #F,( to #F,'C et al. <;W741
1;P9>91/ #((L of the studies done at doMens of 5merican
universities and research facilities show pot toxicitA does not exist.
3edical historA does not record anAone dAing from an overdose of
marijuana -U><50 Harvard0 1emple0 etc.2.
U.9178 415174 87H56137.1 ;: IU419>7
8rug 7nforcement 5dministration
9n 1he 3atter ;f 3569IU5.5 674>H78U<9.B H71919;.
8ocket .o. ,*-''
;H9.9;. 5.8 67>;337.878 6U<9.B0 :9.89.B4 ;: :5>10
>;.><U49;.4 ;: <5W 5.8 87>949;. ;: 5839.9416519G7 <5W
IU8B7 :65.>94 <. /;U.B0 5dministrative <aw Iudge
85178: 47H173D76 *0 #F,,
4ection , of Iudge /oungKs ?:indings of :act0 >onclusions of <aw
and 8ecision.?
Hage %* & %+>5<//;U.B/Aoung
Pgina , de 8 JAH - THE BIBLE SAYS SMOKING WEED IS A SIN!!!! (Ba!"#n Lie again$% G&&&
'()*+)'*1, -i"e.)))/.)0$e1$)0$2a1i#)A33Da%a)L#4a")Te53)L#6)E788+NTN&9%5
). 1he most obvious concern when dealing with drug safetA is the
possibilitA of lethal effects. >an the drug cause death
$. .earlA all medicines have toxic0 potentiallA lethal effects. Dut
marijuana is not such a substance. 1here is no record in the
extensive medical literature describing a proven0 documented
cannabis-induced fatalitA.
1his is a remarkable statement. :irst0 the record on marijuana
encompasses %0((( Aears of human experience. 4econd0
marijuana is now used dailA bA enormous numbers of people
throughout the world. 7stimates suggest that from twentA million
to fiftA million 5mericans routinelA0 albeit illegallA0 smoke
marijuana without the benefit of direct medical supervision. /et0
despite this long historA of use and the extraordinarilA high
numbers of social smokers0 there are simplA no credible medical
reports to suggest that consuming marijuana has caused a single
*. DA contrast aspirin0 a commonlA used0 over-the-counter
medicine0 causes hundreds of deaths each Aear.
+. 8rugs used in medicine are routinelA given what is called an
<8-%(. 1he <8-%( rating indicates at what dosage fiftA percent of
test animals receiving a drug will die as a result of drug induced
toxicitA. 5 number of researchers have attempted to determine
marijuanaKs <8-%( rating in test animals0 without success. 4implA
stated0 researchers have been unable to give animals enough
marijuana to induce death.
,. 5t present it is estimated that marijuanaKs <8-%( is around
#:'(0((( or #:$(0(((. 9n laAman terms this means that in order
to induce death a marijuana smoker would have to consume
'(0((( to $(0((( times as much marijuana as is contained in one
marijuana cigarette. .985-supplied marijuana cigarettes weigh
approximatelA .F grams. 5 smoker would theoreticallA have to
consume nearlA #0%(( pounds of marijuana within about fifteen
minutes to induce a lethal response.
F. 9n practical terms0 marijuana cannot induce a lethal response
as a result of drug-related toxicitA
3essenger: W-ite ,rea, 4ent: #'/#*/'((% ,:$':), 53
Well 9sraelite Hrince
1he uncle of mA girlfriend has cancer troughtout is whole
bodA..because he works in a unsafetA inviroment../es he smokes
ganja..guess what..everAwhere cancer...7P>7H1 H94 <U.B4..
