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Myth-Busting for Women
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Myth-Busting for Women
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Myth-Busting for Women
What is Meet Your Sweet?
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Weve done the research, and we know what works. Our thoroughly researched, non-
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Myth-Busting for Women
Table of Contents
Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5
Is There ANY Truth To The Rules As We Know Them? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9
How To Break All The Rules And Get Away With It . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14
How This Applies To You . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18
Self-Respect Is A Verb . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21
Afterword . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22
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Myth-Busting for Women
Let me ask you a question:
Is it true that you can create a meaningful, mature, loving relationship by playing games?
Do you think its possible to create a LOVING RELATIONSHIP by FORCING YOURSELF to
'become' the kind of woman you think hell like?
Are you going to be able to create a fun, sexy, passionate, rewarding relationship, or a
connection with a real human being, by bending over backwards and concealing the
My guess would be NO.
And yet, for MOST WOMEN, the trick to getting a guy is to do just that to play by
'the rules' and to follow SOMEONE ELSE'S IDEA of 'what works' with men.
Needless to say, this is a stiing way to live.
And something else GAME-PLAYING and FOLLOWING RULES puts the 'emphasis' on
completely the wrong part of what's happening.
It forces you to literally give away all your POWER, all your EMPOWERMENT, and all
your STRENGTH, by focusing too much on HIM and WHAT HE THINKS and WHETHER
Many women are so used to game-playing, unintentionally manipulating the situation,
self-editing, and evaluating THEMSELVES (will he like me?) that theyve forgotten to
evaluate HIM.
Theyve forgotten how to wonder, Is this guy good enough FOR ME?
And as a result, the relationships that they have are always based on deceit, manipulation,
inauthenticity, and a general adherence to arbitrary, joy-killing RULES.
But of course, theres a lot more to solving this problem than simply being yourself.
Can I tell you a little secret?
I cannot STAND IT when I overhear someone saying, Just be yourself!!
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Myth-Busting for Women
Its got to be the MOST annoying, LEAST effective suggestion in the history of dating and
I suggest that if someone you are entrusting with your time and attention suggests that you
overcome your dating woes by being yourself, that you withdraw said attention post-
haste and then run from them like a vegan from a barbecue.
That still doesnt provide you with a solution.
If youre not going to MANIPULATE anyone and youre not going to PLAY GAMES
what other options are you really left with, if not being yourself?
Ta-daaaaah introducing COMMON SENSE.
YES, you need to be yourself in order to get a guy.
BUT, rst you need to EDUCATE YOURSELF about what does and does not, realistically,
work with guys so that you will be able to make appropriate CHOICES that are based
on a SOUND KNOWLEDGE of the results you are likely to get by so choosing.
Heres an example of what I mean.
Lets take the rule of Dont ever call a guy too much and dont ever initiate any phone
Now, let's bear in mind here that PHONE CALLS are something that many women have a
LARGE PROBLEM with which is why this RULE is so POPULAR.
(After all, it's EASIER to just adhere to somebody else's conception of 'what works', rather
than guring it out for yourself moment-to-moment and being SPONTANEOUS.)
Here's the form that these 'large problems' tend to take.
MOST WOMEN think that 'not following the rules' simply means 'being themselves'
a.k.a. IGNORING their better instincts and giving in to INSECURE NEEDINESS around
men in a desire to 'get commitment and get it now'.
So a woman who is 'being herself' will oftentimes say, 'I don't need rules! I'll just call him
whenever I darn well feel like!' and, without the 'restrictive inuence' of RULES, will
end up picking up the phone and calling him ten times a day
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Myth-Busting for Women
and of course, because men are PERCEPTIVE CREATURES, the reason BEHIND all
those phone-calls would usually shine through (i.e. neediness and insecurity) and
would end up SCARING HIM AWAY.
Can there be a solution to this problem WITHOUT arbitrarily relying on RULES?
Happily, YES THERE IS.
It's called KNOWLEDGE and being able to make INFORMED DECISIONS.
Let's say that this same women was AWARE of the rule that you 'shouldn't call a guy and
shouldn't initiate phone-calls', and she was AWARE of the fact that this rule is based on
the TRUTH that most guys don't want to feel 'pursued' or 'stalked' by an insecure woman.
Let's say she was AWARE that, on some level, many guys believe that ALL WOMEN are
commitment-hungry creatures DESPERATE for a ring and that they view ALL overtures
of 'relationship' from women through this awed lens.
And let's say she was AWARE of the fact that many guys are unconsciously ON THE
LOOKOUT for any behaviors that will SUPPORT this theory of theirs such as the
concept that a woman who initiates phone calls is NEEDY and INSECURE.
