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Writing Systems II

Implications of the Five Dimensions of Education in Colombian

Leslie Carolina Becerra Martnez
Isaac Hernndez Vesga
Teacher: Tatiana Mikhailoa
!niersidad Ind"strial de Santander
School o# Letters
$e%r"ary &'
( )**+
Implications of the Five Dimensions of Education in Colombian
It is easy to recall the im,ortance o# ed"cating ,eo,le in o"r cons"merist and
com,etitie society- .eryday li#e is a com,lete accelerated and %oring /orkaday
that oer/helms eery h"man %eing /ith its %ig cla/s almost as tho"gh li#e /as an
inordinate r"sh #"ll o# kno/ledge %"t lack o# loe and ,assion- 0arents ass"me that
their sons are %rilliant 1"st %eca"se they ,ass /ith #lying colo"rs or they are the to,
o# the class- It means that ,eo,le( since they are children( are %eing al"ed #or the
grades they hae got d"ring their entire s"%sistence- So( here lie some 2"estions:
hae ,eo,le eer tho"ght a%o"t the reality o# ed"cation in o"r co"ntry( es,ecially
.nglish ed"cation3 Hae ,eo,le eer tho"ght a%o"t the ha,,iness and cheer#"l
that co"ld %e 1oined to kno/ledge3 Hae ,eo,le eer tho"ght a%o"t their real
a%ilities and the /ay to e4,loit them3 In this case( %ased on the #ie dimensions o#
ed"cation ,ro,osed %y 5sho( the im,lications o# these dimensions in the .$L
learning and teaching conte4t in Colom%ia are going to %e sho/n-
Teaching .nglish in Colom%ia has %een ac2"iring more and more im,ortance
since ,eo,le hae realized that .nglish is the "niersal lang"age that can gie the
o,,ort"nity to trael aro"nd the /orld( to /ork in an international com,any or to
meet a good6looking ,artner- These co"ld %e some reasons( %"t the reasons to
learn another lang"age( di##erent #rom o"r natie lang"age( are dee,er than those
sim,le reasons e4,lained a%oe- 7ccording to 5sho( language connects people
and language disconnects too. One international language is absolutely necessary
as a basis for one world, for one humanity. So that, language is relevant to move
people feelings, to create multicultural conversations and create a brotherhood
Haing noticed the meaning o# kno/ing and s,eaking another lang"age( it is
time to e4,lain the #ie dimensions o# ed"cation haing into acco"nt the 5sho8s
,ers,ectie o# teaching- The #irst dimension is Informative, like history(
geogra,hy( and many other s"%1ects
- 7ccording to him( the in#ormation 9can %e
im,arted %y teleision and com,"ter:( haing the ,ro#essor as a middleman #or
",dating the ne/ in#ormation ,roided each day aro"nd the /orld- B"t( is it ,ro,er
to mention the ,osition that a ,ro#essor co"ld hae as a sim,le s",,lier and
,romoter o# that in#ormation( /hen the main reason #or ed"cating ,eo,le is to
teach them in a /ay that enco"rages them to loe learning and ac2"ire kno/ledge
as a /hole3- 7 teacher is someone /ho teaches not only /ith mind( %"t also /ith
heart- 7t this stage( it is noticed that com,"ters and teleision cannot teach /ith
St"dents8 needs and %ackgro"nds( on the other hand( are e4traordinarily dierse
and com,le4
( so( it is #o"nd that some learners in some regions do not hae an
access to internet and teleision( or sometimes they do not "se it as an ed"cational
tool- In this case( this #irst dimension m"st not %e im,lemented only ia internet and
teleision( %"t also /ith the coordination o# a teacher /ho can ans/er 2"estions
and enco"rage st"dents- 7 teacher can also do a lot o# more things that those
OSHO. The fve dimensions of Education. Oshos views of education
MARTIN-NI!"# $ise%%e O. Becoming a better teacher. !i&ht innovations that wo'(.
