Media Democracy Days

Media Democracy Days (MDD) is an annual public event
that has been held at the Vancouver Public Library
every autumn since 2001. A project of the Media
Democrayc Project, MDD is co-organized with the
School of Communication at Simon Fraser University
and community group
The event features two days of keynote speakers, panel
discussions, film screenings, and hands-on media
production and policy-oriented workshops. Our intention
is to bring scholars, students, community groups and
individuals together to encourage discussion and
collaboration to democratize the media.
The central theme of MDD is the need for ordinary
citizens to become involved in learning about, and
participating in, the production of media and the shaping
of public policy about the media in Canada. | @MediaDemocDay | | 778.782.7353
Know The Media
Change the Media
...through panel discussions and presentations that explore how the media systems
work, what content is excluded, and media impacts on culture and society. In the
past we have included such topics such as “greenwashing”, ownership concentration,
labour practices, barriers to diversity, and political communications. enhancing opportunities for a diversity of citizens to actively participate in
media-making, and to support alternative media practice. For example, we provide
media-making workshops and an extensive “Media Fair” that highlights existing
organizations. looking at ways of intervening in questions of policy and regulation. In the
past this has included panels on Internet surveillance, freedom of information, and
copyright laws.
Be The Media
OUR GOALS | @MediaDemocDay | | 778.782.7353
Past Panel Topics Notable Past Speakers Past Workshops
The Future of Journalism: Crisis &
Information Control in Canada
Muzzling the Scientists
Keeping the Media Public
Big Data and Political Marketing
Decolonizing Media
Producing Shame: Sexuality,
Visibility, and Cyber-Bullying
Women, Work, and Media
Indigenous Choices, Indigenous
Global Protests and Media
Pipelines, Pundits, and Media
David Barsamian
Alternative Radio
Tony Burman
Al Jazeera, CBC
Robert McChesney
Free Press
Judy Rebick
Sut Jhally
Media Education Foundation
Tzeporah Berman
Co-founder ForestEthics
Rafe Mair
Writer, Broadcaster
Elizabeth Denham
BC Info & Privacy Commissioner
David Suzuki
Broadcaster, Scientist
Media, Regimes and Revolution
Hosted by The Cinematheque
DIY Radio Basics
Hosted by Coop Radio & CJSF
Promoting the Missing Stories
Hosted by
Running a Transformative On-
line Campaign
Hosted by
Mapping Media Democracy in
Hosted by MDD
DIY FOI: How to File a Freedom
of Information Request
Hosted by Mike Larsen (Kwantlen)
MDD is a collaborative event supported by an ever changing
collection of community partners, exhibitors, speakers,
and volunteers. As an organization, we are based at the
School of Communication at Simon Fraser University, and
work actively with our long-time coordinating partners at We also receive significant assitance from
the Vancouver Public Library Central Branch. | @MediaDemocDay | | 778.782.7353

15 groups and associations from 7
educational institutions
10 labour organizations

3 Non-profit organizations
2 Media and marketing companies
16 Community and Media
Sponsors, some of which include:
The Tyee
The Vancouver Observer
The Georgia Straight
The Cinematheque
Our Steering Committee
Kathleen Cross, Assistant Professor, School of
Communication at Simon Fraser University
Stuart Poyntz, Assistant Professor, School of
Communication at Simon Fraser University
Steve Anderson, Executive Director,
Robert Hackett, Professor, School of Communication at
Simon Fraser University
Josh Tabish, Campaigns Coordinator,
MDD is the signature event in the growing Media Democracy movement in
Canada. During our 13 year history, MDD has served as:
...a launch pad for The Tyee, Canada’s award-winning independent online
news magazine (
...a pivotal forum for, a national non-partisan, non-profit
media advocacy group ( annual community forum for 30-50 diverse organizations involved in
independent media making, advocacy, and education.
...a gateway event that has brought thousands of attendees into hundreds
of panels, workshops and discussions of media democracy.
5 | @MediaDemocDay | | 778.782.7353
Approximately 3,000 attendees
and over 30 panelists.
A Media Fair, consisting of over 30
local, alternative, non-commercial
and innovative media producers
and advocates.
Film Screening followed by
discussions and Q&A session
Three Interactive Media Production
Three days of programming, 6
panel discussions, 2 keynotes , 3
workshops, and a film screening.
6 | @MediaDemocDay | | 778.782.7353
In order to offer an exciting 2-day event for our 3,000 attendees we are seeking
sponsorships from organizations that share our values and goals.
Below is a list of the profile and acknowledgments that we give to our major
sponsors. Please feel free to contact us to discuss any special arrangements or
sponsorship levels. (Contact information on next page.)
7 | @MediaDemocDay | | 778.782.7353
Sponsorship Level
Panel Film Silver Gold Platinum
Logo on event posters and programme X X X X X
Logo and link on website X X X X X
Recognition at panel(s) X X
Recognition at film screening X X X X
Sponsorship recognition in programme X X X X X
Ad on cinema screen before film screening X X X
Recognition in press releases re: film X X X X
1/4 page ad in programme X
Special mention in all newsletter eBlasts X X
Organization description in programme X X X
Profile on website X X X
Promo booth on Saturday X X
On-site banner placement X X
Recognition at keynote talks X X
1/2 page ad in programme X
Opportunity to speak at open/close X
Full back page ad on programme X
Friday reception naming X
$1,500 $3,500 $6,000 $10,000 $15,000
Dr. Kathleen Cross
Chair, Media Democracy Days Committee
778.782.7353 (MDD Office)
778.782.3861 (Kathleen’s Office)
Office: K9650
School of Communication,
Simon Fraser University
8888 University Drive
Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6

ADVERTISING | @MediaDemocDay | | 778.782.7353
1/2 Page Full Page
$300 $500
Every year, Media Democracy Days produces
1000 full colour 28-page program guides, which
are handed out both in advance of and during the
conference as promotional tool.
For 2014, we are very pleased to offer a 1/2 or full
page ads to interested groups based on a CPI of
$0.50 for a full page ad and $0.25 for a 1/2 page
ad. We are more than happy to discuss placement
and profile upon request.