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against Gan"a#
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Ti)e *one+ EST -.ew /ork0 1oronto2
3essenger: Drea, Lion 4ent: #/*/(''* ##:(':#* 53
6sraelite 7rince0
4ome 8uestions for the scripture expert:
Where does it sa9 3oses wrote the 1orah
How did 3oses narrate occurances after his death
Wh9 did he write two different stories of :reation -two
genealogies of 5dam;s progen90 two stories of the covenant w/
5braham0 two stories of the naming of 6saac0 two stories of
5braham passing his wife off as his sister0 two stories of <acob;s
journe9 to 3esopotamia0 two flood stories0 two stories of the
revelation to <acob at =eth->l0 two stories of ?od;s changing
<acob;s name0 two stories of getting water from a rock at 3eribah0
etc.0 etc.0 etc.
5nd how is it that wherever these doublets appear one refers to
@?odA and the other to @/ahwehA
Wh9 would 3oses refer to certain places in the narrative as still
visible @to this da9A
:an 9ou clarif9 these inconsistencies for 6
?> #:)-% Bn the first da90 ?od created light0 then separated light
and darkness.
?> #:#$-#C 1he sun -which separates night and da92 wasnDt
created until the fourth da9.
?> #:($-(+ 5nimals were created before man was created.
?> (:+0 #C 3an was created before animals were created.
?> (:$0 $:(*0 #(:,0 ((:#$-#*0 (*:(% ?od was alread9 known as
Ethe FordE -<ahveh or <ehovah2 much earlier than the time of
>G *:(-) ?od was first known as Ethe FordE -<ahveh or <ehovah2
at the time of the >g9ptian =ondage0 during the life of 3oses
Pgina 1 de 6 JAH - THE BIBLE SAYS SMOKING WEED IS A SIN!!!! (Ba!"#n Lie again$% G&&&
'()*6)'*1+ ,i"e-))).-)/$e0$)/$1a0i#)A22Da%a)L#3a")Te42)L#5)(6.B7J8N&9%4
?> *:#C-((0 +:,-C0 +:#$-#* 1wo of each kind are to be taken0 and
are taken0 aboard .oahDs 5rk.
?> +:(-% 4even pairs of some kinds are to be taken -and are
taken2 aboard the 5rk.
?> #':%0 ('0 )# 1here were man9 languages before the 1ower of
?> ##:# 1here was onl9 one language before the 1ower of =abel.
>G ):('-((0 H1 (':#)-#+ ?od instructs the 6sraelites to despoil
the >g9ptians0 to plunder their enemies.
>G (':#%0 #+0 F> #C:#) ?od prohibits stealing0 defrauding0 or
robbing a neighbor.
>G (':#)0 H1 %:#+0 3I #':#C0 FI #,:('0 JB #):C0 <5 (:## ?od
prohibits killing.
?> )$:#-)%:% ?od condones tricker9 and killing.
>G )(:(+0 H1 +:(0 #):#%0 (':#-#, ?od orders killing.
6 have hundreds of such 8uestions after 9ears of serious stud9 of
the =ible0 9ou act like the authorit90 answer these and weDll go on
to investigate the nature and origin of these books we call the
Fet 6n6 read from the =ook of Fife 6selves without
<5H J5415K5J6
3essenger: Israe!ite -rin.e 4ent: #/+/(''* C:%):#( 73
.ow i could easil9 answer all of these 8uestions0 but 6 am not
going to. 6 can sense that 9ou dont trul9 want to know0 but 9ou
just want to argue. 1he scriptures clearl9 instruct me .B1 to
answer in this case.
7ro ():C 4peak not in the ears of a fool: for he will despise the
wisdom of th9 words.
7ro (*:$ 5nswer not a fool according to his foll90 lest thou also be
like unto him.
6f 6 allow 9ou to drag me into this debate i will look just as foolish
as 9ou do. 4o0 i choose not to answer0 i have alread9 answered
ever9 thing else people tried to throw at us0 and 9ou can see
clearl9 that we have the knowledge of ?od based on that alone.
