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Pascas Foundation is a not for profit organisation
Queensland, Australia
PASCAS CARE Clinic Future Goals:

The establishment of some 4,000 Pascas Care
clinics within more than 40 countries over the next
five to ten years aims to establish the capacity to
assist friends / patients in many diverse ways.

These facilities will be able to assist more than
twenty eight million (28,000,000) friends per
annum who are experiencing a life threatening
episode such as HIV / Aids, malaria or tuberculosis.

The overall functionality of the clinics will assist
more than twice those numbers who are
experiencing serious health episodes.

The general structure of the clinic is to bring the
friend into a condition of full recovery by assisting him/her with the development and management of
their own health regime. This involves understanding the underlying cause of the condition with support
to deal with the management and alleviation of that cause, nutrition education, and the making available
of job creating enterprises to enable the viable sustainability of the family.

Education is the paramount foundation of a Pascas Care Centre.

Within impoverished and suppressed communities, an un-educated girl will have many children. If a
girl spends only 2 years at school, she is likely to have more than 7 children. If she spends 6 years at
school, she is likely to have around 4 children. If she spends 12 years at school then she will have only
2 children. World poverty is best averted by the tool of education in the first instance.

Chaldi College, as a segment of a Pascas Care Centre, will provide innovative educational initiatives.
These are short course programs and are focused both on the adult as well as the child. Firstly are health
education programs.

The educational platforms will incorporate the capabilities of Steiner Schools as well as Shchetinin
Schools. In a small city in southern Russia there is a remarkable Lyceum school established by Dr
Shchetinin. Its students come from more than 40 different nationalities. New approaches to moral
and intellectual education allow students to cover the full school curriculum in the space of a few
years (3 years), and to earn one or more academic degrees by the time they are 15-17.

Through Chaldi College there is to be introduced into regions, new technologies with appropriate
training to enable their deployment and the establishment of new industries within the proximity of the
Pascas Care Centre. We have had many innovators bring to us their inventions.

Pascas Caf is a nutrition training centre with an emphasis on raw food, thus vegetarian and vegan
platforms. Pascas Caf is essential with many of the health treatment programs, appropriate diet is
fundamental to the success of the treatments that friends will be considering.
The concept of a Pascas Care Centre will become self
evident in its efficaciousness. All friends visiting the
centres will have their experiences monitored through a
secure and private data base. As outcomes are
accumulated, the database will be open to researchers to
identify for themselves the veracity of the various
platforms that Pascas will be introducing.
Confidentiality of users visiting the clinics facilities is

With the establishment of Pascas Parks, edu-tainment
centres, the capacity for Pascas to reach out to over 500
million friends over a ten year period will be

All aspects of Pascas are about assisting friends to grow
in soul condition, to raise their consciousness, to lift
their quality of life and well being. This involves
bringing many innovations into their lives and sharing with them the possibilities without favour.

Pascas will not be entering a community unless it is invited to that community. And then its entrance
will be conditional upon members of that community embracing aspects of the Pascas agenda and
managing those selected programs.

You cannot join Pascas. It does not have a membership. Everyone is free to choose or not choose from
any part of the Pascas programs.

As we proceed to evolve and expand our outreach, we will be employing
hundreds of thousands of people in various ways. Should you so wish to
participate, come tell us how you wish for your personal desires to be

Pascas is us, all of us.