)nited States of A*e'ica+ AS,-# 2....".1.
technological deices cannot ,er#orm; These gadgets do not ans/er( do not s,eak(
do not realize /hich the %est /ay #or ,eo,le to learn is( and do not kno/ the
h"man /eaknesses and #ortit"des- 5n the contrary( a teacher can innoate
kno/ledge and create strategies to im,roe learning ,rocesses- 7 teacher can
,rod"ce disc"ssion s,aces to make learners think and sole ,ro%lems- 7t this
res,ect( <iselle 5- Martin e4,lains:
.ssential 2"estions can remind teachers and st"dents that learning is a 1o"rney(
that the 2"est to kno/ is neer6ending( and that the oyage can %egin at any ,oint
o# time- .ssential 2"estions can raise the leel o# disco"rse in a classroom %y
ena%ling eeryone to 2"estion and inestigate( to disc"ss and to de%ate- =)***( &>
By the /ay( lang"age is 2"ite im,ortant in this #irst dimension %eca"se learning a
second lang"age is the %asis to kno/ the /orld@ it is the %ridge to comm"nicate
/ith eery%ody and to "nderstand /hat others #eel- Ao/adays( .nglish is the most
s,oken lang"age all oer the /orld /ith ?** million #irst lang"age s,eakers( B**
million second #oreign lang"age s,eakers( oer a %illion ,eo,le learning it right
no/; 7nd oer C*D o# the in#ormation stored in the /orld8s com,"ters is in .nglish(
more than hal# the /orld8s scienti#ic 1o"rnals are in .nglish- It8s the main lang"age
on the internet and so on
- So( /hy not to learn this %ea"ti#"l lang"age3
The second dimension is Science, /hich re#ers to reality- It is an e,och
characterized %y ,rod"ctie and instit"tional ,rocesses( dee, in kno/ledge-
Sou'ce found in+ htt1+22www.en&%ishschoo%.o'&.u(2
.idently( it is necessary to hel, st"dents "nderstand ho/ things /ork aro"nd in
eeryday lies and ho/ technology is im,roing as days go %y- 7lmost eerything
,eo,le o/n and "se is made to scienti#ic "nderstanding- $or instance( climate
change is related to science( gro/ing ,lants is related to science( driing a car is a
science( ,hysics( %iology( chemistry are sciences@ eerything has science
associated to it in some /ay- Th"s( it #acilitates ,eo,le8s inter,retation a%o"t /hat
is going on in the /orld and /hat is also going to ha,,en as years ,ass@ in #act( the
,"r,ose o# the science is to try and ,redict the #"t"re in some /ay- $or its ,art(
thro"gh science ,eo,le can hae the sol"tion to some ,ro%lems they come in
contact /ith or #ig"re o"t things %y st"dying /hat the e##ects and im,lications o#
millions o# scienti#ic ,rocesses are-
7#ter/ards( the third dimension o# ed"cating The Art of Living is sho/n- Li#e
m"st not %e shady and senseless as tho"gh it /as a race to /in the /orld( een
#orgetting the la"gh- Teachers are res,onsi%le #or teaching .nglish /ith #"n( cheer
and s,irit- Learning and teaching m"st not %e a %oring s"%1ect im,osed %y
com,"lsory /here ,eo,le cannot en1oy and hae #"n- 5ther/ise( ,eo,le co"ld
take delight in learning as /ell as teachers co"ld take delight in teaching- There
are many /ays to teach .SLFT.$L to ,eo,le( %"t one o# the most e4citing and
re/arding /ays to do it is %y making st"dents la"gh and "sing games- $"n .SL
games not only engage ,eo,le( %"t also teach thro"gh la"ghing and ,laying@ and
most o# the time learners do not een kno/ they are learning "ntil it comes to sho/
their kno/ledge- It is tr"ly ,ossi%le =and almost necessary> to create a classroom
/here the st"dents not only learn %"t also en1oy their time there- G- Hrishnam"rti
9Boys /ho are ,re,aring #or all careers lie a common li#e in the same school( and
they can only %ecome "se#"l to the nation as men i# their school li#e is ha,,y- 7
yo"ng child is nat"rally ha,,y( and i# that ha,,iness is allo/ed to go on and gro/ in
the school( and at home( then he /ill %ecome a man /ho /ill make others ha,,y:

With this o%1ectie( liing li#e to its #"ll m"st %e one o# the main reasons #or
,eo,le to stay alie( and la"ghter m"st also %e one essential ingredient to #ill the
so"l- La"ghter is not 1"st good #or learning and teaching@ it can also %e %ene#icial
#or the %ody- It can ,rod"ce car%on dio4ide /hich is drien o"t o# the %ody and
re,laced %y o4ygen6rich air ,roiding ,hysical and mental #reshness- La"ghing can
,rod"ce anti6in#lammatory agents that can aid %ack ,ain or arthritis- La"ghing
enco"rages m"scles to rela4 and e4ercises m"scles all oer the %ody( #rom the
scal, to the legs- La"ghing e4ercises #acial m"scles to ,reent sagging- 5# co"rse(
as it /as detected( sense o# h"mo"r is cr"cial to reial st"dent8s interest in the
class and it makes them #eel alie-
What #ollo/s is to moe into the #o"rth dimension: Art and Creativity. 7t this
,artic"lar ,oint( 5sho remarks: 9you can choose through the whole rainbow of
creative arts, because unless a man learns how to create, he never becomes a
part of existence, which is constantly creative.

