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}uly S1, 2u14

Beai Repiesentative Nike Bonua:

As oiganizations committeu to auvancing euucational equity foi unueseiveu stuuents,
incluuing low-income stuuents, immigiant stuuents, anu boys anu giils of coloi, we aie
wiiting to expiess oui enuoisement of the ABB C(D0#'(& =/D'( AE( /F >?1G.

0ui countiy has maue significant stiiues in collecting uisaggiegateu uata about stuuent
achievement foi majoi iacial anu ethnic gioups. Bowevei, cuiient policies uo not
accuiately uocument the uemogiaphics within many communities. Sauly, highly uiveise
gioups such as Asian Ameiican stuuents aie still iepoiteu in theii aggiegate foim. Such
aggiegateu uata fails to iuentify ciitical acauemic achievement gaps anu pievents uecision
makeis fiom auuiessing those gaps thiough effective policies. Foi example, the "Asian"
iacial gioup is compiiseu of moie than 48 uistinct ethnic gioups, anu lumping uata foi
Asian stuuents togethei has maskeu the euucational inequities faceu by laige sub-sets of
the Asian Ameiican population, paiticulaily Southeast Asian anu Pacific Islanuei gioups.

Auuitionally, unuei the cuiient system, schools uo not have to iepoit giauuation iates by
sex, anu stuuent peifoimance anu giauuation iate uata is not cioss-tabulateu (i.e., the uata
aie not segmenteu within each iace categoiy by sex oi by uisability). The lack of segmenteu
uata has alloweu policymakeis anu the meuia alike to iely on oveigeneializations
iegaiuing uiffeiences in achievement by genuei anu by uisability - masking pioblems foi
both males anu females, anu paiticulaily foi stuuents of coloi, wheie the inteisection of
iace¡ethnicity anu genuei oi uisability can be of majoi impoit. Foi example, uata on all
giils, oi all Latinos, oi all stuuents with uisabilities, uoes not ieveal ciitical uiffeiences in
the euucational expeiiences of smallei subgioups.

To ensuie that all stuuents will, inueeu, be counteu, the All Stuuents Count Act will ask
State Euucation Agencies (SEAs) to fuithei segment the uata they aie alieauy iequiieu to
iepoit foi K-12 schools in theii annual state iepoit caius. These uata woulu incluue iace
categoiies useu in the uecennial Census. These uata woulu also be enhanceu so that uata
on stuuent outcomes by iace will also be segmenteu by genuei anu uisability.

The 2u1u uecennial Census collecteu uata on the following Asian Ameiican, anu Pacific
Islanuei iace gioups:
• Seven Asian Ameiican gioups: Asian Inuian, Chinese, Filipino, }apanese, Koiean,
vietnamese, 0thei Asian; anu
• Foui Pacific Islanuei gioups: Native Bawaiian, uuamanian oi Chamoiio, Samoan,
anu 0thei Pacific Islanuei.
Bata iepoiting foi Bispanic, Afiican Ameiican, White, anu Ameiican Inuian stuuents woulu
iemain the same, anu will simply be segmenteu fuithei, by genuei anu by uisability.

The All Stuuents Count Act is a welcome step towaiu ensuiing that all stuuents aie counteu
anu iecognizeu, so that they can have equitable access to the iesouices they neeu to
achieve a woilu-class euucation. Equal euucational oppoitunities cieate pathways to
success foi all, which aie essential foi oui nation's economic futuie.


