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1tlhill li1Ule by Joe Morecraft. 111

Four of our articles this month were written by four of the greatest Christian
giants of the Twentieth Century. Benjamin Warfield was Professor of Theology at
Princeton Seminary, (1887-1921). John Murray was Professor of Theology at West
minster Seminary, Jay Adams is Director of Advanced Studies at West-
minster Seminary in California. And R.J. Rushdoony is the president of Chalcedon,
a Christian educational organization devoted to research, publishing and to cogent
communication of a distinctly Christian scholarship to the world. All four of them
were/are prolific writers. I own thirteen of Warfield's books, twelve of Murray's
books, twenty or so of Adams' books, and over twenty-five of Rushdoony's books.
We are including their articles for two reasons: (1). These specific articles deal
with issues that are of current importance, and they give clear biblical counsel on
how to think about these issues. (2). We want to whet your appetite for more from
these authors, so you will read their books and benefit from their extraordinary
knowledge of the Word of God.
These four men, Warfield, Murray, Adams and Rushdoony, have had a special
impact on my life personally. Reading Warfield in my spare time enabled me to
survive three years at a liberal seminary. After being introduced to the Reformed
Faith a couple years before seminary by Lorraine Boettner, Warfield gave me a great
appreciation of the depth, width, and richness of the Reformed Faith. Murray helped
me in two areas. He helped me understand the distinctives of the Reformed Faith as
they apply to contemporary controversies and issues; and he taught me the meaning
of the book of Romans. I have over twenty-two commentaries on Romans. Some
are excellent--Calvin, Hodge, Shedd, Haldane. But I will take Murray over them all.
Adams taught me how to counsel people biblically. Since I first began reading him
years ago, I have used his exclusively biblical (nouthetic) method to counsel hun-
dreds of people, and to see God do wonderful things in their lives as they learned to
solve life's problems God's way. In my opinion, there is no Christian counselor
that is. as faithful to the Bible as he is in his approach to
And Rushdoony. What can I say about his influence on me? When I began
reading his works in the coalfields of Southwest Virginia in 1969, I did not know
he was controversial. I found my own soul refreshed by his insights, which I as-
sumed; at the time, all Calvinists appreciated. Rushdoony taught me how to speak
the word of God relevantly and powerfully into our complex culture with all its criti-
cal political, social, economic, moral, religious and spiritual issues.
These ate not the only men who were the major influences on my life and
thought. There are many more--Calvin, Dabney, and the Hodges, just to mention a
few. Of course, one of the greatest influences on my life was and is my father in the
faith, Charles MeN utt. I praise God for all the human instruments he has used on
my life. And I earnestly pray that you will come to appreciate Warfield, Murray,
Adams, Rushdoony, and many other giants of our Reformed/Christian heritage as I
do. Thank you, Jesus, for these gifts to your church. 0
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The Counsel of Chalc:edon, April, 1989