Given all this information, that woman is then free to make an INFORMED CHOICE, and
make the decision - based on KNOWLEDGE and AWARENESS - that seems best to her.
She might use that awareness by not calling at all. She might use it by RETURNING his
calls but not initiating them. She might use it by calling LESS OFTEN. Or she might use
it by NOT pouring her guts out over the phone and NOT making each phone-call long
and overly emotional but instead, keeping calls SHORT AND SWEET.
The fact is that she is AWARE and able to make the BEST CHOICE FOR HERSELF.
Now contrast this directly with arbitrarily following somebody ELSE'S concept of 'what
works' WITHOUT ever branching out into spontaneity, authenticity, and guring out
The bottom line is this: when we are EDUCATED, and we know what is ACTUALLY going
on, and we know how our behavior APPEARS TO OTHERS, we are better able to make
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Myth-Busting for Women
Choices that SUPPORT the kind of relationships that we are trying to build, instead of
inadvertently tearing them down.
And we are also able to prevent ourselves from acting in a way that exacerbates insecurity
and leaves us feeling EMPTY and ANXIOUS.
This is why I believe it's WHOLLY NECESSARY for you to know WHY such 'rules' and
'myths' are in place for women and then make your OWN CHOICES as to whether you
wish to follow them or not, based on your OWN LIFE and your OWN COMFORT ZONE.
This is the BEST WAY to 'be yourself' because you're able to 'be yourself' in a SMART,
EDUCATED WAY that allows you to respond APPROPRIATELY to situations, rather than
just blindly following somebody else's recommendations and 'hoping for the best'
and unwittingly MISREPRESENTING YOURSELF to men.
Read on if you want to know more.
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Myth-Busting for Women
As a matter of fact: yes, there is some truth involved.
(Ha! Bet you didnt think I was going to say that, didja!)
Allow me to explain.
I realize that its very fashionable and very TRENDY these days to talk about how 'rules are
based in LIES' and so on.
But we have to face the TRUTH if we want to TRULY get in touch with our irresistibility.
And that truth is
that there is, in fact, SOME TRUTH to the 'rules' when it comes to MEETING,
ATTRACTING, AND MAINTAINING the relationship of your DREAMS.
A little background for you:
Something that many women do not realize, when it comes to guys and dating, is that
Most guys believe, on some level, that MOST WOMEN are NEEDY and
Put yourself into the shoes of a man.
Men live in the real world.
They are peppered with ads and slogans by clever marketing agencies every day.
They see ads for engagement rings with slogans like, It was the happiest day of my life
with the featured woman staring down adoringly at her massive shiny rock.
They see TV shows with groups of girls getting all excited and squealing and hugging each
other when someones boyfriend pops the question.
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Myth-Busting for Women
Whenever a movie with a wedding-scene is shown, they see hordes of single women
shoving each other desperately for the bouquet
the subtext being, Outta my way! Im gonna get married, even if I dont know who its
gonna be to!
They've probably had girlfriends who get all mushy-eyed over strange women's babies on
the street, and who hinted at their dreams of one day quitting their jobs and being 'stay-at-
home moms'.
They probably had other girlfriends who spoke about how much they loved 'the
relationship', rather than how much they loved HIM.
When they were little boys in grade school, they probably saw other little girls getting
dressed up in tea-towel veils and white dresses to 'play Bride' with each other.
In high school, they probably received love letters from girls who pledged to 'love them
As young men, they probably read interviews in Rolling Stone magazine where their rock-
god heroes spoke disbelievingly (and a tad contemptuously) of the women they'd never
met who would write in with marriage proposals.
Is a pattern making itself clear here?
Men are bombarded with the conception that women are hungry for
marriage and kids.
They think that we want a ring over and above AN ACTUAL RELATIONSHIP that
They think that all we want is a wedding or a relationship', rather than to be married TO
HIM or to have a relationship WITH HIM.
MOST GUYS buy into this mindset on some level.
And because of this, they are EXTRA-SENSITIVE to anything that could be construed as
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Myth-Busting for Women
because many men feel that women's desire to 'get married and have kids' is an
IMPERSONAL DESIRE. Somewhat akin to a business goal, in fact: it's the 'feminine
equivalent' of wanting to make a million bucks. ('Oh, I don't care who I make it WITH - I
just want to MAKE IT!')
This is what they think: we dont want HIM we just want what he can
OFFER us. (And preferably in the form of 1 carat or more.)
And of course, once theyve GOT this idea into their heads
the idea that women are commitment-focused and that all a woman wants is
someone to love and that women are out to lock him down and get up the pole quick-
smart so that he cant get away
YOU know what happens next.