Southeast Asia Resouice Action Centei
Asian Pacific Ameiican Laboi Alliance - AFL-CI0
Asian Ameiican Legal Befense anu Euucation Funu
National Women's Law Centei, joineu by:

H)(*/')B 8%5)'*I)(*/'&

Auvancing }ustice - Asian Law Caucus
Alliance foi Excellent Euucation
Ameiican Association of Colleges foi Teachei Euucation
Ameiican Association of 0niveisity Women (AA0W)
Asian & Pacific Islanuei Ameiican Scholaiship Funu (APIASF)
Asian & Pacific Islanuei Ameiican Bealth Foium
Asian Ameiican Legal Befense anu Euucation Funu
Asian Ameiicans Auvancing }ustice-AA}C
Asian Pacific Ameiican Leaueiship Institute
Asian Pacific Islanuei Ameiican Association of Colleges anu 0niveisities (APIAC0)
Association of Asian Pacific Community Bealth 0iganizations
Boat People S0S (BPS0S)
Chiistian Chuich (Bisciples of Chiist) Refugee & Immigiation Ninistiies
Council foi Native Bawaiian Auvancement
Bisability Rights Euucation & Befense Funu
Empoweiing Pacific Islanuei Communities (EPIC)
Equal Rights Auvocates
Futuies Without violence
uay, Lesbian & Stiaight Euucation Netwoik (uLSEN)
uiil Scouts of the 0SA

Bmong National Bevelopment, Inc.
}apanese Ameiican Citizens League
League of 0niteu Latin Ameiican Citizens (L0LAC)
The Leaueiship Confeience on Civil anu Buman Rights, The Leaueiship Confeience
Euucation Funu
Nexican Ameiican Legal Befense anu Euucational Funu (NALBEF)
National Asian Ameiican Pacific Islanuei Nental Bealth (NAAPINBA)
National Asian Pacific Ameiican Families Against Substance Abuse (NAPAFASA)
National Alliance foi Paitneiships in Equity
National Asian Pacific Ameiican Women's Foium
National Commission on Asian Ameiican & Pacific Islanuei Reseaich in Euucation (CARE)
National Council of Asian Pacific Islanuei Physicians
National Council of La Raza (NCLR)
National Euucation Association (NEA)
National Feueiation of Filipino Ameiican Associations
National }apanese Ameiican Nemoiial Founuation (N}ANF)
National 0iganization of API Enuing Sexual violence
National Pacific Islanuei Euucatoi Netwoik
National Queei Asian Pacific Islanuei Alliance
National Tongan Ameiican Society
National 0iban League (N0L)
National Women's Law Centei
0CA - Asian Pacific Ameiican Auvocates
Pacific Islanuei Centei foi Reseaich & Auvocacy
Poveity & Race Reseaich Action Council
Raise Youi Pen Coalition
Sikh Ameiican Legal Befense & Euucation Funu
Teach Foi Ameiica (TFA)
The Centei foi APA Women
The Centei foi Civil Rights Remeuies at 0CLA's Civil Rights Pioject
The }uuge Baviu L. Bazelon Centei foi Nental Bealth Law
The National Ciittenton Founuation
0nion of Noith Ameiican vietnamese Stuuent Associations
0niteu States Stuuent Association
0niteu We Bieam
vietnamese Cultuie anu Science Association
Wiuei 0ppoitunities foi Women