Creatiity a,,ears to %e an
RISHANAM)RTI# 4. Education as service. ,hica&o+ The Ra51ut "'ess. 1612.
OSHO. O1.cit.
im,ortant com,onent o# ,rograms and strategies to ,rod"ce ,ositie o"tcomes #or
.nglish learners- 0rograms that teach ,eo,le creatie ,ro%lem6soling skills hel,
them to %ecome s"ccess#"l ad"lts /ho can 2"estion the acc"racy o# in#ormation
and ,"t in#ormation to constr"ctie "se- Moreoer( st"dent inolement in creatie
actiities =s"ch as ,er#orming arts and gro",s actiities> has %een #o"nd to red"ce
dro, o"t o# school rates and to im,roe st"dent motiation- Creatiity can also
sere to ,resere st"dents #rom stress@ and creatie thinking allo/s ,eo,le to
aoid %oredom( to resole ,ersonal con#lict( to co,e /ith increasing cons"mer
choice( to acce,t com,le4ity and am%ig"ity( to make inde,endent 1"dgments( to
"se leis"re time constr"ctiely( and to ad1"st to the ra,id deelo,ment o# ne/
Incidentally( art and creatiity im,roes ,",il8s sel#6esteem( motiation and
achieement- They %ecome more inde,endent /ith #ree6thinking- They are o,ened
to ne/ ideas@ and learn ho/ to discoer things %y themseles- They are also keen
on /ork /ith others to e4,lore ideas- Ho/eer( teachers ,lay a key role in ,",il8s
creatiity since they ,ermit learners to talk( to ,artici,ate and to make contri%"tions
in class- So( the ma1ority o# learners8 artistic deelo,ment de,ends on the la%o"r o#
teachers /illing to %om%ard st"dent minds- Th"s( ,eo,le /ho are creatie and
,ractice some arts /ill %e ,re,ared #or ra,idly changing /orld( /here they may
hae to ada,t to seeral careers in li#etime- Teachers sho"ld gie them the
o,,ort"nity to %ecome creatie( innoatie( enter,rising and ca,a%le o# leadershi,
to e2"i, them #or their lies as /orkers and citizens-
Last o# all( The Art of Dying is the #i#th dimension- 7t this ,oint( 5sho
comments: 9in this fifth dimension will be all the meditations, so that you can !now
there is no death, so that you can become aware of an eternal life inside you
When a,,lying this in Colom%ian ed"cational conte4t( %ased on .$L learning and
teaching( it /o"ld %e com,letely odd to hear teachers talking a%o"t that eternal li#e
mentioned a%oe- 7ltho"gh ,eo,le sho"ld kno/ themseles ho/ to try and rela4(
they do not need to do meditation sessions@ this is really "n"s"al in Colom%ia- In
addition to this( he also cited( in this dimension( the martial arts like aikido( 1"1its"
and 1"do =the art o# sel#6de#ence /itho"t /ea,ons>- These martial arts are not
releant in the .nglish learning ,rocess in Colom%ia since these are ,ractised %y
ery #e/ ,eo,le here- Ho/eer( to de#end #rom others is seen as the %est /ay to
,reent %"rglaries and homicides( %"t it does not re#er s,eci#ically to ed"cation and
it does not hel, learners to im,roe their ,erce,tion o# kno/ledge-
In closing( it sho"ld %e said that teachers hae a ery in#l"ential role in
children8s .nglish ed"cation since the learning and teaching o# a #oreign lang"age
is a com,le4 ,rocess that inoles a limitless amo"nt o# commitment and
inolement as /ell as total ,hysical( intellect"al and emotional res,onse- 7ll o#
this is necessary #or the deelo,ment o# the #ie dimensions o# ed"cation ,ro,osed
%y 5sho- Those dimensions hel, teachers to "nderstand the im,ortance o#
in#ormation( science( lang"age( arts and creatiity and the arts o# liing and dying
in the .nglish learning ,rocesses- Teaching m"st not %e taken 1"st as a ,ro#ession(
%"t also as a /ay o# li#e- Teachers8 /ork sha,es st"dents8 attit"de to/ards the
/orld and ,eo,le( in#l"ence their e4,ectations and the /ay they /ant to lie- This
#actor o# %eing a teacher /ill make it not so hard to discoer the methodology to
em,loy in di##erent conte4ts and aria%les "nder /hich teaching is al/ays
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