Everything they see is converted by their brain and by their OUTLOOK into support for
this theory.
THEY SEE WHAT THEY BELIEVE, regardless of how things ACTUALLY are.
So, for example, if a woman calls him up the day after their rst date and starts talking
about what a great time she had and how she can't wait to see him again or if she
seems to want to stay on the phone for HOURS or if she starts unloading all her
'personal history' onto him
that's when warning bells start clanging, and he thinks, Oh Christ! She wants me! Shes
too easy! Theres no challenge! She wants an involvement! and then he backs away.
Keep their mindset in your head: to many guys, women are 'commitment-hunters' who
i.e., 'commitment at any cost!'
I know. It's ridiculous. But there's no use crying over spilt milk - that's just the way we
women are portrayed by sitcoms, advertisements, movies, and unfortunately, by many
real-life women who just don't know any better.
This is the lens through which many men view women.
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Myth-Busting for Women
And because of it
There is a chance that just about ANYTHING you do that even REMOTELY
resembles neediness and commitment-hunger will be MAGNIFIED by this
'lens' to the point that HE GETS FREAKED OUT.
In order for him to relax and see you as you really are a normal, lovely woman who is
interested in getting to know him for him, not because youre ready to get a ring slapped
on your nger - you rst have to be able to prove to him that you are NOT what hes afraid
that you might be.
The way I see it, there are thousands of mini-rules (dont call him, dont initiate a call,
dont have sex too early, be light and casual, etc etc) but they all boil down to one
MAJOR rule.
This rule is like the gem in the middle of an idols forehead. It is the rule that overlooks
all the other little rules. And most other rules can be boiled down to this one essential
Here it is:
You have to let things unfold naturally.
For attraction to take place, most guys need SPACE for it to happen. They need to feel
like they can relax and fall in love with you, WITHOUT worrying that you're going to be
another 'commitment-hound' and ruin it all.
Thus, it makes sense that you need to take EXTRA CARE to ALLAY his natural 'suspicions'
and PROVE to him that his 'fears' are UNFOUNDED.
Give him room to breathe, and he will WELCOME YOU into his 'cave'. But make him feel
like he's backed into a corner, and he'll feel SUFFOCATED and will ght all the harder
to keep you OUT.
The point of telling you all this is not to hopelessly confuse you, or to scare you into
becoming the Queen of Icy-Casual Dating Behavior.
Its simply to educate you as to what the basis of all rules are, WHY theyre in place, and
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Myth-Busting for Women
how they work.
This way, you will be much better equipped to make informed and appropriate decisions
when the time comes.
Knowing what you now know, you are FULLY ABLE to make a decision on how to behave,
and hopefully you have at least an idea why some behaviors even when they SEEM
INNOCENT to us can actually freak guys RIGHT OUT.
You need to know what works with guys before you start free-agenting around.
You need to know what the rules are rst, before you start breaking them. (Its no fun
breaking rules if you dont know youre breaking them.)
And this is why it is necessary for me to confer a deeply-unfashionable, deeply
INCONVENIENT truth on you:
Rules, as they pertain to dating and relationships, are actually based on
reality to some extent.
Now that you know that, you can start making informed, educated, SMART choices about
how youd like to proceed.
Got it?
Of course you do. Moving right along

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Myth-Busting for Women
So, now you know how (most) guys actually see women.
In the backs of their minds is lurking this idea that we are out to get engaged and get
what we can from him (and maybe, some day, walk away with half of what's his.)
Im not saying that ALL guys think like this Im just saying that all guys think like this.
Wink, wink.
Only kidding well, not really.
Truth: enough of them think this way (especially if you live in a major metropolitan area)
for it to be worth accepting the exception to the rule motto: you may be exceptional, but
'Exceptional' does not equate to 'the exception'.
And the rule is, you WILL be scrutinized by guys that you date for signs of clinginess,
neediness, dependency, commitment-hunger, and signs that youre out to lock him down.
Men have phenomenally sensitive radars for neediness, clinginess, and
But heres the GOOD PART:
The more you gure this truth out, and the more you can see patterns emerging in
particular behaviors of yours
and the more you can see things from his point of view
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Myth-Busting for Women
And it happens effortlessly.
And this is like the catch-all panacea to needing to follow 'rules' of ANY DESCRIPTION.
Heres how the magical formula works (WARNING! It is DECEPTIVELY SIMPLE!):
Self-respect is the ultimate myth-buster.
If you have self-respect, then you are AUTOMATICALLY 'cured' of any neediness,
clinginess, or insecurity.