Pgina 5 de 8 JAH - THE BIBLE SAYS SMOKING WEED IS A SIN!!!! (Ba!"#n Lie again$% G&&&
'()*+)'*,- .i"e/)))0/)1$e2$)1$3a2i#)A44Da%a)L#5a")Te64)L#7)E899+NTN&:%6
Messenger: Israelite
Sent: 12/16/2005 5:02:20
I didnt say Weed will give you lung caner i said it Defiles your
lungs it !a"es t#e! dirty$ %#at is w#at defile !eans to !a"e
dirty Since S!o"ing !a"es your lungs dirty or defiled you
cannot do t#at according to 1 &orint#ians ':16
Messenger: Israelite
Sent: 12/16/2005 5:06:1(
)s far as t#at w#ole &ana**is in t#e te!+le of Moses lie a *rot#er
in !y c#urc# na!ed Wea+on of Israel s!as#ed t#at lie online
already go #ere$
Messenger: Dreadnut Sent: 12/16/2005 5:10:'( PM
%#ats it$ %#at was +at#etic$ 3our argue!ent re!inds !e of a wet
4oint it doesn5t stay lit$ 3ou #o!ies ru**utle suc"ed$ I would love
to e6+lain *ut I can5t s+ea" tur"ey so you wouldn5t understand$
Messenger: Ark I Sent: 12/16/2005 0:56:2( PM
7o away Scri*es and P#arisees$ 3ou #aven5t c#anged you are t#e
sa!e as you always #ave *een$ 3ou didn5t listen to Moses you
didn5t listen to 3es#ua &#rist and you won5t listen to 8as%afarI$
1$ %o !a"e filt#y or dirty9 +ollute: defile a river wit# sewage$
2$ To debase the pureness or excellence of; corrupt: a
country landsca+e t#at was defiled *y ur*an s+rawl$
'$ To profane or sully (a reputation, for example)
/$ To make unclean or unfit for ceremonial use; desecrate:
defile a temple
5$ To !iolate the chastity of
%#ere are !any !eanings to t#e words defile$ Instead of using
suc# wea" argu!ents s+ea"ing only +art and leaving out t#e +art
t#at is actually t#e trut# w#y don5t you try to use so!et#ing t#at
Pgina 6 de 8 JAH - THE BIBLE SAYS SMOKING WEED IS A SIN!!!! (Ba!"#n Lie again$% G&&&
'()*6)'*+, -i"e.)))/.)0$e1$)0$2a1i#)A33Da%a)L#4a")Te53)L#6)E7886NTN&9%5
!a"es sense$ )nd even your argu!ent of #er* defiling in t#e
+#ysical sense is foolis#ness t#e #er* is not to6ic li"e to*acco and
it doesn5t re!ain in t#e lungs li"e to*acco$ It goes into t#e lungs
and t#e lungs +erfor! t#eir function and ta"e it out of t#e lungs$
)nd on to+ of t#at 7an4a #er* assists t#e lungs in +ulling to6ins
fro! ot#er sources out of t#e lungs$
Matt 15
:1; %#en ca!e to <esus scribes and Pharisees w#ic# were of
<erusale! saying
:2; "hy do thy disciples trans#ress the tradition of the
elders$ for they %ash not their hands %hen they eat bread
:'; =ut #e answered and said unto t#e! W#y do ye also
transgress t#e co!!and!ent of 7od *y your tradition,
:/; >or 7od co!!anded saying ?onour t#y fat#er and !ot#er:
and ?e t#at curset# fat#er or !ot#er let #i! die t#e deat#$
:5; =ut ye say W#osoever s#all say to #is fat#er or #is !ot#er It
is a gift *y w#atsoever t#ou !ig#test *e +rofited *y !e9
:6; )nd #onour not #is fat#er or #is !ot#er #e s#all *e free$ %#us
#ave ye !ade t#e co!!and!ent of 7od of none effect *y your
:(; 3e #y+ocrites well did @saias +ro+#esy of you saying
&'( This people dra%eth ni#h unto me %ith their mouth,
and honoureth me %ith their lips; but their heart is far from
&)( *ut in !ain they do %orship me, teachin# for doctrines
the commandments of men
:10; )nd #e called t#e !ultitude and said unto t#e! ?ear and
:11; +ot that %hich #oeth into the mouth defileth a man;
but that %hich cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a
:12; %#en ca!e #is disci+les and said unto #i! ,no%est thou
that the Pharisees %ere offended after t#ey #eard t#is
:1'; =ut #e answered and said @very +lant w#ic# !y #eavenly
>at#er #at# not +lanted s#all *e rooted u+$
:1/; -et them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind And
if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch
:15; %#en answered Peter and said unto #i! Declare unto us t#is
:16; )nd <esus said Are ye also yet %ithout understandin#$
:1(; Do not ye yet understand t#at %hatsoe!er entereth in at
the mouth #oeth into the belly, and is cast out into the
:11; *ut those thin#s %hich proceed out of the mouth come
forth from the heart; and they defile the man
:10; .or out of the heart proceed e!il thou#hts, murders,
adulteries, fornications, thefts, false %itness, blasphemies:
:20; These are the thin#s %hich defile a man: but to eat
%ith un%ashen hands defileth not a man
)r" I
?aile Selassie I
Pgina 7 de 8 JAH - THE BIBLE SAYS SMOKING WEED IS A SIN!!!! (Ba!"#n Lie again$% G&&&
'()*+)'*,- .i"e/)))0/)1$e2$)1$3a2i#)A44Da%a)L#5a")Te64)L#7)E899+NTN&:%6
Messenger: Dreadnut Sent: 12/1(/2005 12:06:// )M
&areful )r" I if you coo" t#e tur"ey too !uc# you5ll *urn it u+$
/ 0 /1 11 A 20 21 A '0 '1 A /0 /1 A 50 51 A 60 61 A (0 (1 A (1
2eturn to 2easonin# -ist
4aile 5elassie I
Pgina 8 de 8 JAH - THE BIBLE SAYS SMOKING WEED IS A SIN!!!! (Ba!"#n Lie again$% G&&&
'()*+)'*,- .i"e/)))0/)1$e2$)1$3a2i#)A44Da%a)L#5a")Te64)L#7)E899+NTN&:%6