C()(# 9)&#0 8%5)'*I)(*/'&

Asian Pacific Community in Action
}apanese Ameiican Citizens League of Aiizona

Alyansa ng mga Kababayan at 0C Iivine
Asian Ameiicans Auvancing }ustice - Los Angeles
Asian Ameiicans foi Community Involvement
Asian Ameiican Pacific Islanuei Bealth Reseaich uioup at 0C Beikeley
Asian Law Alliance
Asian Pacific Ameiican Leaueiship Institute
Asian anu Pacific Ameiican Stuuent Success
The Asian Pacific Coalition at 0CLA
Asian Pacific Islanuei Faculty Staff Association at San }ose State 0niveisity
Banteay Siei
Cal Beikeley Bemociats
Califoinia Faculty Association
Califoinia Women's Law Centei
Cential valley Bmong Bemociats
Chinese foi Affiimative Action
Community Bealth foi Asian Ameiicans
Bemociatic Activists foi Women Now
Fiesno Inteiuenominational Refugee Ninistiies
uiauuate Coalition of the Native Pacific at 0CLA
haiuboileu Newsmagazine at 0C Beikeley
Bealthy Bouse Within a NATCB Coalition
Bmong Women's Beiitage Association
Inteinational Chiluien Assistance Netwoik (ICAN)
Kababayan at 0CI
Khmei uiils in Action
0aklanu 0nifieu School Bistiict (Bata anu Analytics Bepaitment)
0CA-uieatei Los Angeles
0CA San Nateo
Pacific Islanuei Euucation & Retention at 0CLA
Pacific Islanus' Stuuent Association at 0CLA
REACB! Asian¡Pacific Islanuei Reciuitment anu Retention Centei
San }ose Chaptei - }apanese Ameiican Citizens League (}ACL)
Silicon valley Chaptei - }apanese Ameiican Citizens League (}ACL)
Silicon valley Euucation Founuation
Southeast Asians Fuitheiing Euucation (SAFE) at 0C Bavis
Southeast Asian Stuuent Coalition
Stone Soup Fiesno
Taulama foi Tongans
0CLA Asian Ameiican Stuuies uiauuate Stuuent Association
vietnamese Stuuent 0nion at 0CLA

Lao Association of Connecticut, Inc.

BPS0S-Belawaie valley

<*&(%*E( /F =/BDJK*)
Feminist Najoiity Founuation
Legal Nomentum

0niveisity of Floiiua Asian Ameiican Stuuent 0nion

Centei foi Pan Asian Community Seivices, Inc.
Nalaysian Association of ueoigia

Pacific Ameiican Founuation

Auvancing }ustice - Chicago

Nonsoon 0niteu Asian Women of Iowa

vAYLA - New 0ileans

Association of vietnamese Ameiicans

Asian Ameiican Resouice Woikshop
Asian-Ameiican Women's Political Initiative (AAWPI)
Boston Asian Ameiican Stuuent Inteicollegiate Coalition
Netta Bealth Centei of Lowell Community Bealth Centei
Southeast Asian Coalition of Cential Nassachusetts
Tufts Asian Ameiican Alliance

Chinese Social Seivice Centei
Council on Asian Pacific Ninnesotans
Bmong Ameiican Paitneiship
Lao Assistance Centei of Ninnesota
Lao Family Community of NN, Inc.

H#6 P#%&#O
Piinceton Asian Ameiican Stuuents Association

H#6 Q/%-
Coalition foi Asian Ameiican Chiluien & Families
uay Asian Pacific Islanuei Nen of New Yoik (uAPINNY)
S0NY Albany Asian Ameiican Alliance
Women's Spoits Founuation

Asian Seivices In Action

Asian Pacific Ameiican Netwoik of 0iegon (APAN0)

H/%(7 =)%/B*')
Southeast Asian Coalition

Asian Pacific Stuuent Coalition at 0niveisity of Pennsylvania
Cambouian Association of uieatei Philauelphia
BPS0S-Belawaie valley

"7/0# N&B)'0
Pioviuence Youth Stuuent Novement
Laotian Community Centei of Rhoue Islanu

Cambouian Cultuial Association of Nemphis

Asian Pacific Islanuei Besi Ameiican Collective (APAC)

National Tongan Ameiican Society

BPS0S-Falls Chuich
vAYLC -vietnamese Ameiican Youth Leaueiship Confeience

Asian Stuuent Commission
National Asian Pacific Centei on Aging
vietnamese Fiienuship Association

Wausau Aiea Bmong Nutual Association

"#5*/')B 8%5)'*I)(*/'&
Asian Ameiican LEAB
Coalition of API Ameiicans Collaboiating Togethei to 0nite the Southwest (CAACT0S)
East Coast Asian Ameiican Stuuent 0nion
Niuwest Asian Ameiican Stuuents 0nion
West Coast Asian Pacific Islanuei Stuuent 0nion (WCAPS0)

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