The 'rules' LITERALLY no longer apply to you.
For two reasons.
Firstly: when you believe that YOU genuinely are 'enough' i.e. you don't feel
INSECURE, and you therefore don't act CLINGY or NEEDY this shines through in your
Men can tell that YOU are NOT 'one of those women'.
Because when you've got your 'inner game' sorted, you can break every rule in the
book and still be TOTALLY ATTRACTIVE, because your actions and energy are not being
permeated by that ugly, desperate, scared-little-girl DESPERATION that so many women
unwittingly have.
And here's something else:
If you are a self-respecting woman, you dont WANT to pursue him.
You dont WANT to chase him.
Instead, you're simply ALLOWING THINGS TO UNFOLD NATURALLY. You're not
trying to 'force' a commitment to happen, or use your body to create more of a bond, or
manipulate him into wanting you more.
You're simply being NATURAL and TRULY AUTHENTIC and IT SHOWS.
And that's when you can STOP following 'rules', and begin to make your OWN
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Myth-Busting for Women
Here's an interesting tidbit for you:
All 'rules' are intended to give men the IMPRESSION that you have self-
Think about it.
The whole point behind 'not ever calling a man', and 'not talking for too long on the
phone', is to give him the IDEA that you have better things going on and that you don't
NEED him to reassure you that you're attractive because YOU KNOW YOU ALREADY
The whole point behind 'not having sex for 3 months' is to make it SEEM like you respect
yourself too much to do otherwise.
Now, here's the clincher
Once you get that self-respect, you dont NEED those rules any more.
In fact, you can break every rule in the book
although, once you truly 'get' this information, and once you truly 'get' self-respect, a
funny thing often happens: you literally no longer WANT to 'break the rules'.
Here's why.
Many women are compelled to ght against insecurity and neediness in their relationships
with men, because these things are an inherent part of their world-view.
The following of 'rules' is a helpful tool in this ght against themselves, because it lays
down the groundwork for not 'accidentally' letting their 'real selves' out to do any
'damage' to the relationship.
So even though they 'aren't allowed' to call a man too often, or have sex too early, they
still WANT TO because, often, they subconsciously desire the REASSURANCE and
VALIDATION that comes with such things.
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Myth-Busting for Women
For example: for an insecure woman, having long, personal conversations with a man can
temporarily reassure her that she's 'desirable' and 'worthwhile'.
For a needy woman, having premature sex with a man can reassure her that she is wanted
and that he nds her attractive.
That is why rules are necessary for some women: because they are the ONLY WAY that
woman can convey SELF-RESPECT and HIGH VALUE to a man
But when you GENUINELY LOSE the insecurity and neediness, and replace these things
with GENUINE SELF-RESPECT and SELF-LOVE, many times you will literally NO LONGER
NEED THE REASSURANCE of premature sex or personal conversations.
You may still engage in those things, of course; but only for WHAT THEY ARE, not as
'tools' to create a particular outcome or help you to full your personal agenda.
And that is PRECISELY why SELF-RESPECT allows you to break EVERY SINGLE RULE IN
because when you are acting out of a place of AUTHENTIC SELF-VALUE and
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Myth-Busting for Women
Its all very well for me to tell you about how having self-respect, and treating yourself
with some worth, is the universal panacea to gender-based stereotypes and accusations of
(Which, of course, it is.)
But what does that mean FOR YOU?
In order to answer this question, in practical terms, and to your satisfaction, I have
compiled a comprehensive list of the four most effective, most important, most rewarding
aspects of self-respect that a woman can have.
Here goes.
1. You have a FULL LIFE.
When your life is full, you are completely engaged in whats going on around you. You
have friends, a career, family, pets, hobbies. You arent losing sight of the things that matter
to you because some guy would like to spend time with you.
Its all about having a BALANCE. And that means, time for dates and men but time for
YOUR OWN LIFE, too. You don't just 'cut and run' from your lifestyle the moment a new
guy surfaces in your life.
Why? Because its not about him. Its about you.
And its about you having the unshakable belief that you are doing great, whether he is a
part of your life or not.
You have the self-respect to keep doing the things that you love, and seeing the people that
are important to you, whether you're dating somebody great or not.
You also have the self-respect to be YOU, and not drop/change your personality in order to
t in with the image of you that (you think) hed like more.
And yes, doing so requires strength, but thats what femininitys all about, right? (Correct
answer: right!)
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Myth-Busting for Women
No self-editing allowed, unless YOU THINK its a good idea. For example, if you want
to talk about something, even if the rules say its a bad idea, you still go ahead and talk
about it.