1he funn9 thing is0 9ou are a Jasta0 and all of those 8uestions
416FF didnt get answered... no one in 9our rasta place of worship
could tell 9ou wh9 3oses wrote Eas it is this >as9
8uestions like that0 9ou get no answer0 and how long have 9ou
been involved with this philosoph9
Pgina ' de 6 JAH - THE BIBLE SAYS SMOKING WEED IS A SIN!!!! (Ba!"#n Lie again$% G&&&
'()*6)'*1+ ,i"e-))).-)/$e0$)/$1a0i#)A22Da%a)L#3a")Te42)L#5)(6.B7J8N&9%4
3essenger: W/ite ,rea, 4ent: #/,/(''* #':$$:'* 53
1hatDs funn9...if 9ou dontDt want to replied cause we are foolish.
wh9 did 9ou replied sooooo man9 times before...face it...9ou
c9aant answer ever9thing...wh9 do 9ou act like this..
Hem sa9 dem a the dolphin but me see dem a the shark
Hem sa9 dem a the dolphin but me see dem a the shark
Hem stand ina the spotlight and live in the dark
claim sa9 dem grounded but me see dem a sk9lark
so to me dem canLt talk
3essenger: Drea, Lion 4ent: #/,/(''* ##:$$:'' 53
Well 6.7.0
6n6 see clearl9 now that 9ou have onl9 come into 6n6 midst to sow
seeds of contention. /ou post the most foolish things 6man have
ever seen on this site. /ou will answer an9 EfoolishnessE that 9ou
have been outdoctrinated with an answer to and hide from 9our
ignorance when forced to think for 9ourself.
Bf course 6 know the ridiculous #+th centur9 puritanical answers
to m9 8uestions0 but the9 donDt actuall9 answer an9thing. Ho 9ou
even know when and where each of the books of the =ible
originated0 how and when it was decided which books were in and
which were out What the critereon was for being included in the
canon Ho 9ou know when it was decided that <esus was Hivine or
that 3ar9 was a virgin or even how long it was after <esus died
that the gospels were written
/ou reflect 8uite poorl9 on 9our faith0 9ou come here to tr9 to use
9our spott9 knowledge of scripture to tell others that the9 are
wrong and 9ou are right0 9ou tr9 to come between spiritual people
and their relationship with the 5lmight9. 6f 9ou full9 internaliMed
the :hristian message 9ou would not act so here. 6s 9our faith so
unstable that it re8uires 9ou to attack ones alread9 livicated to
7eace0 Fove and 6nit9
E=lessed are the 7eacemakers.E
3essenger: Ar0 I 4ent: #/,/(''* ##:'C:() 73
1his post is not concerning this topic in particular0 this is
concerning the whole example that 9ou have brought here.
6f 9ou love :hrist so much then live b9 His example and stop
living b9 the example of wicked bab9lon who enslaved 9our
Pgina 6 de 6 JAH - THE BIBLE SAYS SMOKING WEED IS A SIN!!!! (Ba!"#n Lie again$% G&&&
'()*6)'*1+ ,i"e-))).-)/$e0$)/$1a0i#)A22Da%a)L#3a")Te42)L#5)(6.B7J8N&9%4
people. :hrist didnDt go around like 9ou at all. Jead 3atthew0
3ark0 Fuke and <ohn more slowl9 and thoroughl90 observe how
:hrist lives and interacts with people and see what :hrist teaches
the people and 9ou learn live and teach the same wa9.
Here is a message from Haile 4elassie 6 to 9ou and people like
With the birth of the 4on of ?od0 an unprecedented0 an
unrepeatable0 and a long-anticipated phenomenon occurred. He
was born in a stable instead of a palace0 in a manger instead of a
crib. 1he hearts of the Wise men were struck b9 fear and wonder
due to His 3ajestic Humbleness. 1he kings prostrated themselves
before Him and worshipped Him. D7eace be to those who have
good will. 1his became the first message.
When He sacrificed himself at ?olgotha for the atonement of our
sin0 He pra9ed with His last breath for the forgiveness of those
who had tortured Him sa9ing0 DKather0 forgive them for the9 know
not what the9 doD. 4hame on those of us who are :hristians and
do not follow the wa9 of the 4avior of the World0 whose life was
filled with kindness0 humilit90 and mart9rdomN 6f we lived b9 the
laws he gave us and were worth9 of being called :hristian0 peace
would have reigned on this earth.