How can this possibly be a good idea?
Simple. Because now you are educated.
You know what the consequences of doing so would be; you know the image that you
may be constructing from the things that you say. And if, bearing this in mind, you still
want to go ahead and say what you want anyway, then you do so.
To hell with whether the rules say its a bad idea or not.
In other words: you dont hold back just because you think hell like you more. Youre not
trying to TRICK anyone into liking you. You are making an INFORMED DECISION, and are
simply being the woman that you are.
(Side note: this is also a great way to attract men who like the real you, rather than men
who are attracted to you through the thrill of the chase.)
2. You take responsibility for your own life and your own state of mind,
without dumping it all on him.
If you want to do something fun, but he doesnt want to go do it? Off you go anyway.
If he wants to do something that you dont want to do? You either decide to give it a shot,
and do it with a good grace, or you smile and say, Gee, thanks for asking, but its really
not my thing.
No wallowing indecisively; or forcing yourself to go and then acting resentful and pouty.
You take responsibility for what you do and your own state of mind. Hes not responsible
for your happiness and fulllment: YOU are.
3. You do not accept crappy treatment.
You EXPECT the best. And as a result, that is what you receive.
If youre out with a guy and hes in a sulky mood, you dont hang around and try to cheer
him up past what you feel comfortable doing; you make your excuses (I have an early
start in the morning), give him a hug, and head out the door.
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Myth-Busting for Women
If youre spending time with someone who is consistently acting badly, you dont stick
around, make excuses for him, or try to x him. And neither do you have to rush into
making a decision, tell him he should treat you better, or compose a long, detailed letter
about how it makes you feel when he does X.
Instead, you simply back off. You have your own life to live. You cant control how hes
acting; thats his deal.
But you can control how you are acting, so thats what you do by seeking your fun and
fulllment elsewhere until things either get better, or accepting that this relationship is not
working - and nding another one that DOES.
4. You dont drop everything for him.
You have interests, and they are important to you because they are your interests.
And prioritizing the things that happen in your life as if they matter to you is something
that encourages others to treat you, and your time, with the respect that you deserve.
So: no canceling dates with girlfriends because he wants to make plans. No backing out of
work obligations because he wants to hang out.
If youve said youll do something, do it and then make new plans with the new guy that
dont involve compromising someone or something else that you love. If he is worth it, he
will love and respect you even more for being a woman of your word.
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Myth-Busting for Women
As you can see, having self-respect means that you have to ACT ON IT. Self-respect is a
verb, not a noun.
You cannot respect yourself, and also compromise your own schedule for the guy youre
datings sake at the same time.
You cannot have self-respect and also lose track of the things and people that you love
because theres a new guy on the horizon.
Self-respect is a verb. Its something that you do. Its the way that you treat yourself, and
the way that you behave in your day to day life, that shows men and everyone else
whether you are someone that they, too, should respect. Whether you are someone who
they can trust.
Or whether you are just another of those weak, scared, desperate, commitment-hungry
women on the make for an engagement ring at the rst possible opportunity.
The difference lies in how you treat yourself. And if you treat yourself like you are worth
something, pretty soon, other will start cottoning on to that fact too and thats when you
can throw the rule-book out the window.
Here is the 5-step formula for success with men, love, and magnicent
1. BE AWARE. Know what the rules are, and why they exist. Rules are all designed to
prevent needy, insecure women from letting their freak ags y and showing their real
colors. They are designed to make you SEEM like someone that you are not. (They also
reinforce the subconscious conception that you are somehow not enough as you are.)
2. Understand the lens through which many men view women and relationships: i.e. that
we are all needy, insecure, and commitment-hungry. Understand that, through his eyes,
this lens can color your behavior.
3. Get it into your head that respecting yourself is MANDATORY if you wish to engage in
magical, fullling relationships.
4. Implement the four steps towards BEING a self-respecting woman.
5. Make your decisions with a full knowledge of the rules and break them if it's
appropriate to you to do so.
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Myth-Busting for Women
It is necessary to know the rules, and think about how they apply to you, before you can
successfully break them.
If you dont know what the ramications of your behavior are, then chances are, youre
coming across as just another needy, commitment-hungry wannabe-girlfriend.
But if you know what the deal is on how guys really think about female behavior and
what the warning signs as guys see them really are then youre equipped to make
appropriate, informed choices about how YOU want to behave.
When you start exploring why the rules are in place, a funny thing starts happening
you start to notice that the whole POINT of even HAVING rules is to make it SEEM as
though you are a woman with self-respect.
And if you are a woman who is merely looking for any old relationship or some success
with some men, then acting in a certain way may be enough for you.
But if you are interested in achieving a DREAM relationship, and in experiencing the kind
of brilliant and life-changing love that you really want, you need to actually get BEHIND
the rules and actually HAVE that self-respect.
Combine that self-worth with a knowledge of what works and what doesnt, and you are
literally unstoppable. And thats when you can willfully and deliberately break all the rules
ever invented, and still come out on top.
If you want to know more (and I would hope that you do), then I have two
recommendations for you: rstly, that you read this book right here:
and secondly, that you check out the recommended reading on the following pages,
and see if any of it might be what YOU are looking for. Accurate information is a boon. It
can help us get outside of our heads, outside of all the B.S. thats happening in our minds
on a daily basis, and into the life that is waiting for us.
I hope you enjoy.
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Myth-Busting for Women
With love,
Mirabelle Summers
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Myth-Busting for Women
My Foundation Program: The core essentials to creating the success you crave in Love
The Get a Guy Guide: From Initial Reaction to Life Long Attraction ............. 25
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How To Take Things To The Next Level Of Commitment ................................ 27
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Conversation Chemistry How to use the power of communication to create and
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Chance: How to Win Back the Love of Your Ex ........................................ 36
The information inside each of these courses will empower you by giving you the life and
love skills that you need to achieve a complete personal and social transformation, and
help you attract and keep the man and relationship of your dreams and now, you can
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Myth-Busting for Women
The Get a Guy Guide: From Initial Reaction to Life
Long Attraction
by Mirabelle Summers
Have you ever been told that you are attractive, funny, or smart, but... you're not the kind
of woman that he's looking for?
Perhaps you've dated a guy for a while and when it came to discussing 'the relationship'
or 'commitment', things went downhill until it was over?
Or maybe you've slept with a guy that you really like, and now he's no longer interested
in you? Or worse, he's now interested in other women?
There are a lot of scenarios that may have happened to you that lead you to coming to this
webpage, but the overwhelming problem that you are facing is that:
Men are difcult to understand - And if you don't understand men, you probably think that
all men are jerks. While this might make you feel better thinking this way, wouldn't it be
better to discover the truth about men and what makes them tick so that soon you'll be in
a great committed relationship with a fantastic guy?
One key you need to focus on is being your best self most of the time. Part of being your
best self is making sure you are looking at the world through a balanced lens. Theres no
need to be ridiculously positive, but part of being successful with men and dating is
putting your best foot forward, and knowing that when youre happy, youre sexy.
I have so much information to share with you in my Get-A-Guy Guide about what goes on
inside a mans mind, how he thinks, and how you can not only be irresistible to men, but
be incredibly inspiring to all others around you.
Get a Guy Guide has been specically designed to:
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Myth-Busting for Women
Teach you how to get what you truly want from men and from your relationships
with them (Youll save you years of your life in missed love opportunities and
wasted energy!)
Discover all those deadly mistakes and obstacles that stop most men from attracting
and keeping their ideal man.
Help you get your life back on track so that you are happy again and have a
positive and exciting future ahead of you... no matter what happens.
You can get your copy of The Get a Guy Guide: From Initial Reaction to
Life Long Attraction course at the following web address:
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Myth-Busting for Women
First Dates to Soul Mates: How To Take Things To The
Next Level Of Commitment
by Amy Waterman
This book is all about building the love, affection, and long-lasting relationship that you
want and deserve.
Imagine how it would be to have a partner who is genuinely and deeply committed to you
and your relationship?
Imagine never feeling insecure about the future again?
Imagine knowing that the two of you want exactly the same things, and are going to build
on a lifetime of love and happiness together?
If you want to put an end to unfullling relationships, take things to the next level of
commitment, attract emotionally available men, and learn how commitment really works
for men, then youve got to read this book. Its a gem, an absolute gem.
Amys discovered a foolproof method of magnetically attracting your partner to grow in
closeness and commitment on physical and emotional levels as time goes on.
How would it be to be completely immune to the death of love and closeness in your
relationship? To be in a relationship with your best friend, your favorite person, the man
you love more than anyone in the world and to have those feelings reciprocated?
Its like magic. But the best part is, its not actually magical at all it just takes knowledge.
Amys life-changing course is one of the most thorough courses on helping you
understand, create, maintain, and foster commitment through every stage of the attraction
and relationship process,
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Myth-Busting for Women
If you want to create the ultimate relationship improve your relationships starting
RIGHT NOW create better communication with everyone around you achieve true
and lasting physical passion in your relationship and strengthen your relationship with
your partner, even in times of stress and change then I strongly recommend you read
this book.