3en were supposed to be the e8uals of the living angels who
unceasingl9 sang praises before the eternal ?od. Had this been
so0 peoples of the world would not have been divided along lines
of enmit9.
:hristmas =roadcast to 5merica
Haile 4elassie 6 lives b9 the example of ?od0 the same example as
/eshua :hrist.
1he world onl9 speaks about <esus :hrist but tries their hardest
not to live b9 the example of /eshua :hrist. :hrist sacrificed
himself to teach us the wa9 to Five and show us the example of
?od. He knew that the wicked would crucif9 Him for teaching
these things0 but he taught it an9wa9s so the We could learn. 5nd
the fools skip the whole message and continue to live like their
stiff-necked foreparents.
What a shame0 what a shame0
there is no help in men because the help of men is vanit9
6 and 6 donDt put our trust in men.
6 and 6 put our trust if <ah Jas1afar60 Haile 4elassie 6
<ah live for6ver more.
5rk 6
Haile 4elassie 6
Pgina + de 6 JAH - THE BIBLE SAYS SMOKING WEED IS A SIN!!!! (Ba!"#n Lie again$% G&&&
'()*6)'*1+ ,i"e-))).-)/$e0$)/$1a0i#)A22Da%a)L#3a")Te42)L#5)(6.B7J8N&9%4
3essenger: Israe!ite -rin.e 4ent: #/C/(''* ):)+:$# 73
6n conclusion0 smoking weed is a sin.
3essenger: Ar0 I 4ent: #/C/(''* $:'$:'* 73
Bnl9 based on 9our opinion and the opinion of a few other men.
6t is good for 6 that 6 donDt look to men for 6 standards.
6 look to <ah.
5rk 6
Haile 4elassie 6
3essenger: Te1er2Anbesa 4ent: #/C/(''* #':$+:%% 73
1he wisdom of 3an is foolishness to ?od & the foolishness of 3an
is wisdom to ?od. Fet he who is without blemish cast the first
stone. <udge not. 6f smoking weed causes 9ou to sin then donDt
smoke weed. 6f burning herbs brings 9ou closer to ?od then
continue forward. >OP
3essenger: 3/a0a 4ent: #/#'/(''* %:%$:'C 53
<ah have some merc9 of 9ou on reading the bible on just the
critical side ...
/ou can read the bible to erradicate from bad and do good ina
morning and do good ina evening 0 and do good at night.
4o0 doing good purif9ing what 9ou do 0 and what 9ou think0 9ou
can get reall9 the wisdom from the Highs 0 where <ah Jastafari 6 is
sitted upon the throne N
4o0 6 sa9 it because Bmnipresence of 5Fmight9 4elassie 0 7ower of
1rinit90 3ight9 Bne 0 is ina ever9thing and ego dont let 9ou see...
4B love ... do good 0 work ina righteouss wa9 and be happ9 ...
Hont hear to ... how can 6 sa9 duh no if this is right ina english
cause m9self its braMilian and 6 speak portuguese 0 but 9ou
hearing this douctrine of devils 0 is being part of such sinagoge of
?ive thanks and praiMes ....
Five Korever
Pgina 5 de 6 JAH - THE BIBLE SAYS SMOKING WEED IS A SIN!!!! (Ba!"#n Lie again$% G&&&
'()*6)'*+, -i"e.)))/.)0$e1$)0$2a1i#)A33Da%a)L#4a")Te53)L#6)(7/B8J9N&:%5
Iternal Life for the King !
Holy I
Messenger: White dread Sent: 1/10/2006 11:01:25 AM
Tefer Anesa!
ni"ely s#o$en
%ne Lo&e
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Haile Selassie I
Pgina 6 de 6 JAH - THE BIBLE SAYS SMOKING WEED IS A SIN!!!! (Bab!"n Lie again#$ G%%%
&'()6(&)*+ ,i!e-(((.-(/#e0#(/#1a0i"(A22Da$a(L"3a!(Te42(L"5('6.B7J8N%9$4