Itll change your life in ways you never knew was possible.
In addition to the course, there are a number of bonus ebooks and audio les that
will further assist and enable you on your search for commitment in your love life and
You can access the From First Dates to Soul Mates course at this web
address right here:
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Myth-Busting for Women
Supreme Self-Condence in Dating, Relationships &
Social Situations
by Slade Shaw
Let me ask you a few questions:
Have you ever seen someone from across the room that you really like, or who
you'd really love to meet.... but were too overwhelmed by fear and nervousness to
go over and start a conversation?
Have you ever felt like you don't deserve the kind of guy that you are REALLY
attracted to, and as a result always settle for second best?
Have you ever felt yourself shaking with self-consciousness when you are talking to
a guy that you've got a crush on? Lost your words? Can't be your best self?
Have you ever been in a relationship where you got emotionally insecure and
ended up driving your partner away by your clinginess and insecurity?
Have you ever fallen in love with someone before you've even dated him and got
jealous and upset when he goes out with someone else?
If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then this book is a great t for you. I
strongly believe that this information could actually be life changing for you....
When you're not self condent, then you get nervous and act differently at times when
you feel stressed or need to be at your best. For example: on a date, or when you're talking
to a man you're attracted to.
If your condence betrays you at these vital times, then you may actually struggle to
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Myth-Busting for Women
make your life turn out the way you want it to. Condence is attractive, and without it, it's
difcult to attract a really good catch.
Men base their assumptions of you on what they know of you. That's why rst impressions
can be so hard to change. If that's all he knows of you, then as far as he's concerned, that
image he has in his head of you IS YOU.
So if you meet a man you are attracted to and act nervous, fumble your words, and run out
of things to say
then as far as he knows, you are the kind of person who is nervous, fumbles their words
and runs out of things to say.
(Of course, a little nervousness - with a smile! - can be endearing and can even help you,
but if you can't let your best self shine through soon, and if you end up getting so nervous
that you just want to get out of there, then it's hard to see him ever becoming attracted to
Also, it's really unfortunate that people may assume from your shy or nervous behavior
that you simply don't like being around them.
They pick up on your discomfort.
They may end up becoming quite negative towards you as a result, because they think that
you've rejected them rst when in reality you just didn't know what to say or do.
And this is exactly the kind of problem that this book deals with in detail.
By reading Slades book, you'll become a woman who enters a relationship WHOLE
without needing someone else to 'complete' you.
You'll be looking for a man to 'complement' you instead.
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Myth-Busting for Women
This is one of the most powerful and special characteristics that you could possibly offer
to a relationship. The self-condence that I want to impart to you will instantly help you
become a more balanced woman who is able to manage the challenges and negotiations
that all relationships bring.
You can access Supreme Self-Condence at this web address:
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Myth-Busting for Women
Conversation Chemistry How to use the power of
communication to create and maintain unstoppable
attraction with the Opposite Sex!
by Mirabelle Summers (co-authored by Amy Waterman)
When renowned online relationship expert Amy Waterman and I started researching and
writing Conversation Chemistry, we were initially going to write 2 separate books: one for
people who are single or dating, and one for people who are already in a relationship.
But the feedback we received was an overwhelming number of suggestions that we
combine them both together, as there was so much essential information in each of them
for people at all stages of a relationship.
Hence, Conversation Chemistry is actually the length of two full books (298 pages) and is
packed full of essential communication secrets for you, no matter whether you are single
or in a long term relationship!
Inside this life-changing and engaging course, you will uncover a whole host of
conversation tips and strategies, including:
The principles of great communication. These principles differ between men and
women, nd how and why!
How to adapt the way you talk to suit the man youre talking to - this may determine
whether or not he develops a romantic interest in you. you're going to nd out in detail
how and why men and women communicate differently, and how to communicate in
such a way that builds unstoppable attraction
Find out the surprising results from a study of singles bars, conducted by a couple
of doctors. They proved the theory that there is a denite sequence to the process
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Myth-Busting for Women
of attracting a mate. You'll hear what this process is, and how you can use it to
your advantage in sparking attraction. If you follow this process, you'll build up an
incredible attraction for you in members of the opposite sex!
Find out the form of intuitive communication that NLP practitioners, psychologists
and even pickup artists alike agree is crucial to forming a lasting bond with another
The 'magic' ingredients necessary to build potent rapport with another person. This is
truly powerful stuff you won't want to miss out on!
Find out the key secret to become a charismatic woman who has no doubt that what
you're saying is interesting to your audience
The 5 conversation turn-ons that when applied diligently, youll nd that people will
not just enjoy talking to you... theyll go out of their way to talk to you!
How to overcome approach anxiety. If you suffer from approach anxiety, youre not
alone. Going up to someone and starting a conversation can be incredibly difcult!
You'll learn how to calm these nerves right here with our highly effective 5 step
The one thing that you absolutely must say to put people at ease and dramatically
reduce your chances of getting "brushed off" by a member of the opposite sex when
you try to strike up a conversation.
How to spark chemistry and sexual chemistry with men. You'll learn some incredibly
powerful secrets here, and they are a lot easier than you imagine!
The communication skills required for a great long-lasting relationship are different to
those that spark attraction and get you through the rst month or two of dating. In this
exciting section, you'll discover vital communication skills that will bring the two of
you together and you'll nd out common communication mistakes so that you don't
make them yourself!
All Rights Reserved 2008
Myth-Busting for Women
What to do if communication stops. Rarely go out for an evening alone together?
Feel like you've run out of things to say to each other? Find out how to revive your
communication and get to know your partner again.
Discover the 3 traits of happy couples who know how to disagree in a healthy, non-
destructive way.
Uncover essential secrets on how to forgive. Without forgiveness life is governed by an
endless cycle, so its essential you master this crucial relationships skill!
How to argue properly and grow together as a result, rather than grow apart. This is
an incredibly important chapter for you to read as arguments have been proven to be
severely detrimental to many relationships, and yet seen as strengtheners for others
who know how to argue properly.
Using the power of talking about the future to further enhance your long term
relationship success. Discover the next step and how to assess your progress at regular
Conversation Chemistry is designed to take you to the next level of communication,
whether youre out to meet someone new, enjoy a fun and irtatious conversation, master
the art of irting, or make a relationship into the best one you ever had.
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Myth-Busting for Women
You can access Conversation Chemistry at this web address:
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Myth-Busting for Women
Chance: How to Win Back the Love of Your Ex
by Mirabelle Summers (co-authored by Amy Waterman)
If you're going through the emotional turmoil of a break-up with a man that you really
didn't want to happen (or now regret happening), then you have my whole hearted
sympathy. I know what you are going through, I've been there, it isn't a happy place and it
isn't an exaggeration to say that can even feel like someone has just died.
Breaking up is an awful experience. And in this course we are going to reveal to you some
powerful methods for winning back your ex.
Essentially, this book was written to guide you through the process of healing the pain of a
breakup; recognizing why it happened in the rst place; guring out whether it genuinely
is a good idea to get back with your ex; and, if it is, you learn exactly EXACTLY! what
you need to heal the wounds and make your relationship better than it ever was before.
But rst I have a very important question to ask you before carrying on ...
Why Do You REALLY Want To Get Back Together With Him?
And Is It REALLY A Good Decision To Make?
Were you and your ex really good together? Did he treat you the way you deserve
to be treated?
More importantly, did he support you in your goals - and did you support him
wholeheartedly in his? I'm asking that question in particular as it is the biggest
determining factor in long-term relationship success according to numerous studies.
The rst thing that you need to do right now is STOP doing what ever you are doing to get
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Myth-Busting for Women
his attention back. No more sending owers or begging for forgiveness! (Yes, really. Even if
you genuinely feel that you are in the wrong, stop apologizing and stop begging.)
Don't worry, I'm not talking about 'treat him mean, keep him keen' or any of that
nonsense. But you DO need to understand what is going on inside his mind (which I cover
in my book), and you DO need to give him space (if you aren't), and you DEFINITELY
need to get your life back in order.
Before you do anything that you think will win back the love of your ex, you need to listen
to what Mirabelle Summers has to say. 2
Chance is a course that guides you through
the whole self-reection, consideration, and negotiation process that characterizes a
relationship breakup and rescue. If you are committed to getting back with your ex, and
giving your relationship every chance of success, you cant afford to be getting information
that could potentially set you back or even end any chances of saving your relationship.
You have listened to the advice of friends, family, indeed anyone who feels they would like
to share their opinion with you. But now its time to get advice that is GUARANTEED to
Chance: How to Win Back the Love of Your Ex is a course that is specically designed
Maximize your chances of winning back your ex
Help you get your life back on track so that you are happy again and have a
positive and exciting future ahead of you... no matter what happens.
Help you gain perspective and work through what really went wrong, and discover
relationship secrets to help you avoid going down the path that caused your
breakup again. And get your relationship back on track towards mutual growth and
All Rights Reserved 2008
Myth-Busting for Women
You can access 2
Chance and maximize your chances of winning back the
love of your ex at this web address: